UC Davis Acceptance Rate by Major 2024

UC Davis Acceptance Rate by Major 2024

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We will examine UC Davis Acceptance Rate by Major 2024, one of the ten public colleges that make up the University of California System, and its acceptance rate for transfer students broken down by major.

In general, over 50% of candidates are admitted to public colleges and universities in the United States. Nonetheless, several public universities—particularly UC schools—have stringent admissions requirements.

Leading the list of America’s highly selective public schools are UCLA and UC Berkeley. It can be difficult to transfer to a UC institution, particularly if you are applying to majors that are very competitive. Join us as we talk about the acceptance rate of UC Davis for transfer students as well as helpful hints for the admissions process.

UC Davis Overview

UC Davis, often known as the University of California, Davis, is a member of the University of California system, which was founded in 1905. In 1959, the public land-grant research institution joined the UC system.

As of right now, U.S. News & World Report’s latest rankings for national universities place UC Davis at number 38. The 5,300-acre main campus of the institution is located close to Davis, California.

Like other UC campuses, UC Davis has a sizable student body. Over 31,600 undergraduate students and over 8,000 postgraduate students were enrolled in the autumn of 2021.

The College of Biological Sciences, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Letters, and Science are among the undergraduate programs offered at UC Davis.

Graduate divisions include the Graduate School of Management, Law, Education, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, and Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing.

UC Davis Acceptance Rate 2024

Every UC institution receives more than 60,000 applications from graduate students and high school students on average. Since more international students are applying to UC campuses, the numbers have grown.

during 80,000 applications have been submitted to the University of California, Davis on average during the past four years. Over 30,000 students were admitted out of 78,092 undergraduate applications that UC Davis received in 2019.

39% of applicants were accepted to UC Davis during that specific school year. However, following the university’s most recent admissions procedure, UC Davis’s admittance rate dropped by 2%.

94,579 undergraduate applications were submitted for admission in the autumn of 2022. 35,563 of them people were given an admissions letter by the institution.

At the University of California, Davis, the admission rate was over 2% lower than in 2019. The admission rate at UC Davis is 37.5%, which suggests that it is on the decline.

The institution has received more applications throughout the years, and fewer students are accepted each year.

UC Davis Acceptance Rate for Transfer Students

Students from two- or four-year institutions are eligible to transfer to the University of California, Davis. The majority of transfer students applying to Davis come from California community institutions.

What are the typical statistics for transfer admission to UC Davis, then?

Thousands of students apply to transfer to Davis in order to finish their degrees during admission. Approximately 18,765 transfer students applied to UC Davis in the autumn of 2021.

Only 9,454 transfer students were admitted to the university. In that academic year, the acceptance rate for transfer students was 50.4%, greater than the 39% admittance rate for undergraduates.

A year later, in the autumn of 2022, only 15,539 transfer applications were received, indicating a decline in the number of transfer students applying to UC Davis.

9,098 transfer students were admitted to UC Davis, increasing the transfer admission rate from 50% to 59% in the preceding academic year.

UC Davis Admission Requirements for Transfer Students

If you are seeking transfer admission to the University of California, Davis, the following are required materials you need to provide;

  • A University of California Application
  • Official transcripts from colleges attended
  • Final high school transcripts
  • Supplementary material (required for some majors)
  • Have a minimum of 60 UC-transferable semesters (equivalent to 90 UC-transferable quarter units)
  • Complete transfer general education requirements

UC Davis Acceptance Rate by Major for Transfer Admission

The following are some of the popular majors at UC Davis and their transfer admit rates.

Majors Acceptance rate
Sociology 69%
Communication 64%
Economics 59%
Biology 43%
Psychology 37%
Computer science 28%

Tips to Applying to UC Davis on Transfer Admission

As a transfer student that wants to get into UC Davis, here are a few important tips for you.

Academic Coursework

At UC Davis, an applicant’s academic record is the main factor taken into account for transfer admission. It is highly recommended by the University of California, Davis that you record all of your courses toward college readiness.

It is also advised by UC Davis that you mention any courses you have taken, regardless of their transferability, withdrawal status, or grade.

All of the schools you attended and the courses you completed should be included exactly as they are on your transcripts from college. If you don’t, it can be harder for you to get into UC Davis.

Letter of Recommendations and Other Admission Documents

Please do not submit your application with copies of your awards, transcripts, recommendation letters, or samples of your academic work.

How UC Davis Reviews Your Transfer Application

Every UC institution has a different procedure for going over transfer candidates’ applications. Following a careful examination of every application, the top applicant for transfer admission is chosen by each UC institution.

Academic records are regarded by UC Davis admissions staff as one of the most crucial prerequisites. Every transfer applicant is expected to have outstanding academic records that go above and beyond the requirements for admission.

In general, all applicants seeking to transfer must meet both the University of California’s and UC Davis’ admission standards. To ensure your place at UC Davis, you must also fulfill certain prerequisites for chosen majors.

To be eligible for a UC Davis Transfer Admission Guarantee as a transfer applicant, you might need to fulfill specific standards, such as having a higher cumulative transfer GPA.

It is quite challenging for transfer applicants to get into UC Davis selected majors. You must have a better GPA to compete with other applicants for these highly selective majors.

UC Davis GPA Requirements for Transfer Admission

To be eligible for transfer admission, in-state students must have an average GPA of 2.4 at the University of California, Davis. In order to transfer to Davis, out-of-state students must have an average GPA of at least 2.8.

In order to apply as a transfer student at UC Davis, you must have one of these GPAs. A GPA greater than 2.4 or 2.8 is required for admission to the university’s transfer selective majors.

Tuition and Fees at UC Davis

Currently, tuition for California residents at UC Davis is $14,740 and $44,484 for non-residents. This is the cost for in-state and out-of-state students at UC Davis according to U.S. News & World Report.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are UC Davis’s most popular majors?

At UC Davis, management sciences and information systems, biology, animal sciences and husbandry, neurology and neurobiology, research and experimental psychology, and human development are among of the most popular majors.

What is the lowest GPA for UC Davis?

To be eligible for transfer admission, in-state students must have an average GPA of 2.4 at the University of California, Davis. In order to transfer to Davis, out-of-state students must have an average GPA of at least 2.8.

What is the easiest UC school to get into?

The University of California schools with the lowest acceptance rates are UC Santa Cruz (47.1%), UC Riverside (68.1%), and UC Merced (90.4%).

What is the most selective major at UC Davis?

With an acceptance rate of 28%, Computer Science is the most competitive major to get into at UC Davis.


With a sizable student body, the University of California, Davis is a top-notch research university. The public university is receiving more applications for admission, and in recent years, the university’s acceptance rate has decreased.

Admission to UC Davis as a transfer student is tough, particularly for selected majors. You are aware of what to anticipate as a transfer applicant at UC Davis based on the information we have given you thus far.


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