Sophie Davis Acceptance Rate 2023 | Requirements & How to Apply

Sophie Davis Acceptance Rate 2023 | Requirements & How to Apply

These article is on Sophie Davis Acceptance Rate. The Sophie Davis acceptance rate is important for people who want to apply to the Sophie Davis Institute.

The Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program at the CUNY School of Medicine provides a 7-year BS/MD program that combines medical studies in a coordinated curriculum.

The Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program at the CUNY School of Medicine is for students who did well in high school and have a strong background in science, math, writing, and speaking.
They should also have done volunteer work.

Additionally, students who have the best chances of succeeding in the program are those who have the right academic qualifications and show qualities like maturity, integrity, compassion, and drive. These qualities are necessary for them to become dedicated professionals with a high level of expertise.

The School’s admission evaluation is based on the AAMC standard, which looks at each person’s experiences, qualities, and metrics to make sure there is a diverse group of students.

The candidate’s ability and eagerness to become a primary care doctor in an area where there aren’t enough doctors is very important when deciding who to admit.

Why Choose Sophie Davis?

The Sophie Davis School has been a good choice for students who want to become doctors for more than 40 years. It is also a more affordable option.

Additionally, the institution helps students, promotes taking chances, and makes the medical field more varied.

What is the Sophie Davis Acceptance Rate?

The first thing you should think about is how likely you are to get accepted. This shows how strict the school’s requirements are and how hard it is to get in.

So, Sophie Davis accepts 8% of the people who apply.

This shows how choosy the school is.

The school is not as strict as other colleges, but they still want you to meet their GPA and SAT/ACT requirements.

But, if you meet or do better than what they want, you have a very high chance of getting in. However, if you do not, there is a possibility that you might be in the small group of people who receive a letter stating that their request has been denied.

What is Sophie Davis’s Tuition?

Every year, the Sophie Davis program accepts 90 students out of all the students who apply. Only 8% of all applicants are accepted.

So basically, the first three years of medical school cost around $6,500 per year for tuition. But then, the next four years after that cost $38,000 per year.

What is the Sophie Davis Transfer Acceptance Rate?

The transfer acceptance rate is the same for first-year students, which is 8%.

Transfer students are considered for admission at the same time as considering first-year applicants.

What is the Sophie Davis Acceptance Rate By Major?

At the moment when this text was written, we do not know what majors Sophie Davis offers.

However, students complete all the things they need to do to get a Bachelor of Science degree during the first three years of the program.

Students who finish the three-year program go to the CUNY School of Medicine to complete the four-year medical school program.

What are the Necessary Requirements for Sophie Davis?

An applicant must meet the following requirements to be considered for admission to the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program at the CUNY School of Medicine:

  • Have completed the first three years of secondary school with a minimum GPA of 85.
  • Submit three essays
  • Five recommendation letters must be sent
  • For Fall 2022 admission, the ACT and SAT will not be considered.

Additional Requirements

Each person who wants to apply must fill out two separate forms.

You can apply to either the CUNY Macaulay Honors College or the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program at the CUNY School of Medicine through an online application.

What are the Transfer Requirements for Sophie Davis?

Application requirements for transfer students with no more than one semester of college credit include the following:

  • Providing a copy of your official college transcript along with your application.

Additional Requirements

Each applicant must submit two different applications

Either a CUNY Macaulay Honors College application OR an online application to the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program at the CUNY School of Medicine.

What is the GPA Needed to Get into Sophie Davis?

A lot of colleges require a minimum GPA, but this is often just the minimum needed to apply without getting rejected right away.

The GPA that matters is the minimum GPA required for a chance of getting accepted. We look at the average GPA of the students in the school right now.

The Sophie Davis School accepts students who have earned a GPA of 85 or more. It’s okay to have mostly B grades with a few A grades. Try your best to avoid
getting C’s and D’s in your classes. These grades might make people reviewing your application question whether you can handle the challenges of college coursework.

What is the Sophie Davis Deadline?

The online application for the Fall 2022 semester of the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program at the CUNY School of Medicine has ended. The online application for 2023 has not started yet; we will keep you updated.

What are the Sophie Davis Decision Dates?

The decision date for Sophie Davis is around March. They send out invites for interviews in batches around March.


The school has helped more young people from the city have the opportunity to become medical professionals. This is especially true for minority groups who are not often represented in these jobs. The school has also done a good job in training doctors who focus on general healthcare.

But, I hope this article gives you the information you need about how hard it is to get into this school, what grades you need, and what you have to do to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many recommendations does Sophie Davis have?

There are five (5) letters of recommendation needed for the program.

How long is the Sophie Davis PA program?

The Physician Assistant (P.A.) The program is a 28-month upper-division program

How many people get accepted into Sophie Davis?

Yearly enrollment within the Sophie Davis program is 90 understudies.

How long is Sophie Davis’ Medical Program?

A 7-year BS/MD educational programs is advertised through the Sophie Davis Biomedical Instruction Program at the CUNY School of Medication.



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