12 Best Pharmacy Schools in Ghana

12 Best Pharmacy Schools in Ghana

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Do you wish to study Pharmacy or a course linked to Pharmacy and are looking for universities in Ghana that provide it? I believe you should know some of best pharmacy schools in Ghana.

Short courses and even six-month pharmacy courses are offered by certain of Ghana’s licensed pharmacy institutions to both Ghanaian and international students.

Interestingly, the tuition fees for these authorized pharmacy schools in Ghana are fairly reasonable, and they provide bachelor’s, master’s, and even post-undergraduate degrees.

Now, in order to assist you in making the best decisions possible, we at onlinestudyingservices have diligently produced a list of 13 best Pharmacy schools in Ghana, complete with tuition rates, addresses.

But, before we look at the universities in Ghana that offer pharmacy programs, let’s take a look at how you can study pharmacy at one of Ghana’s best accredited pharmacy schools.

Is Pharmacy Hard To Study?

One of the most difficult obstacles students confront in pharmacy schools in Ghana is learning how to study properly. Furthermore, according to research, pharmacy is a difficult vocation to study. A Pharm.D. degree is required to become a pharmacist, and it might take anywhere from six to eight years following high school graduation to complete. Two to four years of undergraduate coursework and four years of professional study are required.

There is little doubt that pharmacy school is demanding, given the requisite areas of pharmacology, pharmacotherapy, and pharmacokinetics. According to the American Associations of Colleges of Pharmacy, more than 10% of those who enroll in pharmacy school do not complete their studies.

Keep in mind that if you choose a pharmacy, you will have to learn about drug chemical reactions and biological mechanisms.

One of the prerequisites for pursuing a profession in pharmacy is obtaining a university-level degree.

How Long Does It Take To Study In Any Pharmacy Schools in Ghana?

Pharmacology, biology and physiology, pharmaceutics, chemistry, ethics, and economics are among topics included in pharmacy courses, which typically last four years.

Internships and job placements in the sector will also benefit students by providing useful insights and practical experience. More importantly, state-of-the-art labs with replica medicine-dispensing stations, consulting spaces, and computers linked to Pharmacy industry systems will help you hone your abilities.

In Ghana, you must register with the General Pharmaceutical Council to practice as a pharmacist (GPhC). To be eligible for registration, you must be pursuing an authorized Master’s degree in pharmacy (MPharm).

In a nutshell, full-time pharmacy education in Ghana lasts 5 years.

1. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology

Tuition Fees: 21,285 GHS, International tuition: 4,500 USD
Address: Accra Rd, Kumasi, Ghana

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is ranked first on our list of the best pharmacy schools in Ghana. KNUST exists to improve the quality of life through advancing knowledge in science and technology by fostering relevant research, high-quality teaching, entrepreneurship training, and community participation.

The Kwame Nkrumah Institution of Science and Technology is Ghana’s first and largest public university, as well as the largest in the Kumasi Metropolis and the Ashanti Region.

This institution is ranked No. 2 in Ghana and No. 1673 in the world among approved Pharmacy schools.

2. University of Ghana

Tuition Fees: 1,525 GHS ($278.29), International tuition: 3,850 GHS ($702.57)
Address: Legon Boundary, Accra, Ghana

The University of Ghana is next on our list of finest Pharmacy schools in Ghana. The University of Ghana is the oldest of the country’s universities. It is also the largest in terms of landmass in Ghana.

It was, however, founded at the University College of the Gold Coast as an associate of the University of London.

At various levels of study, the university provides courses in law, medicine, basic sciences, engineering, social sciences, and agriculture. The University of Ghana School of Pharmacy welcomes citizens and students from all over the world, allowing them to pursue a career in pharmacy or any other pharmacy-related degree at any level.

Note, talking about the accredited Pharmacy schools in Ghana, this school is ranked No 1 in the Ghana and 1209 in the world according to Webometrics.

3. Central University College

Tuition Fees: $3,835 (21,015 Ghs)
Address: P. O. Box DS. 2310, Dansoman, Accra

The International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) founded Central University in Accra, Ghana. In 1988, it began as a pastoral training institute. By June 1991, it was renamed as the Central Bible College. In 1993, it was renamed Central Christian College, and in 1997, it was renamed Central University College.

The institution is, nevertheless, associated with the University of Cape Coast, the Association of African Universities, and the councils for Christian colleges and universities with the University of Cape Coast.

It began as a pastoral school in Dansoman in 1998.

The university’s stated goals include providing “integrated and biblically-based higher education with special attention to the needs of the African continent.” It is currently Ghana’s largest private university.

Note, the school is ranked No 16 in Ghana and 13293 in the world.

4. King University CollegeTuition

Fees: $6,541 (35,844 Ghs)
Address: Aplaku Hills Off Old Weija Barrier Bojo Beach Road Accra – Ghana Aplaku Hills Off Old Weija Barrier Bojo Beach Road Accra – Ghana, P.O. Box GP 18835, Accra – Ghana

Consider the Kings University College, a private college founded in February 2009, when seeking for the best pharmacy schools in Ghana to attend. This university is associated with the University of Cape Coast and partners with Liaoning University in China. In January 2010, the University acquired accreditation for both the institution and its programs.

Only a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy is provided at Kings University College. They have a large number of faculties that provide bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs.

Note, the school is ranked No 52 in Ghana and 22426 in the world according to Webometrics.

5. University for Development Studies

Tuition Fees: $401.47 (2,200 Ghs)
Address: Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana

One of the universities in Ghana that offers pharmacy is the University for Development Studies. Tamale’s University for Development Studies was founded as a multi-campus university in 1992. In addition, it is Ghana’s fifth publicly funded university. This is a departure from the traditional model of institutions with central campuses and administrations.

UDS, on the other hand, arose from a new school of thought in higher education that emphasizes the need for universities to take a more active role in addressing societal issues, particularly in rural regions (Effa, 1998). Furthermore, it has four (4) campuses in Wa, Tamale, Navrongo, and Nyankpala.

Note, the school is ranked No 4 in the Ghana and 3331 in the world according to Webometrics.

6. Kumasi Technical University

Tuition Fees: $324.28- $343.98 ( 1,777- 1,885 Ghs)
Address: Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana

Kumasi University is one of Ghana’s best, offering pharmacy-related degrees that have been approved by the National Accreditation Board since 1954. It started off as a polytechnic and eventually became a university.

Even as a university, the school provides HND programs, part-time programs, and bachelor’s degree programs, as well as online programs and short courses in pharmacy-related subjects such as pharmaceutical science. Kumasi Technical University has a simple application process.

Kumasi Technical University was granted accreditation to administer the HND Dispensing Technology program on September 1, 2012, with the goal of offering in-depth instruction for students aspiring to be Dispensing Technologists, Pharmacy Technicians, and Pharmacists.

Note, among the accredited Pharmacy schools in Ghana, this school is ranked No 52 in the Ghana and 22426 in the world according to Webometrics.

7. Baldwin University College

Tuition Fees: $465.34 (2,550 Ghs)
Address: P.O. Box 19872, Accra North, Accra, Ghana

Baldwin University College provides students with a broad, diversified educational experience in a rigorous academic setting. While preparing students to live and work in today’s global environment, we encourage critical thinking and creative exploration.

Similarly, the school, like Kumasi Technical University, offers an HND Dispensing Technology program with the goal of providing in-depth training for students interested in becoming Dispensing Technologists, Pharmacy Technicians, or Pharmacists.

Our affiliate body, the National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations (NABPTEX), issues the diploma certificates.

Note, the school is ranked No 24 in the Ghana and 16657 in the world according to Webometrics.

8. Sunyani Technical University

Tuition Fees: $6,541 (35,844 Ghs)
Address: Address: Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana

The Ghana Education Service created the Sunyani Technical University as a Technical Institute in 1967 as a non-tertiary school. Following the adoption of the Polytechnic Law of 1992 (P.N.D.C. Law 321) by the Government of Ghana, it was promoted to a Polytechnic in 1997 as a Tertiary Educational Institution to operate the Higher National Diploma (HND) program.

Sunyani Technical University (STU), on the other hand, is a coeducational university. In a variety of fields of study, STU provides courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as pre-bachelor degrees (i.e. certificates, diplomas, associate or foundation degrees).

Note that the institution is one of Ghana’s pharmacy schools, and according to Webometrics, it is ranked No. 33 in Ghana and 18874 worldwide.

9. DARDA Health Pre-University, Kasoa

Address: Adade Rd, Kasoa, Ghana

Darda Health Pre-University was officially recognized by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO) of the United States and SICAS as an international institution PENERIC HEALTH PRE-UNIVERSITY.

However, DARDA, Africa’s leading health pre-university, has applied to the Ghana Education Service (GES) for local recognition so that it can function as a private institution with Senior High School status rather than a tertiary institution.

This means that the West African Examinations Council accredits and regulates the recognition of credentials awarded locally at the secondary level (WAEC).

Note, the school offers bachelor degrees in Pharmacy to both citizens and international students.

10. Entrance University College of Health Science

Tuition Fees: $ 3,835 (21,015 Ghs)
Address: No.16 Okpoi Gonno, Spintex Road Landmark

Entrance University College of Health Science is next on our list of finest Pharmacy schools in Ghana for both local and international students. The goal of this health and science college is to develop the greatest pharmacy graduates for the best patient pharmaceutical care.

It is, nonetheless, known as one of the training schools in Ghana that provide an ethical and entrepreneurial environment for teaching, research, and training for Medical and Health Professionals who will impact future generations.

This university is one of the few in Ghana that offers pharmacy to both local and international students.

11. Ghana College of PharmacistsGhana college of pharmacy

tuition fees: $3649.70 – $12774 ( 20,000 – 70,000 ghs)
Address: Gamel Abdul Nasser Ave, Accra, Ghana

The Ghana School of Pharmacy is one of the six schools that make up the University of Ghana’s College of Health Sciences. The University of Ghana, which is ranked first in Ghana, first in West Africa, and eighth in Africa, has a long history of producing world-class professionals.

The goal of this school, on the other hand, is to encourage expert training in pharmacy and associated fields. Encourage pharmacists and others in relevant fields to continue their education. Contribute to the creation of policies on good health, medicines, and public health in general through promoting research in pharmaceutical practice and associated areas.

12. Royal Ann Health College Ghana

Address: P.O. Box KS 6253, Kumasi, Ghana,West Africa

The Royal Ann College of Health is set in a tranquil setting with grass and trees to promote environmental awareness. It is free of the traffic, noise, hustles, and bustles that characterize cities, making it ideal for teaching and learning.

However, because of its proximity to the Kumasi-Sunyani road, the institution is easily accessible. It has a fortified walled compound with a security officer on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The school’s infrastructure is well-built and nicely organized within a large campus.

RACOH also has professional Tutors and non-technical employees who are qualified, knowledgeable, devoted, and well-motivated. It maintains a high degree of quality teaching and constantly maintains and delivers high-quality academic and social services. The goal of the institution is to produce holistic and exceptional health care practitioners that are well-known around the world.

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