The 30 Most Technologically Savvy Online Schools

The 30 Most Technologically Savvy Online Schools

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This article is on The 30 Most Technologically Savvy Online Schools. Adults with limited time who desire to get a college or university diploma can now choose from an expanding number of online colleges. Individuals trying to squeeze in an education around work or family obligations must also have access to the most up-to-date technology. What is the rationale for this? On the other hand, online educational programs are frequently more flexible and convenient. People are already familiar with apps and websites like Facebook and Skype, as well as more advanced and rapidly increasing platforms like the classroom management system Blackboard or the virtual world software Second Life.

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What qualifies a school as technologically Savvy advanced?

Naturally, looking for technological savviness school will allow you to take advantage of all of the school’s amenities. While online distance learning degree programs are the way of the future, to qualify as a “tech-savvy” institution, they must use the most cutting-edge technology practices.

But, in a technologically modern institution, what should you look for? In addition to the obvious, which includes ever-changing and innovative technology practices, your degree program must demonstrate expertise in combining classroom education with online technology.

Faculty must commit to staying up to date on the best ways to communicate with their students, such as webinars, emails, teleconferencing, discussion or message boards, and live seminar viewing, as well as appropriate methods for students to get assignments or work on projects. The Technical Support Department is another crucial feature of a successful online tech-savvy school. If you are having technical problems, you will undoubtedly require assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Who wants an interruption like the choice words and dismay that a computer breakdown may bring while you’re on a roll?

Technical support personnel at a school can make the difference between a successful online degree program and one that is underdeveloped and difficult to get. To guarantee that students have the greatest possible experience while enrolled in an online degree program, tech support workers must undertake comprehensive training.

If you’re looking for an accredited online degree program, don’t be afraid to ask about the school’s Learning Management System as well as the Technical Support Team’s knowledge and abilities. After all, shouldn’t you expect the finest that technology has to offer if you’re investing your time and money in a distance learning degree program?

Whether you’re pursuing your degree on a traditional university campus or from the comfort of your own home, technology will enhance your learning experience. Digital learning is essential for students who want to develop their technical abilities while also saving time, improving their  experience, and raising their GPA.Other benefits include enhanced productivity and flexibility, as well as enhanced job market relevance after graduation in today’s competitive employment market. All on-campus and online distance learning degree programs should provide you with the finest possible chances for a digital learning experience. It’s a crucial factor to consider when selecting the perfect program for you.

What does the future hold for technologically advanced schools?

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Without a doubt, technology is here to stay, which is a good thing because boring jobs can now be completed with just a few keystrokes. Large, weighty ledger books, as well as pencil and paper, are no longer in use.

With today’s technology, we don’t even need to push a vacuum cleaner thanks to the iRobot Roomba’s abilities.

Schools that are technological savviness are no exception; they are here to stay and are dedicated to improving students’ learning experiences through modern technologies. What are your long-term goals? Now all you have to do is discover a program that is willing to take on the challenge of continuous technical advancement! Allow us to assist you so you can get started as soon as possible!

The following is a list of 30 online schools in the United States 

30 The George Washington University – Washington, D.C.

The George Washington University in the nation’s capital has so great online resources that assistant dean Toni Marsh thinks the program “on-campus has gotten stronger as well.” Technology has also had a significant impact on this. Technology “continues to give chances to challenge our youngsters while increasing their access to information,” the official website claims. Reaching all international students seeking post-secondary education is the aim of George Washington University’s distant learning programs, which are created to create future leaders.

Degrees in business, education, liberal arts, and healthcare are among the many online degrees that are offered. Students can participate in synchronous or asynchronous degree and diploma programs, and they can anticipate participating in a virtual classroom on Second Life and listening to podcasts on iTunes U. As learning management systems, the school prefers Blackboard and Embanet, but online students can also use Skype, video conferencing, and live chat rooms.

You are not alone, thanks to the GW Information Technology (GWIT) division. If needed, they are accessible from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. In addition to your virtual classroom where you will receive your assignments, you will have access to lectures, in-person interactions with teachers and students, and message boards through GW’s learning management system.

29 University of Texas at Brownsville – Brownsville, Texas

A progressive learning environment that is ideal for online students is provided by management systems, web conferencing, and virtual drives at the University of Texas at Brownsville. 17 completely online courses are available through the school in a range of master’s, bachelor’s, and graduate certificate programs.

While Blackboard is used for administration and the synchronous and asynchronous delivery of the school’s programs, students and instructors can connect with one another and work on assignments using Second Life or Blackboard’s own Collaborate software. At the university’s stunning Tegrity Campus, lectures will be videotaped for live streaming and then made downloadable.

28 I’m University of Bridgeport – Bridgeport, Connecticut

Since 1997, a number of undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs, as well as undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate alternatives, have been made available to online students by the University of Bridgeport. The myUB portal allows students to sign up for classes and connects them to their learning management system, Canvas, as well as a number of other services, such as email, the most recent school news, and library resources.

Asynchronous teaching methods like discussion boards and online tests are typical in Canvas. In their online classes, the college makes use of video and other multimedia tools. With tools like Blackboard Collaborate, educators can interact with students live or through conferences. You will get access to technical support, be able to control the due dates and grades for your classes, be able to record audio, and be able to get in touch with your instructors.

Once you’ve been accepted, your academic advisor will assist you throughout the entire process. Unrestricted technical support and a free eTutor are two additional benefits offered by the college to online students.

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27 Johns Hopkins University – Baltimore, Maryland

Johns Hopkins University in Maryland uses Blackboard for course management and Adobe Connect for web conferencing in all of its online programs. However, a number of web-based applications are utilized to supplement this, including VoiceThread, Mediasite, and JShare. JShare is the school’s cloud sharing service and gives each user five gigabytes of free online storage.

Faculty members can use live streaming tools like Panopto and social media platforms like Facebook. Students’ interactions via Skype and webinars are encouraged, and online students can connect to the campus through real-time group conversations with teachers. In 2020, the school was ranked first in the category of best online graduate nursing programs, fifth in the category of best online graduate computer information technology programs, and tied for fourteenth in the category of best online graduate engineering programs, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Johns Hopkins University offers more than 260 courses in the arts, social sciences, and scientific sciences. Furthermore offered are degree programs in business, engineering, education, and foreign languages. There are also numerous programs offered that deal to healthcare. Without being a student at Johns Hopkins, those who are interested in fields like data analysis or bioinformatics can enroll in courses through Coursera. More than 60 free online MOOCs are available (massive open online courses).

26 Fort Hays State University – Hays, Kansas

Michelle Fairbank, an online student at Fort Hays State University Virtual College in Hays, Kansas, said she “never in a million years believed [she] would accomplish new things with technology” for her master’s degree. Distance learners can participate in live classes or watch video recordings of them at their convenience by using Blackboard to stay connected to their courses.

Also, students have free access to tutoring through the Smarthinking website and can communicate with their professors via email, phone, or Skype. With Blackboard, students can take part in labs, group projects, and discussion forums. There are more over 40 online degree programs available, with Fort Hays State teachers teaching the majority of them. You can walk during commencement if you want to go to Hays, Kansas, after graduation.

25 Utah State University – Logan, Utah

Student support is a crucial component of online life at Utah State University. After all, every student has their unique set of challenges when it comes to making important college decisions. USU is dedicated to giving all students options for distance learning that match their needs.

In addition to receiving attention from professors and other online students, students who enroll in an online course at the Logan-based college gain access to an academic adviser. A specialized eTutoring website provides students with three options for help: a writing lab, in-person tutoring sessions, and an offline support service.

The online learning platform at Utah State, Canvas, offers eight bachelor’s degrees and six master’s degrees. Ten additional courses are offered. The organization has its own app and has made its content mobile-friendly for tablets and smartphones. Utah State regularly updates its online learning options with the most cutting-edge technology available to guarantee that every student has a positive learning experience.

24 Boston University – Boston, Massachusetts

The emphasis of Boston University’s online degree and certificate programs is on community and interaction. Blackboard, Zoom, Adobe Connect, and Echo360 seamlessly integrate with the kids’ virtual classrooms, enabling a variety of activities and helping the school reach the eighth-place ranking in the country. U.S. News & World Report has ranked the ninth best online graduate business programs as well as the best online graduate computer information technology programs for 2020. Also, you’ll need the most latest versions of Firefox Fox and Adobe Flash Player, as well as a webcam and a headset with a microphone.

Online resources include recorded lectures, animations, and chat sessions. Respondus LockDown Browser software ensures that students finish their tests in a monitored setting. By utilizing the online course spaces provided to them, distance learners are also encouraged to develop relationships with their peers.

You will have access to academic advisors at BU who can help you with any queries you may have. The Boston University library system is open to students, and technical support is always available.

23 Arizona State University – Tempe, Arizona

Google Apps for Education was originally utilized by Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, in 2006. Also, the forward-thinking university promotes the usage of Facebook by students to connect with their peers and lecturers. Additionally, there are other things. Within LearningStudio, the school’s course management system, students can generate, modify, save, and share papers as well as view lectures on-demand and asynchronously.

Hallway Discussions, a “open forum” where “we can build up study groups, submit questions, and reply to them,” according to one student, is another useful resource at Arizona State. Students can contact the library at any time via an online chat service, and the school’s tech support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The library additionally offers educational and electronic copies of its holdings.

You can obtain help from career experts with your resume or job hunt. You can rely on LSU Online to keep you connected and informed by phone, email, and texts as online distance learning opportunities grow.

22 McKendree University – Lebanon, Illinois

Early in the 1970s, McKendree University started providing online distance learning courses for adult learners. They now have students enrolled in their exceptional online degree programs from a variety of backgrounds. With outstanding instructors and academic advisors, McKendree University will be at your side every step of the way.

McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois, offers significant IT support to online students in addition to providing online and in-person writing assistance, access to the Holman Library, and the Academic Support Center. In order to help students improve their writing abilities, the Writing Center offers them interactive online sessions with writing consultants who can assist at any point in the writing process.

Both graduate and undergraduate courses are available. For your convenience, McKendree University makes use of the Blackboard learning management system.

21 SUNY Delhi – Delhi, New York

SUNY Delhi at Delhi, New York employs the Moodle open source e-learning platform, which is also known as the school’s learning management system, Vancko Hall. BroncoCONNECT, SRARFISH Success!, and CARE Team are additional student resources at SUNY Delhi that are all intended to keep students connected and encouraging of one another.

Online students take use of writing workshops, academic advisors, and round-the-clock access to the Resnick Library at SUNY Delhi, which has around 35,000 publications in 30 databases. The establishment was designated a “important component” in the creation of the ground-breaking Open SUNY network, an online learning system that unites all 64 of New York’s public universities college students, due to its widespread recognition.

20 Pace University – New York City, New York

“Cutting-edge web-based technology” is used to deliver both wholly online and online-offline hybrid courses at New York’s Pace University. The school’s iPace program for course completion takes advantage of virtual learning management system Blackboard, while other software such as Echo360, Respondus and ProctorU helps give students a flexible and accessible distance learning experience.

Pace also has a devoted advisory group for online students, who feel connected to the main campus thanks to programs that include web chats and other live online elements. Additionally, the school has a partnership with iTunes, providing an accessible platform that hosts submittable educational material. Pace University believes the amount of interaction, whether real-time or otherwise, between remote students and their instructors and peers should mirror that of the on-campus experience.

Pace University offers many online degree programs, including communication, business, arts, technology and nursing, to name a few. Upon graduation, Pace University offers the same respectable degree that on-campus students receive.

19 Central Michigan University – Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Central Michigan University is perfect for those considering online learning options. CMU’s Global Campus is based in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, and the school’s online classes offer prospective students a range of bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as graduate certificates.

Distance learners can also use the Blackboard application 24 hours a day to access relevant material, submit work and chat with lecturers. In addition, students may also be required to log in to planned live discussions. Besides which, anyone struggling to keep up can enlist the help of an Online Ally, a knowledgeable, advanced online learner able to offer insightful guidance and support.

New Student Services, Academic Advising, and the Career Development Center are available to assist you from start to finish. If you are interested in a quality education steeped richly in academic integrity, CMU is committed to serving you!

18 Wright State University – Dayton, Ohio

Wright State University calls its distance education program a “new kind of learning,” and to back up this claim, the Dayton, Ohio-based school now boasts online classes featuring “new interactive video instruction” that “moves beyond the traditional e-learning environment.” With that being said, the more conventional aspects of distance learning are still comprehensively covered, with all students using the school’s dedicated online portal, Pilot, to access course resources and information.

WSU’s Computing and Telecommunications Services (CaTS) supplies for all of your technology needs. Students can enjoy the additional assistance of 24-hour tech support, seven days a week. They are also welcome to utilize the university’s career services and library database. Live and recorded video will see learners through a selection of degree programs such as master’s in nursing and information systems.

17 Drexel University – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Although Drexel University has been an educator for 100 years, they have offered online programs for nearly 20 years, and in 2010 the school was presented with the Sloan-C Award for Excellence in Institution-Wide Online Education. More than 100 online courses are taught by on-campus staff at the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based school. The Blackboard Learning Management System enables students to collaborate on assignments and sit in on “live classrooms” with instructors and peers.

Additional teaching tools include multimedia presentations and online threads. Through the Writing Center, students may also take advantage of real-time discussions with tutors, who can help with papers by offering guidance.

The faculty at Drexel University is dedicated to the enhancement of every student’s experience by implementing the most innovative development and design regarding their online coursework. In addition, their INSPIRE initiative is Drexel’s desire to bring you a quality academic experience.

16 University of California, Los Angeles – Los Angeles, California

U.S. News and World Report placed the online master’s degree at UCLA second on its 2020 Best Online Graduate Engineering Programs list. Distance students get the same courses as their on-campus counterparts, with lectures and class materials made available via the school’s learning management system.

Frequent real-time chats with instructors support learners through their studies and are recorded and uploaded for students who can’t make the sessions. Meanwhile, the school has three lecture-capture studios on hand for the faculty; two are equipped with Echo360 software for asynchronous sessions and the third is provided with Blackboard Collaborate for live discussions and debates.

15 Sam Houston State University – Huntsville, Texas

Huntsville, Texas’ Sam Houston State University boasts seven lecture theaters spread out across two campuses that have been equipped with interactive television technology. This enables classes to be streamed live to distance learners, with the added benefit of adjustable cameras and multiple microphones.

Julie Combs, director of the Center for Research and Doctoral Studies in Educational Leadership, believes this “allows students from many different regions to join a class in a face-to-face format.” Online undergraduate and graduate programs are both run by the school, which utilizes Blackboard to organize course content while also enabling web-based students to use the university’s library, career services and writing hub.

With numerous accolades, Sam Houston State University administers the same quality education to its online students as their on-campus attendees. They take pride in their exemplary faculty who are dedicated to bringing students state-of-the-art technology and innovative advancements in relevant coursework.

14 Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California – Los Angeles, California

More than 40 online master’s programs are available through the University of Southern California’s Distance Education Network at the Viterbi School of Engineering in Los Angeles. USC utilizes Blackboard as their learning management system in which students can get assignments, converse with classmates and get important announcements. You can check your syllabus through your mobile phone by using Blackboard Mobile Learn.

In addition, a number of interactive applications, such as Skype, Cisco WebEx and BlueJeans, are used to encourage teamwork. Remote students even have access to a toll-free number to contact their professors for assistance.

Lectures are streamed live from distinctive “studio classrooms” before being archived along with the relevant notes. The school’s commitment to distance learning is also seen in its innovative Viterbi iPodia program, which strives to “create a true ‘classrooms-without-borders’ paradigm around the world.”

13 Westfield State University – Westfield, Massachusetts

Massachusetts-based Westfield State University’s distance program is called PLATO, or People Learning and Teaching Online. Six bachelor’s completion courses and four minors, as well as numerous other online classes, are offered, all backed up by free eTutoring from Smarthinking.

Podcasting is encouraged through the use of Audacity software, while image and video capture is made possible by TechSmith’s Jing application. Blackboard Collaborate is the university’s latest web conferencing tool, and students receive considerable concessions on Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite software thanks to the school’s licensing agreements. Meanwhile, faculty members are put through their paces at Web Camp, an acclaimed training program for effective online teaching assuring you an exceptional online learning experience.

12 Washington State University – Pullman, Washington

“Our faculty and course designers work together to ensure the online classroom is engaging, lively and interactive,” states Washington State University’s official website. The school’s online learning platform is Blackboard Learn. This innovative system allows students to access learning materials, tests and assignments, as well as, records, alerts and a message board to stay in communication with faculty and classmates.

Instructors are also encouraged to utilize a variety of technology to deliver course content. Students can employ digital pens to easily review notes from lectures and may record presentations using screen capture software like TechSmith’s Camtasia. “Virtual field trips” are promoted, as is the option of creating digital games directly in Angel. The online community is further supported by access to a student government, virtual mentors and extracurricular events.

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11 Northern Illinois University – DeKalb, Illinois

With official Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts all accessible from the university’s own social media “SmashUp” page, Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois is proud of the “community-building” capabilities of its technologies. One faculty member responsible for the online courses stated, “If you are not moving ahead in this field, you are falling behind.”

Software like Adobe Connect and Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience are used alongside podcasting, blogging and a custom “lecture capture” classroom. You’ll have access to your assignments, as well as a new and improved online experience. In 2020 the school tied at ninth in the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Online Graduate Education Programs list.

At NIU, you can expect to obtain a degree that will help you prepare for a successful future. The faculty is dedicated to giving you the personal attention you deserve and the skills you need to pursue your dream career!

10 Western Carolina University – Cullowhee, North Carolina

Distance students at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina can augment their education with the use of live streaming video and audio, as well as with remote access to their instructors. The school began offering distance education in 1997, and it constantly endeavors to take “maximum advantage of the changes in information and communications technologies.”

So whether enrolled in a fully online course or a hybrid degree, learners still have access to the university’s Hunter Library, including the ability to directly receive information and research services 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday and from 8:00 a.m. to midnight on weekends. Students may use the library’s comprehensive database to retrieve digital texts and request materials from the physical collections.

9 East Carolina University – Greenville, North Carolina

At Greenville, North Carolina’s East Carolina University, distance education is made easy with the use of collaborative communication applications from Canvas. Furthermore, each online learner is given access to the school’s own Onestop student portal, which enables them to customize the system’s interface and browse a variety of relevant materials.

The school boasts over 100 online and certificate degree programs, focusing on health care, technology, business or education, just to name a few. Live talks between students and teachers are available in some of them. Coursework is submitted digitally, and tutors are also on-hand during stipulated hours so that distance learners can feel connected to the main campus.

As an online student at ECU, you can expect the same quality education as their on-campus students. The faculty is prepared to help you meet your academic goals, as well as your career aspirations. You will have the support of the Online Student Services Team and the tools needed to succeed, without a doubt.

8 St. John’s University – New York City, New York

At St. John’s University in Queens, New York, nearly three-quarters of all distance courses are taught by current on-campus staff, and every full-time remote (and on-campus) degree learner is given a new laptop. Additionally, distance learners have the opportunity to access important aspects of university life such as the library and ministry.

Daily communication with lecturers is encouraged, and much of the program involves active engagement in online discussion boards. Recent graduate Errol Adams says that his online course “kept [him] abreast of all the advances in technology throughout [his] profession.”

At St. John’s University, you’ll have the support system you need for success. You can expect to be a part of your community by gaining a Catholic and Vincentian education designed to broaden the mind. Online services can be accessed through phone, email or Skype, which include Tutoring Support, Career Services, a Writing Center and Library Resources. The Blackboard learning management system guarantees ease of use while attending asynchronous classes.

5 University of Denver – Denver, Colorado

“Our philosophy is to embrace technology to improve and accelerate learning for busy adults,” states the University of Denver’s official University College website. The physical campus is based in Denver, but the online learning platform Canvas is accessible to distance learners 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Students can enjoy real-time messaging with peers, stream multimedia and contribute to talks via web conferencing tools. Master’s and bachelor’s degrees are available, along with other courses and certificates, and there’s also the option to be fully online or part of a blended class, although the course content in both cases is identical. What’s more, with technical support on hand all day, every day, there’s no excuse for being late with an assignment.

6 Regent University – Virginia Beach, Virginia

As a Christian-affiliated school, Regent University in Virginia Beach offers its online students not just 24-hour technical support, but around-the-clock spiritual guidance as well. Benefits include access to the school’s digital library, writing center, internet-based seminars and workshops (at the Center for Student Development) and the ability to stream content from Regent’s chapel.

Blackboard Collaborate is used to create a virtual learning environment incorporating scheduled face-to-face educational exercises, while a personalized Regent webpage is offered to each student to allow ease of access to learning accounts and emails. A variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees are obtainable either on-campus or online with more than 135 programs to consider, alongside several hybrid courses. They include anything from business, communications, law and technology to programs related to the health care industry and education, in addition to everything in between.

A Christ-centered education at Regent University will help you become a successful member in your community, instill important morals within yourself, and strengthen your faith walk with God. Based on biblical principles, the Christian faculty at Regent are committed to expanding your mind and spirituality.

5 University of Wisconsin-Platteville – Platteville, Wisconsin

Canvass and the Pioneer Administrative Software System (PASS) are two technologically savvy means utilized at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. PASS is responsible for program registration and financial support. Canvas meanwhile, is the school’s education management system of choice. Upon graduation, UW-Platteville’s Handshake program will keep you connected with over 200,000 plus employers, providing positions in all types of career choices.

In past years, University Business magazine selected the school as one of its eight “Models of Efficiency” in the U.S., an acknowledgment of “innovative approaches for streamlining operations through technology,” according to the university. Faculty member Dawn Drake explains, “We find technology to support what we do to help students get the education they need.”

If you’re looking for professional success, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville has your back! With numerous accolades, the faculty at UW-Platteville is committed to helping you reach your potential. If you have technical questions, just contact the Distance Learning Student Help Desk!

4 New York University Tandon School of Engineering – New York City, New York

At the New York University Tandon School of Engineering in New York City, the school’s former Director of Online and Virtual Learning, John Vivolo, says that their programs are “diverse, interactive and ever-evolving” in terms of the technologies that they use.

The New York University Tandon School of Engineering is consistently working to improve the student’s online learning experience through interactive and research opportunities. In their efforts to attract the next generation, they have created an Online Learning Production Studio to add components of gamification to their curriculum.

Lectures are available to be viewed live or at a later date, even through smartphones and tablets. Content is also delivered via the Blackboard learning system. Programs include degrees in technology, engineering, science and management. Plus, distance students can remotely access the university’s library resources and career services and benefit from frequent communication with peers and staff by utilizing online discussion boards and webinars.

3 Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Science, Columbia University – New York City, New York

Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science in New York City is dedicated to bringing the best for every student through innovative research and technology. Its graduate remote-learning school, the Columbia Video Network, has been described by one student as providing an “Ivy League, world-class education” and having an “outstanding” choice of classes.

All of the relevant course resources are accessible online, and distance learners are taught identical lessons to those of their on-campus peers. This is achievable through the use of tailored on-campus classrooms, which record live lectures that can then be streamed or downloaded by online students – with the additional benefit of high-resolution footage. There’s also a special Student Center system that makes virtual collaboration possible.

Online distance learners can take advantage of 16 degrees or certificate programs, such as Civil, Electrical, or Industrial Engineering, as well as, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering, plus many more. As an online student, your world-renowned professors will provide you with the academic knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of engineering.

2 Wilmington University – New Castle, Delaware

There are in excess of 80 fully online classes offered at New Castle, Delaware’s Wilmington University. Each virtual classroom is kept to an average of 17 learners, fostering a “personalized” educational experience with easy communication between instructors and peers. This can be accessed through the school’s Blackboard discussion boards, email, Skype or the web conferencing tool, Collaborate.

Attendees may even take advantage of the online student association’s monthly meetings for all web-based students in a comfortable webinar format utilizing Blackboard Collaborate. Advanced multimedia content is added to Blackboard by Kaltura Building Block software, while faculty can use Swivl to record classes. Learners also benefit from an array of online student services, from writing workshops to mentoring, as well as around-the-clock technical assistance.

With over 130 quality online degrees to choose from, you will be sture to find a program that fits your busy lifestyle. Wilmington University will help you attain your goals by combining relevant academics with an online format that is convenient and flexible.

1 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Daytona Beach, Florida

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida has been offering distance education opportunities since 1971. Today, it presents an array of master’s, associate and bachelor’s programs, with the university ranking number one on U.S. News & World Report’s Best Online Bachelor’s Programs list for 2020.

Students enrolled in an online course can benefit from an impressive range of services, such as 24-hour tech support, seven days a week and a variety of apps for tablets and smartphones. Embry-Riddle Worldwide also employs an innovative, staff-developed piece of software called EagleVision Home, which enables remote students to experience live classes in a virtual environment by way of web video conferencing and interact with peers and faculty in real-time.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection to take advantage of their impressive online degree programs. For 25 years, students from around the world have benefited from Embry-Riddle’s fine distance learning program.


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