Review of 7 Cheapest Universities in Estonia for International Students

Find out about the 7 cheapest universities in Estonia for international students; cost of living, scholarships in Estonia, tuition fees and links to official universities’ websites are included.

About the Country, Estonia

Estonia is a small but mighty country located at northern Europe. It is a great country in terms of education. In terms of population Estonia may fail to stand out because it is less a populated country. It has one of the fastest growing Economy.

This country has a very transparent system of government, well developed health care and educational system too. International students wanting to study in one of the cheap universities in Estonia will have a greater benefit of experience in a sound and developed country like Estonia. There have developed quality to offer; a fairly transparent government, free healthcare and education, highly developed I.T industry and wide variety of e-services.

Let’s Take a Look at Higher Education in Estonia

In 1632, the oldest university in Estonia was established, which we therefore understand that in four centuries now higher education has been in existence and the system of education is in gradual changes. When talking about school in Estonia we are talking about quality not quantity. Estonia has three well known comprehensive public university and six private university.

Estonia have 10 public universities specialized on one field of studies (arts, applied sciences, or life science etc). it may sound discouraging for some people because of the limited number of university but there have courses that will interest people to study there, their official language is Estonian, but English language is not left out, it is spoken by both young and old, boys and girls. Russian language is spoken in some part and also available for learning as a course.

In Estonia, all program are free for international students, even if your country is not in European union. When talking of tuition fee for international student it ranges from USD 1000 – USD 6000 in an academic year. But is not static to other private university or certain programs may varies, some business school or program like Medicine may increase to USD 13,000 in an academic calendar year.

Documents Needed To Study in Estonia

To study in Estonia, you will be required to provide the following important documents

  1. Recent photos
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Passport or National ID card
  4. Academic transcript
  5. Letter of intent
  6. Curriculum vitae
  7. Copies of past diplomas
  8. Reference letter from past employers

Prove of English skills

For you to study as an international student, you will be asked to present a language certificate. some option for students will be IELTS, C1 Advanced language certificates. The minimum language score must be meet by student as stated by the university and your  scores should not be older than 1-2 years. If you did not meet the language requirement, you will be required to take an English preparation course.

Cost of Living and Tuition Fees in Estonia

Living Cost in Estonia

It is interesting to know about the living cost if you want to study in Estonia, it is affordable and are much lower and lesser than in other European countries someone can think of. Most people who are already in Estonia their feedback is that the cost of living in Estonia are the same with those in Western Europe. The cost of living in Estonia is all dependent on how the students want to live his or her life meaning its all about choices, lifestyle of student and how your spending pattern is.

Accommodation in Estonia

Firstly let me take your mind to the currency that is used in Estonia which is the Euro(€). Accommodation in Estonia depends mostly on locations, quality of the accommodation you want to live in. In private flats prices per month are in the range of €200-€510 per month, but in dormitories it range from €80-€150. Almost all the universities in Estonia are ready to help their international student settle in their dormitories so they will be no need for student to be stressed in looking for accommodation.

Food Cost

Food is an essential thing to be considered when travelling out to study. You must have it at the back of your mind. It is good for each student the expenses of food individually. Universities also have its own cafeteria(s), which will be cheaper than eating outside the school cafeteria(s). The food daily consumption may range from €3-€6.

Tuition Fees in Estonia Universities

When talking about studying in Estonia, tuition fees must be considered as it is one of the major aspects. In Estonia universities the tuition fees depend solely on the level of studies, your preferred program you want to study and the institution you choose. At most it also depends on the country you are applying from because some of the Estonia universities collect separate fees from student applying from European Union and those outside EU.

Master Degrees in Estonia University

How to apply for master degree in Estonia

Applying for a master degree in Estonia is good and you will need to put in place some document that will enable you to study masters in Estonia universities of your choice. Universities will require for you to provide complete information about yourself, previous qualification you have, financial information and some personal statement.

Deadlines For Master Degree Application in Estonia

The deadlines for master degree in Estonia is usually during June-July or in January-February. The application deadlines is not for all the universities in Estonia,  some universities do not have application deadlines so you can feel free and apply at any time you wants. But it is advice to always send your document in advance to avoid delay.

PhD and Exchange Studies

Programs in Doctoral field are free in Estonia; Students doing PhD can take advantage of doctoral allowance.

Scholarships in Estonia

The government of Estonia gives international student the opportunity to apply for any scholarship of their choices who wish to apply for extra support from the government.

Conditions When Applying for Scholarship

  • The scholarship is usually for 1 year meaning it only covers 12 calendar months unless the student is in final year it will take 10 months and not the normal 12 months.
  • The applicant will be a full-time study student not part-time studies and the coursework must be 75% completed in each year to be eligible
  • The scholarship amount may not be more than EUR350 per month for master degree and Bachelors program
  • The scholarship is applicable to courses taught in Estonia language only
  • Student doing PhD and are also receiving allowances are not qualified for the scholarship scheme.

Documents Required For the Scholarship Scheme

There are some essential documents you must used to apply for the scholarship;

  • You will summits an application form and motivational letter online
  • Admission affirmation from a higher institution scholarship
  • Any of ID-card or applicants passport

Application time is always between April and May.

Review of the 7 Cheapest Universities in Estonia for Foreign Students

1. Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA)

EKA tuition fees ranges from USD 1,100 and USD 4,300 per academic year.

The Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) is a public university that offers specialized degree programs in different areas of art, which include design, architecture, conservation and restoration, history, fine arts, media and animation. It is situated in Tallinn, the Estonia capital city.

This cheap university in Estonia (Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) has eight master degree programs and two Ph.D. programs. It also have a bachelor degree program taught in Russian.

Tuition fees for non-EU citizens go from EUR 1,000 (USD 1,100 approx.) to EUR 3,900 (USD 4,300 approx.) per year.

2. Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS)

The estimated tuition fees per year should be between USD 3,500 and USD 5,000.

Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS), is a private university was founded in 1992. It is located in a business park called Ülemiste City in the capital city.

EUAS offer bachelor and master degree programs to its students. The programs are in different language e.g Estonian, English and Russian.

EUAS has are in terms with cooperation, higher education institution in the area and also poised to connect students with companies based on their program.

3. University of Tartu (UT)

University of Tartu tuition fees is Between USD 4,200 and USD 13,150 per year.

UT is the biggest, oldest, and best-ranked university in Estonia. University of Tartu was originally founded in the times of the Swedish Empire, in 1632, as the Academia Gustaviana. After several reformation, it was 1919 that it became the University of Tartu.

University of Tartu ranked 301st place in the QS World University Ranking, making it the best in Estonia. It has buildings throughout the city of Tartu.

University of Tartu is divided into four big faculties of science and technology,medicine, arts and humanities, and medicine. Their faculties have many categories of schools and institutes. Most of the research performed in the country is done in UT.

UT Tuition fees range from EUR 3,800 (USD 4,200 approx.) and EUR 6,000 (USD 6,570 approx.) per academic year except for the program in medicine that costs EUR 12,000 (around USD 13,150) per year.

4. Estonian Business School (BS)

From USD 2,500 to USD 3,900 is their tuition fees per semester.

Estonian Business School (EBS), which was founded in 1988 is good for international student in business field. It is outstanding when talking about business schools internationally and its programs has international accreditation.

EBS offers two bachelor degrees with different field of study, a one-year master degree program, and two two-year master degree programs.

EBS also has Training Center and has partner its program in more than 70 universities abroad that are available for its students. EBS has another campus in Helsinki, Finland.

EBS Tuition fees ranges from EUR 2,300 (USD 2,500 approx.) to EUR 3,200 (USD 3,500 approx.) per semester. EBS master degree cost between EUR 2,750 (around USD 3,000) and EUR 3,500 (around USD 3,900).

5. Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)

TalTech Tuition Fee ranges From USD 4,900 to USD 9,000 per academic year.

TalTech is one of the cheapest university in Estonia Founded in the year 1918, TalTech is one of the best-ranked universities in Estonia.

TalTech has many campuses but its main campus is located in Tallinn, The university has two branch colleges in Tartu and Kohtla-Järve cities. The school is divided into four categories of schools business, engineering, information technology, and science. It also made of four institutes and a maritime academy.

The university has 30 English-taught programs which are16 master degree programs, four bachelor degree programs and 10 doctoral degree programs. It also has two master degree programs affiliated with other Estonian universities.

Their Tuition fees are calculated base on per credit. Tuition fee cost per credit for English-taught programs ranges from EUR 55 (USD 60) to EUR 100 (USD 110) which implies that if you take 60 credits per academic year, the tuition fees would go from USD 3,600 to USD 6,670.

Depending on the program in some of the school student pay an additional fee that goes from EUR 1,200 (USD 1,315 approx.) to EUR 3,000 (USD 3,300 approx. European union students are exempted from paying tuition fees in most programs.

6. Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMÜ)

EMÜ Tuition Fee ranges From USD 1,150 to USD 4,815 per semester.

It is situated at the city of Tartu, the Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMÜ) are specifically into environmental and agricultural studies. It is the best among universities in the category of agriculture and forestry.

It is divided into five institutes of economics and social sciences, technology, agricultural and environmental sciences, forestry and rural engineering, and veterinary medicine and animal sciences.

Their tuition fee or English-taught programs go from EUR 1,050 to EUR 4,400 per semester.

7. Tallinn University

Tuition fee ranges from USD 1,000- USD2500 per semester.

Tallinn University is located in the heart of Estonia, meaning it is situated at the capital city of Estonia. Tallinn University was founded in the year 1919 originally but it became a full-fledge university in 2005.

Tallinn University (TU ) is categorized into different schools, communication, humanities, educational sciences, natural sciences and health, governance, law and society, digital technologies, and film, media, arts . It is a sit for research and center of excellence.

The population of TU is vast in the range of 7,500-8,000 student and around 9% of the student is comprises of international Students. With over 8,000 students, around 9% of the TU’s student population is comprised of international students.

For international students tuition fees go from EUR 1,650 (USD 1,800 approx.) to EUR 2,000 (USD 2,200 approx.) per semester for those doing bachelor degree programs. Master degree programs go from EUR 913 (USD 1,000 approx.) to EUR 2,250 (USD 2,500 approx.).

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For those doing Doctoral degree programs, it is completely free for indigene and non-indegene, and many scholarships opportunities are available for international students.

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