Countries Where spouse Can Work on Student Visa

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I will take you into Countries Where spouse Can Work on Student Visa and all you need to know about it. Do you have any dependents who you would like to accompany you while you study abroad? Staying apart from family members can be challenging, especially for courses that run longer than a year.

While traveling with your spouse or child on a student visa may raise suspicions that you won’t be returning home after your studies, this isn’t a problem in other countries that allow family immigration. Today, I will share with you the lists of Countries Where spouse Can Work on Student Visa while studying.


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How to Get an American Visa

In some countries, a dependent visa is available. This type of visa allows you to bring your wife or children with you while you study. There are, however, standards that the principal applicant (the student) must meet, which may vary by nation.

Make sure your student visa has been approved before applying for a spousal or dependant visa. Despite the fact that it is a recognized visa category, do not give the appearance that you are attempting to migrate. Check out the listings below for countries that enable family immigration through study and work visas.

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Countries that allow family immigration

family immigration: countries that allow international students to bring their dependents while studying.

1. USA

International students flock to the United States as one of their top choices. Studying in the United States provides many international students with the chance to stay back after their studies, which is why, despite the expensive tuition fee, many international students wish to study in the United States. There is a way out if you have a spouse or child who wants to travel with you.

The spouse of a foreign student can apply for an F-2 or J2 visa at the same time as the international student applies for an F-1 or J-1 visa, or they can apply separately. They will be permitted to enter the United States at the same time as the international student or later if their visa application is approved.

J-2 dependents are allowed to work in the United States after acquiring formal approval, and you have several advantages. After the J-2 holder has entered the country, he or she can apply for this authorization. They will be handed an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card and will be eligible to work as soon as it is approved. The validity of the EAD cards is 12 months, and they can be renewed once a year.

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Canada is one of the Countries Where spouse Can Work on Student Visa. Many students desire to study in Canada because of its open admission policy. It is a perfect country to raise a family. To have you achieve that, the dependent visa is available. International students studying a full-time course in Canada can apply for a dependent visa. the Canadian dependent visa allows a spouse to work through the open work permit. To begin the application process, send an email to, also more for information check the IRCC website.  

3. Australia

This is another country that allows international students to bring their families to Australia. The country has one of the best education systems in the world and is among the favorites for international students who are also allowed to stay back and look for a job after graduation.

While studying in Australia, your dependents can join you. Spouse is allowed on the Dependent Visa program but your spouse can only work based on the degree you are pursuing in Australia.

To learn more about the requirements, go to the Australian government’s official website:

4. Germany

Germany is one of the countries offering dependent visas for international students. A spouse can come with a German Residence Permit and a spouse holding the German family visa can work in Germany.

A German visa for international students’ family members is a residence permit that allows your non-EU/EEA relatives to visit and stay in Germany while you study there with a German Residence Permit. If they are of working age and have the necessary qualifications, German family visa holders can work in Germany.

5. New Zealand

International students planning on taking their spouse to where they are pursuing a degree can apply for the New Zealand dependent program. With a work permit, a spouse can work in New Zealand but must provide all the necessary documents.

6. UK

Recently, the United Kingdom has increased the duration in which international students are allowed to stay back after graduation. Foreign students can stay extra 18 months. Moreover, foreign students can bring their spouse’s and the country allows spouse’s to work in the UK so long the degree program will last for more than one year.

Conditions for the dependent visa

  • You must be a registered student

For you to apply for a dependent visa, you must be a registered student in an accredited institution. As a registered student, you must have your study permit; the permit stays valid while you’re still studying.

  • Proof of Relationship with the dependent

You’re to provide evidence showing your relationship with the dependent you want to bring to your new country. For your spouse, a copy of your marriage certificate, while individuals with kids are to provide their birth certificate bearing the same surname.

  • Proof of sufficient funds

You must demonstrate that you can support your dependent by submitting a bank account statement that is current and shows that you have sufficient funds. Despite the fact that the visa’s objective is to allow your spouse to work while you study, you should be able to support the dependent until he or she finds employment.


Bringing your spouse or kids to join you in your new country is allowed in some countries; however, getting the dependent visa for family immigration approved is not an automatic process. The principal applicant must provide the requirements and for your spouse to work, there may be conditions too

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