Free Printable Bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf

Hey Bible Scholars!!! This article contain helpful links to all of the best free printable Bible study lessons with questions and answers PDF. These free bible study guides pdf are available for quick download as PDF files also. You can better grasp the Bible with the help of the free printable Bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf.

Pastors, Bible scholars, theologians, and other individuals with a deeper knowledge of the Bible and the Word of God all contributed to the creation of the free bible study guides pdf. The free printable Bible study lessons with questions and answers are available for download in PDF format in you phone or tablet for easy access, and you may decide to print them out for group usage which will be beneficial for studying. These free bible study guides pdf include questions at the end of each session as well as Scripture verses pertinent to the lesson’s subject. These free printable bible study lessons in pdf format were created by devout pastors and other people with a deep understanding of the bible as well. They are then made accessible to the public by posting them online and in other forms of documentation for download.

All About Free Printable Bible Study Lessons With Questions and Answers PDF

These outstanding bible questions and answers cover both those that are frequently asked nowadays and those that need the reader to have a better comprehension of the bible. Did you know that you can now instantly download Bible verses to your computer and print them out for everyone to use as a study guide? Any Bible passage that is made available for printing at home and usage by anyone can be created by you. This can be really useful if your household is large or if you frequently travel for work.. Yes, today it is absolutely FREE to download and print individual free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf! Reading the bible and consuming a lot of scriptures is the simplest approach to achieve this. What if we truly created our own Bible-themed crafts?

Making sure children enjoy their Bible study is essential. When we design printable bible study verses, we must make sure that individuals can get the information they need.

We have created a wide range of crafts, including a unique Bible pattern, our very own original special Bible story, and eye-catching book cover artwork. Knowing that they helped create the art and that you appreciate them taking the time to take part in your original work offers them a great sense of satisfaction.

I’ve discovered that creating a biblical craft need not be as difficult as one might think. In general, our projects are kept simple and enjoyable.

Consider creating your own Bible study activities if you’re looking for a fun way to make Sunday school. You can combine your abilities into your tutor in a variety of ways if you use your creativity.

Note: I’ll talk about free printable Bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf in this article. Good news! It’s also available in PDF format, which makes it easier for you to download and read whenever it’s convenient for you. You can use a laptop or even a smartphone to download this pdf.

These unrestricted free bible study guides pdf are created for pastors as well as others who are interested in it. Seminarians think it’s fantastic if they use this free printable Bible study guide in PDF. It can be used to instruct members of your church or even other spiritual organizations.

The good news is that any club or organization can utilize these courses to create free bible study worksheets in pdf format.

If a large group or congregation doesn’t have a smartphone, you can print this free printable bible study courses pdf and distribute it to them. This free printable bible study lessons pdf with questions and answers was carefully put together by me to cover a variety of themes and is beneficial for bible teachers. Additionally, it can be used privately and in youth bible studies.

This article will help you as an individual to create your own bible study questions and answers for your family devotions and you can also create quiz questions out of these free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf.

Steps to Use the Free Printable Bible Study Lessons with Questions and Answers PDF?

Let us take you through how to use the 30 excellent free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers PDF  before we share them with you.

Individuals, families, couples, youth groups, and small groups can all use the Bible study lessons.

The Bible study courses must first be downloaded before being printed for convenience. The Bible verses allocated to the lessons must be read.

After every class, respond to the Bible study questions, and then share your thoughts with the other students in your study group.

However, if you’re doing a personal study, you can ask the host of the Bible study courses for the answers, or the questions may be followed by a Bible verse or section that has the answers.

It also requires time to explain the Bible. I want to urge you to remember and use the next five guidelines when you interpret the Bible.

Step 1:  Pray.  All scripture reading, studying and application must begin with prayer.  Ask God for fresh eyes and relevant insight and that God will transform you through the process of preparation. Bible study is meaningless if it doesn’t change us. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge puffs up. (1 Corinthians 8:1) Knowledge plus transformation and love builds up.

Step 2:  Read the scripture with fresh eyes.  Every time we read the Bible it breathes new insight into our lives. So even in passages that we’ve read scores of times, approach the reading with expectancy. Keep a pen handy to record your insights.

Step 3:  Ask the basic questions: Who what, when why and how. The book of Acts is the perfect example for this. For example, If we have no idea of who Paul was, what culture he existed, or how he changed, we will have a limited scope and the narrative becomes one-dimensional.

Step 4: Explore.  We have more tools to study scripture than we ever have had in the history of the church. Be sure to read the ETB commentary but you can take advantage of commentaries, websites, blogs, dictionaries, translations and versions, videos and a plethora of other sources. Warning: With a multitude of sources available these days, you are sure to run into a vast amount of rubbish! Vet the sources first.

Step 5:  Journal and apply. Whether you use an empty book, a notebook, a private blog, or a word document. Journal the process and the implications to your life and community. What is God teaching you through the study of His Word? This is the rewarding aspect of Bible study: through it epiphany, growth, insight and change occurs. You’ll want to journal it. Celebrate it. And when the opportunity appears, share it.

These five steps aren’t rocket science but rather a touchstone and reminder of the basic steps you’ll want to practice. Remember to start with prayer or else you’ll have the same feeling I had when I stared at that plastic wrapped roast in the meat drawer of my refrigerator.


All Free Bible Study Lessons for Adults

Free Bible Study Lessons for Adults With Questions and Answers

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Top Verses In The Bible About Free Will

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All free Online Courses with Printable Certificate

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Top 4 Free Bible Schools in USA for International Students

Bible Verses For Prayer

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Free Printable Bible Study Lessons with Questions and Answers PDF

A superb roast would round off the ideal day. I had everything I needed, including the vegetables, olive oil, roaster, and roast itself. I wanted to make a good impression on my out-of-town wife when she returned by showing her how things had been going so nicely without her. I just screwed up once. Even though I had preheated the oven to 350 degrees, I neglected to place the roast in it before leaving for work. It persisted in the fridge. It dawned on me as I got home, anticipating the aroma of a slow-cooked masterpiece, that the process we call supper had been disrupted by one easy step—you don’t just microwave a roast for 10 minutes. Roasting requires effort and time.

The process of explaining the Bible also takes time. I’d like to encourage you to keep in mind and apply the following five steps when interpreting the Bible.

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30 Best Free Printable Bible Study Lessons with Questions and Answers PDF

The top free printable Bible study lessons with questions and answers PDF are offered here by onlinestudyingservices in PDF file format.

The top 30 free Bible study guides pdf classes can all be downloaded for free and are all readily available. To open the classes, you might need a PDF reader, though.

The DOWNLOAD button provides access to the lesson’s free printable Bible.

#1. Philippians Bible Study

One of the best free printable Bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf that will aid in your understanding of biblical ideas is the Philippians Bible Study.

Four chapters make up this Bible study, and each chapter includes questions and answers in PDF format. Its a free bible study guides pdf format precisely.

#2. Genesis Bible Study

This is another free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf. The narrative of creation, Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, and other topics are covered in this free printable Bible study lesson.

The first 11 chapters of the Book of Genesis are covered in the eleven-week Genesis Bible Study. Its a free bible study guides pdf format precisely.

#3. Book of James Bible Study

This is another free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf. This Bible study lesson is primarily on James, his life, his role in the first century Church, his relationships with people on a physical and spiritual level, his reputation, and how he passed away.

Five weekly sessions are available for the Bible study on the Book of James. For five weeks, one chapter is covered each week.

#4. Gospel of John Bible Study

This is another free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf. The Bible’s Gospel of John offers an insightful viewpoint on Jesus Christ and your relationship with Him. For 21 weeks, one chapter of the Book of John is covered weekly.

#5. Pride Bible Study

Another free printable Bible study lesson on pride, its causes, and consequences is available here.You can understand the biblical definition of pride, what God said about pride, the effects of pride, and what you can do about your pride by using the four-part pride Bible study questions.

#6. Ephesians Bible Study

This is another free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf. In this six-week Bible study, we discover that Paul mentions the Ephesians’ tremendous privilege. The Bible study is one the best free printable Bible study lessons with questions and answers in PDF.


#7. Jude Bible Study

The Jude Bible Study is among the top best free printable Bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf that teach about false teachers.

The names, behaviors, traits, and motivations of false teachers are examined in this free, printable Bible study lesson.

You ought to be able to comprehend the Bible’s warning signs about fraudulent teachers after finishing this study.

#8. Is Jesus God?

This is another free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf. Various people claim that Jesus is either God or the Son of God. The question of whether Jesus is God or the Son of God has long been up for discussion.

Jesus – God? This class will tackle this controversy in fresh ways.

Does God exist? and other such inquiries are also addressed in the Bible study. Jesus – God? Has God ever had a son?

#9. Creation of the Earth

One of the important events that the Bible mentions is the creation of the Earth.

Why do many individuals completely discount a Creator? are some of the topics addressed in this free, printable Bible study session. How did the Earth come into being? What is the Earth’s age?

You will also learn who was present when the Earth was created.

#10. Pride Goeth Before A Fall

Here’s another free printable Bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf, that teach about pride and the effects of pride.

The lesson in the Bible on pride focuses on instances of people who have sinned because of pride.

You will also discover how pride contributed to the fall of Satan, Adam, and Eve.

#11. Satan Casts Out of Heaven

Has Satan been banished from Heaven? We’ll give a thorough response to that query throughout the course of this Bible study.

On the subject of whether Satan was expelled from heaven, there has always been controversy. You will understand the debate better after reading this free printable Bible study lesson that addresses it.

#12. Noah’s Ark

This is another free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf. One of the well-known Bible tales is the one about Noah’s Ark. You will have a greater understanding of Noah’s character, his ark, the necessity of his ark, and the biblical flood after completing this free printable Bible study lesson.


#13. Life of Moses

This free printable Bible study lesson teach about the life of Moses, one of God’s chosen prophets, The lesson centers on the following themes: Moses’ life, his birth, his exodus from Egypt, and his encounter with the Burning Bush. The Ten Commandments, the Red Sea being parted by Moses, the 10 Plagues of Egypt, and Moses and the Promised Land.

#14. When was Jesus Born?

This is another free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf. Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus on December 25. However, was Jesus actually born on that day? All of your questions regarding the birth of Christ will be addressed in this Bible study class. This free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf answers this questions, Why Was Jesus Born? How was Jesus born? The place of Jesus’ birth. Jesus was born when?

#15. The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

What exactly was the crucifixion of Jesus Christ? This free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf provides answer to that question and many more related questions.

The story of Jesus’ death on the Cross is also covered in the Bible study session. The list of miracles that occurred at Jesus Christ’s crucifixion will also be covered.


#16. Ascension of Jesus

Here is another free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf, downloadable Bible study session that addresses questions about Jesus’ ascension.

How many individuals witnessed Jesus Christ’s ascension? are among the questions addressed in this Bible study class. What made the 40 days leading up to Jesus Christ’s ascension so significant?

#17. Temptation of Christ

This lesson in the Bible describes how Satan tempted Jesus, how many times he was tempted, and how he conquered those temptations.

When resisting temptations, you can use this Bible study lesson to your life.

#18. Transfiguration of Jesus

What is Jesus’ transfiguration? Questions about Jesus’ transfiguration are answered in great depth in this Bible study class with the help of this free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf.

#19. Bible Prophecies Fulfilled

The prophecies that were fulfilled in the Bible are all discussed in these free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf. You’ll discover how God strengthens our faith in him through biblical prophecy.

#20. Peter Denies Jesus

How often did Peter reject Jesus? What led Peter to reject Jesus? Peter first rejected Jesus when? This free printable Bible study lesson contains answers to all of these queries, in addition to many others.

You will learn how to respond when a buddy betrays you from this Bible study class as well.

#21. The Death of Christ

The most significant thing to ever happen to humanity was Christ’s death.

What is atonement? and other related questions are addressed in this Bible study class. What atonement efforts have humans made? What is God’s atonement strategy?

#22. Parable of the Prodigal Son

We are all familiar with the prodigal son tale. You will learn in-depth information on the prodigal son, his father, how he wasted his blessings, repentance, and his return from these printable study lessons.

#23. Bible Parables

How do parables work? Who imparted biblical parables? This lesson on Jesus’ parables’ ability to conceal the truth from hypocrites is a free printable bible study lessons with questions and answers pdf.

#24. Parable of the Ten Virgins

Here is another lesson from the Bible that discusses the tale of the 10 virgins.

It provides a deeper comprehension of the important event.

#25. What are the Ten Commandments?

The ten commandments and the Scripture verses where they are found are the topic of this free printable Bible study lesson. Additionally, it discusses the New Covenant, the Commandments of Jesus, and the Hebrews’ disobedience.


#26. Bible Miracles

Do you think miracles happen? You will get a deeper understanding of biblical miracles after finishing this Bible study class.


#27. Jonah and the Whale

Please feel free to download this free printable Bible study lesson if you are interested in learning more about the story of Jonah and the Whale.

#28. Jesus Feeds 5,000

Another free printable Bible study lesson on one of Jesus’ miracles is available here. You will gain a better understanding of the incident after reading this Bible study session.

#29. Resurrection of Lazarus

Lazarus’s resurrection is another another miracle carried out by Jesus. This free printable study lesson provides a thorough explanation of the Lazarus resurrection tale.

#30. Christ’s New Earth

You’ll comprehend the New Earth better after reading this free printable Bible study lesson. You will learn about the implications and repercussions of the first sin committed by Adam and Eve.

Conclusion on the Best Free Printable Bible Study Lessons with Questions and Answers PDF

This post on the Best Free Printable Bible Study Lessons with Questions and Answers PDF is now complete. Many free printable Bible study materials are still accessible online for free download.

You can gain a deeper understanding of the Bible, Christianity, and your own spiritual life by reading any of the Bible study lessons.

Which of these lectures on Bible study do you intend to print out for free?

Comment below and let us know.

If you enjoyed this essay and read up until this point, you will undoubtedly enjoy another.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Bible Study Questions

15 Questions to Apply Scripture to Your Life

1. What does this say about God?

2. What does this say about the human condition?

3. What does this say about God’s provision in Christ for the human condition?

4. What response does God want from me?

5. What response does God want from the church?

6. What does it look like for me to believe and obey this Scripture in a genuine, non-superficial way?

7. How can I obey this passage externally but not internally?

8. Is there anything I need to confess?

9. Is there any sin from which I need to repent?

10. How do I need help in believing or heeding this Scripture?

11. What can I be thankful for because of this passage?

12. How can I praise God because of this passage?

13. How can I encourage myself with this passage today?

14. How might I encourage others with this passage today?

15. How does this passage deepen my longing for the return of Christ and the joys of heaven?

How to Study The Bible, A Bible Study Course for Beginners

You open your Bible, flip a few pages, and let out a long sigh. I see, studying the Bible can seem difficult, even intimidating. I know you want to delve into God’s word; and I know you’re eager to learn more. But you have absolutely no idea where to start. While studying the Bible may seem like a challenge, it is actually quite simple when you have the right tools at hand. Are you ready to begin this life-changing journey with the Lord of the universe? Are you ready to learn and grow as the Holy Spirit speaks in your life? So keep reading as I will show you how to study the Bible even if you are a beginner.

Now, before you start any bible study, I recommend having these resources nearby.

  • Bible
  • Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Notebook/Journal
  • Bible Dictionary/Commentary

Why are there so many Bible translations out there and which should I use?

Does this question sound familiar? Correct? Well, I’ll break it down for you. There are three main types of Bible translations and each serves a different purpose to our readers. They include word-for-word, thought-by-thought (or meaning-to-meaning), and interpreted versions of the Bible.

  • Word for word most accurate according to the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts. These are direct translations. Examples of these include the King James Version, the English Standard Version, and the Newly Revised Standard Version..
  • Thought for Thought versions convey the Bible in its most understandable formula. Old cultural ‘slang’, sayings and expressions are replaced with modern expressions that can be easily understood by today’s readers. These include the new international version and the new live translation.
  • Paraphrased versions that are least faithful to the original text. The authors enjoy great freedom of interpretation, so some passages may deviate slightly from their original meaning. However, they are very readable in modern languages. One popular interpretation of the Bible is the Message Translation.

Which Bible translation should I use?

Ultimately the decision is up to you, but I recommend getting a verbatim text for further study. When you study the Bible, you want your interpretation to be as accurate as possible so that nothing is left out. Of course, these can be a bit more confusing, but that’s why we have a ton of tools and resources to make it easier for us to understand.

I study with the Standard English version of Daily Grace Co. and use the new international version if I’m just reading quickly or trying to get the gist of a particular passage of Scripture. I will use an paraphrased version for entertainment, quoting, or if I want to share biblical encouragement with someone who is completely new to the Bible.

Are there any free online Bible studies?

The Bible is the most influential text ever written. It is a fascinating book full of wisdom, and everyone should study it, even those who don’t identify as Christian. However, being a Christian would make your studies much more interesting to you. After all, you’re studying the text that birthed it all.

Why pick an online course to study something like the Bible? Online courses are great because they respect your time. You don’t have to physically attend classes, and you don’t have set hours for learning.

Maybe you have a full-time job, or maybe you can’t stay away from your home because you are taking care of a loved one. Other people simply don’t like traveling to and from their university that often, since it includes a lot of dead time.

Online courses fix all of these issues. Just connect to the course’s website and start watching the lectures remotely. You can freely pause and rewind videos, in case you miss important information.

Multiple colleges offer the possibility of following online bible courses for free. Many of these colleges will also release a certificate as proof of your attendance, although some will charge you for your transcripts.

Naturally, the courses aren’t just about learning what’s written in the Bible. They offer you the tools you need to read and fully understand the Scripture. You’ll gain a greater understanding about the philosophy of religion and what makes religion so important for humans as a species.

Keep reading to find a list of free online bible courses with certificate of completion.

What Can You Do With a Bible Course Certificate?

If all you have is a bible course certificate, not much in the official sense. It’s not like a full degree that will open up many employment doors that were previously closed. However, you’ll gain valuable skills that are easily transferable to many jobs.

For example, studying the Bible requires a lot of writing and reading, so you’ll be able to succeed as a writer/editor if you put in the work to excel at your craft.

Private Christian schools don’t particularly care about typical degrees. They might allow you to teach classes even with just a couple of courses under your belt, provided you are a good fit for their needs.

But studying the Bible isn’t about advantages in the physical world. Or at least, it shouldn’t be. Studying the Bible is going to give you a much better outlook on the spiritual world, and strengthen your relationship with God.

Spiritual wealth is much better than its physical counterpart. Embarking on a journey to study the Bible will be extremely rewarding.

You will learn what created the western civilization as we know it, and how the Christian philosophy still influences our society after more than 2000 years.

How to Pick the Right Course

We considered many factors when compiling this list.

The Curriculum

Some institutes offer a comprehensive Bible education for free, while others only offer smaller courses. Which one to choose depends on what you want to do.

Smaller courses can be a great introduction to Bible studies. Perhaps you are just trying to understand the Bible and Christianity more, and you want to read the Bible by yourself.

Other people are actively looking to become a minister, or to further their education on religious topics. Comprehensive courses are better for them.

Certificate/Transcript Price

Yes, we know. The title includes “free online Bible courses”, but hear me out. Sometimes, you’ll have to spend some money to get your certificate.


These free online Bible courses are specifically made for people who would like to know more about the Bible and Christianity in general. If you are planning to become a missionary or a ministry, the courses offer a solid foundation for further theological studies.

People who benefit the most from Bible courses are those with full time jobs or with limitations in regards of time and/or travel. Going to class takes time, and you must also be there at the right time.

All courses in this article are 100% online. You can follow them whenever you want, and however you please.

The 8 Best Free Online Bible Courses

There are tens of free online Bible courses. Some are more comprehensive than others. We gathered the best ones in this list.

1. Christian Leaders Institute’s Courses

This is by far the best online Bible course you can attend. It is entirely free, including your transcripts, provided you pass the preliminary class Christian Leader Basics (which is also free).

Whether you are looking to brush up your theological knowledge, or you are looking to become a minister of faith, this course is for you. Completing it will net you training to become a certified minister. How cool is that?

The college is accredited, so you know you are in good hands. It offers a real curriculum with high-quality education, all for free.

It is a great choice if you are an active Christian, or a minister, be it volunteer, part-time, or full-time. There is a course for everyone. Let’s say you wanted to become a Christian Wedding Officiant. There is a course with a certificate for you.

The Christian Leaders Institute offers over 100 free courses dedicated to learning more about God and Christianity.

Take some time to review the amazing offer by the institute, and then enroll into the courses that interest you the most. There are no time limits, and the courses are free. Figure out what interests you the most and then dive in.

2. International Seminary for Distance Education’s courses

ISDET is an institute that promotes a very low-cost online education for everyone. You only pay a small registration fee when you enroll, and then you’re done.

All you need to enroll in this course is to have enough schooling to be eligible to apply to any other undergraduate program. But not even that is necessary, as the school might make an exception for you if you are older than 21.

The three bachelor programs available to students are:

  • BTh (Bachelor of Bible Theology)
  • BMin (Bachelor of Christian Ministry)
  • BRE (Bachelor of Biblical Religious Education)

The school supplies all materials for free, and there is no tuition. You will pay a small registration fee, and then another small fee when you graduate for the printing and shipping of the certificates. That’s it.

3. World Bible School’s Courses

World Bible School is an institute that offers a plethora of courses around Christianity, including of course the Bible.

In fact, the Bible has the most comprehensive course with 10 different topics in it, discussing the Scripture, the Way of Faith, the Good News, and everything you need to read and understanding the sacred text yourself.

Other courses offered by the institute include courses about the Prophets, knowing Jesus, Life, and Family. All topics of great interest for someone looking to get an education in Christianity.

All courses offered by the World Bible School are entirely free, certificate included.

You can easily attend web-based lessons, or if you prefer you can get printed booklets via postal mail. The courses are available in four different languages: English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

WorldBibleSchool’s biggest downside is not being an accredited school. You can’t earn a diploma or a degree. The institute’s mission is to teach people the ways of God for free, it’s not in the business of typical education.

You still get a certificate that proves you completed the coursework, but don’t assume people will take it seriously at face value, especially if they don’t know about WorldBibleSchool.

4. Harvard’s Course on Religious Literacy

This is a great introductory course on religion. It’s not focused on Christianity or the Bible, but if you are looking to expand your knowledge on the topic of religion, it’s a great first step.

What I like about this course is its teaching about pros and cons of learning about religions through their scriptures, which is extremely relevant for reading and interpreting the Bible.

This is a great course for people who feel like they don’t really understand religion and want to know more about the topic without committing to a specific one.

The course itself is free to audit, but if you want the certificate of completion, you’ll have to pay $99. However, the certificate itself is useless in this case, since you are only here to learn more about religions, what they mean, and how they shaped our history.

5. Bold Christian University’s Degree Programs

Bold Christian University is a weird case. It calls itself a university and offers degree programs, but it’s not an accredited school. I don’t mind, as I don’t think a government should have the power of telling religious institutes what to do, but it’s important to know this fact.

The institute offers three different degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Christian Evangelism
  • Master of Christian Evangelism
  • Doctor of Christian Evangelism

You’ll learn everything about Christianity: Literature, Sociology, Evangelism, and many other topics. If you are looking for a degree program that is entirely free and that gives you a comprehensive understanding of Christianity and its history, look no further. Bold Christian University has got you covered.

As the name suggests, it is a bold university. You sure won’t be missing that. You can tell a lot of passion and religious fervor went into making the website and all the materials. I suggest attending this if you’re already convinced of your path towards Christendom. Otherwise, look for other more neutral programs.

6. Trinity International Theological Seminary

The Trinity International Theological Seminary offers a whopping 13 courses about the Bible. These courses are designed for everyone, from the new Christians to the seasoned Bible group study leaders.

Here are the courses’ topics:

  • Jesus Christ
  • Salvation
  • God
  • Man
  • Prayer
  • The Church
  • Evangelism
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Judgment
  • Christ’s Second Coming
  • Prophets and Prophecies
  • Sin from a Biblical Perspective
  • God’s Recipe for a Happy Home

You can request a certificate of achievement for any of these courses by sending one-page essays summarizing your learnings for each course.

If you earn six certificates of achievement, you’ll be awarded with a Certificate in Biblical Studies. If you earn twelve certificates, you will earn the Seminary’s Diploma in Biblical Studies.

Editor’s note: the courses are entirely free, but each certificate of achievement will cost you $20. So, if you want to get the Seminary’s Diploma in Biblical Studies you have to pay $240 for the twelve certificates.

7. Open Yale Courses in Religious Studies

Yale is an Ivy League school that offers many online courses to the public completely free. I know they don’t exactly fit this list, since they don’t offer a certificate upon completion, but they are offered by such a high-quality university that not including them felt wrong.

There are 2 courses available through the Open Yale Courses’ platform:

  • Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew bible)
  • Introduction to the New Testament history and literature

Even if you are looking for a course that comes with a certificate, I suggest looking at these two courses offered by Yale. They are a great introduction to religious studies, and they will make your study path much easier in the future.

8. Dallas Theological Seminary’s Courses

Dallas’ University offers many free online Bible courses, including:

  • Evangelism
  • Exodus
  • Thessalonians
  • Names and Attributes of God
  • Corinthians
  • James
  • Daniel

And many more. You can find all courses in the linked page. If you’re looking for a course that explains the Scripture in depth, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one better than this.

Completing these courses will take a long time. Many of these courses last several weeks, and there are 20 of them. Finishing the seminar will turn you into a Bible expert, but don’t expect it to be easy.

Editor’s note: the website doesn’t mention whether you get a certificate when you complete a course.

There you have it, a list of the best online Bible courses. Making the list was hard. There is so much to talk about in religion, and it’s a sensitive topic for many people. Plus, the Bible is a universe in itself, so it’s hard to find high-quality courses about it.

By attending any of the courses on this list, you’ll gain a much deeper understanding of religion, the Scripture, and how humans interact with religion.

You’ll be armed with the knowledge to read the Bible by yourself and make sense of it. You’ll even be able to spread the Good News to the people around you. Spiritual awakening is one of the most intense experiences you can have in life, and these Bible courses are a great first step towards it.

What are you waiting for? Enroll in one of the courses I mentioned in this article, and become a Bible expert to guide your friends / neighbors / community towards their spiritual awakening.


All Free Bible Study Lessons for Adults

Free Bible Study Lessons for Adults With Questions and Answers

Free Bible Study Guide PDF

Top Verses In The Bible About Free Will

Free Printable Ladies Bible Study Lessons

Free Bible Study Lessons for Adults Printable Pdf

All free Online Courses with Printable Certificate

Top Free Bible Correspondence Courses

Top 4 Free Bible Schools in USA for International Students

Bible Verses For Prayer

Amazing Free Printable Bible Verses

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