10 Best Places to Study and Read In NYC

10 Best Places to Study In NYC

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From the Statue of Liberty and Central Park to the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center, the World’s Capital has something to offer everyone. However, sometimes the chaos can be too much, especially if you’re in the middle of a semester. At this stage, you start to wish for peace and withdraw to quieter parts of the city to focus on your exam preparation. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for places to study in NYC, so I can assure you that the city is full of wonderful locations ideal for reading, writing essays, and studying.

Any of these top places to study in New York might be your haven if you’re trying to get away from a noisy, congested dorm or university campus. All you need to do is gather your books and laptop, then relax and study for your impending tests in peace.

#1 The New York Public Library Is One of the Best Places to Study in Manhattan

Libraries were the first places that came to me when I initially started exploring the city and seeking for study spaces in New York City. Because, I assume, this is where you study. And sure, there are many of them in each borough of New York City, so wherever you live, you can always find a quiet library nook.

The New York Public Library is by far the best library in NYC for studying in my opinion. Remember that this is the city’s largest library, and when I say large, I mean enormous. You won’t need to get up early to snag a seat because there is always one available regardless of how many people are present. This is usually a nice thing because there are times when I just want to sleep in before studying all night.

Additionally, if you love architecture, you’ll like the magnificent woodwork, enormous hallways, open areas, and sunlight. It is also quite peaceful because eating is not permitted in the reading rooms, making it one of the greatest study locations in NYC for those who are easily distracted. However, there is a cafe on the first level of the building where you can grab a food when the studying gets to you (reading all those books can transform you into a cookie monster).

On their official website, you can obtain a free library card and take use of all NYPL benefits. For me, the fact that it is open on Sundays is what I appreciate most about it.

#2 Black Cat Is the Answer for Those Looking for the Best Study Cafes in NYC

There are a seemingly endless number of coffee shops in New York City. Regardless of whether you prefer coffee, tea, beer, or kombucha, there is undoubtedly a place that can meet all of your requirements. I was delaying when I was looking for a place where I could have a good cup of coffee while reviewing my notes, so I browsed through hundreds of reviews online before deciding to check out several places.

Black Cat here! This Lower East Side establishment, which is fairly cozy and neighborhood-focused, features a staff that is quite welcoming. As I later discovered, I wasn’t the only person to love this cafe; students frequently frequent there.

Although it might not be among the quietest study locations in NYC, it is undoubtedly the coziest. I found that you can spend the entire day reading and studying while sipping coffee or tea if you sink into a sofa.

In addition to being one of the best study locations in New York City, Black Cat is also quite reasonably priced. You may find a menu with a wide variety of meal options here that won’t break the bank. Additionally, there is a printer and free Wi-Fi, and the staff reportedly also provides teaching services.

#3 Learn and Relax in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

You might get the idea to write a ten thousand word essay about great paintings from a stroll around the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The biggest museum in the US, however, may also be a terrific spot to read or study.

I discovered while conducting research on the medieval that locations with ongoing collections are less crowded, making them perfect for a sedate afternoon of reading. Pick up a book and relax while taking in the international art around you.

There is a cafeteria with wonderful food and coffee where you can set down your laptop and type away, making it a great place to complete your homework or get some work done. The museum has been my go-to location when I can’t concentrate since it is tranquil.

Become a member to receive special privileges like access to behind-the-scenes areas and discounts at a cafe and retail establishments. Having a car also entitles you to a 10% discount on parking fees!

#4 Central Park Has Many Great Reading Spots

Central Park is undoubtedly one of the first images that come to mind when you think of New York City. When I was getting ready to relocate here, I pictured myself hanging out at clubs, going to poetry readings, and drinking coffee.

I spent the first few months discovering the city’s free or inexpensive spots because an exchange student’s real life is seldom quite that glamorous. That’s when I realized that despite Central Park being a well-known place, it is so large that it is full with undiscovered jewels.

While some are somewhat packed and noisy, others might be serene and excellent for studying. As an illustration, the area of the middle park between the Lake and Conservatory Water is never excessively loud. Bring a blanket to lay out on the grass, get some sunglasses, pick up a book, and take in the day. When you begin to feel restless in your dorm, I advise you to spend the day here because the pond has a relaxing effect (at least it does for me).

Read, write, or simply observe people. Everything can be done here, and if you become hungry, there is a bakery/cafe called Le Pain Quotidien where you can have a snack, a cup of coffee, and a bathroom break. You can even utilize their free Wi-Fi if you sit close to it.

The one drawback of Central Park is that it may get quite chilly in the winter, making it necessary for you to find alternative locations to study and read.

#5 American Museum of Natural History Is Ideal for People-Watching and Reading

Let me explain: it might seem odd to suggest reading in a busy museum. Spending time with other people appears appealing when you are trapped in your dorm for an extended period of time and the only people you see are your roommate and the occasional delivery person.

I needed to get out and see people other than my roommate when I was having a midterm freakout. I also enjoy ocean life, so visiting the American Museum of Natural History seemed like the ideal way to unwind and gain knowledge that wouldn’t be covered on the test. I learned about Milstein Hall of Ocean Life in that way.

And yes, it took me some time to unwind while reading in front of a 94-foot-long blue whale replica, but once I did, it quickly became one of my favorite spots in all of New York City. Just bring the headphones and turn on the ocean sounds if the noise bothers you. It will be simple to convince yourself that the 21,000-pound fiberglass whale above you is truly hanging out with you.

Bring your student ID, and the entrance fee will only be $17.

#6 Discover Urban Garden inside Bank of America Tower

My awe for New York City never wanes. You might enter a building thinking it is some high-powered, stuffy downtown headquarters, only to be astonished by its interior design and architecture. One of the best and oddest study areas in NYC is located in the Bank of America Tower, one of the greenest and most energy-efficient structures in the entire world.

Because Bank of America is covered in floor-to-ceiling high-tech windows that maximize light, it is one of the best locations to study in The Apple. An Urban Garden Room on the 43rd floor is perfect for unwinding and reading. Additionally, there are green roofs where you may relax in the sunshine and take in an unparalleled perspective of New York.

You’ll have plenty of space to yourself when reading or studying because Bank of America Tower won’t be congested with other students. It’s also the perfect place to pretend you graduated, became a successful entrepreneur, and want to be apart from other students.

#7 Winter Garden in La Lanterna DI Vittorio Can Be Your Sweet Escape

This elegant-looking restaurant in Greenwich Village may appear pricy at first glance; I know it did to me as I passed it. On the other hand, I once noticed the sign for the “winter garden” in front of La Lanterna DI Vittorio while searching for a place to escape a chilly autumn afternoon.

When I stepped in, I was in a good mood and ready to treat myself to some upscale coffee. What I found there quickly became one of my favorite places to spend a “cold day” in New York City. The establishment’s hidden garden in the back was magnificent.

You can only truly appreciate the welcoming and homey ambiance in this Italian restaurant if you are there in person. It has a lot of lamps and a large, greenhouse-like roof, giving off an almost romantic appearance.

I stayed here for hours, just sipping earl gray supreme tea, doing my paper, and observing people. Weekdays are not particularly busy in the area, but since NYU Law School is close by, you may run into a few students. Additionally, La Lanterna DI Vittorio offers a fireplace for those who, like me, do not particularly love the chilly winters in New York.

This is one of the nicest locations to read in New York since, in addition to enjoying real Italian gelato and many other handcrafted delights, you can relax in the garden and look up at the sky.

It may be a great place for a romantic night in addition to being one of the coziest study rooms in all of New York City. It’s suitable for first dates due to the ambiance of romance and live jazz concerts. In order to impress your date without leaving La Lanterna DI Vittorio, simply pack up your books when you are finished studying, put on a grin, and leave.

#8 Enjoy Domino Park While Reading a Good Book

Would you enjoy relaxing in the sunshine while reading a nice book? There are several beautiful benches, tables, and lounge chairs in Domino Park in Brooklyn. Additionally, it provides a breathtaking perspective of the Williamsburg Bridge and East River. It is among the best places in NYC to read a book while being outside.

As a student, you are aware of how spending a lot of time in your room under fluorescent lighting may make you appear rundown and exhausted. You can improve both your grades and tan while lounging about in Domino Park. Spend a few hours outside in the sunshine and no one will mistake you for a vampire.

Domino Park is a terrific option for early risers and night owls because it is open from 6 a.m. until 1 a.m. Additionally, it is totally free! Therefore, grab a book and head to Domino Park when your monthly budget is exhausted and you don’t have the money to spend the entire day in a coffee shop. You won’t be sorry!

#9 Study and Get Caffeinated in Brooklyn Public Library

Since it was free, I began using the Brooklyn Public Library. But what began as a means of saving money turned into an ongoing love affair. The fact that it is open every day of the week is a plus when you are preparing for exams.

Given that it is regarded as one of the best places to study in the Big Apple, it is not a secret treasure of the city. This indicates that there are plenty other students nearby, so you won’t feel alone. In addition, there is free WiFi and a cafe inside for when you need a cup of coffee.

The library may not be among the quietest places to study in the city during the semester because of how crowded it might get. On the plus side, you can reserve individual rooms, which are excellent for folks who truly need to concentrate.

Most of the time, the Brooklyn Public Library serves the needs of students. Because of this, there are many occasions that concern students, such as skill-building seminars. Additionally, if you, like me, were an exchange student and are experiencing withdrawals, you can attend events in a variety of languages. For individuals who need to practice the language, the library even hosts social and cultural gatherings for families as well as English conversation groups.

#10 KGB Bar Is a Great Place to Step up Your Writing Game

Newcomers to NYC won’t discover this gem by chance. You have to know just where to search to find the KGB Bar. Both introverts and extroverts can flourish at this East Village bar with a Soviet-era theme that is situated on the second floor of the structure.

There have only been a few events since I found it via searching for reading activities in NYC. It is also simple to arrange your hectic, study-filled day thanks to the bar website’s clear itinerary, which lists all the planned events. Fortunately, the pub holds a number of them, all of which aim to encourage and motivate writers. KGB Bar is the answer if you’re seeking for one of the best venues to write in NYC and hear other people read their work aloud!

Enjoy reading well-known authors’ works while discussing your own. You can even read a good book while taking in the ambience while perched in a corner beneath propaganda posters and the watchful gaze of former party officials.

It’s all done for now. I wish you luck as you read, learn, and write. And keep in mind that you don’t have to stay in your dorm room all day. Get your things together and leave. NYC is full with locations for studying that are simply waiting to be found!

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