2023 LPN Programs in NYC for Free

2023 Free LPN Programs In NYC

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These article is about lpn programs in nyc for free. If you want to join an LPN program in New York, you should set aside money ranging from $3,200 to more than $70,000, depending on the level of qualification you aim for.

There are other ways to make the cost lower by applying for grants and scholarships. In this blog post, you can find a list of free LPN programs NYC. This will help you choose the one that is best for you.

LPN means Licensed Practical Nurse. LPNs are nurses who give basic care and work under the supervision of a RN. LPNs can work in many different places where people go to get medical help, like smaller clinics or bigger hospitals. If you want to become a free LPN programs NYC, you need to enroll in a school program that will teach you the qualities, skills, and experience required for an LPN.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be an 11% increase in job openings for licensed practical nurses (LPNs) through the year 2028. In order to meet this demand, New York will need to hire more LPNs, who can expect to make an average salary of $48,770 annually, or roughly $23.45 per hour.

Are you wondering what this type of nurse does? We can help with that; licensed practical nurses provide basic nursing care under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) or any other healthcare practitioner. The duties of an LPN may include:

  • Feeding, dressing, or bathing patients.
  • Monitoring the vital signs of patients, which can include blood pressure and temperature.
  • Applying or changing bandages, cleaning wounds, or inserting catheters.
  • Keeping records of patient health.
  • Talking to patients about how they are feeling and passing concerns to other practitioners.

Their training allows them to give patients medicine and pursue further certification in IV insertion and line maintenance.

However, from state to state, Licensed Practical Nurses’ responsibilities might differ. Because of this, it’s critical for LPNs to understand their scope of practice in the state in which they now work or wish to work. They can work in a variety of environments, such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and home health.

Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse provides several opportunities when one considers the numerous healthcare facilities that are hiring them. The government provides some LPN programs In NYC for free, they are the perfect way to start a career in the healthcare field.

These free LPN programs can be obtained from numerous sources, mostly from colleges, universities, private organizations, and healthcare employers. Students who want to take advantage of these scholarship programs or financial assistance should not give up on seeking LPN programs In NYC for free.

Although these free programs might have a limited number of beneficiaries per school year, they are always available to provide future employment to their residents.

Also, the scholarship program is not limited to providing financial assistance from the LPN program only, it may contain other packages such as secured employment, monthly allowances, free uniforms, medical supplies, and books.

Students who are high school graduates, unemployed, and want to shift to a healthcare career can also apply for the free LPN programs in New York.

Another reason for the several opportunities to get LPN programs In NYC for free is because payments for education can be a big problem. Some students might be interested in a career as an LPN but are unsure of how to pay for the training, these free options might go a long way in helping them.

Opportunities for Free LPN Training in New York include: 

  • High school training for high school students who are interested in a career in LPN in the future. There are a few high schools that offer LPN training as one of their career training courses. Students will earn their LPN degrees as well as their high school diplomas.Students are advised to check with vocational technical high schools around them. Some programs might require additional studies or clinical rounds after graduation from high school.
  • For students who are already out of high school, you can always check with colleges or universities around you to learn about their financial aid packages and scholarship opportunities to pay for LPN tuition.
    Most students can get some level of financial aid and there are also scholarships that are available to students from every aspect of life.

Side Note: if you prefer to start your career with a degree that is smaller and then move up the ladder as you gain more experience, you can look into Free CNA Training in New York as an option.

Admission Requirements

It’s possible that each institution and program will have its own distinct set of prerequisites for admission. As a prospective student, you are urged to thoroughly review the websites of each program and institution to ensure that you are qualified to apply.

However, there are a few prerequisites that are the same for the majority of programs and schools. These include:

  • High school transcript or GED certificate.
  • Completion of prerequisite courses with a minimum C+ average.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75.
  • Proficient score on ATI TEAS exam.
  • Pass drug screen and background check.

Now, let’s look at the LPN programs In NYC for free.

The List of LPN Programs In NYC For Free

After completing their studies successfully, the main objective of Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) schools in New York is to generate competent LPNs who are ready to start working as practical nurses right away.

There are several chances to attend free LPN programs in New York City. Let’s examine a couple of them:

New York City HHC

The New York City HHC provides Licensed Practical Nursing programs for students who are interested in joining the healthcare field. The institution is one of the providers of free LPN programs in New York City.

They receive appropriate funding from the mayor’s center for economic opportunity. Residents of the state who would want to become practical nurses can apply at this institution and receive an eleven-month LPN education.

If you are interested in sending in an application, you should know that the institution only accepts forty students per school year. So you should apply as early as possible to stand a better chance to be accepted for the scholarship.

Also, it is pertinent for you to note the important requirements of the program and the necessary agreement after finishing it. Part of the requirements is that you should be at least 17 years of age to be allowed to apply for the program. There is also a contract to work for a certain healthcare facility that will be signed after successful completion.

New York State Memorial Scholarship

The New York State Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship program that is intended for students with parents who are serving in the Public Safety Careers and lost their lives while they were on duty.

These Public Safety Careers include law enforcement officers, paramedics, and EMTs. Students who are qualified for the scholarship program should apply and wait for the funding of their education.

The scholarship can be utilized for public education institutes and students can enroll in their field of interest, for instance, the LPN program. The amount of financial assistance that the students receive from the New York State Memorial Scholarship varies to some extent, depending on a number of reasons.

Foundation of the Student Nurses Association – Bronx Community College:

The Foundation of the Student Nurses Association in Bronx Community College is another kind of scholarship program for students who are attending college in nursing or pre-nursing studies.

This is intended to help students who are actively involved in any community services that are related to healthcare finish their studies without compromising their budget.

This scholarship program provides a certain amount of financial assistance that can be used for paying the LPN education or other related costs like uniforms, books, and supplies.

Individuals who successfully get funding from this foundation should be able to maintain good grades for the entire LPN program. Take note though that the applications for this scholarship would require them to pay a $10 fee.

Hudson Valley Technology Development Center

The Hudson Valley Technology Development Center is part of the Workforce Investment Act to provide free education to students who are struggling with employment and are considered to be displaced workers.

The institution provides a comprehensive free LPN program that allows graduates to become licensed healthcare professionals in the state. The institution can brag about having state-of-the-art facilities that will enhance the learning experience of their students and ensure good performance in their clinical rotation and exams.

Duchess Community College

Duchess Community College is among the providers of free LPN programs in New York through their Workforce Investment Act. This community college offers a wide range of career training programs that allows the students to apply for a four-year institution of learning.

The LPN tract, which is a short-course program, has 500 hours of instructions that combines both classroom lectures and hands-on clinical experience. Individuals who are under the Workforce Investment Act will receive the same amount of training. They will have to maintain good performance in their LPN education and ensure that they complete the program as soon as possible.

The 1199SEIU Funds LPN Scholarship

Several healthcare workers, both retired or currently employed, are receiving ample benefits from their 1199SEIU Fund. This funding program offers a variety of educational opportunities for individuals who will be attending and who have been enrolled in Licensed Practical Nursing education.

This scholarship program is limited to a number of students per year and can be availed through the Educational Benefits Administer. Individuals who want to apply for this type of scholarship should meet the requirements of the program and be able to maintain good standing in their LPN education.

The 1199SEIU Funds will provide a good opportunity for students who seek financial assistance in their tuition as well as their uniforms, textbooks, and supplies.

Having seen how to get the LPN programs In NYC for free, let’s look at common questions people ask.


The Practical Nursing Program at LaGuardia is in response to the growing need for skilled health care personnel who can provide care at the practical nursing level and are motivated to continue in the Nursing Profession.

The Practical Nursing Program was approved in July 2004 by the New York State Education Department

A forty-eight (48) credits, the certificate-bearing program has been organized to be rigorous, but supportive of the adult-learners from diverse cultural and literacy experiences.

The Practical Nursing Certificate Program provides students with the opportunity to complete the courses of study in ten (10) months after completing the pre-clinical core educational courses. The tenth-month program admits students once per year, each Fall I semester.

The program prepares graduates to function as practical nurses performing tasks and responsibilities within the framework of case findings, health teaching, health counseling, and provision of supportive and restorative care in healthcare facilities that offer chronic and acute care services.

How Much Does It Cost To Become An LPN In NYC?

LPN training programs in NYC can cost between $12,000 – $25,000. Some programs have a per-credit cost while others have a total program cost.

Also, some schools might detail the cost of their Licensed Practical Nursing programs and note the additional cost of prerequisite classes that must be completed for acceptance.

You are advised to research thoroughly before committing to any program because the programs are different.

Why Is NCLEX-PN Pass Rate An Important Factor When Selecting An LPN Program In New York?

Although the location might be important when choosing your educational institution, NCLEX passing rate is also an important factor as well.

Passing rates for the licensure testing in New York have been dropping steadily over the past few years.

This goes to say that you should prefer to choose a program with a high passing rate to ensure you will receive the best training and education you need to get licensed and start working shortly after graduation.

Also, institutions that consistently produce graduates who pass the NCLEX are often more favorable to potential employers.

How Will I Obtain My LPN License In New York?

In other to obtain your LPN license to work as a practical nurse in NYC, you wilneed to complete a series of steps such as:

  • Graduate from an approved LPN program.
  • File for licensure with the New York Board for Nursing.
  • Register with Pearson VUE to take the NCLEX-PN.
  • Receive your ATT, then schedule and complete your exam.
  • Get a background check and obtain your CPR card.
  • Obtain your license to work as a PN in NY.

What Skills Do You Learn In LPN Programs In New York City?

LPN programs in NYC give students a solid medical foundation through courses such as pharmacology, psychology, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, and maternal/childcare.

These programs will prepare you to provide support to hospitals, clinics, home care facilities, and individual practitioners.

Transitions School of Nursing, for example, takes an approach and teaches nurses to collaborate with various members of a healthcare team for total patient care, and Medgar Evers College’s Certificate in Practical Nursing provides an upward mobility opportunity through its basic foundations in nursing.

How Long Do LPN Programs In New York City Take To Finish?

This would depend on the type of classes you take; part-time or full-time and on the structure of your program.

Some institutions offer four-semester plans, others offer up to three years to complete an LPN program.

Also, some programs might include prerequisites while others do not, and they might add to your total time in school. Finally, some colleges offer nine months of LPN programs in NYC also.

How Can A CNA Become An LPN?

In the nursing profession, LPNs and CNAs are vital health providers. Although there are differences between them, the most significant ones are the amount of education, the scope of duty, and salary.

If you are a CNA and you want to take the big step to become an LPN, you would need to complete an educational program and then pass a national licensing exam. You can also go through a CNA to LPN bridge program, they are designed to use your existing CNA education as a basis for further training to become an LPN. These programs combine classroom learning with hands-on practice in the clinic.

EzoicNote though that as a CNA wanting to become an LPN, you should review the qualifications, responsibilities, and overall distinction between the roles before becoming a licensed practical nurse.

The admission requirements for these CNA to LPN programs may differ from one school to the next. There are some common requirements such as:

  • A certificate indicating that the CNA program has been completed.
  • College transcripts.
  • Documents reflecting the candidate’s previous experience as a CNA.
  • The candidate should have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.

You would also need to take the National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN). The exam was developed and administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Specific eligibility varies from state to state, so make sure you check to confirm the eligibility requirements in New York.

Finally, CNAs are not licensed, but they have to pass a proficiency test and register with their state’s nursing board. But, a CNA who wants to become an LPN has to apply for and be accepted into an LPN certificate or diploma program. Upon graduation, an aspiring LPN must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN).


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