20 Sites to Read Free Books Online Without Downloading

20 Sites to Read Free Books Online Without Downloading

Have you been asking where online can I read books for free?. There are numerous websites where you may read free books online without downloading them thats why we put together this article to answer your question on where can I read books online for free, just like there are numerous websites where you can download ebooks.

An alternative is to read online without downloading if you don’t want to store ebooks on your phone or laptop because they take up space.

Saving space by reading online without downloading is an excellent idea. To the contrary, we suggest that you download any books that you wish to access at any time.

Some People Ask Where Can I Read Books Online For Free

The content of a book can only be read when you are connected to the internet if you are reading online without downloading. Dont forget our topic is about you asking where online can I read books for free ?

All you need is a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc. There are no downloads or other programs needed.

Online reading is similar to reading an ebook that has been downloaded, however downloaded ebooks can be read without an internet connection.

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List of the Top 20 Sites to Read Books Online For Free Without Downloading.

Below is a list of the top 20 sites to read books online for free without downloading:

Project Gutenberg
Internet Archive
Google Books
Open Library
HathiTrust Digital Library
Open Culture
Read Any Book
Loyal Books
International Children’s Digital Library
Read Central
The Online Books Page
Free Kids Books

Top 20 Sites to Read Free Books Online Without Downloading

1. Project Gutenberg

Over 60,000 free eBooks are available in the Project Gutenberg collection. It is the first digital library and was established in 1971 by Michael S. Hart.

The only software needed for Project Gutenberg is a standard web browser, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

Simply click “Read this book online: HTML” to start reading a book online. Once you’ve done that, the book will start reading on its own.

2. Internet Archive 

A non-profit digital library, Internet Archive offers free access to millions of free books, movies, music, websites, photos, and other media.

Simply click on the book cover to begin reading online; it will launch without further action. To change the book page, you should also click on the book.

3. Google Books

In addition to acting as a search engine for books, Google Books also offers free access to publications that are either public domain or copyright-free.

Users can read and download more than ten million free books. These books are either in the public domain, available for free upon request from the owner of the copyright, or copyright-free.

Click “Free Google eBooks” and then “Read Ebook” to access free online reading. Although some books can be read online, you might need to buy them from the suggested online book stores.

4. Free-Ebooks.net

Free-Ebooks.net offers free access to a number of eBooks in a range of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, magazines, classics, children’s books, and more. Additionally, it offers free audiobooks.

By clicking on the book cover and scrolling to the book description, you can read online without downloading by clicking the “HTML” button next to “Book Description.”

5. Manybooks 

There are more than 50,000 free eBooks available from Manybooks in a variety of genres. Additionally, books are offered in more than 45 other languages.

The goal of Manybooks, which was founded in 2004, was to offer a sizable collection of free books in digital format.

Just select “Read Online” to start reading a book online. The “Read Online” button can be found next to the “Free Download” button.

6. Open Library

A non-profit library with millions of free books, programs, songs, websites, and more, Open Library was established in 2008.

About 3,000,000 eBooks in a range of genres, including biographies, children’s literature, romance, fantasy, classics, textbooks, and more, are accessible for free through Open Library.

A “Read” icon will be shown on books that may be read online. Without having to download anything, simply click the button to begin reading. Not every book can be read online; certain volumes must be borrowed.

7. Smashwords

Another excellent website for reading free books online without downloading is Smashwords. Despite the fact that Smashwords is not entirely free, a sizable number of books—more than 70,000 books—are.

Additionally, Smashwords provides self-published writers, ebook retailers, and others with services for ebook distribution.

The “free” option can be clicked to read or download free books. Online readers from Smashwords can be used to read eBooks online. Users are able to sample or read online via Web browsers thanks to the Smashwords HTML and JavaScript readers.

8. Bookboon

Visit Bookboon if you’re looking for internet access to free textbooks. Thousands of free textbooks authored by professors at the best universities in the world are accessible for free on Bookboon.

This website focuses on giving college and university students access to free textbooks. It is one of the top websites for free PDF textbook downloads.

You can read more than 1000 free textbooks online without downloading once you’ve registered. Just click “Start Reading” to begin.

9. BookRix

On the platform BookRix, you may read or download books written by writers who self-publish as well as publications that are in the public domain.

Free books are available in many genres, including novels, young adult/literature, children’s romance, thrillers, and fantasy.

Clicking on the book’s cover will open the details once you’ve located the one you wish to read. The “Read Book” button is located next to the “Download” button. Without downloading anything, simply click on it to begin reading.

10. HathiTrust Digital Library

A collaboration between academic and research institutions, the HathiTrust Digital Library provides libraries all around the world with a collection of millions of works that have been digitally preserved.

More than 17 million digitized artifacts are freely accessible through HathiTrust, a company founded in 2008.

Simply enter the title of the book you wish to read in the search field to begin reading online. Scroll down to begin reading after that. If you want to read in full view, you may also select “Full View.”

11. Open Culture

An online database called Open Culture provides access to hundreds of free eBook files that may be read online without having to download.

Additionally, it provides access to free movies, online classes, audiobooks, and language tutorials.

The “Read Online Now” button will take you to a website where you can read without downloading if you want to read online.

12. Read Any Book

One of the best digital libraries for reading books online is Read Any Book. It offers books in a variety of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, action, comedy, poetry, and more, for adults, young adults, and children.

When the book is opened, click on the image to start reading it online. When you scroll down, you will notice the “Read” icon. To maximize the screen, click on it.

13. Loyal Books

A website called Loyal Books offers thousands of free public domain eBooks and audiobooks in roughly 29 different languages.

Books can be found in a wide range of genres, including non-fiction, poetry, adventure, and comedy. They are also books for young people and children.

Either “Read eBook” or “Text File eBook” can be selected to read online. Following each book’s description are those tabs.

14. International Children’s Digital Library

When selecting the best 20 websites to read free novels online without downloading, we also took into account younger readers.

Children’s books in more than 59 different languages can be found in the International Children’s Digital Library, which is a free online resource.

By selecting “Read with ICDL Reader,” users can read online without downloading anything.

15. Read Central

Free books, quotes, and poems can be found online at Read Central. It offers thousands of quotes and poems in addition to more than 5,000 free books online.

There are no downloads or subscriptions required to read books online here. Click on the book you want to read online, pick a chapter, and start reading without downloading it.

16. The Online Books Page 

The Online Books Page, in contrast to other websites, does not host any books; instead, it offers links to places where books can be read online without downloading.

An index of more than 3 million free online books is available on the Online Books Page. John Mark founded it, and the University of Pennsylvania library hosts it.

17. Riveted 

Anyone who enjoys reading young adult books can join the online group Riveted. Although it is free, you must register to access the Free Reads.

One of the top children’s book publishers in the world, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publisher, is the owner of Riveted.

After creating an account, you can read for free online. Select the desired book by going to the Free Reads area. then select “Read Now” to launch a web-based reading session without downloading anything.

18. Overdrive

Overdrive is a global distributor of digital content for libraries and schools that was established in 1986 by Steve Potash.

It provides more than 81,000 libraries and schools in 106 countries with access to the world’s largest digital material catalog.

All you need to utilize Overdrive is a current library card from your local branch.

19. Free Kids Books

Free Kids Books is another website where you may read free children’s books online without downloading in addition to International Children’s Digital Library.

Free Kids Books offers free children’s books, textbooks, and library resources. Books are divided into categories for early children, children, older children, and adults.

After finding the book you’re looking for, click on the book’s cover to view the book’s description. Each book description is followed by a “Read Online” symbol. To read the book without downloading, just click on it.

20. PublicBookShelf

One of the top websites for free online romance novel reading is PublicBookShelf. On this website, you may also showcase your creations.

PublicBookShelf offers romance books in a variety of genres, including historical, inspirational, paranormal, and contemporary.


With the top 20 sites to read free books online without downloading, You no longer have to worry about having too much of books on your phone or laptop.

This post has come to an end; perhaps, you were able to locate a website where you could read books online without downloading. Which of these websites is the easiest for you to use? Please share your opinions in the space provided below.



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