5 Reasons to Study in Canada

5 Reasons to Study in Canada

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Reasons why to study in Canada as an international student. I have reviewed 5 of them, read and learn why to study in Canada should be considered.

The Canadian country is typically a go-to destination for persons seeking to undergo higher education studies. We have many international students looking for the most viable means to move to Canada to further their college education.

Most Canadian universities rank a lot higher in a handful of lists of international rankings, and research carried out by the Canadian Ministry of Education thoroughly supports the constant welcoming of international students to Canadian universities.

In Canada, the vibrant academic life and many side attractions and entertaining activities are a pleasant combination.

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1. English is spoken Throughout Canada.

While English and French are the official languages spoken in Canada, they share an equal
amount of popularity. Everywhere and almost anywhere in Canada, you can very well
communicate in the English language with the locals.

2. Prestigious Universities Are In Canada

A handful of Canadian universities have built a long-lasting reputation over being excellent in
academic performance and a high graduate employability rate. Factually, many Canadian
universities can go toe-to-toe with other universities from the U.S and the United Kingdom.

3. Some high ranking Canadian Universities;

  • The University of British Columbia – Currently ranking as one of the top 40 best Universities in the country.
  •  The University of Alberta – Top 150 in Canada
  • McGill University – McGill is ranked among the top 50 universities in Canada.
    3. Canada provides a diverse, cosmopolitan aura throughout the environment.

Ethnicity and linguists in Canada, stands out. More than 50% of her population speaks one
other language besides English. With the apparent influx of students from foreign countries at every block, you will most likely be surrounded by different cultural environment types in the university premises and society.

This phenomenon makes it an incredible eye-opener for any foreigners as the chances are that you will find it easy to make new friends and adapt to the Canadian environment.

4. Canada is a safe country;

Canada is considered a very safe country to live and to study. According to Global News ,
Canada has a relatively low crime rate and is ranked as the 2nd country having the best quality of life.

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5. Canadian Universities Pay in-depth attention to research.

Almost all study programs provided in Canadian universities pay close attention to research and supports students to participate in exciting experiments to promote innovation and pro activeness.

Some research carried out in Canadian universities has led to a new world of outstanding discoveries.

To mention a few of such innovative research discovered in Canadian universities;

  • Cancer detection device.
  • Hiv/Aids sustainable treatments. see here

The Effective Canadian Teaching Style

A Bachelor’s degree in Canada takes an average of three years to complete with master
courses lasting between one to three years, hugely depending on the field of study.

The traditional lecture-style is adopted for the university programs and is also combined with
seamless group-work sessions, projects, assignments, and workshops.

The classroom atmosphere in Canadian universities is calm, friendly, and engages interaction across all boards. Canadian universities share a somewhat similar education system to their
continent neighbor, the United States if you look quite closely.

In these countries (Canada and the United States), students are led to become independent learners while having lectures guide them on this journey.

Good quality education is made possible in platforms and countries that matter, and we can agree Canada is one such country. The safe environment, the friendliness of the overall cultural atmosphere, and from a wide range of prestigious universities to choose from, you are in safe hands. Canada provides you with that study adventure!


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