NYU Stern ED Acceptance Rate 2023

NYU Stern ED Acceptance Rate 2023

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These post is on NYU Stern ED Acceptance Rate. NYU Stern is one of the best business schools in the United States. In this article, we will talk about its Early Decision acceptance rate.

Stern School of Business is the business school of New York University. Stern School of Business is the business school of New York University, which is a private research university
in New York City.

We all want the very best in everything, like the best education and healthcare.

In terms of education, we want the very best. How can someone get the best education. It mostly depends on going to a prestigious school.

NYU Stern is a very well-known business school that you can go to. It is located in a place that is connected to the United States. The New York Stock Exchange.

This article will provide important and detailed information. We want you to know the acceptance rate for NYU Stern Early Decision and how likely an applicant is to get accepted.

Let us search for most of the important information and question one might ask. 

NYU Stern University

The New York University Stern School of Business is a privately funded university in New York City. It focuses on conducting research in business-related fields. It provides a Bachelor’s degree in Business for undergraduates and a Master’s degree in Business Administration for postgraduates.

NYU Stern was created in 1900, making it one of the oldest business schools globally. This place in New York gives opportunities to students from other countries, and NYU Stern has accepted the highest number of international students compared to any other school in the U.
S for the third consecutive year.

In 2018, NYU Stern was the top-ranked business school in the United States. Schools that prepare students for jobs in finance on Wall Street make up only 3% of the hiring done by investment banks.

There are many international students at NYU Stern. This means you can learn about different cultures, opinions, and values from people from all over the world.

At NYU Stern, you have the opportunity to enjoy and discover all the great things that New York City has to offer, such as exhibitions, concerts, and seminars focused on business. There are also various chances to advance in your career by meeting successful business leaders who can guide you in developing business strategies.

The NYU Stern School of Business has several programs, including full-time and part-time MBA programs, as well as specialized programs like the Tech MBA and Fashion and Luxury MBA. They also offer dual degree options, an Executive MBA program in either New York City or Washington D. C, and a Trium Global EMBA program. NYU Stern’s main focus is to offer a comprehensive program and excellent education for students to develop their future business careers.

The NYU Stern School of Business started a program called the LAUNCH Curriculum to help full-time MBA students get started with their studies.

This experience changes how MBA students think about business, and helps them see challenges as chances to succeed. The LAUNCH Curriculum has lots of requirements in the first year, but it becomes more flexible in the second year.

In the first year, students must take mandatory classes on statistics and data analysis, as well as financial accounting and reporting. The NYU Stern School of Business lets students choose five classes from a selection of eight-core classes.

  • Firms, Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Business Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Operations Management
  • Global Economy
  • Leadership in Organization
  • Foundation of Finance

To fulfill this degree plan, students need to take five core classes out of these eight classes. Additionally, they are required to excel in courses from their undergraduate degree.

NYU Stern offers a great program called study abroad semester exchange. It lets students have an amazing experience in different countries. They have 53 partner universities in 29 countries.

NYU Stern School of Business lets students explore different countries through the DBI program at more than 10 specific places across the globe. Students have the opportunity to go to different places such as Singapore, Milan, Sydney, London, Shanghai, and more.

How can I get into NYU Stern School of Business?

The NYU Stern School of Business is very difficult to get into because only 6. 6% of applicants are accepted.

According to NYU Stern’s admission statistics, around 17,000 people applied to the business school. Sadly, only 6. 6% of those who applied were accepted.

The average score for the GMAT test is 723 and the average grade point average (GPA) is 3. 6 for students who have recently been accepted into NYU Stern. Right now, NYU Stern does not have a specific minimum GMAT or GPA score for applicants. However, having a high score in those areas will greatly increase your chances of being accepted.

According to the numbers, 97 out of every 100 students who signed up already had a job before they applied. On average, people have worked for about 5. 2 years, but there is no requirement for a minimum amount of work experience.

The NYU Stern School of Business has four application deadlines, so if you intend to apply to NYU Stern, you should be aware of the set mid-month in October, November, January and March. The deadlines are arranged in this manner so the applicant will be very much aware of the dates; also it is important to know the NYU Stern ED acceptance rate. 

Applicants must choose one program from a list of options and should not settle for anything less.

Students who want to apply to NYU Stern need to have a bachelor’s degree from a reputable college or university and be good at speaking and writing in English. This is to check if the person’s first language is English or if they received their degree from a university where they used English for teaching.

An interview invitation is the first step to getting accepted into NYU Stern. After the interview, the applicant’s future depends on whether they are put on a waitlist, accepted, or rejected. It could take up to three weeks to hear back from Stern.

NYU Stern School of Business does not have a preference for which exam you take, whether it’s the GMAT, GRE, EA, LSAT, or DAT. They only require that your score is valid and authentic. Once you have a valid score, you can go ahead and submit your application.

All applicants must submit their academic record from all the colleges and universities they have attended and attach the record to their application.

International students must fill out the international students’ supplement when they apply.

This supplemental document has two important parts: your visa status and your permanent foreign address. Although this doesn’t affect whether you can get in, it is still seen as an important factor.

NYU Stern School of Business requires a payment of $250 when you apply, and you won’t get it back if your application is not accepted. There are benefits available for members and veterans of the US military, including fee waivers.

NYU Stern Acceptance  Rate

The acceptance rate at NYU Stern is average compared to other top business schools in the U. S It is known for admitting more international students than any other college.

In simple words, the median combined value for verbal and math SAT scores for new students at NYU Stern’s undergraduate level was 1492 in 2019, according to statistics.

In the same year, NYU Stern received fewer early decision applications and accepted a smaller percentage of them, only 7.6% Everyone who wants to apply to NYU Stern had to have their academic qualifications carefully reviewed to see if they could get in.

NYU Stern recently reported that it received about 17,000 applications and only accepted 6. 6% of them The rate of students accepted into NYU Stern is currently 6. 6%, which means they are very picky about who they let in.

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NYU Stern ED (early decision)  Acceptance Rate

In simple words: 84,481 people applied for the class of 2023 at NYU Stern. The university only accepted 16% of them. In 2013, the NYU Stern early decision acceptance rate was 35%.

This shows how hard it is to get accepted into ED in the coming years. The group of students starting at NYU in 2023 is the hardest to get accepted into. The students in this class have the highest average SAT score, with 1480 being the middle score.

Many people worldwide want to go to the best business school. They particularly prefer one that accepts more international students and is located in a city known for its strong connection to commerce.

As a result of this, more than 23,000 out of the 84,481 people are from different parts of the world. Many applicants at NYU Stern were from India, China, and South Korea.

These large numbers of international applicants show that NYU Stern School of Business has been more successful than George Washington University and Boston University.

How Does Early Decision Work at NYU?

If you are completely sure that NYU Stern School of Business is the best option for you, then you might want to take quick and decisive actions to get accepted there. One of these actions is applying through the NYU Stern Early Decision program, which we have already talked about.

If you applied for Early Decision admission and got accepted as a freshman, you are expected to enroll at NYU Stern. All the applications you sent to other schools should be taken back.

The information above only has two exceptions.

  1. If you are given money to help with your finances but it’s not enough, you can ask to cancel the agreement.
  2. If you get accepted into NYU Stern but it wasn’t the program you wanted, you can’t enroll. You should decide whether you want to accept or reject your admission offer by the deadline given for the notification plan that you applied under. If you accept an offer to a school early, even if it’s not your first choice, it means you are committed to attending that school. You need to stop applying to other schools and not apply to new ones as well.

Undergraduate Major Represented in Stern MBA Program

The undergraduate majors represented in Stern’s MBA programs are

  • Business/Economic (43%)
  • Social Science/Humanitarian/Arts/Other (34%)
  • Engineering/Math/Science  (23%).

Undergraduate Universities from Stern’s MBA Class

These are the undergraduate Universities most represented in Stern’s MBA class

  • New York University
  • Cornell University
  • Boston College
  • Boston University
  • George Town University
  • Emory University
  • Rutgers University
  • Columbia University (New York City)
  • Fordham University
  • The University of Pennsylvania

Fortunately, if your University or College is mentioned above, it means that NYU Stern School of Business has agreed to take in a lot of students from your school.

The people you have the same education as are students at one of the best business schools in the world. This means that students from that college have thought about applying to NYU Stern.

Business schools have also said that students who graduated from this institution are sophisticated and accomplished. If you go to one of these schools, you have a better chance of being accepted to NYU Stern or another business school you want to attend.


Based on where it is situated in a city focused on business, NYU Stern School of Business offers a more rewarding experience and more chances for both local and international students. The Stern community is made up of people from different countries, which makes the learning environment more diverse. This diversity brings different perspectives, intelligence, and opinions to the Stern community.

The NYU Stern School of Business helps you go beyond just getting an MBA degree by supporting your professional growth and helping you become a top business leader globally.

We hope that the article gave you the information you needed about The stern nyu acceptance rate. If there’s anything you didn’t understand, please read it again for clearer understanding.


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