Best Dance Schools in Lagos 2023

Best Dance Schools in Lagos 2023

In this article, you will find information on the best dance schools in Lagos Nigeria. If you live around Lagos and want to hone your dancing skills, enroll in one of the schools that we have made available for you here and start learning immediately.

Dancing is a form of art and it plays a significant role in people’s lives. Dancing is when you move your body in a synchronized way with music to show a feeling or thought. Everyone dances without thinking about it because it is a natural part of being human. The same applies to singing as well.

However, dancing is a great way to stay in good physical shape no matter how old or what body type you are. Dancing helps make your muscles stronger, gives you more energy, and makes you fitter overall.

Some people are not good at dancing even when they try to dance. If you want to get good at dancing, first choose a dance style. After that, you spend some time learning by yourself. But the easiest and quickest way to learn how to dance is by going to a dance school and taking classes.

In a dance school, you will learn how to dance and also what to eat to keep your body in shape and be a great dancer. Do you live near Lagos. Are you good at dancing. Do you want to learn more about dancing. If your answer is YES, then this article will tell you about the best dance schools in Lagos, Nigeria.

What do dance schools in Lagos do?

Having the talent to dance may not be enough if you do not hone your dancing skills. You can only hone your dancing skills under the guidance of a mentor who is a professional in the field.

Below are the things that Lagos dance schools do:

Strength, control, and coordination: When you dance, you need to have strong muscles and good control to be able to do the difficult moves that professional dancers can do. In most dances, you have to move your arms differently than your legs.

Additionally, a dance school will help you learn how to use physical and mental control to complete exercises that look very simple before a non-dancer.

Discipline: Lagos dance schools don’t just teach dance steps. They also teach students the importance of being disciplined, which is essential for becoming a successful dancer. You will learn to show respect to your teachers, classmates, and the area where you dance.

Spatial Patterns and Musicality: Here, you will have plenty of space to move your body freely with your arms and legs without bumping into anyone. You will also learn how to make the room move in straight lines, circles, slanted lines, and even in sharp angles. Also, you will learn how to move and groove with the rhythm of the music. If you go to a dance school, you can learn about how to be aware of the space around you and how to follow certain movements.

Artistry: As you learn how to dance from tutors, you will be given the opportunity to display your dance skills. Here, you will apply the knowledge gained during classes as well as your inherent skills. Developing artistry lets students think outside the box and execute their own dance ideas.

How much does it cost to go to a dance school in Lagos?

The price of learning how to dance depends on the type of dance you want to learn, such as zanku, shaku shaku, skelewu, ballet, salsa, alanta, or shoki.

For instance, well-liked dance lessons like salsa, ballet, and Zumba cost less due to the competition among providers. If you want to join uncommon dance classes like rumba, waltz, or belly dancing, it will be expensive.

According to Superprof, the average cost of dance lessons in a Lagos dance school is ₦3000 per hour.

However, the cost of a dance class can vary based on where it takes place, the teacher’s experience, the style of dance, and the type of class. The cost of learning how to dance in Nigeria depends on where you live.

The price for private dance classes will be based on how much it generally costs to live in your area.

How much can I earn as a dancer in Lagos?

How much money you can make as a dancer in Lagos is determined by different things. There are three things that affect the factors: how much you know, the type of dance you’re doing, and the place you’re learning it.

According to Myslarayscale, the average salary of a dancer in Lagos is ₦158,000.

How do I find a good dance school in Lagos?

Nowadays, because of technology, it is much simpler to find almost anything you are looking for. If you live in Lagos, you would usually look for any service you need on the internet, order it, or find out where to get the service.

If you want to find a good dance school in Lagos, you can usually search for one on the internet. Good news You don’t have to look for a good dance school on the internet because we have listed the top dance schools in Lagos for you in this article.

Top Dance Schools In Lagos

If you live around Lagos and you have a talent for dancing, you can enhance your dancing skills by enrolling in any of the top dance schools in the city.

Here are the best dance schools in Lagos:

  • Apex Dance Company
  • Corporate Dance World
  • QDance Centre
  • Active Danzz Studio
  • Dance Afrique Studio
  • Beta Dance Academy
  • Ayanjo Dance Company
  • Robotics Dance School
  • Dance Afrique Studios
  • SPAN Dance Academy

1. Apex Dance Company

ADC is a dance school in Lagos, Nigeria. It started in 2014. The school is really good at DANCE and Art and they make more than 50 different pieces that are different from each other and that a lot of people like.

ADC teaches a lot of types of dancing that mix together different types of dancing to make a special style with music that tells stories. At ADC, you can learn different types of dance like salsa, contemporary, modern, hip-hop, and ballet. In addition, the school concentrates on three main areas: dance, customer service, and photography.

Apex Dance Company is one of the top dance schools in Lagos and Nigeria. It has 8 main dancers and 40 member dancers who are trained by the Society For the Performing Arts in Nigeria.

Furthermore, ADC has joined forces with well-known individuals and groups in the field such as Yinka Davis, Toni Braxton, Jeffery Page, Sarah Boulos, Shane Sparks, Battery Dance Company (USA), and more.

The ADC has made some dance shows like Span at 10, Kakadu the Musical, “LOVE IS” the Musical, and Wishes and Horses.

Address: 6 Modupe Johnson, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria

2. Corporate Dance World

Corporate Dance World is a dance company in Lagos, Nigeria. It was created in 2008 to encourage dancing in the Nigerian culture.

The school wants to make dance styles better and show them in a unique and creative way that everyone in the world will like.

At Corporate Dance World, you can meet dancers from around the world who perform on the global stage. The school wants to bring Nigerians together through dance and gives you a chance to appreciate dance as a form of art.

If you are a new dancer or someone who wants to improve their dancing skills, then Corporate Dance World is definitely worth considering.

Address: Behind Conoil Filling Station, Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria

3. QDance Centre

QDance Centre (QDC) is a part of Creative Culture Support Foundation, along with a sister company called YK Projects. It was started in 2014 in Lagos State, Nigeria. The dance school is like a place where people come together to learn and create dances. They use their skills, talents, and new ideas to teach dancers.

QDC wants to make people interested in dance art in Nigeria and all over the world. The dance school is new, but it has gained recognition as a notable creative agency among other dance schools in Nigeria and other countries.

QDance Centre does its work in four different ways, known as the QDance ACTS: Artistic, Community, Talents, and Services.

The statistics reveal that QDance has partnered with over 200 artists to teach and support more than 100 young individuals, including those with disabilities. The agency has a lot of people who like and follow them on the internet, and they have many customers who buy from them, both in their local area and in other countries.

Click here to follow QDance.

Address: No 13 Manuwa Street, Ikoyi, Lagos State Nigeria

4. Active Danzz Studio

Active Danzz Studio is a well-known dancing school in Lagos State, Nigeria. Over time, the school has been teaching young Nigerians how to improve their dancing abilities and become experts in performing arts.

At Active Danzz Studio, you can learn different types of dance such as Tango, Zumba, Salsa, Ballet, Pointe, Hip Hop, and traditional dance.

If you live in Lagos and want to learn performance art, Active Danzz Studio can help you.

Address: 8C, 1 Layi Yusuf Cresent, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria

5. Dance Afrique Studio

Dance Afrique Studio is a well-known dance school in Lagos State, Nigeria. This is the only dance school in Lagos where young Nigerians can learn ballet from amazing teachers.

The school wants to make a difference in Nigerian society by using dance and fitness. Dance Afrique Studio teaches dance and fitness to kids (ages 3 – 10) and adults. Dance Afrique offers classes in Classical Ballet, Salsa, and Zumba.

Furthermore, Dance Afrique Studio is the top location for practicing, selecting actors, trying out for roles, and shooting movies, TV shows, videos, and commercials. It also offers classes, trainings, and educational programs.

Address: 16 Olufunmilayo Street, Dideolu Estate, Ogba, Lagos State, Nigeria

6. Beta Dance Academy

Beta Dance Academy is a really good dance school that can be found in the busy city of Ikeja. Other dance schools in Lagos cost a lot of money, but Beta Dance Academy is not as expensive.

The dance school’s goal is to take care of, help, and teach exceptionally talented dancers who will eventually become professionals. If you want dance classes that are not expensive, you should go to Beta Dance Academy.

Address: Alagbado, Kola Bus Stop, lkeja, Lagos Nigeria

7. Ayanjo Dance Company

In the Nigerian entertainment industry, traditional dances are slowly disappearing, and it is important to revive them. This is when the Ayanjo Dance Company gets involved. Ayanjo tells stories about Nigeria using dance.

The reason we started the Ayanjo Dance Company is to teach young Nigerians about the various traditional dances in our Nigerian culture. However, the dance school teaches modern dance styles by blending old and new ideas in their performances.

The company has a variety of options for customers who have different dance preferences. If you are interested in learning cultural dance, Ayanjo is the place you should go to.

You can visit Ayanjo Dance Company here.

Address: Ogudu Road, LGA, Kosofe 100242, Lagos

8. Robotics Dance School

The Robotics Dance School is a dance school in Lagos that trains talented dancers in Nigeria. The school provides dance classes every day of the week.

The Robotics Dance School teaches dance to young kids and adults. They offer lessons either in private or at their location. At school, you have the opportunity to learn different types of dances like afro dance, ballet, salsa, and more.

Address: Tete Street, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria

9. Ultrabest Dance School

Ultrabest Dance School is a dance school in Lagos, Nigeria that focuses only on ballet. The school wants to make ballet more accessible and inclusive by promoting black ballet dancers.

At Ultrabest, we will teach you how to become an amazing ballerina. The school will teach you the basic moves of ballet, the different dance routines, and give you advice on how to become a professional ballerina.

Ultrabest Dance School provides both private and group dance lessons for kids and grown-ups, including those who compete in dancing at a high level.

Address: 16 Olufunmilayo Street, Dideolu Estate, Ogba, Lagos State, Nigeria

10. SPAN Dance Academy

SPAN Dance Academy was created by a group called Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria (SPAN) in 2007. The group created a dance school in Nigeria to establish a high-quality education for performing arts worldwide.

SPAN has a two-year dance program. Every year is split into three parts. After finishing the program, you will become very skilled in many different types of dancing.

Apart from dance, SPAN also provides chances in theater and visual arts to many Nigerian young people who are interested in the entertainment field. If you want to join the two-year dance program at SPAN Dance Academy, you will need to pay ₦70,000 in total.

Address: 13 Davies Street off Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos

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