How to get a JD Degree in 2 Years Online 2023

How to get a JD Degree in 2 Years Online 2023

This article is about How to get a JD Degree in 2 Years Online 2023. The main point is not just about learning how to obtain a JD degree in two years online. The important question is whether you are prepared to complete a 3- to 4-year degree in just 2 years without skipping any courses. To clarify, an accelerated degree is not simple, even in the Juris Doctor program. Universities that offer accelerated degrees will still provide you with all the same courses as a traditional student, but you will complete them in just two years.

Does this sound good when you can get a degree quickly? But are you ready to work hard and succeed? I’m not saying it’s impossible.

The great thing is that the well-respected schools we will mention soon have methods to help you stay committed, even if these 2-year degrees appear challenging. And if you don’t want to complete these 2-year programs, you can still consider attending accredited law schools in California or even some of the top law schools globally.

JD Degree in 2 Years Online

There isn’t a two-year online JD degree available, or at least we haven’t heard of one yet. I think one reason for this is that Online JD Degrees are relatively new, while on-campus JD degrees have been around for many years. Therefore, we should give online programs more time to also offer a 2-year program online.

The program is either a fast degree you can do at school or a degree you can do online that takes 3 to 4 years.

What we did was separate them into two parts. The first part is about getting a 2-year JD Degree from good universities. The second part is about online Juris Doctor degrees that can be completed in 3 to 4 years.

1. The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona offers a 2-year JD degree where students can still meet all the necessary requirements to earn the JD degree, just like those on the typical three-year path. That means you will still have to take all the classes that a regular 3-year traditional student will take.

Also, because it’s from the University of Arizona, you can trust that they will give you a great education. Just so you know, they have been graduating successful lawyers and leaders for 100 years. In addition, they were rated as the 45th top law school globally, the 13th top school for legal writing, and numerous other accolades in the U.S. News and World Report, a magazine or publication that provides information on current events and important topics from around the world.

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2. Suffolk University

Most JD degrees take two years to complete and require strong self-motivation to enroll. This means that you will complete a 3-year degree program in just 2 years without missing any courses or credit hours.

This program takes a lot of work, and because it is very intense, Suffolk University is very picky in selecting its students. There are only a few spots available for admission.

3. Albany Law School

Albany Law School offers a special 2-year JD degree program for motivated students. This program allows them to avoid paying tuition for the third year and start working sooner.

4. The University of Washington School of Law

The Fast-Track Law Degree The University of Washington has a program that allows you to finish your legal education in 8 quarters instead of the usual 9 quarters in 3 academic years. You can expect to have a more regular schedule, but after you graduate, you will be placed in the same ranking as students who entered the school traditionally.

5. University at Buffalo, School of Law

The University at Buffalo offers a special program for lawyers from other countries called the Two-Year Juris Doctor. This means that people who have obtained a law degree from a university outside of the United States Jurisdiction refers to the legal authority or power held by a judge or court to hear and decide on a specific case. It means that a judge or court has the ability to make rulings and enforce them within a certain area or over certain individuals or entities. If someone already has a law degree, they might be able to get a 2-year JD degree at their school.

This allows students to participate in the New York State Bar. Additionally, the program is highly competitive, and it is strongly encouraged for you to take the LSAT (but it is not required).

Online JD Degree

Now we’d like to present a selection of online JD programs that can be finished in 3 to 4 years. Another thing we concentrated on was making them incredibly inexpensive.

6. Abraham Lincoln University

The online JD program at Abraham Lincoln University is designed to be practical for students pursuing master’s degrees. In actuality, many of their students manage to attend online programs while working full-time.

7. Syracuse University

This is an online degree in law approved by the American Bar Association. Syracuse University wants their online program, JDinteractive, to be just as good as the classes they offer to their regular students.

Also, you will get a Master’s degree in Business Administration.
If you continue studying law, you can earn a joint J.D./MBA. A degree program is a course of study that leads to a qualification or degree.

8. Concord Law School

Concord Law School offers an online JD degree that takes four years to complete. It is approved by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California.

The school helps students with money by offering different ways to get financial assistance. This can
be through government help, getting loans from private sources, financial aid for military personnel, or a payment plan where you pay a certain amount each month.

Additionally, if you work for the government at the federal or state level in California, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, Utah, or Virginia, you can get a 10% discount on your tuition fees.

9. St. Mary’s University

According to a recent announcement by St. Mary’s University, it is the only law school in the US to have received approval from the American Bar Association (ABA) to provide a fully online J.D. program. Additionally, since its founding in 1927, this University has earned a stellar reputation for excellence in legal education.


As I mentioned before, there is currently no online degree for JD that can be completed in 2 years. However, we expect that in the near future, some schools will begin to offer these 2-year programs online.


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