10 Best Short Courses In Singapore With Certificate 2023

10 Best Short Courses In Singapore With Certificate 2023

This article is about 10 Best Short Courses In Singapore With Certificate. Short courses give you skills and knowledge like a regular degree program, but they are completed in a shorter amount of time. This article talks about excellent short courses available in Singapore and provides all the information needed to begin taking them.

Many people don’t like the idea of going through the process of studying for entrance exams, getting into college, spending 4 to 5 years there, and finally receiving their completion certificate. They only want to join short classes and get the necessary skills and knowledge to start well-paid jobs.

Luckily, there are many programs available that can help you gain the skills needed to work for well-known companies. The USA and South Africa have programs that help graduates find jobs in industries that need workers with specific skills.

Short courses are great because you learn a lot of practical skills that can help you get a well-paying job. These courses don’t focus much on theory but instead give you hands-on experience and prepare you well for employment opportunities.

So, like I said before, we are going to look at different short courses in Singapore. These courses will give you a certificate when you finish them. We will also examine the costs, length of time, and other relevant details. I really want you to stay close to me.

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What Are Short Courses?

Short courses are programs that last a shorter time than a regular degree program. They teach you the same skills and knowledge as a 4- to 5-year degree course. The classes are made so you can still do other things like work while you study.

The course includes both theory and practical sessions to help you gain extensive training.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Short Course?

The time it takes to finish a short course varies. Some tasks take about one to one and a half years, but others can be finished in less than one year.

What Is The Average Cost Of Short Courses In Singapore?

The cost of short courses in Singapore can vary based on different factors. These factors include what the course is about, how long it lasts, and whether it is learned online or in person.

In order to know how much a course costs, you need to go to the school or website where it is offered and find out the price of the tuition.

Benefits Of Taking A Short Course

There are many benefits to enrolling in a short course. Some of them are as follows:

  • You have the flexibility needed to juggle other life priorities, such as work, even while studying.
  • A short course is quite affordable and helps you advance in your skill, especially if you are already a practicing worker before taking the course.
  • Short courses equip you with both the practical and theoretical knowledge needed to gain an entry-level position in a high-paying job.
  • Short courses can help you, as a beginner in a field, upgrade your skills and become more advanced.
  • It helps you develop yourself and places you on a higher pedestal while looking for a job.
  • It helps you constantly evolve and adapt to the new changes made in your industry.

After looking at the advantages, price, and length of short courses, let’s now explore the different ones in Singapore that provide certificates.

Short Courses In Singapore

Here are the classes you can take in Singapore: You will be able to finish these classes quickly. We collect information about short courses from reliable sources such as academic courses, Kiiky, and school websites.

  • Applied Data Analytics In Business
  • Advanced Market And Global Macro Investment Strategies For Tomorrow
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Digital Confidence for the Internet Of Things and Cybersecurity
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Know-How
  • Service Innovation By Design
  • Luxury Brand Management
  • People Analytics
  • Wine Investments
  • Designing Hotel And Restaurant Concepts

1. Applied Data Analytics In Business

Applied Data Analytics in Business is a brief course provided by Singapore Polytechnic. This course teaches us about the significance of data in business and how we can use it to make positive changes in our company.

The curriculum teaches subjects like data mining, working with data in Excel, understanding big data, and using Tableau to build dashboards.

The course is for small and medium-sized business managers who are new to analytics. If you attend at least 75% of the course, you will receive a certificate for attending.

Duration: 10.5 hours or 1.5 days

Cost: $21 to $321

2. Advanced Market And Global Macro Investment Strategies For Tomorrow

This is another class that doesn’t last very long and is offered by Singapore Management University. This course teaches you how to stand out from others by truly understanding how worldwide markets are affected.

The course also covers topics like understanding the different parts of GDP, analyzing economic statistics, creating models for allocating assets, and examining how policies impact various countries. When participants finish, they get a certificate to show they were there.

This course is created for people who want to learn practical ways to spread out their investments, individuals who want a detailed understanding of value investing, and people who want to use fundamental analysis to trade stocks.

Duration: 4 days

Cost: $193.60 to $1,712

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3. Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Digital Marketing Fundamentals is a short course provided by Firstcom Academy. This course teaches you the fundamentals of digital marketing and helps you find the right online platform to improve your business chances.

Experienced professionals in the field teach the courses. They use group discussions, brainstorming sessions, presentations, case study questions, demonstrations, and hands-on practice to help students learn.

After you finish the class, you will know the main ways traditional and digital marketing are different. You will also learn how to use social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Google, and YouTube to help your business grow.

Duration: 2 days

Cost: $240 to $400

4. Digital Confidence for the Internet Of Things and Cybersecurity

This is a brief class given by Singapore Polytechnic. This text talks about learning how to keep our digital platforms safe. It involves finding out about online dangers, making plans to protect ourselves, and creating our own internet-connected device.

Participants can do small projects at various labs to make their own Internet of Things stuff. Everyone who passes the exam and attends at least 75% of the time will receive a certificate of participation.

Duration: 30 hours or 4 days

Cost: $1,220 to $1,305.40

5. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Know-How

The Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Know-How course at Singapore Polytechnic teaches people how to create electricity using solar panels. Participants will learn about the two main types of solar PV systems, how to design and connect a solar system, and more.

This is a hands-on course that takes place in a lab. If you attend at least 75% of the classes, you will get a certificate at the end.

Duration: 8 hours, 1 day

Cost: $350 to $374.50

6. Service Innovation By Design

This is a brief class provided by the EHL campus in Singapore. This text examines how to create new and creative services that focus on the needs of customers in the modern world.

By the end of this course, you will have learned about design thinking, creating digital landscapes and services, developing strategic innovation, and more.

The class is taught by professionals who work in the field, and you will receive a certificate for finishing the course successfully.

Duration: 3 days

Cost: CHF 1,900

7. Luxury Brand Management

Luxury brand management is a course that teaches learners how to manage luxury brands. This text is about understanding the difference between a luxury strategy and a fashion strategy. It also talks about important parts of a luxury brand strategy and how to use strategies for things like products, prices, and distribution.

An industry expert teaches it, and all participants receive a certificate of achievement from EHL.

Duration: 3 days

Cost: SGD 2,400

8.      People Analytics

People analytics is a field of study conducted by the EHL campus in Singapore. It teaches how to use data analysis to study common human resources problems. This text talks about the basics of HR analytics: collecting and analyzing data, making decisions, and more.

After finishing the course, participants will be able to use proven methods to find talented individuals for their company. They will also learn how to make decisions based on data about people. Additionally, they will be able to determine the financial value of hiring the right candidates.

After finishing, people who succeed will receive a certificate for doing well.

Duration: 3 days

Cost: SGD 1950–SGD 2,400

9.      Wine Investments

Wine Investments is a class in Singapore that teaches you about fine wines and how the economy impacts the wine market.

This course talks about different topics such as good-quality wines, studying their value, how to set their prices, and new and unique ways to invest in them. This program is taught by professionals in the field. When you finish the program, you will receive a certificate.

Duration: 4 days

Cost: SGD 1920–SGD 2,400

10. Designing Hotel And Restaurant Concepts

In this course, you will learn about hospitality ideas and how to create a successful one. This text also examines how to use branding and storytelling to develop and expand a hospitality business.

This program is provided by EHL Campus in Singapore. After finishing the program, participants will receive a certificate to acknowledge their achievements.

Duration: 3 days

Cost: SGD 1950–SGD 2,400


The Singapore short courses mentioned above can help you learn new skills or improve the ones you already have. They also give you certificates when you finish. I hope you use the information well.


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