Top 14 Free Esthetician Certifications Online 2023

Top 14 Free Esthetician Certifications Online 2023

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This article is about Top 14 Free Esthetician Certifications Online. If you want to improve your career as an esthetician, getting certified is a good idea. It will help you improve your skills and learn new ones.

Traditional education is expensive, so it can be hard to find a program that is affordable. However, there are lots of free online esthetician certifications available. These certifications are good for people who want to become estheticians and for those who already are professional estheticians.

If you sign up for these courses, you can learn new things and improve your skills, which will make you more valuable in your job. Additionally, you might also use the certifications as a mention when applying for jobs or contracts.

Most free online esthetician certifications can be obtained without any prior experience. However, these certifications can still equip you with the necessary skills to be successful in the industry.

You will learn how to tell different types of skin apart and pick the best way to treat each one. You will also learn how to mix and match colors to create the perfect appearance. Additionally, you will learn how to make clients feel appreciated and keep them coming back through great customer service. Additionally, you will learn important information about the business field, such as marketing techniques and how to set prices.

Estheticians are professionals who specialize in taking care of and improving the appearance of the skin. They often offer services such as face treatments, body treatments, and applying makeup in places like spas, salons, and resorts.

There are lots of free certificates for estheticians that you can get on the internet, along with many other esthetician programs available in beauty and vocational schools.

These certifications are a great chance for people who want to become estheticians to learn the necessary skills and knowledge to begin a career in the field. They also offer the chance for current estheticians to enhance their knowledge and stay updated on the latest methods and technologies.

Online makeup courses are usually designed for adults, but many schools also accept students who are at least 16 years old.

Some universities have a way of teaching that combines in-person classes with online classes. This method is used to help students learn things by doing them themselves. If you reached this point, it’s time to learn about the best 13 esthetician certifications you can get online for free.

What Are the Benefits of Free Esthetician Certifications?

Free esthetician certifications have a lot of advantages:

  • They help you learn about the most recent methods and trends in the industry.
  • They help you improve your knowledge of the various areas of esthetics.
  • They can help you improve your professional credibility and boost your resume.
  • Enrolling in free esthetician classes can give you the knowledge and skills you need to offer your clients high-quality services.

Best 14 Free Esthetician Certifications Online

Skin Care Fundamentals for Estheticians

Skin Care Fundamentals for Estheticians is a free online certificate program for beauty professionals provided by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). This course covers the basics of taking care of your skin, including things like what ingredients are in skincare products, common skin problems, and how the skin works. This text explains how to provide clients with effective recommendations and treatments.

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Esthetician 101

Esthetician 101 is a course offered by the National Esthetician Association (NEA). It is a free online certification program for estheticians. In this course, you will learn the basics of esthetics. We will also teach you about the different parts of beauty products, how to keep things clean, and how to prevent infections. It also has information about different ways to make your face look nice, like facials, getting rid of body hair, and putting on makeup.

Medical Aesthetic for Estheticians

Medical Aesthetics for Estheticians is a course that you can take for free online. It is offered by the International Society for Medical Aesthetics (IAMA). This course teaches the basics of medical aesthetics, including anatomy and physiology, skin problems, and common treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Furthermore, it provides information on working together with doctors and other healthcare professionals to give safe and effective treatments.

Introduction to Esthetics

“Introduction to Esthetics” is a course offered for free online by the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS). This course covers the basics of beauty, such as how the skin is structured and works, what ingredients are used in beauty products, and what kind of treatments are commonly done. This text also provides information on how to build a successful career in the industry, as well as tips on promoting, expanding a business, and making connections with others.

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Laser Safety for Estheticians

The National Laser Institute (NLI) offers a free online course called “Laser Safety for Estheticians. ” This course teaches about how to use lasers safely. It also covers different types of cosmetic lasers, dangers they can cause, and how to stay safe while using them. Additionally, it provides information on how to talk to customers to help them pick the best laser treatment options and how to perform procedures that are safe and effective.

Esthetician Fundamentals for Plastic Surgery

Esthetician Fundamentals for Plastic Surgery is a course that you can take for free on the internet. It is offered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). This course teaches the basic concepts of esthetics in plastic surgery. It includes information about common treatments, the structure and function of the skin, and how to work well with plastic surgeons to provide safe and effective care.

Esthetician Foundations for Dermatologic Surgery

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) offers a free online course called Esthetician Foundations for Dermatologic Surgery. This course teaches the basic principles of beauty for skin surgeries. It includes information on common treatments, the structure and function of the skin, and how to work together with dermatologists to provide safe and effective care.

Fundamentals of Skincare and Makeup Application

The IAPCC offers a free course to become a certified esthetician, which teaches the basics of skincare and how to apply makeup. This course covers lessons about the different parts of the skin, products to take care of the skin, treatments for the face, techniques for applying cosmetics, and other related topics. Students who finish the course will receive a certificate. This certificate shows that they are knowledgeable about esthetics.

Skin Anatomy and Physiology

DermaMed Solutions provides online courses for estheticians, including a free course on skin anatomy and how it works. This course teaches the basic information about how the skin is made and how it works. It also gives specific information about the different parts of the skin like the layers, cells, and extra things attached to it. This is a great way for new estheticians to learn about skincare science.

An Introduction to Skincare Treatments

The popular skincare brand Dermalogica offers a free online course to teach people how to use their products correctly and professionally. This course discusses the important advantages and qualities of Dermalogica’s products. It also provides guidance on how to effectively use these products for skincare treatments. After completing the training, estheticians will have a better understanding of the company and how to use its products for their treatments.

Skincare Fundamentals

You can get a free online certification on the basics of skin care from Pevonia, a famous skincare company. This course covers the basics of taking care of your skin. It includes information about different skin types, common skin issues, and the different substances used in skincare.

This is a certificate that estheticians can get online for free. Its main purpose is to help estheticians understand the basic things about taking care of skin and giving good treatments to their clients.

The Advantages of Seaweed for Skincare

A popular company called Repêchage offers a free online certification for estheticians. This certification teaches about the benefits of using seaweed for skin care. This certification teaches about the science behind the many benefits of seaweed for the skin and gives tips on how to use it for treatments.

When you sign up for this course, you will learn more about how seaweed can be used in skincare and how to use it to improve the skin of your customers.

Science of Aging Skin

GM is a popular company that makes skincare products. Collin offers a course online, for free, that teaches about how the skin ages. This course discusses the latest discoveries about why we age and how skincare products can stop and even reverse signs of aging.
This course will teach aestheticians how to assist their clients in maintaining a youthful look and explain the process of aging.

Esthetician (CE11)

Esthetician (CE11) is a certification that you can get for free online. Wire Georgia Technical College offers this program. This program is designed for individuals who have no prior experience but are interested in becoming estheticians.

This certification teaches about different topics in beauty, like how colors work and how to do makeup. It also covers things like running a salon, doing facials, and skincare procedures. This will help you learn the necessary skills to become an esthetician and be successful in that career.

Even though getting this certification may seem like a good idea, you have to meet certain requirements before you can join the program.

  • You must be 17 years old or older.
  • You will need to submit official College Transcripts.
  • Completion of at least 60 semester credits or 72 quarter credits for applicants who have been to college.

6 Types of Online Courses for Estheticians

  • Hair removal: This aspect of the beauty course deals with unruly facial and body hair. It includes waxing, sugaring, depilatory creams, electrolysis, and more.
  • Applying and removing makeup: Hairdressers do a little work in terms of makeup and makeup removal. Making your customers look good is our number one priority.
  • Body treatment: With the help of this online program, you can master the use of skin microdermabrasion, peeling, and exfoliation.
  • Nail care: This course provides all the basic information about manicures and pedicures, nail structure, nail diseases, nail disorders, cuticle treatments, and split nail repair.
  • Skin analysis and massage: In this class, you will learn how to scrub, facial massage, facial mask treatment, and facial cleansing techniques.
  • Cosmetic Chemistry: It concerns information on skin biology, cell physiology, emulsions, and skin products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on the topic.

Who is an Esthetician?

An esthetician is a skincare expert who can give you treatments for your face, body, and even put on makeup for you. Estheticians are experts who are taught how to understand different skin types and use various techniques and products to improve the health and appearance of their clients’ skin.

How Can I Become an Esthetician?

To become a certified esthetician, you have to finish a program that is approved by the licensing organizations in your area and pass a test to get your license. Training programs like this usually take 6 months to 1 year to complete. These programs usually involve both learning
in a classroom and receiving hands-on training.

Can I Operate My Esthetician Business From Home?

Mobile estheticians can work anywhere that clients want or need their services. Whenever a beautician can provide services, they offer them to different places like people’s homes, workplaces, places where elderly people live, and venues for special occasions.

What Level of an Esthetician is the Highest?

The National Coalition of Estheticians Associations (NCEA) has created the National Esthetician Certification-NCEA Certified certificate as the best achievement for estheticians in the United States.


It’s important to know that although some organizations offer free esthetician certification courses, these programs may not be accepted by the authorities in charge of licensing in your state or country. Before you decide to enroll in a school or program, it’s important to check the requirements needed for becoming a certified esthetician in your area.


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