Germany top paying Jobs and highest-earning States

Germany top paying Jobs and highest-earning States

These article is on Germany top paying Jobs and highest-earning States. Germany has jobs that pay a lot of money and some states where people earn the most money. A recent research found out that doctors make the most money in Germany, while people working in hotels and restaurants earn the least. These are some jobs in the middle.

Stepstone, a platform that helps companies find new workers, has released its new yearly Salary Report. In 2022, the average salary in Germany was €43,800 a year. This means the yearly salary is the same as both lower and higher salaries.

The report studied the salaries of more than 500,000 jobs in Germany between January 2021 and November 2022. This was done by looking at a big database of salaries.

Money details are grouped based on where a person works, the type of job they have, the industry they work in, and their experience level.

The report said that men earn €46,008 on average and women earn €40,000 – that’s a difference of about 13%.
The research found that people who went to college and got a degree make more money (€58,602) than those who didn’t (€41,509). It also found that people who have jobs where they are in charge of others (€50,118) make more money than those who don’t (€41,143).

As people work for more years, their wages increase. For example, someone who has been working for one or two years earns €36,166, but someone who has been working for over 25 years earns €49,969. How much money workers get paid can be affected by how big the company is. In companies with only 1 to 50 workers, people get paid €38,180. In companies with over 5,000 workers, people get paid €53,666.

Which jobs pay the most?

In Stepstone’s salary report, salaries are sorted both into sectors and occupational groups. The sectors, therefore, include both well-paid and lower-paid jobs. According to Stepstone, the following occupational groups are the best-paid in Germany, based on the annual median figures:

  1. Doctors: €93,800/year
  2. Management consultants: €54,000
  3. Engineers: €52,600
  4. IT professions: €52,000

Doctors made more than twice as much money as the average person and were at the top of the list for highest earnings.

The banking sector is the industry where people make the most money. They usually earn around €57,600 in their salary. The people who work in the airplane industry earn a lot of money – around €56,200 per year. The people who work in making medicine also make a good amount of money – around €54,800 per year.

People who work in crafts made around €37,500 per year. People in agriculture, forestry, fishing and gardening earned €36,100. Lastly, people in the hospitality industry earned €34,200 per year.

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Where do Germans earn the most?

The Stepstone report showed that people in different parts of Germany earn different amounts of money. They found out that there is a big difference in earnings between the western and eastern parts of the country. The study found that workers in eastern Germany make 15% less money than those in western Germany. The middle salary in the eastern part of Germany (not including Berlin) is €38,700 and in the western part of Germany it is €45,500.

Here’s how the median annual salaries break down for the each German state:

  • Hamburg – €48,100
  • Baden-Wuerttemberg – €48,000
  • Hesse – €47,800
  • Bavaria – €46,700
  • North Rhine-Westphalia – €44,200
  • Bremen – €43,400
  • Berlin – €43,100
  • Rhineland-Palatinate – €42,000
  • Lower Saxony – €41,900
  • Saarland – €41,500
  • Schleswig-Holstein – €40,800
  • Saxony – €37,000
  • Brandenburg – €36,600
  • Thuringia – €36,600
  • Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania – €36,200

According to Stepstone, the city you can earn the most in Germany is Stuttgart, where the average annual gross salary is €54,008. Stuttgart is followed by Frankfurt, Munich, Wiesbaden and Düsseldorf.

These article was on Germany top paying Jobs and highest-earning States.

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