Average Salary in USA 2023: Ultimate Guide On Annual Salaries In America

Average Salary in USA 2023: Ultimate Guide On Annual Salaries In America

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This article is on average salary in USA. If you want to live in the US, think about how much money you will make in a year as a full-time worker. This information can help you choose courses that are popular and pay well. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics puts out a report every year about how much people in the USA get paid. The report includes lots of different information about salaries.

This blog will tell you what things affect how much money you make and average salary in USA.

Overview Of Average Salary in USA

A worker in the United States usually makes around $984 per week. But this amount can change based on things like the type of job, education level, and economic conditions.

If someone works for a full year, they will earn $51,168. This is 5.1% more than the previous year’s amount. If someone earns more than a certain amount, it’s considered a good salary, but sometimes this isn’t true. Right now, there are 111.5 million people who work full-time in the United States. Some people get paid every month, while others get paid for every hour they work. In some cities, a salary that is high may not be high in other cities. Many different things affect how much money someone makes, such as the kind of job they have, how much education they have, and sadly, even their gender or ethnic background.

A middle-class family of three can earn between $53,413 and $106,827.

  • $55,613 in 2014
  • $58,476 in 2015
  • $60,309 in 2016
  • $62,626 in 2017
  • $64,324 in 2018
  • $68,703 in 2019

State-wise Average Salary in USA

Every state has a different average amount of pay that people receive. The amount of money a person gets paid depends on where they live, how old they are, how much work experience they have, what their job is, and how much it costs to live in that area. Remember this post is on average salary USA.

The Northeast is the richest part of America. In 2019, Maryland, New Jersey, and Massachusetts were some of the states where people earned the most money in their households. People in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Washington usually have the most money compared to people in other places.

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Here is a list of how much money people make on average in each state of America:

State Salary
Alaska $ 59,290 per annum
Alabama $ 44,930 per year
Arkansas $ 42 690 annually
Arizona $ 50,930 per year
California $ 61, 290 annually
Connecticut $ 62, 350 per year
Colorado $ 57, 690 annually
Delaware $ 54 370 per annum
Florida $ 47 750 per year
Georgia $ 49, 630 annually
Hawaii $ 54,930 annually
Illinois $ 55 130 per annum
Idaho $ 44 890 per year
Iowa $ 47,330 per year
Indiana $ 46,770 annually
Kentucky $ 44,020 annually
Kansas $ 46 520 per year
Louisiana $ 44 170 per year
Maryland $ 60,230 per year
Maine $ 48,470 annually
Massachusetts $ 65 680 per year
Michigan $ 50 780 per annum
Minnesota $ 55,890 per annum
Mississippi $ 40,090 per year
Missouri $ 47 820 per year
Montana $ 45 370 per year
Nebraska $ 48 250 annually
New Mexico $47,040 per year
New Hampshire $53,950 per year
New Jersey $59,980 per year
New York $63,970 per year
Nevada $47,210 per year
North Dakota $50,430 per year
Ohio $49,430 per year
Oklahoma $45,620 per year
Oregon $53,890 per year
Pennsylvania $51,340 per year
South Carolina $44,380 per year
Rhode Island $57,220 per year
South Dakota $42,920 per year
North Carolina $48,550 per year
Tennessee $45,650 per year
Texas $50,490 per year
Utah $49,420 per year
Vermont $51,120 per year
Virginia $56,740 per year
West Virginia $43,420 per year
Washington $62,020 per year
Wisconsin $48,850 per year
Wyoming $49,760 per year

People often talk about paying fast-food and restaurant workers more money to help them live better. The people who prepare and serve food get paid very little. They make an average of $22,140 per year. They usually earn about $10 per hour on average.

Doctors called anesthesiologists make the highest amount of money in the United States. They can earn as much as $411,000 per year. Students go to school for 12 to 13 years.

Factors that Affect the Average Salary USA

The money that Americans make is affected by many things besides where they work and what kind of job they have. These factors can affect their income in different ways. When we look at how much money typical Americans make, we see that things that affect one person have a bigger impact than things that affect the whole country:


The more education you have, the more money you’ll likely earn. If you finish high school, you can make around $40,612 a year. But if you finish college, you can make at least $73,892 a year.

People with a Masters or Doctoral degree usually make $179,036 every year.

Job Experience 

How much someone gets paid at work can depend a lot on the kind of jobs they’ve had before. If you have worked for a long time, you will make more money.

experience. People who have worked for over five years earn about 36% more money than those who have worked for less time.


People from 16 to 64 years old get more money over time. How much money you make depends on how much experience you have, what skills you have, what kind of job you have, and how much education you have.

The amount of money you earn at work may depend on how old you are, just like it can depend on whether you are a man or a woman. Men get paid more as they get older. Studies show that men get paid 4.7% more than women each week.

People who are 16 to 24 years old usually make about $625 if they are male and about $596 if they are female. People aged 25 to 34 make around $909 per week if they’re men, and around $980 per week if they’re women.

Industry & Job Role 

Your industry and job also affect how much money you make. People who work in software or have a medical degree usually make six times more money than most other people.

People who work in beginner jobs at shops or fun places make only half as much money. There is a table below to help make it easier to understand.

Industry Salary
Carpenter $ 41, 360 annually
Retail sales associate $ 24, 580 annually
High School Teacher $ 48, 891 per annum
Mechanical Engineer $ 95, 548 per annum
Software Architect $ 137 011 per year
Physician $ 241, 659 per year


People who are new to a job usually get paid less money. If you don’t become a manager, your salary won’t go up much more after working for 15 years. When you work in IT in the United States, the longer you have worked, the more money you can make. Every year of experience will give you around $2,700 more money.

Gender & Racial Groups

On average, men are paid 16.6% more than women right now. In the last three months of 2020, men earned an average of $1,072 per week and $55,744 per year. Women make around $894 per week, which is roughly $46,488 per year.

National averages show that income differences are connected to racism in the United States. Many African-Americans and Hispanics are very poor. In 2019, almost 19% of black Americans and almost 16% of Hispanics were poor, but only 7% of non-Hispanic whites were poor. In 2019, White families had an average income of $76,057. Black and Hispanic families had lower average incomes, with $45,438 and $56,113 respectively.

Average Salary Increment Percentage

Annual Salary Increase is the amount of money employees can expect to get every year. Companies like Banks, Schools, Tech, Hospitals, Tourism, Builders, and Power give their workers more money often when they are doing well.

Junior staff get a small pay increase of 3-5%. People in the middle of their career can get a higher increase of 6-9%. Senior staff can get an even bigger increase of up to 10-15%. Top management can get a really big increase of 15-20%. Usually, bosses can give older employees a bigger raise because they are harder to keep than new employees.

Workers may see their salary go up by 8% every 16 months. This is based on many things like how well someone did their job and what they did to help the company succeed. These are the main things that decide how much more pay someone gets.

These things affect how much money people get paid on average in the United States. The amount of money you get as a raise depends on what type of job you do, how much experience you have, and what qualifications you have.


The Bureau of Labor and Statistics says that many things affect how much money people make in America. In 2019, the average income for a family in the US was $68,703. Rich people who make up 1% of the US population make 20% of the country’s money every year. But, around 34 million people in America are poor as of 2019. In the USA, you can make a living if you begin the journey correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions On Average Salary in USA

What portion of an average American’s income does a person pay in taxes?

Please provide the original text to be rewritten in simple words. Answering this question is difficult because the taxes system in the USA is complex. The way we pay taxes depends on how much money we make. The government sets different levels, called tax brackets, that determine how much we owe. In 2021, the government made tax brackets between 10% and 37%, based on how much money we earn. This can change depending on how much each person makes. It’s really important that we use the median to figure out a fair average amount of taxes people pay.

In 2018, the richest 1% of taxpayers paid more income taxes than the poorest 90% of taxpayers altogether.

What is mean income?

Ans. To find the mean, we take how much everyone earns altogether and then multiply that by the number of people who told us how much they earn. Around the world, there is a big difference in how much money people earn. This means that people who make a lot of money can make the average seem higher.

What do we mean by the median wage?

Ans. The median shows the middle amount of money that 50% of people earn more than and 50% of people earn less than. It’s a good way to find the average for the whole country.


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