Salary of US Doctors in 2023 –Important Guide on Annual Salaries in America

Salary of US Doctors in 2023 –Important Guide on Annual Salaries in America

This article is on salary of US doctors in 2023. Doctors are people who have studied a lot and get paid well for their job. Different medical jobs pay different amounts of money due to factors like where you work, your experience, and what type of medical work you do. Doctors and nurses around the world were impacted by the covid outbreak.

Their pay did not increase when they were dealing with issues like not having enough workers, working too much, and feeling very overwhelmed with work. Doctors in the US are earning more money than before, says a report from Medscape. Salaries are generally increasing, but how much they go up depends on things like what you specialize in, whether you’re a man or woman, and where you live.

Do you know that some doctors get paid a lot more than others? On average, the difference between the highest and lowest-paid doctors is about $81,000. (Source: Medscape)

Want to know which medical specialization pays the most? Check out our list of salary of US doctors in each state and specialty.

Salary of US Doctors: Overview

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that 13 of the top 20 jobs that pay a lot of money are in healthcare. This shows that American doctors can earn a lot of money, but many things can affect how much they get paid. This article talks about salary of US doctors in 2023.

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Average Salary of a Medical Professional in the US

According to Glassdoor, the typical pay for doctors in the US is $183,429 every year in 2022.

US doctors make about 1.4 Crore Rupees as their yearly salary on average. People made, on average, USD 126,470 a year, but the highest average wage reached up to USD 208,000. On average, they got paid a certain amount of money every year. This amount included their basic pay and benefits for transportation and housing.

Salary of US Doctors for Specific Job Types 

Plastic surgery and dermatology are the highest-paid specialisations and score higher in the compensation satisfaction index.

Here are the average doctor salaries based on the specific job types:

Job Types The Average Salary in the USA (USD)
Advanced Practice Provider 128,000
Allergist 187,000
Behaviour Health Specialist 107,000
Cardiology Specialist 430,000
Chiropractor 115,000
Clinical Psychologist 292,000
Correctional Treatment Specialist 179,000
Counselling Psychologist 224,000
Dermatologist 291,000
Diabetes and Endocrinology 236,000
Family medicine 231,000
Gastroenterology specialist 239,000
Infectious Diseases 243,000
Internal Medicine 267,000
Neurology Specialist 359,000
Oncology Specialist 366,000
Ophthalmologist 482,000
Orthopedics 482,000
Pediatric Specialist 238,000
Plastic Surgery 471,000
Psychiatry Specialist 255,000
Radiologist 419,000
Urology Specialist 408,000

Salary of US Doctors by States

Here is the average income of Doctors state-wise in the USA:

States in the USA Average Income (in USD)
Oklahoma 337,000
Alabama 330,000
Nevada 329,000
Arkansas 326,000
Florida 325,000
Kentucky 324,000
Tennessee 323,000
Connecticut 323,000
Georgia 322,000
Indiana 322,000

Gender Gap in average doctor salary in us

A study called Medscape found that men doctors make more money than women doctors, but the difference is getting smaller over time.

Men who specialize in medicine make 33% more money than women who specialize. Men who work as primary care physicians make 25% more money than women who work as primary care physicians.

In 2019, men doctors made about $228,000 and women doctors made about $218,000 on average.

Salary of US Doctors: Self-Employed vs Full-time Doctors

There are 50,000 temporary doctors working in the United States and more are being hired. More than half of the medical doctors in the USA work for hospitals or medical groups as employees. Self-employed people in the USA make more money on average, even though they don’t have regular paychecks or job security like employed people do.

In 2020, the average amount of money earned by a self-employed doctor in the US, including temporary jobs, was $352,000 per year, according to the Medscape Medical Resident Salary & Debt Report. When you compare it, doctors who work for someone else make around $300,000 each year.

Salary of US Doctors: US vs Globally

A new Medscape report says that doctors in the US get paid more than doctors in seven other countries. Here is how the numbers looked when they were converted to USD to make them all the same–

Managing Funding for Med School

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to pursue Neurosurgery in the USA. Is it a feasible job option for an Indian?

    Doctors in America, who specialize in brain surgery, make a good amount of money. In 2019, Indian doctors who specialize in neurology earned an average of $267,000 per year in the USA. This job is still very profitable for Indians.

  • Which medical degree should I do to become a doctor in the USA?

    To become a medical doctor in the country, you have to go to a good university and get a degree called Doctor of Medicine (MD). You also need to have at least seven years of training to get a license to work as a doctor.

  • What is the role of a pharmacist in the USA?

    Pharmacists are experts in medicines and how they are used to treat people. This job has four main duties: give out medicines as prescribed, talk to doctors who give prescriptions, help patients with their overall health, and advise patients.

  • Which doctors have the highest salary in USA?

    A new survey by Bemo Academic Consulting found that orthopedic doctors earn the most money in the US. On average, they make $511K every year.

  • What is the starting salary of doctors in USA?

    In the USA, a doctor who is just starting out makes about $209,190 as of November 23, 2022. On average, people earn between $181,121 and $233,989.

  • How many hours do doctors work in the USA?

    Last year, AMA Insurance reported that doctors in the USA work about 40-60 hours per week, according to the Work/Life Profiles of Today’s Physician.

  • How many years does it take for MD in USA?

    The duration of an M.D. in USA is three years.

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