Best Ways to Track Your Work Permit Status

Best Ways to Track Your Work Permit Status

We can teach you how to see if your work permit status is approved. You don’t have to wait for an email or go to the Homeland Security office every day to know if your work permit has been accepted.

The website makes things easy for you and others. You don’t have to go to their office every day to check if your work permit is approved.

Once you have applied to work in the United States, we will show you how to check the status of your work visa.

Before showing how to follow it, we want to explain what a work permit status is.

What is Work Permit Status

To explain it easily, a work permit is a paper given by the US government for people from other countries to work in the US. It’s also known as an EAD, which stands for Employment Authorization Document.

You can apply for a work permit even if you are not a permanent resident. However, you must have a visa that allows you to work. People with DACA can also get a document that allows them to work legally.

Getting a work visa costs from $410 to $495. It can take from 2 to 7 months to obtain it. How much you pay and when you can apply may depend on why you’re applying and where you live.

Some people don’t have to pay to apply.

Remember that you need a work visa before you can get a work permit. Some people think that “work visa” and “work permit” mean the same thing.

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Difference Between a Work Permit and a Work Visa

Work Visa

If you get a work visa, you can stay and work in the United States.

If you keep working for that company, your boss will apply for the visa for you.

You can only work at that company. If you leave without getting a new immigration status, you cannot work again.

Work Permit

The papers that allow you to work can be used with any employer. After you get a work permit, you are allowed to work for any boss in the US. If you can do it according to your immigration situation, you can extend your permission to work.

Working without Work Permit

It is very dangerous to work in the US without a work permit or a card that says you are allowed to work. If you work without permission, the people in charge can make you leave the country.

Also, they can deny you access for three to ten years, which would make it harder for you to get temporary or permanent legal status later.

If you are here without permission and work as a visitor, the government likely won’t give you a student visa if you apply for it.

Best ways to track your work permit application to know the status

Work permits are papers that let people work in a certain country for a short time. If you asked for permission to work, check to see if it’s been approved or if there are any problems that need fixing. Here are some ways you can check the progress of your work permit status:

  1. Check online: Lots of countries have websites where people can see if they have permission to work. You’ll usually have to give your application number and personal details to check how your application is doing.
  2. Contact the immigration office: To find out about your work permit application, you can ask the office that reviews it. This office is in charge of immigration. They can tell you how your application is doing and if there are any problems that need attention.
  3. Use a tracking service: You can use some services to monitor your work permit status. You may have to pay for these services, but they will give you regular updates on how your application is doing.
  4. Check your email and mail: The office that handles your work permit application may tell you if there are any changes by sending an email or mail. Make sure to check your email and regular mail often so you don’t miss important news.
  5. Monitor the status of your passport: If they say yes to your work permit application, they’ll usually give you a sticker or stamp in your passport. If you see that your passport has a work permit added to it, this means that your request was accepted. It’s a good sign.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you check if my work permit is approved?

Check the progress of your application and your permit to work. Write your date of birth and your FIN or passport number (travel document number). You can check the progress of any work pass application you submitted in the last six months.

How do I follow up my work permit application?

Go to the USCIS website and click on the case tracker link at Type in the whole number on the receipt, without any lines in between the numbers. If you want to know how things are going, just click on search. Look at your application copy to find this number.

How can I get a work permit quickly?

Usually, you can ask Emma to make your processing quicker once you get a receipt notice or you can call the USCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283 (TTY 800-767-1833).

It’s important to be patient when checking on your work permit application because it takes a while to go through the process. Make sure to do everything that the immigration office tells you to do so that your request goes smoothly.


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