How to Become a Medical Doctor in Finland (7 Steps)

How to Become a Medical Doctor in Finland (7 Steps)

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This article is on how to become a medical doctor in Finland. Finland is a desirable location for medical professionals wishing to work in Northern Europe because of its progressive politics, excellent healthcare system, and high standard of living. Additionally, it is a nation with a strong sense of global citizenship where many programs provide higher education in English (though not for medical school at undergraduate entry level).
You’ll need to speak Finnish and become accustomed to the particular climate, but working in Finland will prove very rewarding. In this article, we will be looking at how to become a doctor in Finland.

1. Finnish Language Requirements

Speaking Finnish is crucial for a career in medicine, regardless of whether you intend to study in Finland or relocate there after completing your studies in your native country. You have a few options for learning Finnish, including taking a course in Finland or studying at home online or through self-teaching software.

In any case, being able to speak fluent Finnish will be a need for both entering medical school and earning your medical license in order to practice medicine in Finland.

2. Study in Finnish Medical Schools if Possible

One of the greatest ways to integrate into the Finnish system and become familiar with all the requirements for obtaining your medical license is to complete your medical studies there.

In Finland, medical school lasts six years, and upon graduation, you are given a license to practice medicine. Since the majority of programs are taught in Finnish, admissions requirements also include a copy of your high school transcript and documentation of your proficiency in topics like biology, chemistry, and physics. The next step is to take a national admission exam, which is held in May of each year. This can be completed in either Swedish or Finnish.

3. Medical exams and residency

The last step to becoming a medical doctor in Finland is to complete a 6-month clinical placement in the area of interest after finishing six years of medical school.

After then, all physicians must take a national exam to become registered physicians.

There is then the option to enhance your specialization by applying to specialization training, which can take anywhere between three and six years overall, depending on your specific interests.

4. Becoming a licensed doctor

Anyone who has finished their medical education and the required 6-month clinical placement is eligible to take the national medical examination, which must be passed to obtain a medical license in Finland.

5. Work Visa for Doctors in Finland

Finland has a special procedure that includes recognizing the medical degree and granting permission to practice medicine in Finland for doctors from member states of the European Union. After three months of presence in Finland, you must register your right of residence rather than applying for a visa.

Along with the procedures for registering as a doctor in Finland, those who are traveling to the country from outside the EU must also submit an application for a work visa. However, students who complete their studies at a Finnish institution are eligible to apply for a temporary residence permit.

If not, you must apply for a residence permit for an employed person; further details are available here.

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6. Getting a Job as a Doctor

Utilizing internet job search engines or the European Job Mobility Portal is the quickest approach to find employment in Finland (EURES). Frequently, only Finnish and Swedish are offered as options for the real online job search.

As an alternative, particularly if you are presently in Finland, you might utilize employment offices there.

7. Becoming a Doctor in Finland through Foreign Schools

Doctors who earned their medical degrees in the European Union must submit an application to the medical licensing organization, Valvira, along with documentation of their proficiency in Finnish. You will be included to the Central Register of Healthcare Professionals after Valvira issues you a license (known as Terhikki).

Depending on your area of expertise, there are several registration criteria, and you can find detailed instructions for each of them here.

Before your degree can be officially recognized to practice medicine in Finland if it was obtained outside of the EU, you must do an internship there and pass a three-part licensure examination. By doing this, you can be sure that your medical degree genuinely equates to one given in Finland. Here are the steps for applying to have your degree recognized before moving on to the licensing stages.

This guide on how to become a doctor in Finland, I hope, was useful.


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