List of Colleges with no Application fee

List of Colleges and Universities Without Application Fees

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This article is on colleges with no application fee. The application period has started! Typically, you’ll have to set aside money for application expenses. Fortunately, some universities don’t require one. Discover which universities don’t charge an application fee by continuing to read.

Which colleges don’t charge an application fee? They do exist, yes. Here we are going to talk about List of colleges with no application fee, this universities don’t charge an application fee because they understand that they can burn a significant hole in your wallet. You will also see online schools with no application fee.

University of Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg offers a very wide range of course from diplomas to degrees to postgraduate courses. UJ also offers a wide range of online courses. These range from short courses to full certificates, continuing education programmes, degrees and postgraduate courses. This is one of the colleges with no application fee worldwide. There are also online schools with no application fee

North West University

North West University offers Undergraduate studies, Postgrad studies, Distance Learning and Short Courses. NWU has three campuses, namely: Mafikeng Campus, Potchefstroom Campus and the Vaal Triangle Campus. This is also one of the colleges with no application fee worldwide.

University of the Free State

The University of the Free State does not need an application fee to be paid to apply.

UFS has nine faculties for prospective students to choose from. Along with these faculties, they also offer Open Distance Learning and Business School. Students can also participate in more than 22 different sport disciplines. This is also one of the colleges without an application fee worldwide.

Sol Plaatje University

Sol Plaatje University doesn’t need an application fee to apply. SPU has only one campus located in the Civic Centre in Kimberly. They offer courses in Economic and Management Sciences, Education, Humanities and Natural & Applied Sciences. This is also one of the colleges without an application fee worldwide.

Central University of Technology

Those wanting to apply to study at the Central University of Technology (CUT) need not worry as you won’t be asked to pay an application fee.

CUT offers a variety of departments at their campuses. Courses are offered for the following faculties: Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology, Health and Environmental Sciences, Humanities and Management Sciences. This is also one of the colleges without an application fee worldwide. There are also colleges with free application.

Nelson Mandela University

Applications to study towards a diploma or degree qualification at Nelson Mandela University (NMU) must be done by using NMU’s online application system. A bonus? No application fee!


Walter Sisulu University

WSU accepts online applications only and no application fee is needed. At WSU, they provide you with affordable, appropriate, career-focused and professional programmes that address rural development and urban renewal with primary emphasis on science, technology and development studies.

University of Limpopo

Online application to study at the University of Limpopo (UL) is free and you will need a valid email address and an internet connection. UL courses fall under the following faculties: Health Sciences , Science & Agriculture, Humanities and Management & Law.

University of the Western Cape

Applications to study at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) don’t require an application fee. Students must apply online via the university’s online application portal.

Universities in USA with no Application Fees

Each year, a large number of students apply without paying an application fee to universities in the USA. Ideally, you should be among them. Before applying, you need be aware of a few things. For instance, you have to be willing to enroll in school for at least three years and have a US passport. However, not all students have the choice to do this. If your credit is less than ideal, look at colleges with free application.

Many students are concerned that colleges without application fees don’t take their education seriously. They worry that the curriculum won’t be challenging or diverse enough. In fact, several prestigious universities don’t require an application fee. You may find out more by getting in touch with them about their start dates, credit transfer policies, and financial assistance options. The applicants should be conscious of the dangers associated with this strategy, though.

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Colleges in USA with no Application Fee

There are colleges in the USA without an application fee, even though many schools do. 500 full-time undergraduate students are enrolled in these institutions, according to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). The Common Application, which most universities utilize to handle online applications, is where the information comes from. The New Mexico Military Institute, which is among the colleges without application fees and is ranked fifteenth overall by US News and World Reports. Both the United States Merchant Marine Academy and the University of Dayton have online application processes that don’t charge an application fee.

The price is the only distinction between these two. If the tuition is too expensive, you might want to think about applying sooner rather than later. Students can find out whether institutions offer no-fee applications by looking at the costs for US colleges. The following collages do not charge an application fee:

College THE Rankings 2023 Acceptance Rate (2023)
Wellesley College 31 20%
Carleton College 35 21%
Smith College 39 37%
Reed College 92 42%
Macalester College 89 39%
Centre College =223 72%
Rhodes College 108 51%
Colorado College =115 14%
The College of Wooster =150 65%
Union College 134 41%

Why Should you Look for Colleges in the United States that do Not Charge Application fees?

Students who cannot afford to apply should still think about applying to a free institution, despite the rising popularity of free admissions. Students are more inclined to apply to colleges that don’t charge an application fee rather than those that do. You’ll be able to apply to more prestigious universities with the same amount of money if you lower the cost of applying to a free institution.
  • The average cost of an application fee for US colleges is $44, but 62 schools on this list charge more.
  • The most expensive schools on the list charge at least $78.
  • In addition, many of the best-ranked schools charge higher application fees, including Stanford University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, and the University of California, San Diego.
  • But there is a bright side: free tuition. The money you earn now can be put to better use, such as repaying your college loans.
  • While there are several reasons you should consider applying for free to colleges in the USA, a lack of financial aid availability can prevent many people from pursuing their goals.
  • Most top colleges charge an average of $75 or more for an application.
  • In addition to this, students are likely to apply to multiple schools with the same average fee. This could be considered a small price to pay. Many people see it as a barrier to higher education.

Why are Application Fees Charged by Universities?

In order to reduce the amount of applications it receives, a university may charge an application fee. The application cost is charged to make sure that only motivated applicants submit their applications, saving both parties’ time.

Another justification for collecting an application fee is to reimburse the universities for their expenses. However, foreign students in the United States are always free to select a university without an application cost.

List of Universities in the USA without Application Fees for International Students

The reputation and educational standards of the university should be taken into consideration when looking for a university in the United States that does not charge an application fee for overseas students. In Dayton, Ohio, there is a private, Roman Catholic research university called the University of Dayton.

There are more than 80 undergraduate and 50 graduate degree programs available at this nonprofit university. For students of all levels, the institution offers several certificate and certification programs.

In addition to academic programs, it also provides services for Asian and international students. International students are also accepted at the university, making them a great option for those on a tight budget.

University THE Rankings 2022 Course offered
The Yale University 4 Biological Sciences,  Computer Sciences, History, Social Sciences,  Engineering, Psychology, Mathematics, and Statistics,
The Milwaukee School of Engineering =372 Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering
The Louisiana University >600 Business, Management, Psychology, Engineering, Education, Marketing, Health Professions
The Case Western Reserve University 51 Engineering, Computer Sciences, Social Sciences,  Management, Marketing, Marketing, Biomedical Sciences, Business
The Ohio Wesleyan University =204 Business, Biomedical Sciences, Kinesiology, Psychology, Social Sciences,

Management, Marketing,

The Drake University =136 Business, Management, Health Professions, Marketing, Social Sciences, Communication, Journalism, Biomedical Sciences
The DePaul University =231 Animation, Drama, Film, Game Design, Communication, Graphic Design, Entrepreneurship


Michigan Technological University =210 Management, Marketing, Engineering, Computer Science


The Saint Louis University 113 Nursing, Biology, Health Sciences, Exercise Science, Business, Engineering
Denison University 114 Biology, Economics, History, Communication, Psychology, English

Application Process for a University in the United States without the Application Fee

Through the university’s application portal or the common application, students can apply for admission to institutions in the USA with no application fee. Universities in the US that don’t charge an application fee have a very comparable application process to those that do.

  • There is no difference in all the intakes for universities in the US without the application fees. Summer, Fall, and Spring are the typical intakes for all universities, including US universities, without application fees for an international student. Following are the steps of the application process for universities in the United States without application fees:
  • Select the University that offers your desired course. You should be sure about some of your options, including United States universities with no application fees for international students.
  • Examine your qualifying criteria on the official websites of the colleges you want to apply to, including free application cost universities in the United States.
  • Go through the intakes and the deadline to apply for your desired course.
  • After completing the online application and submitting the application fee wherever applicable, request an application fee waiver if required at universities in America without an application fee.
  • Submit all required documentation with your application.
  • Financial aid applies for scholarships available for international students if you wish to avail.
  • Application status should be tracked, and wait for the decision.
  • You will receive an offer for admission if your application is successful.
  • Make sure you confirm your acceptance within the deadline specified on the offer and submit the tuition deposit.

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What are the Other Expenses Associated with the Application Process?

You cannot disregard the pre-arrival expenses when figuring up the price of studying in the United States. You must pay for these out of pocket, and no financial assistance is available to you to meet these costs. These expenses may be connected to obtaining a visa, taking entrance exams, purchasing health insurance, traveling, etc. They are incurred even before you are accepted to an institution in the United States.

The following table outlines additional fees that may be incurred while applying for admission to US universities without paying a fee:

Expense Average Cost for Indian Students
TOEFL fees 14,197 INR (180 USD)
IELTS fees 16,250-18,895 INR (215-250 USD)
GRE fees 16,098 INR (213 USD)
GMAT fees 18,895 INR (250 USD)
SAT fees 7,860 INR (104 USD)
ACT fees 11,714 INR (155 USD)
Visa processing fees 12,092 INR (160 USD)
SEVIS fees 26,459 INR (350 USD)
Health insurance 52,905-83,135 INR (700-1100 USD)
Airfare 51,016 INR (675 USD)

The most popular location for higher education is the United States. It has every reason to be the most sought-after location with a strong academic foundation, exposure to the global community, flexible programs, modern infrastructure, and more than 4,500 colleges. While deciding on a specific country to pursue higher education is simple, picking a university requires thought. Transnational students frequently overlook several crucial considerations and wind up in a difficult situation because they are so entranced by the idea of studying in a specific place. Consideration must be given to the decision to pursue additional education at a certain university.


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