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The UK is a fantastic option if you want to attend a prestigious university. Some people also think about Europe as a whole since it provides a variety of educational opportunities. The MPH degrees available in the UK range from single honors to joint degrees.

If you want to be qualified for careers in public health, getting your Master of Public Health degree is the best course of action. Here are some reasons why you should select the MPH over an inexpensive online MSc program, even if there is nothing to prevent you from doing so. Are you curious to learn more about Staffordshire University’s MPH, the cheapest master’s program in the UK for international students in 2021, the scope of the MPH program in the UK, Coventry University’s MPH, online master’s in public health in the UK, and master of public health but getting no useful search results? If so, you’ve come to the correct place for sure! For pertinent details on online master’s programs in health and social care, consult our catalog.

Masters in Public Health

An MPH is a graduate-level degree that equips students to engage with certain areas and populations to enhance their health via policy, research, education, and awareness. Students who enroll in a master’s program in public health will have the opportunity to gain advanced knowledge in a particular specialization as well as a deeper understanding of the five core public health disciplines (biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, health policy & administration, and social & behavioral sciences). Its always a great pleasure to write this post on cheapest mph in Uk for international students.

With the option to also concentrate on a particular public health concentration, this graduate degree reviews and develops upon the public health fundamentals. Then, using their newly acquired information, abilities, and resources, students will apply them to the second half of their mph program, frequently by engaging in original research and practicum work. The advanced degree differs from many bachelor’s degrees in the field because it enables students to develop expertise in a particular area of public health before becoming actively involved in making a real difference in a community and learning which roles best suit them through research or teaching.

The cheapest mph in Uk for international students is also distinctive because during the coming several years, there is anticipated professional growth in the healthcare industry. Many colleges now offer hybrid and online MPH programs in response to the rising demand for public health professionals, allowing students to learn from the convenience of their homes while still gaining practical experience through internships and capstone projects.


The Masters in Public Health program’s curriculum varies depending on the school, the student’s chosen concentration, and the length of time it takes to finish. The ASPPH states that the MPH curriculum must include at least 42 credits and should be consistent across most programs to ensure academic consistency across various institutions. However, depending on the MPH program, the number of credits required for an MPH degree might range from 42 to 80. The typical curriculum structure, using a two-year MPH program as an example, is as follows: Frequently, a student will finish the necessary foundational courses in their first year. The fundamentals of epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy and/or management, environmental health, social and behavioral sciences, and other essential competencies in public health are taught in these courses and built upon.

These programs will give students the knowledge and abilities necessary for doing research, writing grants, and performing community assessments. Students will also learn how behavior and environmental factors impact health and health policies through these courses. An individual will continue to take elective courses and concentrate on courses in their concentration after completing these core courses. Elective and specialized courses may be taken in addition to core courses, depending on the program. After completing the necessary courses, MPH candidates will use their newly acquired abilities in capstone projects and internships to immediately apply what they have learned to real-world situations. Most programs have capstone projects and internships that must be completed during the final semesters of the MPH degree in order to graduate. You may find more details on capstones and internships in the section below this one titled “Requirements for Masters in Public Health.”

Below you will find descriptions of a few required, core courses:

  • Foundations of Epidemiology – This course seeks to provide definitions, examples, and explanations into the reasoning and biology behind various illnesses and diseases. Students in this course have the opportunity to investigate case studies and draw their own conclusions about how illness and disease are maintained and spread throughout communities.
  • Health Policy and Management – Proper management techniques and policy analysis may be taught to students taking this class. Ethics, diversity, and personnel management may also be a large portion of focus. Health policy and management seek to instruct students on how to manage a public health-related team in terms of proper business practices and organizational concerns.
  • Program Planning and Research – This course introduces students to various research methods that are applicable to the community health discipline. Finding applicable research subjects, designing a research plan, and analyzing results are a large portion of what is included in this process. Public-health programs are focused on throughout this course.


Students can often select a public health field of specialization in masters in public health programs. The five main public health disciplines—biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, health policy and administration, and social and behavioral sciences—are the most popular concentrations/tracks. Community health and health promotion, maternal and child health, and nutrition are among additional popular public health specializations. It is advisable to examine what the school provides before applying in order to choose which subject one may be interested in as not all disciplines may be available in every school or program and some schools offer more specific or nuanced concentrations to pick from. Each of these focuses requires basic courses to build a strong foundation in public health knowledge before moving on to more specialized courses in the selected field.

Program Length

When a student enrolls full-time, the majority of MPH programs are structured to be finished within the typical two-year time frame. This might not always be the case, though. It is possible to obtain a master’s degree in public health in as little as one year. These programs are typically referred to as “12-month” or “Accelerated,” and it is typically advised or even required that students not work while enrolled in these programs.

There are also programs that allow students to get their MPH degree part-time if they would like to work while attending classes. Depending on the curriculum, institution, and number of credits the student can take each semester, it may take longer to obtain the MPH degree while working and attending school part-time. The majority of students who complete their degrees while working do so in 2-4 years.

Additionally, some mph programs will give students longer or shorter times to finish their degrees.

Cheapest MPH In UK for International Students

Even while the cost of postgraduate study in the UK is already high for local students, it is significantly more for overseas students. But it’s not necessary to be. See our list of the top ten below if you’re an international student seeking for an affordable postgraduate program. For international students beginning a full-time postgraduate taught master’s degree in 2021/22, fees are per academic year.

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10. University of Bolton

  • Current cost: £12,450

The University of Bolton will charge international students the same yearly cost for postgraduate studies as it does for undergraduate courses in 2021/22, with tuition beginning at £12,450. International students are helped to adjust and succeed in their studies by supportive, individualized instruction in a multicultural environment.

9. University of the Highlands and Islands

  • Current cost: from £12,420

International students at the University of the Highlands and Islands have easy access to the breathtaking Scottish Highlands if they want to study on campus, in addition to cheap and varied postgraduate education choices. There are classes that are grounded in the environment (such as Coastal and Maritime Societies and Cultures and History of the Highlands and Islands) as well as those that are concerned with a sustainable future (Net Zero Communities).

8. University of Suffolk

  • Current cost: from £12,150

The University of Suffolk, one of the newest universities in the UK, was established in 2007 and has been awarding its own degrees since 2016. It is situated along the stunning Ipswich coastline. It places an entrepreneurial and contemporary focus on learning with the goal of providing students with the skills and information they need to flourish in a changing world. International postgraduates will pay the same tuition as undergraduates in 2021/22, depending on the programme type.

7. Plymouth Marjon University

  • Current cost: £12,000

Plymouth Marjon University offers master’s specializations in education and teaching, as well as courses relating to sports and healthcare. Despite being a small university, it offers good supervisor access, and the campus has everything students need.

6. Leeds Trinity University

  • Current cost: from £11,500

Leeds Trinity University places a big emphasis on employability and offers students a year-round schedule of workshops and corporate events. Over 3,000 firms in the UK and abroad are part of the university’s networks, which may increase the number of job prospects available to international graduates once they graduate.

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5. Liverpool Hope University

  • Current cost: from £11,400

Liverpool Hope University provides a variety of intriguing postgraduate programmes to help advance your job possibilities, in addition to low tuition costs for overseas students. You may live close to Liverpool’s bustling metropolis while attending the university and taking advantage of the tranquil campus life.

4. Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

  • Current cost: from £10,600

The work-based learning course MA in Professional Practice: Theatre and Drama Facilitation aims to update your facilitation skills using management tools and strategies. In the UK, intensive weekend sessions are given on campus in addition to online and interactive instruction.

3. Royal Veterinary College

  • Current cost: from £10,240

The Royal Veterinary College’s (RVC) annual tuition is only £10,240. RVC offers the best of both worlds because it has campuses in both urban London and a more rural area of Hertfordshire. During your time there, you’ll also get the ability to work with a diverse range of fascinating creatures.

2. Middlesex University

  • Current cost: from £8,000

Middlesex University strives to provide you with the tools you need to jumpstart your career after graduation by offering some of the lowest prices in the UK for international postgraduate students. As an overseas student, you may concentrate on your studies without having to worry too much about going into debt because tuition can be as cheap as £8,000.

1. University of Hull

  • Current cost: from £7,850

For the majority of full-time taught master’s degrees starting in 2021/22, overseas students at the University of Hull will pay the same tuition rates as UK/Home students. This comprises programs given by the Law School, the Department of Politics, the Faculty of Arts, Cultures, and Education, among others. More than 100 different nationalities are represented among the university’s international students, and Hull, a former cultural capital of the UK, has a lot to offer visitors who want to live and study there.

Studying Public Health in UK Entry Requirements

QualificationTypical offer
Undergraduate degree2:1 or equivalent, or a medical degree. Applications are also welcomed from candidates with a 2:2 (or equivalent) and sufficient relevant work experience e.g. in the health, humanitarian, or human/social development sectors.
Other international qualificationsEquivalent qualifications from your country

English Language

If English isn’t your first language you may need to provide evidence of your English language ability. We accept the following qualifications:

QualificationMinimum requirement
IELTS6.5, minimum 6.5 in Writing and 6.0 in all other components
PTE Academic61, minimum 61 in Writing and 55 in all other components
C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency176, minimum 176 in Writing and 169 in all other components
TOEFL87, minimum 23 in Writing and 21 in all other components
Trinity ISE IIIMerit in all components
DuolingoMinimum overall score of 115

For more information see our postgraduate English language requirements.

If you’ve not met our English language requirements

One of our pre-sessional English language courses might be something you qualify for. You will acquire the level of English required to satisfy the terms of your offer through these courses.

Your existing IELTS scores and how much you need to improve to meet our English language criteria will determine the length of the course you need to take.

Applying For Cheapest mph in Uk for International Students

Through online system, you can apply and send all of your supporting documents instantly. Your application doesn’t have to be finished completely at once; you can start it, save it, and finish it later.

Cheapest Universities in UK for international students

Cheapest Universities in UK (excluding London) for international students

The degree that students want the most is one with an international credential. The student can have their degree recognized internationally if they have an international qualification. You can increase your capabilities and expand your opportunities with an international degree. Many colleges in the UK provide affordable degree programs to international students. Each of the universities listed here has a beautiful campus and provides students with top-notch amenities and infrastructure.

After conducting a comprehensive research, we have enlisted below the cheapest universities in the UK:

1. Staffordshire University

Average annual tuition fee: £10,500.

The Staffordshire University in Staffordshire, England provides fast-track undergraduate degrees, meaning that you can finish your undergraduate coursework in two years rather than the usual four. The university also focuses in programs for secondary teachers. Additionally, this institution is the only one in the UK to provide a BA (Hons) in Cartoon and Comic Arts.

2. Teesside University

Average annual tuition fee: £10,250

The University, which has its Middlesbrough campus renovated, recently spent £200 million on one of its campuses. The university is dedicated to encouraging innovation and creativity while providing students with top-notch facilities.

3. Harper Adams University College

Average annual tuition fee: £11,000

The University, which has its Middlesbrough campus renovated, recently spent £200 million on one of its campuses. The university is dedicated to encouraging innovation and creativity while providing students with top-notch facilities.

4. Leeds Trinity University

Average annual tuition fee: £11,000

In the 1960s, the University was established as a pair of catholic teacher-training institutions. In December 2012, the institution received the designation of university. To establish specialized subject facilities in the departments of sport, nutrition, and psychology, the university has committed millions of dollars.

5. University of Cumbria

Average annual tuition fee: £10,500

Four campuses are located in Lancaster, Ambleside, Penrith, Barrow, Carisle, London, and Workington for the university, which was founded in 2007. The university offers a variety of courses for students to advance their careers in teaching, medicine, sports, business administration, the visual and performing arts, forestry, and land studies.

6. University of Bolton

Average annual tuition fee: £11,000

The University of Bolton offers degrees in subjects like Special Effects for Film, TV and Visual Effects for Film and TV. It offers a mixed range of vocational courses and traditional academic courses

7. Buckinghamshire New University

Average annual tuition fee: £9,500

The University is based on two campuses: in High Wycombe and Uxbridge. Both campuses are located within easy access to attractions of central London.

8. Coventry University

Average annual tuition fee: £11,200

The University’s founding dates back to 1843. The college was formerly well-known under the name Coventry College for Design. The University’s Health and Nursing departments offer the most sought-after courses. The first university to offer a programme in disaster management at the undergraduate level was Coventry University.

9. York St John University

Average annual tuition fee: £11,000

In Lord Mayor’s Walk, which faces York Minister, is where the university is situated. The traditional pubs, bars, and stores of York’s city center are easily accessible to the students attending York St. John. The university just built a $2,500,000 arts center.

10. University College Birmingham

Average annual tuition fees: £10,000

The university provides students with on-campus housing, as well as dining options, bakeries, spas, and sports therapy centers. The university wants to improve and personalize the student experience.

In the UK, enrolling in a degree program necessitates careful budgeting. The UK is well known throughout the world for its esteemed universities and rigorous academic requirements. Your CV will look more impressive to prospective employers and will increase your career options if you have an international degree.

Cheapest master’s degree in UK

A postgraduate degree allows you to delve further into your subject and distinguishes you in the competitive employment market. But because everything is expensive, have a look at this ranking of the UK’s most affordable schools for taught postgraduate degrees. The costs are for domestic UK/EU students who will begin their master’s program in 2021/22.

10. University of Derby

  • Current cost: from £6,000

The University of Derby places a strong emphasis on applied learning and has an award-winning commitment to social mobility. Perhaps for this reason, its MA in Education is offered at the affordable price of £6,000, putting students on the path to becoming the future leaders in education. Early Years, Leadership and Management, Lifelong Learning, and other course tracks are available.

9. Wrexham Glyndŵr University

  • Current cost: £5,940

For just £5,940, Wrexham Glyndr University offers master’s-level programmes like an MA Education (Leadership) or an MSc Engineering (Aeronautical) if you wish to further your education on a budget. That leaves you with more than enough money to pay for your living expenses because it is less than a third of the amount you could receive from a master’s loan in Wales.

8. Teesside University

  • Current cost: from £5,900

Teesside University in Middlesbrough has a newly constructed £275 million city center campus. Over the following ten years, the institution also intends to invest an additional £300 million in student amenities. There are many postgraduate options, ranging from an MBA to a DClinPsy. Master’s-level coursework typically costs £5,900.

7. De Montfort University

  • Current cost: from £5,725

You can enroll in a Youth and Community Development Studies program or an MA in Education Practice at De Montfort University for a total of £5,725 each. Modern study areas are available on the recently refurbished campus, which is situated in the heart of downtown Leicester. The university’s online events are a convenient method to learn more about postgraduate programs there. These events are held all year long.

6. Edge Hill University

  • Current cost: £5,580

Edge Hill University’s postgraduate programs will stretch and push you, preparing you for success in your future job. Big Data Analytics, conservation management, film and media, sport, physical activity, and mental health are just a few of the master’s programs available at this pricing.

5. Queen Margaret University

  • Current cost: from £5,500

For those in the arts, health, and political fields, Queen Margaret University in Scotland offers postgraduate courses starting at $5,500. Through the university’s Business Innovation Zone, aspiring business owners can also access real business assistance and mentoring (BIZ).

4. University of Bolton

  • Current cost: £5,400

Small class sizes and the committed guidance of a personal tutor are advantages for postgraduate students at the University of Bolton. For £5,400, you might enroll in either an LLM in Law or an MSc in International Management, both of which are beneficial for HR professionals wishing to advance their careers.

3. Liverpool Hope University

  • Current cost: from £5,200

Liverpool Hope University offers a selection of fascinating postgraduate programs in addition to reasonable tuition costs. You can take advantage of exquisite campus living close to a booming cosmopolitan city, which is intended to improve your professional opportunities. The cost of an MA in Education, Performance, Disability Studies, History, and other fields is £5,200.

2. University of the Highlands and Islands

  • Current cost: from £5,000

For postgraduate study, the University of the Highlands and Islands is Scotland’s most cheap university. It offers several online and part-time course alternatives so you can fit your studies around other responsibilities. It is made up of 13 colleges and research centers as well as over 70 local learning centers. Master’s degrees with full-time instruction start at $5,000.

1. Leeds Trinity University

  • Current cost: from £4,000

Leeds Trinity University, which will be the most inexpensive school for postgraduate students living in the UK in 2022/23, places a strong emphasis on its students’ employability. University graduates have gone on to become published authors, prize-winning journalists, and leaders in their fields of study. With an MA in Creative Writing costing only £4,000, you might join them.

Cost of MPH in UK

Some of the top universities offering masters in public health in UK are listed below along with their QS World University Ranking of 2020 and total program fee charged:

QS Ranking 2020UniversityProgram OfferedProgram Fee (in GBP)
7University of CambridgeMasters in Public Health (MPhil)29,220
8University College London (UCL)Masters of Public Health in Dental Public Health (MSc)25,900
9Imperial College of LondonMasters in Public Health (MPH)35,600
20University of EdinburghMasters in Public Health (MSc)22,850
27University of ManchesterMasters of Public Health in Dental Public Health (MDPH)38,000
33King’s College LondonMasters of Public Health in Dental Public Health (MSc)26,500
67University of GlasgowMasters in Public Health (MPH)22,500
127Queen Mary University of LondonMasters of Public Health in Public Mental Health (MSc)19,850
146Newcastle UniversityMasters in Public Health (MPH)22,800
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)Masters in Public Health (MSc)24,200

Admission Process for Masters in Public Health in UK

Applicants opting to pursue a masters in the UK universities in public health must have a bachelors degree in dental, clinical, medical or related field with an overall minimum 60% academic score.

Where to Apply: You are required to visit the university’s webpage or the program page to submit the application. Some institutions accept application via UCAS portal.

Eligibility for Masters of Public Health Admission

  • Hold a 2:1 or an upper second class (equivalent to an average of 60% to 70%) in a dental, clinical or medical bachelor’s degree from a reputable or globally recognized institution.
  • Students from nursing, health or social science background are also considered for admissions.
  • Relevant work experience.
  • Evidence of ability in mathematics or basic computer skills.

Documents Required for Masters of Public Health in UK Admission

  • Transcripts showing full details of subjects and grades offered in the previous institutions are required.
  • Photocopies of all official certificates.
  • Official English translation of certificates and transcripts
  • One or more references/recommendation letters
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Evidence of English language proficiency
  • Course-specific required documents
  • A copy of the passport or photo page of the passport.
  • Statement of purpose

English Proficiency Requirement for International Students

Following are the minimum English proficiency test scores accepted by the top ranking universities of the UK offering masters in public health:

UniversityMinimum TOEFL (iBT) Score RequiredMinimum IELTS Score Required
University of Cambridge1007.0
University College London926.5
Imperial College of London926.5
King’s College London1097.5
University of Edinburgh1007.0
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine1007.0
University of Manchester906.5
University of Glasgow906.5
Newcastle University907.0
Queen Mary University of London1007.0

Scholarships for Masters in Public Health in UK

International students may need financial aid to fund their education in a foreign country. Following are some of the available scholarships for international students in UK pursuing a masters in public health:

ScholarshipsAmount Offered (in GBP)University
Gates Cambridge ScholarshipVariesUniversity of Cambridge
University College London Alumni Scholarship10,000University College London
Social Impact ScholarshipUp to 20,000Imperial College of London
King’s International Scholarship25,000King’s College London
The Glenmore Medical Postgraduate ScholarshipVariesUniversity of Edinburgh
Chevening ScholarshipsVariesUniversity of Edinburgh
Jeroen Ensink Memorial Fund ScholarshipVariesLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
British Chevening ScholarshipVariesUniversity of Manchester
University of Glasgow International Leadership Scholarship10,000University of Glasgow
Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship1,500 GBP to 5,000Newcastle University
Chevening Awards/ScholarshipVariesQueen Mary University of London


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