Cheapest Universities in Finland for International Students

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This article contains a list of the cheapest universities in Finland for international students. Hey  wish to complete your education why not considering higher education abroad in countries like Finland, then read through this post because it will guide you for more details to help you through your decision-making process to study in any of the cheapest universities in Finland.

About Finland

Its amazing to know that Finland is a Northern European nation and a member of the European Union even as at now with amazing educational system. Finland is bordered to the north by Norway, to the east by Russia, to the south by the Gulf of Finland, to the southwest by the Gulf of Bothnia, and the northwest by Sweden, its official languages are Swedish and Finnish with some other minorities. 2012 statistics, however, show that at least 70% of Finnish people can speak English and these is great news for international students wanting to study at any cheapest universities in Finland.

This great country Finland has a large population of 5.54 million people and is ranked as one of the top 5 countries in the world with the highest standards of living and equality even with high standard of education.
The people in Finland are generally friendly and easy-going. The country offers a welcoming study environment for international students with their state-of-the-art technology as well as a surrounding that is teeming with life.

Finland’s top universities, including the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, and several others, are located in Helsinki, the nation’s capital.

Finland is one of the nations that ranks first in terms of high-quality education. The nation has achieved the high educational standards that it set for itself.

Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS), commonly known as Polytechnics, are the two main categories of higher education institutions in Finland. Finland’s universities provide programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate (Ph.D.) levels. While only Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs are offered by Universities of Applied Sciences or Polytechnics.

All Finnish academic institutions and universities of applied sciences offer scholarships to international students.

At the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels, English is the language of instruction. For English-taught bachelor’s and master’s level programs, students from outside the EU/EEA must pay tuition; however, regardless of nationality, doctoral level study is free. Doctoral students are responsible for finding methods for funding their research as well as for providing for their everyday needs.

A few factors need to be taken into account before applying for admission to Finland, including the type of institution, the student’s nationality, their degree of study (undergraduate, graduate), etc.

In public universities tuition fees usually follow this pattern:
  • 0 EUR/year for EU/EEA and Switzerland students
  • 5,000–18,000 EUR/year for non-EU/EEA students
  • 0 EUR/year for Ph.D. programs for all international students
  • 0 EUR/year for exchange students
And these are not the same in private schools as tuition fees are more on the high side, with little or no consideration for international students.


If you are not a citizen of the EU and are looking to apply for admission to one of Finland’s most affordable schools, then this post is for your perusal.
Below is a list of the cheapest universities in Finland for international students in no particular order.
1. University of Helsinki
2. University of Vaasa
3. University of Eastern Finland
4. Tampere University
5. University of Oulu
6. Aalto University
7. University of Turku
8. Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT)
9. University of Jyväskylä
10. Åbo Akademi University


The University of Helsinki was founded in 1640 and is now the oldest and biggest university in Finland, with 31600 degree-seeking students, 3215 international degree and exchange students, 4638 faculty members, and 11 faculties. As one of the top 50 universities in Europe and one of the top 100 for worldwide influence, the school is unquestionably the best university in all of Finland.

The City Centre Campus, Kumpula Campus, Meilahti Campus, and Viikki Campus are the four campuses where the University of Helsinki is located.

The Bachelor’s Programme in Science is the only undergraduate program the university offers in English. The other undergraduate degrees are offered only in Finnish and/or Swedish.
The University of Helsinki, however, has 36 master’s programs, and also 33 doctoral programs divided under four doctoral schools, and they are all in English.
The University of Helsinki actually falls on the high side of the cheapest universities in Finland for international students, with  €13000, €15000, or €18000 as tuition fees per academic year.


In Vaasa, a city on Finland’s western coast, there is a business-focused, multidisciplinary university called the University of Vaasa. It was founded in 1968 as a public economics school, and in 1980 it changed its status to a higher education institution. The University of Vaasa is the new name since 1991.

The School of Management, the School of Marketing and Communications, the School of Technology and Innovations, and the School of Accounting and Finance make up the University of Vaasa. Each school has departments that offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral-level courses.

The University of Vaasa is one of Finland’s universities with the highest level of foreign enrollment and offers accredited business and technology programs. It received a ranking of 401 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and 8 among Finland’s top public universities.

There are 5,251 students enrolled at the university, including 4,400 undergraduates, 400 graduate students, and 310 doctorate candidates.

The school prioritizes each student’s unique interests while providing a warm and welcoming learning atmosphere.

Tuition fees vary from 10,000 to 12,000 per academic year. There are also scholarship opportunities for international students.


The next on the list of cheapest universities in Finland for international students is the University of Eastern Finland.

One of the best public universities in Kuopio is the University of Eastern Finland. It was founded in 2010 as a result of the union of the 1969-founded University of Joensuu and the 2010-founded University of Kuopio (est. 1972).

Four faculties make up the university: the Faculty of Philosophy, the Faculty of Science and Forestry, the Faculty of Health Sciences, and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies.

With campuses in Joensuu and Kuopio, the university has 2750 employees, 16,000 degree-seeking students, and 23,00 adult education students.

The University of Eastern Finland was ranked 521 by QS World University Rankings and 501-600 by Times Higher Education in 2022, respectively. By the Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2021, it was rated between 601 and 700, and 412 by Best Global Universities. It is, nonetheless, Finland’s ninth-best public university.


Fees vary from 8,000 to 10,000 per year depending on the program. The university offers tuition waivers and scholarships for international degree students required to pay tuition fees.

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One of Finland’s institutions with the broadest disciplinary offerings is Tampere University. It was founded on January 1st, 2019, as a result of the merging of Tampere University of Technology, founded in 1965, and the University of Tampere, founded in 1925. The majority stakeholder of Tampere University of Applied Sciences is Tampere University.

There are seven faculties at Tampere University: the Faculty of Built Environment, the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Education and Culture, the Faculty of Management and Business, the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The University has about 4,000 employees and 21,000 students. It provides a variety of Master’s degree programs taught in English.

The QS World University Rankings placed Tampere University at 414. It ranks as the nation’s fourth-best public university.

The tuition fees charged for the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs offered in English at Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences range between €6,000 and 12,000 per academic year.


One of Finland’s biggest and most interdisciplinary universities, the University of Oulu is situated in the city of Oulu. It was started back in 1958. There are 2 campuses, 8 faculties, 13,500 students, and 3400 employees at the institution. The university also offers 21 international master’s programs.

The Oulu Business School, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, the Faculty of Science, and the Faculty of Technology are all located on the Linnanmaa main campus.

The University Hospital of Oulu, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, and Kontinkangas Welfare Campus are all located there.

In the 2022 editions of the QS and Times Higher Education world university rankings, the university received a ranking of 377 and 251-300, respectively. Currently, it is Finland’s fifth-best public university.


Tuition fees at the University of Oulu are 10,000 to 13,000 per academic year. This only applies to students enrolled in English-taught degrees.

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Finland’s Espoo is home to the public research university Aalto University. It was founded in 2010 as a result of the union of three esteemed universities in Finland: the University of Art and Design Helsinki, the Helsinki School of Economics, and the Helsinki University of Technology. This fusion of the schools of science, the arts, and business created a multidisciplinary organization.

Aalto University has a total enrollment of 12,000 students, 400 teaching members, and roughly 4,000 staff people. There are six schools in all at the university: the schools of engineering, business, chemical engineering, science, electrical engineering, arts, design, and architecture.

With Otaniemi, Espoo as its main campus, the University also operates in three other locations: Metsähovi, Töölö, and Mikkeli.

Aalto University is the second-best Public university in Finland. It is ranked 112 in QS Global World Rankings 2022.


The tuition fee ranges from €12000 to €15000 per academic year depending on the program.

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The Institution of Turku (UTU), a global research university with its headquarters in Turku, southwest Finland, was established in 1920. It is the third-largest university in the nation by student enrollment, behind Tampere University and the University of Helsinki. Moreover, it is the seventh-best public university in the nation.

The University of Turku has 20,000 students, 3,400 employees, 5 independent units, and 8 faculties, including the faculties of education, humanities, law, medicine, science, social sciences, technology, and the Turku School of Economics. There are also 3,400 autonomous units inside the university. In these faculties and sections, the university provides opportunities for study and research.

The University’s main campus is located in the historical city center of Turku, and it also has facilities at Rauma, Pori, Kevo, and Seili.

It is ranked 295 in QS Global World Rankings 2022, and 136 in Europe.


Tuition fees are from €8000 to €12000 per academic year depending on the program.

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One of the best public universities in Lappeenranta, Finland is Lappeenranta or Lahti University of Technology (LUT). LUT University, founded in 1969, received rankings of 414 in the QS Global World Rankings for 2022 and 251 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The university is the third-best in the nation.

The University, with its three schools—School of Energy Systems, School of Engineering Science, and School of Business and Management—brings together the fields of science and business. It has roughly 4000 students and 300 faculty members.

LUT University has two campuses: Lappeenranta Campus situated on the shore of Lake Saimaa – the 4th biggest lake in Europe, and Lahti Campus.


€13,500 per academic year.

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The University of Jyväskylä is a research institution located in Jyväskylä, Finland. It was established in 1863. The university’s three campuses are at Ylistönrinne, Seminaarinmäki, and Mattilanniemi.

14700 students, 2600 employees, and 1570 teaching and research staff make up the university. has six schools, including the schools of mathematics and science, information technology, education and psychology, sport and health sciences, and Jyväskylä University School of business and economics.

The sixth-best university in the nation, JYU is ranked 358 in the QS World University Rankings and 351-400 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.


Tuition fees at JYU are within the range of €8,000 to €16,000 per academic year

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Bo Akademi University is the final but surely not the least affordable university in Finland for overseas students.

Finland’s bo Akademi University is a multidisciplinary institution that only offers instruction in Swedish. It was established in 1918 and operated as a private institution until 1981, when it changed its status to become a public one. Due to its emphasis on Swedish, the Finnish University has attracted a population of speakers of that language.

The university has campuses in Turku and Vaasa, and its four faculties are the Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology, Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics, and Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Emerging as the 10th best university in Finland, Åbo Akademi University had around 5,500 Students and 1100 employees, ranking 601-650 in QS Global World Rankings 2022.


Tuition fees are from €10000 to €12000 per academic year depending on the program.

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Is University in Finland free for international students?

International students who enroll in Finland’s bachelor’s or master’s programs must pay tuition. Doctoral programs, however, are completely free.

Do Finland universities teach in English?

Yes, most programs are taught in English at Finland Universities.

Do Finland Universities Require IELTS?

Yes, to enroll in any university in Finland, you must have an IELTS score of 6.0 or above.



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