Harvard University famous alumni and their career

Harvard University famous alumni and their career

Are you curious about the names of renowned individuals who attended Harvard University? That is what we will talk about with you in this article,  Harvard University famous alumni!

The Harvard University is a US institution of higher learning renowned for producing some of the most well-known graduates in the world. The CEO of the tools we use today is an alumnus of Harvard University. For instance, Mark Zuckerberg attended Harvard University before founding Facebook, the most popular social media site in the world. Thats why i will take time to tell you about Harvard University Famous alumni.

Famous past students of Harvard university

Continue reading if you want to learn the names of all famous Harvard University graduates as well as what they do or what their area is.

The reason Harvard University is so well-known is that it was the first higher education establishment to be founded in the New World on September 8, 1636. Being the first university in the United States of America, its reputation as the only institution where one might earn a degree was established.

Over 150 Nobel Prize winners have attended Harvard University, which is the top choice of everyone in the world. The institution conducts high-impact research in a variety of areas, including the humanities and sciences.

For more than three and a half centuries, Harvard graduates have made significant and innovative contributions to society, the arts, sciences, business, and national and international politics.

Here is the knowledge:

Numerous notable individuals who graduated from Harvard include eight US presidents, 188 living millionaires, 79 Nobel laureates, seven Fields Medal winners, nine Turing Award winners, 369 Rhodes Scholars, 252 Marshall Scholars, and thirteen Mitchell Scholars.

Ten Academy Awards, 48 Pulitzer Prizes, 108 Olympic medals, including 46 gold medals, and other well-known companies have been formed by Harvard students and alumni.

Notably, numerous well-known actors, musicians, and artists have also graduated from Harvard, in addition to a large number of renowned businesspeople, scientists, professors, and writers.

The compilation of this page is a list of some of the most famous Harvard students of all time, along with the field/area of their achievements. This list of notable Harvard University alumni is based on the individual’s achievements and fame.

Harvard notable alumni and more information about them

According to the Harvard Alumni Association, there are over 400,000 alumni members across the world. The name of top famous alumni of Harvard university are:

  1. Mark Zuckerberg
  2. Matt Damon
  3. Natalie Portman
  4. Barack Obama
  5. Neil deGrasse Tyson
  6. Conan O’Brien
  7. Tommy Lee Jones
  8. Henry Kissinger
  9. Michael Bloomberg
  10. Ratan Tata
  11. Thomas Sowell
  12. Sheryl Sandberg
  13. Tom Morello
  14. Steve Ballmer
  15. Pete Buttigieg
  16. Elisabeth Shue
  17. Rashida Jones
  18. Dustin Moskovitz
  19. Jon Bernthal
  20. John Lithgow
  21. Ben Shapiro
  22. Chris Hughes
  23. Colin Jost
  24. Chuck Schumer
  25. Mitt Romney
  26. Jeremy Lin
  27. Lisa Brennan-Jobs
  28. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
  29. John Roberts
  30. Yara Shahidi
  31. Sal Khan.

Harvard University Indian notable alumni

Despite accepting applicants from all across the world, Harvard University has a low acceptance rate. All applicants, regardless of citizenship or nationality, go through the identical admissions and financial aid procedures.

One of the nations from which prominent Harvard alumni have come is India. Indians have in reality demonstrated that they are a valuable member of the international society with numerous prominent alumni from the exclusive Harvard institution.

Throughout these years, the institution has maintained its charm and excellence. Therefore, it is not unusual to see MBA applicants from all over the world hoping to get accepted to this sought-after institution.

Numerous Indians want to get into Harvard by passing the entrance exam. Indians who went on to become well-known corporate leaders in some of the top global corporations, politicians, and scholars have all called it home over the years.

Here’s a list of top four (4) famous Indian alumni from Harvard university.

1. Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata, chairman emeritus of the Tata Sons, earned his Harvard degree in 1975. He participated in the Advanced Management Program (AMP), which lasted seven weeks, and has since donated to the organization. From 1991 until Cyrus Mistry took over as Chairman of the Tata Group in 2012, he held the position.

2. Ashish Nanda

Director of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, is Ashish Nanda. Harvard extended an invitation to him to enroll in their economic program. He earned an AM in Economics and a Ph. D. in Business Economics. After that, he worked as a teacher there for 13 years.

3. Suhel Seth

Suhel founded and serves as managing partner of the advisory company Counselage India. He graduated from Harvard’s Advanced Management Program (AMP). He is well-known for being a TV anchor, pundit, actor, and keynote speaker among many other things. He has a complex personality. He is also regarded as a management expert and has been asked to speak on relevant themes at a number of colleges.

4. Jayant Sinha

In 1992, Jayant Sinha received his MBA from Harvard. Following college, he worked in Boston for McKinsey and Co. before moving on to the hedge fund Courage Capital. He was a partner at the charitable investment company Omidiyar Network prior to entering politics. He presently serves as a parliamentarian in India.


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