Effingham County Schools Review 2022 | Admission, Tuition, Requirements, Ranking

Effingham County Schools is a public educational institution located in Springfield, Georgia, United States of America. We’ll look at their admissions, tuition, requirements, and ranking for 2022. The school system now has around 12,000 pupils, making it Georgia’s 33rd largest school district. Isn’t that a huge number?

A superintendent of schools leads the Effingham rural school district, which is administered by a five-member board of education.

The Effingham County School District is governed by this board of education, which employs a superintendent of schools who serves as the institution’s senior executive officer.

The board functions as a standard-based board, adhering to the Georgia School Boards Association’s guidelines.

The Effingham County Schools Review; Admission, Tuition, Requirements, and Rankin will be discussed in this post.

How many Schools are in Effingham County

In Effingham County, Georgia, there are 14 public schools serving a population of 57,087 people in a 478-square-mile region. There is one public school for every 4,077 inhabitants, or one every 34 square miles.

Effingham County Schools has eight elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. A separate college and career academy is also available at the school. Each of the Effingham County School districts offers a variety of programs to ensure that each student receives rigorous and relevant instruction.

The student body is made up of people of all races, which is understandable given the enormous number of pupils in Effingham County Schools. 71% White, 7.7% Black, 15.5 percent Asian, 4.9 percent Hispanic/Latino, 0.1 percent American Indian or Alaska Native, and 71 percent Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander make up the varied race.

Also, 48% of students in Effingham Country Schools are female while  52% of the students are male. At  Effingham County Schools, 38.9% of students are qualified to participate in the federal free and reduced-price meal program.

Moreover,  2.4% of Effingham school students are English language learners. At Effingham County Schools, 99.3% of teachers are licensed while 96.1% of them have three or more years of experience.

Effingham Country Schools is a standard institution that is capable of meeting all the basic needs of students studying in the school.

Why should you study at Effingham Country Schools?

Effingham Country Schools is one of Georgia’s top 15 percent of school districts, so parents can rest assured that their children are studying in a secure setting.

They are also taught by some of Georgia’s greatest and most capable/qualified professors. Effingham County educators are always preparing students to achieve their goal of receiving a high school diploma, as seen by the continually growing graduation rates over the last ten years.

Effingham Elementary schools offer computer labs and full-time technology teachers that guarantee that knowledge is imparted in the most effective method feasible with the resources available.

Art, music, and physical education are all part of the elementary school curriculum. Special education kids are provided through resource and inclusion models, with an emphasis on the least restrictive environment, as determined by each student’s Individual Education Plan.

Effingham County Middle Schools also make the most of Title I monies by offering reading and math lab sessions during connection periods. These sessions are for students who require special interventions or additional help.

Each season, middle school students can participate in competitive sports. All of Effingham Country Schools’ middle schools have devised innovative club day schedules to encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities.

The high schools in Effingham are comprehensive, offering a wide range of Career, Technical, and Agricultural subjects. The CTAE curriculum offers nine industry-recognized professional paths.

Effingham County’s fine arts programs are well-known throughout the state. Students have had the opportunity to compete in chorus and band competitions all over the world.

Students at the Effingham College and Career Academy (ECCA) are completing career routes and earning certifications that will lead to employment in a variety of fields.

Students who participate in programs like work-based learning and internships get an advantage in today’s more competitive job market.

Effingham Elementary Schools

Effingham Elementary School is a public elementary school in the rural town of Effingham, New Hampshire. Effingham Elementary School has 114 students and teaches grades K through 6.

The student-to-teacher ratio is 11:1, which matches the district’s. There are 50 percent female students and 50 percent male pupils in the student body.

Effingham Elementary School enrolls 56% economically disadvantaged students. There are 10 equivalent full-time teachers and 0 full-time school counselors.

The eight Effingham Elementachools;
1.    Blandford Elementary School
2.    Ebenezer Elementary School
3.    Guyton Elementary School
4.    Marlow Elementary School
5.    Rincon Elementary School
6.    Sandhill Elementary School
7.    South Effingham Elementary School
8.    Springfield Elementary School

Effingham Middle Schools

Effingham Middle School is a public middle school in Guyton, Georgia, which is on the outskirts of a rural area. Effingham County Middle School has a student population of 982 students in grades 6 through 8.

Effingham Middle School has a female student population of 47 percent and a male student population of 53 percent. There are 69 full-time equivalent instructors and two full-time school counselors at the school, which enrolls 53% of economically disadvantaged children.

The three Effingham Middle Schools;

1.    Ebenezer Middle School
2.    Effingham County Middle School
3.    South Effingham Middle School

The school’s minority student enrollment is 36% and the student-teacher ratio is 14:1, which is better than that of the district.

Effingham High Schools

Effingham County High School is one of two public high schools located northwest of Savannah in Effingham County, Georgia. The school was founded in 1956 and serves roughly 2000 Effingham County School District students in grades 9-12.

The school colors are red, navy, and white, and the school mascot is the Rebel. In the Effingham Community Unified School District 40, however, Effingham High School is the only high school.

Effingham High School students can enroll in 23 different dual credit classes, produce award-winning theatre productions, earn athletic scholarships to prominent universities, and receive more than $1 million in academic scholarships each year.

Effingham High School is ranked 441-647th within Illinois.

The two Effingham High Schools;
1.    Effingham County High School
2.    South Effingham High School

Both Effingham County High School and South Effingham High School offer a variety of advanced placement classes that provide students with college entry education as well as the ability to earn college credit while still in high school.

Effingham College & Career Academy

Effingham College & Career Academy (ECCA) opened in the fall of 2010 as one of Georgia’s first college and career academies. In 2008, the Effingham County Board of Education applied for and was awarded a $3.2 million grant from the State of Georgia’s Technical College System.

A total of 44,034 square feet of cutting-edge Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) classrooms and labs were included in the new structure. When the building opened in the fall of 2010, the $3.2 million grant and ESPLOST funds paid the whole cost of the project.

The structure was one of Coastal Georgia’s first LEED Gold-certified constructions. A 47,000-square-foot Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) extension opened in the fall of 2016 to extend the campus.

The Effingham County School District’s new STEM Academy opened in August 2016 at the Effingham College and Career Academy.

STEM Academy’s goal is to bring real-world applications in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to students.

ECCA has remained committed to its aim of providing world-class education to students who choose to attend this facility, despite program changes over the years.

Current programs includes:

  • Computer Science
  • Programming, Games, Applications, and Society
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Allied Health and Medicine
  • Patient Care
  • Sports Medicine
  • Culinary Arts
  • General Automotive Technology
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • 1Veterinary Science
  • STEM

With the launch of the STEM program, ECCA now offers academic courses. The majority of ECCA’s academic offerings are Honors or Advanced Placement.

More than 26 HOPE Rigor and Dual Enrollment courses given by Savannah Technical College and Georgia Southern University are available through ECCA.

Students at ECCA have the ability to join Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) and other clubs, such as:

  1. SkillsUSA
  2. TSA
  3. FBLA
  4. FCCLA
  5. HOSA
  6. FFA
  7. Beta
  8. National Honor Society
  9. Science Olympiad
  10. Science Fair and others

ECCA provides a unique learning environment for students where hands-on project-based learning is the norm, not the exception.

The only Effingham Career Academy;
1.    Effingham College and Career Academy (ECCA)

Admission into Effingham County Schools

With the launch of the STEM program, ECCA now offers academic courses. The majority of ECCA’s academic offerings are Honors or Advanced Placement.

More than 26 HOPE Rigor and Dual Enrollment courses given by Savannah Technical College and Georgia Southern University are available through ECCA.

Students at ECCA have the ability to join Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) and other clubs, such as:

Tuition fee for Effingham Country School.

Effingham County Schools are tuition-free, publicly financed schools that are constitutionally mandated to accept and educate all pupils in Effingham County, Georgia, from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Each of America’s fifty state constitutions include a requirement for the establishment of a public school system, and each state, including Georgia, has a compulsory education statute requiring school-age children to attend school.

Ranking of Effingham Country Schools

According to CountyOffice.org , In Georgia, Effingham County is ranked 113rd of 159 counties in Public Schools per capita, and 58th of 159 counties in Public Schools per square mile.

According to Niche ranking, Effingham Country Schools has been ranked as follows;

  1. 49 out of 179 , for best school districts in Georgia.
  2. 88 out of 180, for district with the best teachers in Georgia.
  3. 93 out of 180, for most diverse school district in Georgia.

Scholarships offer to students of Effingham Country Schools

Throughout the year, the counselors at South Effingham High School are advised of several scholarship opportunities for high school students.

Essay writing contests, speech contests, internet applications, and paper applications are just a few of the options accessible.

A current list of these scholarships is available in the counselors’ office, and it can also be found on the school’s website.

In May 2018, the Unit 40 Mentor Program granted its first ever scholarship to a qualified Effingham High School graduate who continued to meet with a mentor throughout their high school years as part of the Mentor Program.

To be considered for the scholarship, this student had to apply, have an interview, and complete specific requirements.

Scholarships sponsored by “Going Merry” and others are available to all Effingham high school, college, and graduate students.

Going Merry is a free scholarship application tool that allows students to search for and apply for all of their scholarships all in one place! Going Merry was inspired by the Common App, which streamlines college admission processes.

For students, this means;

  1. They can apply directly to multiple scholarship and never leave the website.
  2. Their profile information will be auto filled into each application, saving them time.
  3. Going Merry is completely free for students and will never sell student data to third parties.

All student information is stored very securely and will only be shared with scholarship providers when a student submits an application.
Check out Going Merry scholarships via www.goingmerry.com

What is student life like at Effingham Country Schools?

A lot of students have one thing or the other to say about their life at Effingham Country Schools. Some comments can be accessed via the link; https://www.niche.com/k12/d/effingham-county-schools-ga/reviews/ .

What is it like to work in Effingham Country Schools?

Of course, Effingham Country Schools is a large educational organization that provides great education from the most basic to the most advanced levels.

Teachers must be doing a fantastic job if superb grads are produced every year. Some teachers/tutors from other schools have spoken well of Effingham Country Schools, with the majority of them only having great things to say.

Imagine working in a top-notch school that caters to students at all levels of education. As a school employee, interacting with other staff members will be a fantastic experience. Because it is a large school, there are opportunities to form friendships and increase one’s learning capacity.

This in turn, affects the students positively. Imagine learning a great deal in the process of  associating with other staff members , the students are definitely at the receiving end.

Some staffs of Effingham Country Schools have made their views known about the school via https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Effingham-County-Schools/reviews 
Average annual salary of staff in Effingham Country Schools.
In 2020, the average annual salary of staff members of Effingham Country Schools was $43,481 and median salary was $39,338. Effingham County average salary is 7 percent lower than USA average and median salary is 10 percent lower than USA median. https://govsalaries.com/salaries/IL/effingham-county

Effingham County Board of Education Salaries by Job Title in 2022

According to the human resources department of Effingham Country Schools, the payroll of staffs is found in the link below.
The link reveals 2022-2023 classified salary schedule or payroll of staff/workers in Effingham County Schools.

Effingham County Schools Website

For the purpose of more information or enquires about the school, view the website via the link provided below.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How does Effingham County Schools follow the company mission?

Effingham County Schools follow the company’s mission by putting students and education first.

What benefits does Effingham County Schools offer?

Great retirement and health insurance plan

On average, how many hours do you work a day at Effingham County Schools?

9hours, 30minutes lunch.

What do you think about interviews at Effingham County Schools?


How long does interview at Effingham Country Schools take?

At most, two days.


This page covers the majority of what you need to know about Effingham Country Schools, a school that offers a variety of learning opportunities. Any student can study at Effingham’s numerous schools until he or she reaches the pinnacle of their careers.

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