360 Free Military Schools for Troubled Youth by States

360 Free Military Schools for Troubled Youth by States

This article is on free military schools for troubled youth by states. Military schools can be really helpful for kids who are struggling and need some extra support. These schools help young people who have been in trouble with the law to turn their lives around and improve their future.

free military schools for troubled youth are schools that help kids who are going through a hard time. People call them military schools or places for troubled youth. This article is about schools for young people who are having problems, and they are run by the military. We will talk about this topic because it is important.

When people hear about places that help kids who have done wrong, they usually think of schools for the military. But not too many people understand how these places operate. In this article, we will talk about free military schools for troubled youths. We will trace their history and also explain what it’s like to study in one of these schools. We will talk about how these schools can assist struggling children by giving them guidance and a plan.

Students like these schools because they can help them do well in school and their future. Students learn in school and also learn how to be responsible as they grow up.

Military schools help teenagers with behavior issues to make friends and improve how they interact with others. These schools are good for people who find it hard to stay in school and make friends. They also help students feel better about themselves, learn to do things on their own, and rely on themselves, especially if they didn’t do well at home before.

Lots of schools for people in the military have fun sports activities. This is a good way to hang out with friends after school or on weekends.

What Are The Benefits of Attending Military Schools?

The benefits of attending a military school include:

  • Developing skills such as leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication skills, and patience
  • Learning about different cultures around the world through trips to Europe or Asia
  • Developing self-discipline by learning how to follow directions without arguing with teachers or other students about rules

Free Military Schools for Troubled Youth in California

Free Military schools for troubled youth in California help your child get a good education and become more disciplined. These schools are very strict and hard to get into, but going to one is really worth it because of all the good things you gain from it.

Good schools for soldiers in California offer a special way of learning for their students. They give students lots of practice to get ready for college or the military, and also let them go to different countries.

Some schools need students to continue being a part of the military or its reserve. This can be tough for parents who want their kids to go to school even in breaks from high school or college classes. If your child has the same qualities as the kids in these schools and they want to go there, then it’s a good idea for them to do so.

List of free military schools for troubled youth In California (Boarding)

Below are the top 10 Military Boarding Schools in California and also we have researched and found little information regarding these military schools as follows;

#1. California Military Institute

The oldest military school in California is called California Military Institute (CMI). In 1868, General William Tecumseh Sherman created a school to teach officers of the U.S. army. Soldiers and sailors. CMI grew to include a school for boys from 11 to 18 years old, and also a program for students who are not in the military.

The school teaches about the military, how to be a leader, how to keep fit, and sports too. At CMI, students can pick from over 50 various courses, such as Spanish language and culture, family life, history, engineering, computer science, game design, and more.

CMI is at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in San Diego County, which is north of San Diego City and has lovely surroundings.

#2. Army and Navy Academy

The Army and Navy Academy in California gives free school money to students that meet the requirements. It is the only military school in the state that does this. The academy’s saying is “watch and be honourable.” It was started a long time ago in 1845 and has given diplomas to over 20,000 cadets so far.

The academy has a tough exercise program that involves different sports like football, soccer, basketball, swimming, and running competitions. There are classes in school where students can learn English, math, and science, and also do experiments.

If your kid wants to go to a fancy military school but can’t pay, you can apply for help with the money from the University of California or another school in your state.

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#3. North Valley Military Institute

The North Valley Military Institute is a school in California that teaches military skills for free, and it’s not run by the government. It has different classes for young people who are having problems. Some of these classes are about how to be safe with guns and the past of the military.

This school is great for students who want to learn about the complicated aspects of military culture and how it affects them. The school lets students get college credit for their hard work there.

NVMI is a school in California that was started a long time ago and focuses on military education. This school was made for kids who have problems and want to join the military. They are very good at helping these students learn how to be better people by fixing their behavior and learning better in school.

At NVMI, you can learn about the military, how to be a leader, and other things too. They teach each student what they need to know based on their own goals.

Teachers at NVMI are members of the military who are currently serving or have served for more than five years.

The teachers teach many things in the military, like how to do exercises, take care of injuries, and use computers. They also teach about staying clean and healthy while in the military.

The school can help you if you need extra help with homework or preparing for tests. They have a tutoring service available.

#4. Oakland Military Institute

Oakland Military Institute is a school that doesn’t charge money and accepts young people who are having difficulties. The school teaches leadership and how to have good qualities. They help kids from all over California who might not do well in school.

Oakland Military Institute has a special program for boys and girls that helps them be better people, leaders, and learners. The school is doing really well. 80% of students who finish the program either graduate or get into college.

The Oakland Military Institute is an option for young people who might otherwise be sent to jail by their parents or guardians. It helps them keep learning while also learning how to live well outside of jail.

Oakland Military Institute has many different programs for students. For example, there is a program to help students get better at reading, a program to help students catch up if they are behind in school, and a program where students can meet successful grown-ups. These programs help students learn new things and be good members of society.

#5. Southwestern Academy

Southwestern Academy is a school in California where you can go for free. It’s a school that has both military rules and college classes. The school wants to get students ready for high school and their future. This means making sure they have a good education and feel confident about their abilities. They should be ready for whatever job they want to do. The goal is to help them succeed.

The school started in 1966 when some Air Force people made it. The program has done well for a long time, and now it’s offered to students in all military branches, as well as veterans and their loved ones.

The school teaches hard subjects like math, science, writing, reading, other languages (French or Spanish), history, and physical fitness. Kids can help their community by doing good things at different times in the year.

At SAWSC, students must follow military rules. They cannot bring phones or computers and must be at least 14 to join.

#6. St. Catherine’s Academy

St. stands for saint. Catherine’s Academy is a special school in California for kids who want to become soldiers. It doesn’t cost money for kids from families that don’t have much. This school teaches students about art, school subjects, and sports to help them do well in a world where lots of people want the same things.

Students who go to St. are going to a place where they will be taught. Students at Catherine’s Academy must keep a good average grade of 2.5 or higher while they are in the school. Before students can join the program, they need to show that they are well-behaved and can control themselves.

The school was praised by Newsweek for having the best education program in the country and being one of the top military schools in America.

#7. La Sierra Military Academy

La Sierra Military Institute could be a free military school in California. It offers a assortment of programs to assist vexed youth and their families. La Sierra has been making a difference vexed youth since 1949 and will proceed to do so until the conclusion of time.

The school has three primary programs:

  • The New Student Program is for new students who have little or no background in military life and are looking for an alternative to traditional schooling. This program is designed to give students a better understanding of the military, as well as the structure and discipline required by this lifestyle.
  • The Military Child Program is for children who have already experienced traumatic events in their lives and require support from their parents or guardians before they can enter this program. This program is designed to help children cope with their trauma and address any underlying issues that may be contributing to their behavior.
  • The Crisis Intervention Program provides counseling services for adults who have experienced traumatic events in their lives and require support from family members or friends before they can enter this program. This program is designed to help adults cope with their trauma and address any underlying issues that may be contributing to their behavior

#8. Summit Leadership Academy High Desert

Summit Authority Institute Tall Leave could be a military school located in California. The school was set up within the year 2000 and has been taking care of understudies from all over the world.

The school is one of the finest military schools in California with extraordinary offices and framework. It has everything that understudies got to ended up fruitful in life.

#9. Discovery Challenge Academy

Disclosure Challenge Foundation could be a free military school in San Diego, California. It’s open to dynamic obligation and resigned military individuals, as well as their dependents.

The institute offers an quickened tall school program that plans understudies for the GED® (Common Instructive Improvement) test or other postsecondary instruction.

The educational modules incorporates themes such as math, science, social considers, English dialect expressions, and physical instruction.

Understudies are too required to take an interest in extracurricular exercises such as sports groups and community benefit ventures

#10. California Maritime Academy

The California Maritime Academy is a school for people who want to be in the military. It is in Vallejo, California. The school started in 1874 and gives out bachelor’s degrees in subjects related to boats and keeping them safe. The school has a lot of different places like a library, a place for students to hang out, a theater, a place to play sports, and a gym.

The school also has courses you can take to get certificates in managing boats, keeping them safe, enforcing laws on the water, and running transportation on the water.

California Maritime Academy is one of the first military schools in America. It was started by Colonel A. Cale Young wanted to give better education to boys who wanted to work on ships or become pilots. Many students come to this school each year to become cadets, and there are now more than 500 of them. This makes it one of the biggest military colleges in California.

Free Military Schools for Troubled Youth in North Carolina

North Carolina has very good schools for the military. There are many schools to choose from, but we can help you find the best one with our guide.

There are many free military schools for troubled youths in North Carolina, and each county has several. Military schools are good for your kid because they can go to a good school and learn about military life too. They can learn how to lead, work well in a team, and communicate effectively in a way that suits them. Military schools give students more than just learning. They give students the opportunity to become responsible citizens who will make a difference in our community when they grow up.

First, check out the various free military schools for troubled youths in North Carolina. There are three types of military schools: ones you live at, ones you stay overnight at, and ones you go to during the day. We will explain each of them and how they are different from one another.

Residential Military Schools

These are the most usual kind of schools for soldiers in North Carolina. They teach students both theory and real-life skills so they are ready for what comes after graduating high school. Living at an RMS is great because students can live on campus with other students and get more help from their teachers. Doing this will ensure that your experience at RMS goes well.

Boarding Military Schools

If students want to keep their social life and study at the same time, they can think about going to a boarding school rather than a RMS in North Carolina. Some high school students like boarding schools more than RMSs because they can do things they enjoy outside of school time without being surrounded by people who all seem the same.

List of free military schools for troubled youth in North Carolina

In North Carolina, There are only 6 military schools which are as follows;

#1. Oak Ridge Military Academy

Oak Ridge Military Academy is a school where students learn about the military. It’s in a town called Oak Ridge, North Carolina, and was started in 1879. This school for the military is very old and has over 200 students right now.

The school helps students who have difficulties with their feelings or making friends. They can go to school here for free instead of a normal high school. The army course teaches people how to be well-behaved, take charge of their actions, and show regard for people in charge.

Oak Ridge Military Academy students have a schedule which includes studying English, math, science, and history along with physical education classes such as swimming and track & field. Every month, every student needs to do 30 hours of community service to help with their mental health problems or behavior issues.

At the private school, students can do fun things after school like play instruments, make art, and join sports teams. This is for students who want to do more than just study.

#2. Asheville Academy for Girls

Asheville Academy for Girls is a school you pay to go to that is in Asheville, North Carolina. The school was started a long time ago in 1899, and it’s still one of the oldest schools that train students for the military.

The academy has classes for kids from kindergarten all the way to 12th grade. The school has many classes for students who want to go from high school to college.

The classes you take at school include art, music, acting, foreign languages, math, and science. Asheville Academy students can do more than just regular school work. They can also choose from lots of different things to do after class. They can play sports or do creative things like music and art.

#3. Tarheel Challenge Academy

Tarheel Challenge Academy is a school that helps youth who are having a hard time. They use military training to help them get back on track. The school started in 2011 and is in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The school has classes for kids in grades 5 to 12 all day long. The school uses a test called the AFVAB that has 102 questions with multiple choices. They use this test to make their lessons. The test grade is based on how well students did on it.

Tarheel Challenge Academy has classes you can take on the internet if you want to study from home.

The school has small classes and focuses on teaching each student individually. Students are asked to join after-school programs like sports and music activities.

#4. Wolf Creek Academy

Wolf Creek Academy is a school in North Carolina that helps young people who are having difficulties by offering them a special kind of education. It’s like a military school. The things the school teaches are meant to help students improve their feelings and their ability to be active and healthy.

The school is in a small town called Murphy, North Carolina. It’s about an hour and a half from Raleigh. The campus has three buildings: one for the people who run things, one for middle school students, and one for high school students. Students can use sports fields and places for fun activities on the school’s property.

Students at Wolf Creek Academy must wear specific clothes every day. They must wear navy blue pants or jeans with a white shirt or polo shirt over it. They cannot wear t-shirts. They get some money every week that they can use as spending money.

In Wolf Creek Academy, students learn regular things like math and reading. They also learn how to work with others and how to solve problems. Students must join organized events such as art classes. These classes teach them how to play musical instruments and work with other students who like the same things.

#5. Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy

Tregurtha is a big ship. It is a bulk carrier boat that is used to transport goods across the water. It was built in 1981 and is over 1,000 feet long. This ship is named after its owner, Paul R. Tregurtha. Brown Leadership Academy is a school for kids who are having a hard time, and there is no cost to attend. It is like a military school. This place is in Charlotte, NC and it started running in 2000. This is a place where you can get help with your problems, like schoolwork, friendships, or feelings. The school welcomes students from all different backgrounds. Teachers at the academy try their hardest to support students in doing well and improving as individuals through their education.

In this school, students will study lots of topics like math, science, and history. They’ll also have gym class. This will help them be ready for life after they finish school so they can do well in their future.

Tregurtha is a big ship that can transport large amounts of materials or goods through waterways. It is one of the biggest vessels in the Great Lakes region and has a length of over 1000 feet. The ship was built in 1981 and is named after the late Paul R. Tregurtha, who was a prominent figure in the maritime industry. The Paul R. Tregurtha can carry over 68,000 tons of cargo and has a crew of around 30 people. The Brown Leadership Academy lets teenagers who got kicked out of other schools come to their military school without having a bad behavior or crime record. This helps them go back to regular school after getting expelled.

Free Military Schools for Troubled Youth in Texas

Texas has good schools for kids to learn with a military focus. There are lots of schools you can go to, like ones that are open to everyone and ones that only some people can go to. These schools teach kids who want to join the military or go to college. Some schools want their students to participate in sports and other fun things, but some schools only want them to study.

The army schools are very big with lots of different schools all over Texas and other states too. These schools help students to learn different subjects like history, math, science, language, and others. Teachers who are trained by the school teach these subjects to students.

Some schools make students wear uniforms, but not all. Every school requires teachers and some sports teams, like football, to wear uniforms. When you are checking out a military school, it’s important to know that they might not have any fun activities unless they tell you about them on their website or brochure.

List of free military schools for troubled youth in Texas

It can be hard to find a school for troubled young people who want to join the military. There are many choices available and it can be tough to decide where to begin.

Thankfully, we made a list of the top military schools in Texas that can help you choose what’s best for your child.

#1. Texas Military Institute

The Texas Military Institute is a school in Texas where students can get a really good and tough education. They teach lots of stuff. Colonel George Washington Custis Lee started the school in 1856. It was first called the Virginia Military Institute.

It went to San Antonio in the end of 1861 when the Civil War started. The school accepted boys who were 13 to 17 years old and passed a test to attend college classes.

Besides getting a college-level education, students at the Texas Military Institute could also do lots of other fun things like sports, music, acting, learning new languages, and making art.

#2. San Marcos Academy

The San Marcos Academy is a school in Texas that helps kids who are having a hard time. It has a military style of teaching. The school helps students learn how to be respectful and have self-control so that they can become soldiers in the future.

The academy started working in 1857. Its goal was to teach and prepare boys for serving the United States. The academy’s saying is “For God and Country.”

San Marcos Academy thinks that all students can learn if they go to this school, even if they made mistakes in the past. They believe this, so they don’t charge students for going to school.

Many students from this school become leaders in the military or civilian world after finishing high school or college.

At this military school, students have to obey strict rules. These rules are: no talking during meals, don’t be late for class, and stay off campus during curfew, which changes depending on when a student starts. Teachers have some rules for students to follow. One of these rules is that they should not drink alcohol before noon, except on weekends. This rule is only for school days.

#3. TexasMaritime Academy

The Texas Maritime Academy is a school in Texas for people who want to learn about the military. This school started in 2000 and teaches its students about being disciplined and respectful. The school thinks kids should learn how to choose wisely when they’re young, so they can do well when they grow up.

The school helps its students by giving them what they need to do well in life, such as money support if they need it. The teachers who lead the classes are very good and love teaching and helping their students succeed in the future.

The school wants to get their students ready for college or job training after they finish high school. They also offer help like tutoring and counseling if someone needs it.

#4. Maritime Military Academy

Maritime Military Academy is a school that teaches and trains kids who have had some problems in the past. It is free, and has been doing this for a long time. This is an old military school in Texas that has helped students with difficult situations since 1852. The school has two programs. One is for students who are 12 to 18 years old, and they go to school all day. The other program is for older students, and they go to school part-time.

The part-time program lets students go to Maritime Military Academy and still go to their regular high school classes. At Maritime Military Academy, teachers help students either get their GED or finish school. The full-time program at Maritime Military Academy helps students get their high school diplomas. They can study here and also get credit for graduation from two different schools.

The Maritime Military Academy is situated on a large piece of land with hills in Texas near Galveston Bay. The school has nice views, great buildings, and good classes that can help you get a college diploma or a certificate in a trade skill like welding or plumbing. You can even study at A&M University.

Free Military Schools for Troubled Youth in Georgia

The military offers many chances for soldiers and their families to learn new things. From finishing high school to getting advanced degrees, the U.S. The Department of Defense gives you lots of choices for college degrees. You can pick from over 12,000 programs at more than 800 schools all over the country.

Georgia has schools that teach students how to lead people in the military. These schools also teach things like how to manage businesses or use computers.

There are some military schools in Georgia that can assist you in being accepted into a good college. These schools aim to help people who used to be in the military and their families switch to a normal life. These people can teach you the skills you need to find a job in the area you like and let you meet others who want to do the same thing.

Many schools give scholarships to students who meet certain requirements. This is good to think about if you can’t pay for all the tuition by yourself. Military schools are good for people who have kids or pets and want them to get a good education while living at school.

If you want to go to a military school in Georgia, you need to be 17 or older and follow the rules of the school. Before you can go to school, you need a high school diploma or something like it.

List of free military schools for troubled youths in Georgia

#1. Georgia Military College

Georgia Military College started in 1872. This is a school for only some people and it can be found in Milledgeville, Georgia. This school teaches young people in Georgia using military-style programs. The school is connected to the American Armed Forces like Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force. This school has been around since 1914 and has seen many of its students become leaders in various fields, including government.

The school gives good education and also teaches leadership skills by letting students meet professionals from different areas like business and academics. At school, students have to take some classes like English, math, science, history, and gym. They can also choose some other classes like computer or a foreign language.

If you want to study more in college, you can take classes for three years before or after you finish high school. Which one you do depends on what classes you already took in college.

#2. Riverside Military Academy

Riverside Military Academy is a school in Georgia that helps kids in need for free. It is a military school. Riverside is a school for only boys. They have classes from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon on weekdays.

At Riverside, you learn different things like math, science, history, English, and do exercise too. Students must give a certain amount of their time each week to help the community as part of their classwork.

The school has teams that play sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball. Students practice handling weapons safely every day in academic classes and physical education classes. The school offers a program called JROTC for students who want to learn about the military. They have weekly sessions where students can practice drills and learn about discipline.

#3. Benedictine Military School

Benedictine Military School is a school in Georgia that is private and has a military focus. Benedictine Military School is a place where students learn to be disciplined, honorable, and duty-conscious. It is a non-profit school. At Benedictine Military School, students learn to be accountable for their choices and how to lead well in any career they choose. Students learn to be kind and protect people who are not as strong as they are.

Students need to behave well, dress properly, exercise regularly, and play sports. Students at Benedictine Military School must do well in their school work and keep their grades at 2.5 or above. They need to do this the whole time they are at the school.

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#4. Miller’s Military Academy

Miller’s Military Academy is a school in Georgia that teaches people about the military. It helps kids who have trouble behaving well and learning.

If you do not have much money or if the school district wants you to go, Miller’s Military Academy will let you go to school there for free. The school can have students with special needs, but they must pay for their education.

The school has rooms for 150 students, a place to read and use computers, a place to play sports, a place for music, a place to do science, a place to make art, a place to watch movies/shows, and a big room to perform. Besides these things, there are also fields outside for playing sports.

#5. Brandon Hall School

Brandon Hall School is a school in Atlanta, Georgia that teaches students about the military. This school has been around since 1846 and is very old. It teaches military skills. The school is not public and has 600 students enrolled. You need to pay $20,000 every year for your studies. The school lets students live on campus while they study there.

The school has different classes for students from Pre-K to 12th grade. They also have special classes for older students who want to learn how to fix cars or work with computers. After finishing their studies at Brandon Hall School, students can join the athletics program provided by the school.

Brandon Hall School is approved by a group called SACSCOC. This means they have really good academic standards and the rules to get in are tough. They are just as good as other schools like them in America.

#6. Shepherds Hill Academy

Shepherds Hill Academy is a school in Georgia that is not open to the public and is connected to the military. The academy was started in 1981 by Colonel Richard W. in easy to understand words. Jones was a person who worked for the United States. The person served in the Army for 30 years and then stopped working to create Shepherds Hill Academy. This school helps young people who have problems and need help.

At Shepherds Hill Academy, students have to wear the same clothes, go to classes often, and complete their homework and school tasks on time. Students take part in many different things like playing sports, learning music, helping out in the community, acting in plays, and other fun stuff.

At Shepherds Hill Academy, students can work a little bit during school breaks or after school hours and get paid up to $1,000 each month (but they need to get permission first). They can eat lunch for free every school day. But if they don’t want to, they won’t have to pay for it later.

#7. Fort Stewart Youth Challenge Academy

Fort Stewart Youth Challenge Academy is a school in Georgia that helps young people who are having a difficult time. They have teachers who can help with school work and mentors to give advice. It doesn’t cost anything to attend. Fort Stewart Youth Challenge Academy aims to assist students in finishing high school, pursuing higher education and securing employment.

The program has been there for over 50 years and has helped around 4,000 students conquer the problems they faced in the past. The kids are from different parts of the country. Some of them come from foster care, juvenile detention centers, or other tough situations.

The Youth Challenge Academy is now in Augusta, Georgia. The school helps students who have been through tough times by offering extra classes to help with their studies and counseling to help with their feelings. If students require it, they can get physical therapy.

Free Military Schools for Troubled Youth in Florida

Do you want to start your military job? You can start by going to military schools in Florida. They will help you get started. These schools teach students to become military officers, firefighters, and EMTs. They also prepare them for jobs that need on-the-job training.

There are military schools in every state that help students get ready for military jobs. The classes are made by soldiers who have gone to fight in different parts of the world and done well. These classes teach how to fix electronics, check and care for weapons, save people who are lost or hurt, take care of people who are sick, train police or military teams, learn how to fight online, and more.

The program is tough because it includes practice in addition to lessons in class. Students need to finish all the courses they are supposed to take before a certain time or they might be kicked out of the program. If students don’t finish their work on time, they might have to start their last year of school again at a new military school if they want to keep studying.

List of free military schools for troubled youths in Florida

#1. Gateway Academy for Boys

Gateway Academy for Boys is a school in Florida where students learn like they are in the military. The school started in 2011, and it allows students 12 years old and up to attend. Captain Bryan Pugh started the academy. Captain Pugh grew up in Florida and wanted to make a school for students to learn what they need for a good future after high school.

The school helps students get ready for college by giving them a good education. Gateway Academy for Boys wants to help students become successful grown-ups even if they don’t go to college after high school.

The school teaches subjects like English, math, science, history, government, and GED (which is a kind of economics). Students can choose from different classes like art, music, and theater. These classes are taught by teachers who are experts in these subjects.

Gateway Academy is a good school. Parents like it because kids learn about themselves in a safe place. Kids get to do hard things that make them think. They can say what they think without anyone judging them.

#2. Sarasota Military Academy

Sarasota Military Academy is one of those schools. The school was started in 2009 and is owned by the United States. The Department of Defense gives students a chance to get a good education and earn a degree from their nearby community college or the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee Campus (USF).

Join ROTC to learn leadership skills before you start your military service. Doing this can help them make money while in school and be eligible for government scholarships after graduating.

#3. Lakeland Girls Academy

Lakeland Girls Academy is a school in Florida where troubled teens can go to be safe and get help. This school is for girls who are struggling with their mental health, using drugs or alcohol, or other problems.

The school helps girls feel good about themselves by teaching them how to be leaders and have good character.

Lakeland Girls Academy is a very good military school, and it usually gets an A- grade in state reviews.

#4. Summerlin Academy

Summerlin Academy is a military school in Florida where students who were kicked out of other military or regular schools can go to. The school started in 2016 and now has more than 30 places in the whole state. A former soldier created a safe haven for young people who were getting in trouble with gangs or other bad things.

Summerlin Academy has two different programs: one is six months long and the other is eight months long. Both programs include extra help with school work and talking to someone if you need advice. The school has basketball and soccer teams that students can join if they want to play sports. Students can join community activities to become better individuals and improve their character.

#5. Admiral Farragut Academy

Admiral Farragut Academy is a school in Florida for kids who need extra help with their behavior. It’s free and teaches military skills. The academy teaches and supports young people who were in trouble with the law before.

The school also has different sports and activities for students to do like playing tennis, basketball, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, and running.

Admiral Farragut Academy can be found on the grounds of the University of Central Florida.

#6. Joseph Stilwell Military Academy of Leadership

The Joseph Stilwell Military Academy of Leadership is a school in Florida. It helps young people who are having problems by giving them education for free. The school is for military training.

The academy wants to teach really well to students who will be great leaders and care about helping others.

The school helps students learn how to be good leaders, to always do the right thing, and to have strong morals. It also teaches about how to behave and what’s important in the military.

People who are 16 years old can join the US Armed Forces as long as they haven’t done anything bad that would stop them from serving. Both boys and girls can join the program, but only one gender is allowed in each grade level.

Students find out how to become leaders by doing things like working on a project with other students or helping out with community service in their town. Before going to college or joining the military, students need to get a high school degree.

#7. Safe Harbor Academy

Safe Harbor Academy is a school in Florida that helps kids who are having a hard time by giving them school for free. It’s like a school for the army.

Safe Harbor Academy helped more than 3,000 kids with school stuff for free only in the last year. The school wants to give children a nice and safe place where they can learn and be watched over to help them do well.

The school has people who can talk to students and their families to help them feel better. Counseling help is available for students who have trouble with their feelings or behavior at school. They can get this help from trained counselors who work at the school.

#8. Francis Marion Military Academy

Francis Marion Military Academy is a school only for boys that is in the town of Marion in South Carolina. It is a boarding school where students learn military skills. The school started in 1851 and teaches kids from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade with a tough academic program.

People who want to go to Francis Marion Military Academy have to follow some rules to be accepted. Kids from six to sixteen can join. They need to take a test before they can join, which checks how good they are at reading and maths. After that, they have to do a check to see if they have ever done anything illegal or have had problems with drugs or alcohol.

Free Military Schools for Troubled Teens in Ohio

There are three military schools in Columbus, Ohio. The Department of Defense approves these schools and kids who finished 8th grade can attend. At school, you can learn different things like math and science. You can also take classes for reading and writing, and learn about history and society. Students can play soccer and basketball if they want to play sports.

Families in the military should consider military schools because they are a good choice. These schools help students learn how to live like a soldier or Marine, and also give them the skills they need to do well in jobs outside of the military.

If a student wants to go to a military school, they should look for one near their home first. There are lots of military schools to choose from. Here are some of the most popular ones explained quickly:


  • You can join Army ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) at almost any college or university. This program teaches students how to become officers in the military, like in the Navy or Marines. The aim is to make a place where students can learn how to be leaders while they’re still in school.
  • Air Force ROTC is a program that helps people become Air Force officers. It is available at many colleges and universities all over the country. Anyone, including men and women who finish high school or college, can join to become a pilot.

List of free military schools for troubled youths in Ohio

#1. Capital University AROTC

The AROTC program is a training program that helps students become officers in the U.S. Army. Soldiers, pilots, and fighters in the military.

Students in AROTC have to go to college but they don’t have to go to college full-time. They can work together with their classmates to get credit.

The program gives military training and education chances to people who are studying at an approved college or university, like Capital University located in Columbus, Ohio.

#2. John Carrot University ROTC

John Carrot University ROTC is a special school for kids who need help, with a focus on learning and military-style activities. The school is in Columbus, Ohio. It helps young people who need extra help and has many different programs. These programs are made up of school classes, job training, and talking with someone about personal problems. Students can help their community and become better leaders by doing community service.

The goal of John Carrot University ROTC is to help students be successful in their lives by giving them helpful resources. The school trains students like soldiers by using methods that help them think and make choices like soldiers.

There are ways to stay fit and disciplined, like exercising and doing things like band or drill team. The school teaches students how to work together and be leaders. They do this by having classes where students work as a team and by mentors who help students in different grades.

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