9 Free Military Schools In Georgia with Scholarships

9 Free Military Schools In Georgia with Scholarships

If you are thinking of joining the military, this blog post about free military schools in Georgia will tell you about some really good schools that don’t cost a lot of money.

I will also tell you about what you need to do to get into these Free Military Schools In Georgia, and how you can get a scholarship for them. Honestly, studying at a Georgian Military school is interesting and worthwhile. You can gain a lot of benefits and skills by pursuing an academic career in these institutions.

Some of the free military schools in Georgia offer training programs that teach students important skills needed for jobs. Graduating from any of these Georgian military schools means you will be prepared and eligible to enter the National Defense Academy, as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

But you can also start working right after finishing these Free Military Schools In Georgia, because these schools will teach you the discipline and good work habits you need to do well in any job.

Even if you go to a free military school in Georgia, it doesn’t mean you have to become a military person. We also have free medical universities that we would like to show you.

However, all students can benefit from these free military schools in Georgia, regardless of their goals and ambitions. They have the opportunity to develop valuable skills while attending any of these schools.

Honestly, going to a Military school will give you good skills in leading, being disciplined, and thinking in a creative way. It will also make you more valuable to possible employers or recruiters. There are some Universities in France where you don’t have to pay.

Definitely, recruiters and business owners will have a great opinion of you once you finish your studies at these military schools in Georgia. You will be considered qualified for well-paying jobs anywhere in the world.

Graduating from Free Military Schools In Georgia can increase the chances for international students to study at any university in any country.

Want to learn more about Georgian Military Schools. We have all the information you need. Please read this article carefully.

Free Military Schools In Georgia

The schools listed below are the best military schools in Georgia. If you want to have a career in academics in these schools, you should visit their websites to find out what you need to do to get accepted.

  • Millars Military Academy
  • Benedictine Military school
  • Georgian Youth Challenge Program Academy
  • Georgia Miltary College
  • Riverside Preparatory Academy
  • Shepherd Hill Academy
  • Pine Mountain Boys Academy
  • Eckerd Academy of The Blue Ridge
  • Brandon Hall School

#1.Millars Military Academy

At the top of the list of free military schools in Georgia is Millars Military Academy. This school was started in 1998 and is found in Fairfield Baptist Church Lithonia in the USA.

Miilers Military Academy is a school for boys. They teach students about the military and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. The school wants to make leaders who are good examples in their community.

Millers Military Academy is a military school in Georgia that is based on Christian values. It is a school specifically for boys from abroad.

Even though Millars Military Academy is a Christian military school, they welcome international students regardless of their religious beliefs.

Millars Millitary Academy is a great school with a nice place to stay for students who come from other countries. However, there are not many boarding spaces available, so it’s important for international students to apply early.

The students at this Georgian Military school often participate in sports activities to develop their physical abilities, stay committed to their studies, and boost their self-confidence.

Athletic programs offered At Millars Millitary Academy include Wrestling, basketball, Track field, and Baseball, etc., during athletic programs, Cadets are involved in an interscholastic competition between themselves with respect to their Age group.


  • A non-refundable application fee of 100$ is required to process your application
  • Applicants are Mandated to take the school’s Entrance examinations which will determine their fate of gaining acceptance into the instituion.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Applicant’s Resut transcripts signed by the parent or legal Guardian, test records from the previous school
  • Health Records and Social Security Numbers
  • Two letters of reference must be completed and submitted to Millars Miltary Academy

#2.Benedictine Military school

Benedictine Military School is one of the free military schools in Georgia. It was founded on July 1, 1971. Benedictine Military is one of the top private military schools in Georgia. It is a school for boys who want to become military cadets.

Benedictine Military School is a Catholic school in Savannah, Georgia. This school focuses on educating international students in grades 9-12.

According to research, there are 13 students for every teacher at this school in Georgia. The highest amount of money you would need to pay for tuition at Benedictine Military School is approximately $15,800 per year.

However, this school in Georgia is also focused on teaching students leadership skills through its JROTC program, sports, clubs and activities, and community service.

Benedictine Military School is dedicated to developing students into good and honest men who are prepared for learning for the rest of their lives and are also ready to serve their religious and local communities.

This Georgian Military school gives a $1,000 scholarship to students who score very high on the entrance exam.

However, students who score in the top 5% (95th, 96th, and 97th percentile) will be able to receive a scholarship of $500 to help them continue their education at Benedictine Military School in Georgia.


  • Aspiring students must show their capacity to successfully complete the school’s college-preparatory curriculum and also show their ability to adapt to the school’s code of conduct.
  • An Application Fee of $125 is required for application processing
  • Copy of student’s immunization records
  • Copy of grades from the middle school, transfer students are expected to submit their last two years’ results transcript
  • Copy of social security card
  • 4 copies of recommendation letters
  • Births certificate of the Applicants is required
  • Applicants are required to take the School’s Entrance Examination

#3.Georgian Youth Challenge Program Academy

There is another military school in Georgia called the Georgian Youth Challenge Program. It is one of the free military schools in the state.

The Georgian Youth Challenge program Academy is located in two places in Georgia, Fort Gordon and Fort Stewart.

There are two military schools at Fort Gordon and Fort Stewart. These schools are paid for by the Youth Challenge Academy Foundation, which is a non-profit organization. The foundation helps give scholarships to students who graduate so they can go to college or get training for their future careers.

But, thanks to the Youth Challenge Academy Foundation Initiative, international students who do not have enough money can study for free.

But, only students who live in Georgia or are international students can participate in this program. If you want to take part, you need to apply online by sending in your application.

How To Apply

  • Apply by visiting the school’s application portal
  • Summit the Requested documents
  • participate in the school’s Interview
  • If being selected you should receive a congratulatory message via Email

#4.Georgia Miltary College

  • Tution Fees:$18,540

One more important military school on the list of free military schools in Georgia is Georgia Military College. This military academy in Georgia was started in 1879.

The Georgia Military College was created by the Georgia General Assembly to educate men and women from middle Georgia in a setting that promotes good citizenship.

This Georgian military school is special because both boys and girls can study there. They offer programs for undergraduate, master’s, and Ph. D Degrees in various areas such as business, engineering, healthcare, and science.

Honestly, Georgia Military College is really dedicated to turning its students into important leaders and active members of society, who behave politely and show respect to others.

However, the Georgian Military Academy also takes the responsibility of teaching international students about the significance of the US Constitution.

Academic Programs Oferred At Georgia Millitary College

  • Criminal Justice
  • Cybersecurity
  • Early Childhood Education
  • English
  • General Studies
  • Homeland Security & Emergency Management (AS)
  • Information Systems & Analytics
  • Information Technology
  • Kinesiology
  • Forensic Science Laboratory Technology
  • GMC AU-ABC (Air University)
  • Healthcare Management
  • History
  • Homeland Security & Emergency Management (BAS)
  • Mathematics
  • Middle Grades Education
  • Public Health
  • Studio Art
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • Technical Studies
  • Supervision and Management
  • Business Management
  • Biology
  • Business Administration
  • Communication
  • Computer Science

#5.Riverside Preparatory Academy

Another low-cost Georgian military school is Riverside Preparatory Academy. This Georgian school was created in 1907.

Riverside Preparatory Academy is one of the top military schools in the United States. It is a school for boys in grades 6-12. The school is located in Gainesville, Georgia

The Georgian Military School uses a military-style education that is improved and focused on helping students become their very best.

Riverside Preparatory Academy teaches and applies the same principles used to develop great military men. They focus on building great military individuals.

At Riverside Preparatory Academy, students have the opportunity to receive mentorship and guidance from successful role models who have impressive experience and accomplishments.

Looking for an affordable military school to enroll your wards i suggest you try out,Riverside preparatory Academy.

Requirements For Admision

  • Applicants must carefully fill the online application form and submit
  • Three recommendation letters from applicant’s mathematics teacher,English language letter,principal/counselor
  • Previous result transcript
  • Virtual Interview
  • Some Documents are required which are meant to be submitted alongside your online application.

#6.Shepherd Hill Academy

There is a military school in Georgia called Shepherd Hill Academy that is one of the top military schools in the United States.

Shepherd Hill Academy was started in 1994 by Trace Embry and his wife Beth. It is a Christian school that helps boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 17. Shepherd Hill Academy is a school where girls and boys from different countries can study together. It also has a very good place for students to live at the school.

This Georgian Military school helps troubled kids and confused teenagers who are going through a tough time. They offer therapy sessions to help them change their behavior and develop good character traits.

If you want to find a good military school where you can develop strong values and faith, I recommend Shepherd Hill Academy.

How To Apply

  • Call the School’s office at (706) 703-4188 to fill the school’s Enquiry form
  • An introductory meeting is required to determine if student is fit for Shepherd Hill Academy
  • The school’s admission board will send an email containing details on how students can fill the school’s application form and also the necessary documents needed for admission
  • After a successful application,candidate will need to enroll submitting other necessary documents needed for legal and licensing purposes

#7.Pine Mountain Boys Academy

Pine Mountain Boys Academy is a school for boys that focuses on military training. It is one of the free military schools in Georgia. The school used to be called Prayer Mountain Boys Academy.

Pine Mountain Boys Academy is a school in Georgia that helps troubled boys who are struggling with problems like bad behavior, addictions, or poor character traits. It is a military-style school and is free for students to attend.

The programs at this Georgian institution are carefully designed and supported to help students achieve their best, and through these programs students will develop good habits and a healthy lifestyle.

It’s interesting that Pine Mountain Boys Academy is not just a regular school, it’s also a Christian military school. They have a close relationship with the churches in the area.

The students and staff at Pine Mountain Boys Academy go to church and help with special projects. The students also take part in a program that teaches them about the Christian faith with a mentor.

#8.Eckerd Academy of The Blue Ridge

Eckerd Academy comes next on our list of affordable Georgian Millitary schools, this institution was established in the year 1996.

Interestingly Eckerd Academy is also a therapeutic school focused on helping students with low self-esteem,drug and alcohol abuse, the Academy is indeed a registered outdoor therapeutic school.

This Georgian Millitary school is designed for students between the Age of 10 to 17, Eckerd Academy is targeted at helping students who are educationally disadvantaged and who are having issues with two or more academic subjects.

This Georgian Millitary school has an affiliation with the Georgia Department of Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

#9.Brandon Hall School

Brandon Hall School is ranked as the lowest on the list of free military schools in Georgia. It was founded in 1957.

Brandon Hall School is one of the top military schools in Georgia. It is situated on a beautiful
campus that is 27 acres in size and located near the Chattahoochee River.

This Georgian school promotes learning and global understanding, values diversity, and encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities like sports.

Brandon Hall School also has a top-notch boarding facility that helps students get ready for college academically. Brandon College has scholarships available for international students who meet the necessary requirements to be accepted.

What are Free Military Schools In Georgia?

Georgia’s free military schools are military schools that offer quality military Education to students in a military Environment, these Military schools tend to prepare students for service in the Officer Corps.

Does Georgia Have Free College For Residents?

Yes, there are some colleges in Georgia that are free for Georgia residents who meet certain requirements. These colleges give scholarships to students studying popular programs in various fields like computer science, engineering, and healthcare.

Is Education Free In Georgia?

In Georgia, education is not free. However, international students can study their desired program on a scholarship if they meet the qualifications and are chosen.

But, people who are 62 years old or older can study any program they want in any Georgia school without having to pay.

How Much Is Military School In Georgia?

The cost of going to Georgian military schools is between $3,960 and $30,000 a year. The fees can be different depending on the school and the program that you choose.

But, the least expensive military schools in Georgia are the ones owned by the government. The cost to attend these public military schools is between $3,960 and $16,500 per year.


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