Best Universities in Italy For American Students

Best Universities in Italy For American Students

Universities in Italy For American Students, are top Italian higher institutions of education offering American students the opportunity to pursue an academic career in Italy.

These Italian universities are some of the best in the world for American students. They provide high-quality education and research-based teaching. However, universities in Italy for American students are cheaper than other American colleges in the US.

The universities in Italy for American students are mostly accredited by American standards. This means that all the courses at these schools are taught in English.

Students who attend these universities in Italy designed for American students will be well-prepared and will stand out compared to their peers studying in other American institutions.

American students who graduate from universities in Italy are guaranteed high-paying jobs at multinational companies in America. Studying in Italy at any universities in Italy for American students gives you a special chance to receive fully funded and partially funded scholarships for talented international students studying in Italy.

American students who want to study at universities in Italy and also want a scholarship should have excellent grades before applying for any Italian scholarship program.

These Italian universities have modern facilities to help American students learn. They also have clubs and sports to make their social life better.

In Italy, American students can study at any university and choose from a variety of programs. They offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in subjects like arts, science, engineering, economics, and IT.

If you study at a University in Italy as an American student, you will have the chance to get a degree certificate that is just as good as a degree from the UK, US, Germany, France, or Russia.

If you have a degree from a good Italian university, you can apply for jobs anywhere and have a better chance of getting hired.

Studying in Italy can really make a difference in your academic path or career. Italy is one of the best countries in Europe to study. Italy has many of the best universities in Europe. These universities are the oldest in Europe and the world.

The country’s educational system provides top-notch educational value, and Italian schools are well-known for offering quality academic programs. Students studying in Italy are provided with the unique opportunity of serving as interns in top multinational companies located in Italy.

The Italian education system is open to and supportive of talented international students with strong academic abilities. Italy has many well-funded programs that aim to attract international students to study there.

These programs are scholarships from the Italian government. They offer opportunities for international students to get scholarships. However, students must meet certain criteria or requirements to be eligible for this scholarship.

Another program like this is the ‘Italian invest your talent in Italy (IYT)’ program for students from other countries. This program allows students to not have to pay tuition fees and also gives them the opportunity to work as an intern at an Italian company.

International students who receive the IYT scholarship program can gain job experience in an Italian company while studying at any higher education institution. The program mixes lessons with hands-on activities.

Italy also allows international students to pay lower tuition fees based on their financial situations. Students can receive a tuition fee discount of up to 5000 euros per year.

If you want to study in another country as a student from abroad, Italy could be a great choice. Let’s explore more in this article: Universities in Italy For American Students.

Universities in Italy For American Students

If you are an American citizen and want to study in Italy, we have the information you need. Here are some of the best universities in Italy that offer programs recognized in the United States. You are welcome to look around and learn.

  • American University of Rome(AUR)
  • John Carbot University
  • European University of Rome
  • Lorenzo de Medici University
  • Florence Institute of Design(FIDI)
  • Instituto Europeo Di Design(IED)
  • St John’s University
  • Johns Hopkins University(School of Advanced International Studies)

1. American University of Rome(AUR)

  • Tuition Fees: Over $34,000 per year
  • Academic Programs: Master and Bachelor Degree

The American University of Rome is in Rome, Italy. It was established in 1969 and is one of the top 10 universities in Italy for American students.

The school provides education in American liberal arts to students from different countries. American University Rome is one of the oldest American universities in Italy. The university in Italy teaches its programs in English to welcome students from other countries. They currently have 10 undergraduate programs and 3 graduate programs.

This Italian school uses a special way of teaching. AUR combines theory and practice to help students become experienced professionals.

However, American students studying in these universities in Italy have the opportunity to participate in internships at Italian companies, international companies, and top non-governmental organizations. The number of students in this Italian academic institution is not very large. There are currently more than 500 students studying at the school, including both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The American university in Rome is one of the least expensive universities in Italy. The tuition fee is affordable, totaling over $34,000 per year.

AUR charges $34,000 every year for a nice place to stay. They also have scholarships for international students with good grades.

Programs Offered at American University Rome

Bachelor Programs
  • B.A in Film
  • B.A in Fine Arts
  • B.S Business Administration
  • B.A International Relations
  • B.A interdisciplinary studies
  • B.A communication and Digital Media
  • B.A Archeological and Classics
  • B.A Travel and Tourism Management
  • B.A English Writing Relations and Publishing
Graduate Programs
  • M.A Food studies
    M.A Cultural Heritage
    M.A Peace Studies
    Visiting Scholars program
    Short programs for students and professionals
    Graduate School Full catalog

2. John Carbot University

  • Tuition Fee:$13,000 to 14,000 per semester

This university in Italy is one of the best in the country. American students can study here and it is in the center of Rome. The university also has programs where students can study abroad.

This school was named after an Italian man named Giovani Carboto. He was a skilled Italian explorer who made the relationship between Italy and America stronger. This relationship has lasted for over 500 years.

John Carbot University was started in 1972 and is a great place to study for a Bachelor’s or Graduate Degree. The bachelor’s degree programs can be completed in a maximum of four years.

This Italian college welcomes students from America and other countries. The school also gives international students the opportunity to study in Rome if they want to finish their education there.

American students at John Carbot University have the chance to work at big international corporations, global organizations, non-governmental organizations, consulates, government offices, and museums. But this Italian university also allows international students to travel and study in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, so they can get a really good education in different places.

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Programs Offered at John Cabot University Rome(JCU)

  • Business Administration
  • Economics and Finance
  • Marketing
  • English Literature
  • History
  • Political Sciences
  • Psychological Sciences
  • Humanistic Studies
  • International Business
  • Communications
  • Italian Studies

3. European University of Rome(EUR)

  • Tuition Fee:$16,500 per year

This Universities in Italy For American Students is one of the top schools in Italy for higher education. These Italian universities welcome talented students from any country.

This school is an Italian school that is owned by a private group. It was made in 2004 by a Catholic church called Legionaries of Christ. American students who want to study at the European University of Rome are being helped in deciding what career they want and how to achieve their goals.

However, this Italian college offers degree programs in subjects like economics, business management, psychology, and tourism. The European University of Rome offers programs that are taught to prepare students for jobs in the global job market.

The way the university teaches is really good. They use interactive programs that help tutors and students connect better.

Courses Offered in European University of Rome(AUR)

Bachelor Programs Offered at European University of Rome(AUR)
  • Economics and Business Management
  • Psychological Science and Techniques
  • Tourism and Land Management
Master’s degree Programs Offered at European University of Rome(AUR)
  • Economics and innovation Management
  • Law
  • Science of Primary Education

4. Lorenzo De Medici University

  • Tuition Fee:$38,900 per year

Lorenzo De Medici University is one of the top universities in Italy for students from other countries. This Italian school is in Florence, Italy.

Lorenzo Der Medici University was started in 1973. It has really good classes in different subjects like Italian language and culture, creative arts, design, nutrition, Italian cooking, and more.

This university in Italy welcomes students from all over the world, including American students who meet the requirements for their chosen program at the university. Lorenzo De Medici University also has programs for international students who want to study in Italy.

This Italian university works with Marist College in New York to offer certain bachelor’s degree programs. This allows students to earn an American bachelor’s degree from Marist College.

Programs Offered in Lorenzo De Medici University

  • Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
    Creative Arts
    Italian Language and Culture
    Science and Mathematics
    Nutrition, Italian Gastronomy, and Culture

5. Florence Institute of Design(FIDI)

  • Tuition Fees:$17,000 per semester

The Florence institute of design is a school in Italy that teaches design. It is located in Florence and is considered one of the best design schools in the country.

If American students want to get better at designing things like furniture, graphics, or interiors, they should definitely go to this design school.

This design school in Italy was made for students from around the world who want to study Italian design. It is considered the top place to learn about Italian design and art overseas.

The Florence institute of design has courses in art and design. They offer programs for a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and a diploma. Most of the courses are taught in English.

This Italian design school (FIDI) also gives international students from different universities a chance to study abroad in Italy and finish their studies there.

FIDI also provides a chance for design students to study online from their homes. If students finish the online program successfully, they can get a certificate from FIDI.

International students who want to get a bachelor’s degree from Florence must study for 3 years before receiving the degree. The university offers a Bachelor’s degree in Design.

Programs Offered in Florence institute of design

Bachelor Program(Duration 3 years)
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior design
  • Furniture Design
Diploma Programs(Duration 1 year or 2 years)
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior Design
Masters Program(Duration 1 year)
  • Furniture Design

Requirements for programs at Florence Institute of Design

1.  Bachelor Degree Requirements
2. Diploma Degree Requirements
  • Applicants should be not less than 18 years of age
  • Applicants must have undergone a high school diploma  of 12th or 13th grade
  • Applicants must have the most recent result transcripts from their high school or university
  • Applicants must submit a scanned copy of their passport or EU identification.
  •  Applicants should complete the FIDI Application form

Note: Applicants who studied in United kingdom should have 3 GCE A-levels.

3.  Master Degree Requirements

6. Instituto Europeo Di Design(IED)

  • Tuition fees:13,200 to $21,000 with respect to your course of study

The Instituto Europeo Di Design is one of the top design schools in Italy. This school offers programs taught in English for students from other countries who want to study in Italy.

Instituto European Di Design Italy is a branch of IED, which has many campuses in Spain and Brazil. This institution was started in 1966.

This Italian college has more than 100 courses for students who are just starting and more than 300 courses for students who have already finished college. The college works closely with over 170 other top universities and schools.

However, the design courses at IED are taught in both theory and practical skills to help students become the best. The institution has over 3,000 lecturers who are professionals in different fields.

American students who want to get better at design can go to an Italian design school to get a design degree.

Programs Offered in Instituto Europeo Di Design

Undergraduate Program
  • Three years diploma
    Four years diploma
    Vocational Courses
    Semester and Academic year undergraduate programs

7. St John’s University-Universities in Italy For American Students

  • Tuition Fees:$45,000 per year

John’s University is one of the top universities in Italy for American students. It is located in Rome’s Prati district, near the Vatican. This college in Italy has advanced classrooms and modern facilities to help students learn.

St John University is a Catholic school that started in 1995. Even though it is Catholic, the university accepts students from other religions as long as they meet the requirements for their chosen program.

The school has a computer lab with 11 computers, a wifi network, student dormitories of different sizes, and a nice outdoor area. St John’s University provides opportunities for students who want to study in Italy.

Programs Offered at St John’s University Rome

  • School of Education
    St John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    School of Law
    College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
    The Peter J.Tobin College of Business
    College of Professional studies

8. Johns Hopkins University(School of Advanced International Studies)

This Italian school is one of the best universities that provide excellent education. The school offers different programs like bachelor’s, master’s, and study abroad in various subjects such as arts, law, sciences, and engineering.

Johns Hopkins University was founded in 1943 by a person named Paul H. Nitze and Christian A. Nitze and Christian A are names of people. Herter was made to help solve the difficult problems that the United States and the world would have
after World War II.

Students at Johns Hopkins University are being given the opportunity to try out new ways of learning. They learn and practice what they are being taught. Johns Hopkins University is still committed to preparing its students to tackle new challenges in the 21st century.

This Italian school also lets students who live far away take classes online, so they can study from home. John Hopkins University provides various types of educational programs, including master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, certificates, and non-degree programs.

Programs Offered at Johns Hopkins University

Masters Program
  • Master of Arts in International Affairs
    Master of arts in international economics and finance
    Master of arts in strategy, cybersecurity, and intelligence
    Master of Arts in Global Risk
    Master of arts in sustainable energies
    Master of arts in international studies
    Master of Arts in Global Policy
    Master of international public policy
    Master of arts in European public policy


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