Universities in New Zealand with Master’s in Public Health

New Zealand is a small island nation with stunning scenery and a diverse range of cultures, making it an ideal place to study and explore. They are quite hospitable to international students, and because English is the language of instruction, it is a very simple place to study in. A Master’s in Public Health is also available from a number of reputable universities.

The leading universities in New Zealand that offer a Master’s in Public Health are listed below.

The Cost of a Master’s Degree in Public Health in New Zealand

Tuition costs in New Zealand vary based on whether or not you are a citizen of the nation. As a result, a domestic student might expect to pay around $6,300 per year, whereas international students might expect to spend up to four times that amount (for example, the University of Auckland costs around $29,000 per year).

You should budget for student fees as well as the cost of living, in addition to the expense of tuition. The latter is not prohibitively expensive in smaller towns throughout New Zealand, but will be more so in larger cities such as Auckland. New Zealand, on the other hand, has one of the highest living standards in the world.

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Master’s in Public Health Requirements in New Zealand

In New Zealand, an undergraduate degree is required for the Master’s in Public Health program, however there are normally no specific disciplines that must be studied (although this varies with each university). The IELTS has a minimum English language criterion of 6.5 (but alternative exams results are allowed – learn more here).

To apply, you must first understand the application procedure, requirements, and deadlines, as well as submit your application. Because international students may find this difficult, we’ve put up a guide on How to Study in Ireland for International Students.

In What Languages Do You Study Master’s in Public Health in New Zealand?
The language of instruction is English for all universities offering a Master’s in Public Health in New Zealand.

7 Universities in New Zealand with Master’s in Public Health

1. The University of Auckland
Master of Public Health

The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s top university for MPH programs. It is the country’s largest university, with 40,000 students, and was founded in 1883 as part of the University of New Zealand.

The Grafton campus offers two Master of Public Health programs: a Taught program (which includes a dissertation and courses from the Master of Public Health schedule) and a more in-depth Research program (including additional advanced level courses in Health Informatics, Health Management, Maori Health, Population Health or Population Health Practice as well as other courses from a Postgraduate Diploma schedule).

Depending on which option you choose, you can expect to study full-time for one to two years to earn the required amount of course credits. With a profession in disease prevention, surveillance, health promotion, or epidemiology, you will be prepared to contribute to the health and welfare of any community.

2. University of Otago
Master of Public Health (MPH)

The Institution of Otago is New Zealand’s oldest university, having been established in 1869. It regularly accepts 14 percent of its student body from outside New Zealand and is well-known for its academic achievements both in New Zealand and globally. There are 12 multidisciplinary research centers on the University of Otago’s Dunedin campus. It also houses New Zealand’s only schools of dentistry and surveying, as well as the country’s first medical school.

The Master of Public Health program at this New Zealand university is a one-year full-time program, however you must first complete a one-year Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health to be admitted.

3. Massey University
Master of Public Health

In New Zealand, Massey University is ranked third for its Master of Public Health program. Its main campus is in Palmerston North, although it also has campuses in Albany and Wellington. When international students are excluded, this is New Zealand’s second largest university, with roughly 31,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The Master of Public Health program here emphasizes research under the supervision of specialists in their field. You must have earned an undergraduate degree in health sciences, or any other subject as long as you have professional experience that is considered relevant to the course, in order to be admitted.

Interestingly, this Master’s program is offered as distance learning as well.

4. Victoria University of Wellington
Master of Health

Victoria University, located in the dynamic city of Wellington, was founded in 1897 as part of the University of New Zealand. It is highly respected for the quantity, quality, and scope of its research. Victoria University is one of New Zealand’s best institutions for Master’s in Public Health degrees.

Health Leadership and Management, as well as Health Policy, Planning, and Service Delivery, are among the specializations available in the Master of Health degree.

The Master’s degree is taught full-time across three trimesters and costs roughly $29,000 for the whole program. A core course in your first year will help you build your research abilities in a health setting. After that, you can specialize by working on a relevant research project or a professional project that exhibits advanced expertise in your field of professional activity.

To be considered for admission, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant health-related topic.

5. University of Canterbury
Master of Health Sciences

The University of Canterbury provides a Bachelor of Public Health degree, after which you can pursue a Master of Health Sciences or a Master of Health Sciences Professional Practice degree.

The former is a two-year full-time program that addresses health-related problems and allows students to choose their own curriculum in subjects that interest them in regard to health and health practice. A Bachelor’s degree in a related topic, a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Services, or an acceptable health professional qualification are all required for admission.

If you do not want to conduct the research portion of the degree, the taught-only program option is the Master of Health Sciences Professional Practice.

6. Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
Master of Public Health

One of the universities in New Zealand that offers MPH degrees is Auckland University of Technology, which bills itself as the “fastest expanding postgraduate study destination.”

This AUT program is for you if you want to study how to contribute to public health administration and policy, illness prevention, and health promotion. You will be enrolled in a two-year full-time program after completing a suitable Bachelor’s degree and having at least one year of professional experience. You’ll take a few core classes before moving on to electives, and you’ll need to finish a thesis or dissertation to graduate. The Master’s program at AUT focuses on the importance of social, economic, political factors, cultural, educational, environmental, and other societal factors in the production and maintenance of individual and community wellbeing.

7. The University of Waikato

Master of Science in Human Performance, Sport, and Health
This research-based curriculum encourages critical investigation of how political, cultural, social, and economic variables influence the meaning and nature of sport, exercise, and leisure. Working in high-tech laboratories at the Cambridge Avantidrome or the University of Waikato Adams Centre for High Performance in Tauranga is part of this multidisciplinary program. You’ll be able to adapt the program to your specific interests and needs, and you’ll be able to study whenever you choose.

The program takes place over a year and a half and is taught in Hamilton.

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