6 Cheapest Universities in Luxembourg for International Students

6 Cheapest Universities in Luxembourg for International Students

Want to attend school in Luxembourg? Good! This article on the cheapest universities in Luxembourg is for you.
With three official languages—French, German, and Belgian—Luxembourg is a Western European nation with the greatest per capita GDP in the EU. Additionally, it is a sizable nation that is home to numerous civilizations from around the globe.
This city boasts many charming antique buildings and trees and is located in a valley.
One of the most dependable locations in Europe for an international student to pursue higher education, this nation is a commendable destination for bicyclist sight-seeing.
The European Union (EU), OECD, United Nations, NATO, and Benelux all have Luxembourg as a founding member.

Numerous EU organizations and agencies are located in Luxembourg, the capital and most beautiful city of the nation.
For the first time in its history, Luxembourg served on the UN Security Council in 2013 and 2014.
In 2020, 187 countries and territories were reported to be accessible to Luxembourg nationals without a visa or with one upon arrival, ranking the Luxembourgish passport sixth globally, tied with Denmark and Spain.

Beautiful Luxembourg is a landlocked nation in Europe. This sophisticated nation has one of the greatest GDPs in the world despite its modest size.

The educational system of Luxembourg is bilingual and has been greatly affected by its neighbors. In compared to other nations, it has fewer higher education institutions, which are listed here in order of annual tuition costs.  In this article, we’ll look at some cheapest universities in Luxembourg in this article.


Knowing the economic situation of the country you want to study in is obviously important, especially if it is not your own.

Moderate growth, little inflation, and a lot of innovation are characteristics of the stable and high-income market economy. Despite the historically low unemployment rate, which had increased to 6.1% by May 2012, partly as a result of the global financial crisis of 2008, The IMF ranked Luxembourg as the second-richest nation in the world in 2011.


The renowned National Museum of History and Art, the Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Arts, and the National Museum of Military History, all of which offer a rich panorama of Europe’s cultural legacy, are frequently missed in favor of Luxembourg’s larger neighbors.

In fact, Luxembourg was the first nation to receive the designation of “European Capital of Culture” twice, and the city of Luxembourg itself is included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The cuisine of Luxembourg has been greatly inspired by its neighbors, France and Germany, and as a result, Luxembourg has earned multiple Michelin stars.

Delicatessens in the nation are famous for their cured hams, sausages, and pates. And you may find less expensive hostels to stay in.


The University of Luxembourg is still relatively young, having been established in 2003. 

The University is located on different campuses around Luxembourg, including the Belval Campus, Kirchberg Campus, and Limpertsburg Campus.

How much will studying in Luxembourg cost an international student?

In this post, we’ll review the cheapest universities in Luxembourg for international students. The level of study affects how much tuition will cost. Bachelor’s degrees typically cost between $871 and $9,803 annually. The cost of graduate school is higher, ranging from $9,803 to $15,793 each year.

Many foreign students have benefited from Luxembourg’s free educational options, particularly from its most affordable Universities.

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What are the university admissions requirements in Luxembourg?

To enroll in undergraduate courses, you must have a secondary school diploma that has been approved by the Ministry of National Education. Additionally, you must provide evidence that you speak one of the following languages well: French or German, as those languages are available for some course offerings.

Luxembourg, on the other hand, offers less challenging postgraduate programs. Universities routinely recognize baccalaureate diplomas and degrees from other countries. The least cheapest universities in Luxembourg are listed below.

Why study in Luxembourg?

There are allegedly a decent number of reasons for you to pursue your education in Luxembourg. Actually, putting your preferred university on a worldwide scale is a fantastic method to gauge effect.

According to studies, the majority of international students think that studying in Luxembourg’s universities is a good opportunity. In light of this, we can absolutely assert that Luxembourg’s social and cultural milieu is not only advantageous for incoming international students but also facilitates learning.

There are allegedly a decent number of reasons for you to pursue your education in Luxembourg. Actually, putting your preferred university on a worldwide scale is a fantastic method to gauge effect.

According to studies, the majority of international students think that studying in Luxembourg’s universities is a good opportunity. In light of this, we can absolutely assert that Luxembourg’s social and cultural milieu is not only advantageous for incoming international students but also facilitates learning.

Numerous universities in Luxembourg are trilingual, which enhances the quality of the country’s higher education system. International students have the option of searching for courses in any language other than English. Other universities, besides the University of Luxembourg, also provide affordable degrees in Bachelor’s, Masters’, and Doctorate programs. The nation’s higher education system is generally of very high quality.

The high levels of tertiary education in the nation are demonstrated by the high salaries received by university professors.

Since Luxembourg is also at the center of international cooperation through the EU, the safety of international students who pursue higher education in any of the available universities in Luxembourg is guaranteed.

What to study in Luxembourg?

Well, Universities in Luxembourg provide Bachelor’s, Masters and Ph.D. degrees in many subject areas such as Medicine, Law, Languages, Psychology, Education, Economics, Computer Science, or Social Sciences.

However, Here are some of the most popular study options in Luxembourg:

  • Masters in European Law in Luxembourg
  • Masters in Finance in Luxembourg

DO Universities in Luxembourg teach with English?

There are over 100 English-taught programs in Luxembourg.

Universities in Luxembourg will want to see proof that you have good English-language skills so that you can easily succeed in their courses. Almost all Luxembourg universities accept these official English exams:

  • C1 Advanced

Here is a list of universities in Luxembourg that teach with English

  • Luxembourg School of Business (LSB)
  • Luxembourg University
  • European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)
  • LUNEX International University of Health, Exercise, and Sports
  • United Business Institutes
  • European Business University

What are the Best Universities in Luxembourg?

World University Rankings created by Times Higher Education takes into account the reputation of research done by universities and how often papers produced by universities were quoted around the world.

Academic Ranking of World Universities created by Shanghai Jiao Tong University focuses on the number of award-winning scientists, most cited researchers from the listed universities, and their contribution to the scientific community.

QS World University Rankings created by Top Universities surveys a large number of academic experts about the reputation of universities and also measures the quality of teaching.

Best Global Universities Rankings created by U.S. News & World Report analyses university graduation rates and how many students remain enrolled in their second year of studies. It also surveys university representatives on the performance of universities.

Link to : Seneca College Canada

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Cheapest Universities in Luxembourg

1. University of Luxembourg

The minimal annual tuition fee is $871 (800 Euro).

The public university of Luxembourg, which is located in the city capital, was only established in 2003. Despite its youth, the Times Higher Education Rankings has named it one of the best “new” universities.

This cheapest university in Luxembourg has three schools. On the Belvas, Kirchberg, and Limpertsberg campuses, these can be found.

The Faculty of Science, Technology, and Communication, for example, offers eight bachelor’s degrees, seventeen master’s degrees, and one doctorate degree. The Faculty of Law, Economics, and Finance, on the other hand, offers three bachelor’s degrees, eleven master’s degrees, and two doctorates.

Four bachelor’s degrees, fifteen master’s degrees, and one doctorate degree are offered by the Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts, and Education.

In addition, the institution provides 16 lifelong learning courses as well as a variety of vocational training options.

The University of Luxembourg is unique in that all students, regardless of country, pay the same tuition. As such, it has become home to 6,200 students that come from over 120 countries around the world.

Link To: University Of The People

2. LUNEX International University of Health

$9,803 (9,000 Euro) is the minimum annual tuition charge.

LUNEX University is a three-discipline institution that began operations in November 2016. Physiotherapy, sports and exercise science, and international sport management are among the baccalaureate and master’s degrees offered by the university, which is located along the Avenue du Parc des Sports.

LUNEX’s health-related activities are complemented with a cutting-edge campus. There is a sports and movement laboratory with cutting-edge technology. The G-Walk inertia sensor, the Noraxon DTS system, and the Cyclus 2 system ergometer are just a few examples of such equipment.

LUNEX is both a research organization and a learning institution. Applied biomechanics, neurophysiology, and sports management, to name a few, are among the fields covered by its study.

3. Luxembourg School of Business (LSB)

$9,803 (9,000 Euro) is the minimum annual tuition charge.

At LSB, you can pursue a full-time master’s degree in management or a weekend master’s degree in business administration. It has the distinction of being the first graduate school in the country. Executive Education certifications are also available, usually developed in collaboration with the organizations that sponsor them.

The Luxembourg Ministry of Higher Education and Research has recognized this cheapest university in Luxembourg, which was established in 2014. Despite its young, LSB is led by some of the world’s best business thinkers. Among them are Dr. Larry Moneta, Duke University’s Vice President, Arturo Cardelus y Munoz-Seca, a Ferrero executive, and Prof. Dr. Philip Kotler, the founder of marketing.

LSB offers a wide range of scholarships, including mobility grants and family scholarships, to name a few.

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4. European Business University (EBU)

$11,927 (10,950 Euro) is the minimum annual tuition fee.

EBU is a business school based in Wiltz, Luxembourg. The Chateau Wiltz, which was erected in 1573, houses the campus. Despite the fact that it dates from the Middle Ages, it has all of the conveniences that a student requires. High-speed WiFi is available in student rooms, an auditorium, study areas, a library, and even a café.

This cheapest university in Luxembourg offers undergraduate degrees in Business Administration, Blockchain Technology, and Hospitality Management to international students. Business Administration, Finance, Hospitality Management, and Data Science are some of the other post-graduate options. There are also online doctorates in business administration available.

Both domestic and international students pay the same tuition at EBU.

5. Business Science Institute

The annual minimum tuition amount is $12,761 (11,716 Euro).

Another school that is based in the Wiltz Castle is the Business Science Institute. It focuses on PhD degrees in business administration.

There is a three-year Executive DBA program available. Seminars, follow-up sessions, and a digital teaching tool package for research are all part of the program. The Executive DBA can be purchased in four installments.

On the other hand, the Digital DBA is a flexible course that may be taken at any time. SKEMA Business School and Jean Moulin University collaborate to award the degree. The Digital DBA tuition payments, unlike the Executive DBA, can only be paid in two terms.

Local and international students pay the same rates for both degrees.

6. Jack Welch College of Business and Technology (JWCBT) – Sacred Heart University

Annual tuition fee minimum: $15,793 (14,500 Euros)

The JWCBT, a Luxembourg affiliate of the Connecticut-based Sacred Heart University, is the penultimate university on our list of the cheapest universities in Luxembourg. It provides a Master of Business Administration degree program that can be completed part-time or full-time.

The part-time program’s evening lessons endure 18 months. Included is a two-week study abroad program in the United States or Asia.

A paid internship program is included in the full-time MBA program. After graduation, students may be eligible for a work visa.

Core Business Skills, Corporate Finance, Leadership, Management in the Digital Age, Modern Business Management, and Private Equity are among the certificates offered by JWCBT. It also offers an Executive Education program that is open to the public and held during lunchtime.

For both domestic and international students, all tuition fees are rated the same.

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I hope that this article on this cheapest universities in Luxembourg was helpful! If you are interested, visit the Cheap Tuition Category!

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6 Cheapest Universities in Luxembourg for International Students



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