Free Honorary Doctorate Degree Certificate In India 2024

Free Honorary Doctorate Degree Certificate In India 2023

Getting an honorary doctorate is a wise choice, according to Indian Universities Offering free Honorary Doctorate degree certificate in India. It results in respect and recognition.

The conferral of honorary degrees is a major emblem for the university. An honorary degree, which is awarded in celebration of exceptionally excellent accomplishments and involvement, recognizes academic and societal contributions that exemplify the values highly respected by a great university.

As a result, this post will highlight the top universities  where you can earn an free honorary doctorate degree certificate in india.. Find out by reading on.

What is Free Honorary Doctorate Degree Certificate in India

Anyone who demonstrates exceptional ability in their profession or of study is given an honorary degree. It is a degree that raises a person’s credibility and oddness.

An honorary doctorate is given by a college or university to a person who has dedicated their entire professional life to a particular field. Universities may also award honorary degrees to people who have made noteworthy contributions to society.

The terms “honoris causa,” “hon. causa,” and “hdc” are all used to refer to honorary degrees.

Universities and colleges confer honorary doctorates in a variety of subjects, including public service, law, science, and education.


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All Free Honorary Doctorate degree Certificate

Types of Free Honorary Doctorates degree Certificates in India

There are different types of free honorary doctorate degree certificate in India . They include;

  • Degree of Doctor of Laws (LLD)– Awarded to people that have shown excellence in law, politics, business, or government.
  • Doctorate of Education (EdD)– Awarded to people that made massive impacts in the education sector.
  • Degree of Doctor of Letters (DLitt), Arts (DA). Philosophy (DP), Music (DMus), or Science (DSci) – Awarded to individuals that have made significant impacts in the world of research and scholarship.
  • Honorary Master’s Degree (MA, MSc)—Awarded to people who have completed significant jobs in creative arts, humanities, or social sciences.


Best universities in India that offer free honorary doctorates degrees

1. The British University of India: 

As a non-profit private university, the Royal British University of India was established to provide the best British education and top-notch graduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programs.

This university confers honorary doctorates on individuals who have made outstanding achievements to their fields of study or to the institutions.

The British University of India bestows honorary doctorates “for the sake of the honor,” or Honoris causa.

Furthermore, the Honorary Degrees Committee of the Royal British University of India has the ability to choose the recipients of honorary doctorates.

One of the top institutions in India that awards honorary doctorates is the British University of India.

2. Indian Empire University:

Indian Empire University confers honorary doctorates on people in recognition of their exceptional achievements to the institution, humanity, or any field of learning.

To make sure that only the best people are selected, the Indian Empire University honorary degree committee uses risk assessment procedures and other norms.

Additionally, Indian Empire University only confers honorary doctorates on individuals who exhibit high moral principles.

If a person engages in behavior or contributes to a problem that could damage the school’s reputation, the Council has the authority to revoke an honorary doctorate that has been granted to that person.

The Indianempire University handles the selection of recipients of honorary doctorates in a confidential manner.

The honorary doctorate committee also aims to recognize minorities or women who have made outstanding contributions to their disciplines.

3. Abdulkalam University:

Like other universities, Abdulkalam University bestows honorary doctorates to individuals in recognition of their services to society at large or a specific field.

This honor encourages more generous assistance. One of India’s top universities, AKU, confers honorary doctorates on individuals based on their prior accomplishments and skill sets.

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However, you should be aware that recipients of honorary doctorates from AKU do not do so in recognition of their academic achievements. Instead, they receive it as a result of their contributions to society.

But in order to be considered for an honorary degree from AKU, candidates must submit a resume or autobiographical sketch outlining their training, skills, accomplishments, and other qualities.

4. Sree Ramalinga Academy of Higher Education (SRLU):

A remarkable accomplishment is receiving an honorary degree from the Sree Ramalinga Academy of Higher Education.

The public’s opinions and the data provided by an expert committee form the basis of the entire selection procedure for honorary doctorates.

The names of nominees are shortlisted by SRLU and posted on the institution’s official website at the beginning of the academic year.

This university confers honorary doctorates on individuals who have significantly advanced their fields of endeavor or society.

All nominations for honorary doctorates must be submitted via the SRLU website along with any necessary documentation or information.

The nomination’s supporting documentation give the screening committee the tools it needs to accomplish its work well.

The Vice-Chancellor, who has the only authority to select the honorees, receives the list of eligible nominees when the official committee has finished its work.

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5. Chitkara University:

An exclusive university in India is called Chitkara University. Famous people who have made remarkable contributions to a topic or area of competence are given honorary doctorates by the school.

However, those who get honorary doctorates from this university must uphold its ideals.

In recognition of their long-term achievements in several professions, Chitkara University also confers honorary doctorates on well-known leaders in respective fields.

One of the top universities in India that awards honorary doctorates is Chitkara University.

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6. DK International Research Foundation:

The DK International Research Foundation awards honorary doctorates to seasoned professionals who have acquired years of experience in their various fields of competence throughout the course of their careers.

The honorary doctorates granted by the DK International Research Foundation encourage recipients to make greater contributions to their disciplines.

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However, candidates receiving honorary doctorates from the DK International Research Foundation must provide the university their resume and filled-out application.

Frequently Asked Questions on the List Of Schools Offering Honorary Doctorate Degree In India 

Can Honorary PHD use DR

Instead of “Dr,” it is written as “H.C.” because it is more of an honor than a degree. Therefore, a recipient of an honorary award cannot use the prefix “Dr.”.

Is honorary doctorate a real degree?

No, honorary doctorates don’t hold the same weight as regular doctorates in the academic community. A celebrity or other well-known individual may get an honorary doctorate from a university, although the degrees have no academic value.

Can I buy a doctorate?

Sadly, the answer is indeed. PhD-level writing is available for purchase. Additionally, a student who is knowledgeable about the essay industry can obtain a PhD thesis for less money than what a typical “essay mill” is willing to charge.

Can I do a PhD in 1 year?

There aren’t many one-year doctoral programs available. Although two-year PhD programs are virtually as uncommon as four-year programs, several colleges and universities do offer them in a few academic fields with various admissions criteria.

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Universities In India That Offer Honorary Doctorates: An honorary doctorate is a recognition of a person’s exceptional proficiency in a particular field of study.

The distinctiveness of a person is enhanced by this degree. Some universities confer honorary doctorates on individuals who devote their entire lives to a particular field of study.

These people must be morally respectable members of society, nevertheless. Every year, most Indian schools bestow honorary doctorates.

And the schools listed in this article are the best tertiary institutions in India to obtain an honorary doctorate.


University of the Philippines That Give honorary doctorate degree.

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All Free Honorary Doctorate degree Certificate

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