Best EdTech Writing Tools for Students 2024

Best EdTech Writing Tools for Students 2024

This article is on EdTech Writing Tools for Students. With the increasing digitization of the world, technology is starting to play a bigger role in education.

And it’s safe to say that this is one of the most important advantages of the modern era, since EdTech writing tools can help students with a variety of issues, including how to write better, be more productive, streamline the writing process, keep their notes organized, and generally succeed academically. Read this article to learn more about these tools.

# 1 Grammarly

Grammarly was the first tool that sprung to mind when writing this post. And it makes sense that, nearly from its launch in 2009, it has consistently led lists of the greatest EdTech writing tools. What therefore accounts for this kind of achievement, and how may students benefit from Grammarly?

This free tool detects and fixes grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntactic mistakes, greatly enhancing users’ work. It evaluates your work and gives you immediate feedback using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology.

Because the tool adapts to your writing style, you receive a plethora of useful ideas for enhancing your writing style, clarity, and coherence. It is furthermore accessible to users of different platforms as a mobile app, browser extension, and online tool. We strongly advise you to immediately address this if you haven’t been using this platform for your job yet.

# 2 Write My Essay

The AI essay writer from Write My Essay is the next, and it was created to assist students in writing essays fast and effectively. Additionally, it will be especially helpful for students who work best in small batches. Writing a paper always starts with coming up with a title, which is where the Title Generator comes in handy. In order to prevent plagiarism, you should also use the Citation Generator and Paraphrasing Tool when writing your academic assignments.

After finishing your essay, utilize the Conclusion Generator to construct the ideal concluding remarks for your piece. Lastly, editing and proofreading your work is crucial before submitting it. Here’s where you may also ask the experts on this site, who write professionally, for assistance. Therefore, Write My Essays is a one-stop solution for all of your writing problems.

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# 3 ProWritingAid

It is a feature-rich online writing tool that offers several opportunities for pupils to enhance their writing. Giving writing criticism on a variety of topics is one of its most important advantages. More than 20 different problems, such as sentence structure, readability, repeating words, etc., may be detected by the platform while analyzing user text.

Additionally, the site provides advice on how to write better, including how to avoid using the passive voice and how to use more descriptive language. Here, we refer to useful information on metrics like as sentence structure, readability, and other important aspects that may assist students in improving the overall caliber of their writings.

However, you should utilize the custom writing services offered by Trust My Paper, which does not use artificial intelligence (AI), if you do not have the time to create research papers or other academic papers on your own. More than two thousand skilled authors with expertise in around 85 topic areas may be found here. Thus, the best course of action if you have a highly complex research project is to use this platform.

# 4 Book Creator

It is a unique and creative digital tool that allows students to write and publish multimedia e-books. It is available as an app for iOS, Android, and Windows devices and as a web-based tool for Chromebooks and other gadgets.

The app also allows adding text, images, video, audio, and interactive elements to e-books. One of its critical benefits is that it encourages creativity and collaboration. That is why teachers can use this app for group projects and assignments. It also allows students to share their e-books with others via email, social media, or online platforms.

# 5 Scrivener

It is a comprehensive software program designed for writers of all types who create voluminous materials, including books and research papers. Therefore, this tool will also be quite effective for students.

Scrivener is especially good at helping you organize ideas and research, thanks to many tools for outlining, brainstorming, and taking notes. In addition, the program has a full-screen mode and customizable background and font color options, which helps you stay focused on your work.

# 6 Draft Back

It is a unique Chrome extension offering a new perspective on writing. Its ability to replay the writing process and provide information about the writing habits of individual users and their colleagues can be a valuable tool for improving writing and collaboration skills.

It works by recording keystrokes and editing activities performed during the writing process and then playing them back in video format. One of Draft Back’s key benefits is its ability to help students understand their writing process and identify areas where they can improve.

# 7 Quill

Students in upper elementary, middle, and high school may benefit from this all-inclusive writing tool by honing their essay and report writing abilities using the platform’s grammar and proofreading tools. The “connect” tool from Quill assists students in recognizing and fixing run-on and fragmented phrases. They may develop critical writing skills by receiving writing recommendations in real-time through rapid feedback.

Quill also offers a lessons feature where teachers can instruct the entire class or small groups. These lessons include writing prompts, discussion topics, and follow-up writing activities to reinforce the lesson’s objectives. Finally, Quill’s diagnostics feature enables teachers to identify areas where students need improvement.

# 8 Storybird

Using the internet tool Storybird, users may produce and distribute visual stories. It is an invaluable resource for authors, artists, educators, and students due to its vast collection of works, collaboration tools, and educational orientation. The narrative’s visual framework is created by the users, who can select pictures and artwork to incorporate into their stories.

Additionally, the site provides writing prompts that let you take a basic tale concept and expand on it. The capacity for collaboration is another distinctive feature of Storybird. Users have the option to ask others to work with them on their tales, adding to the collective creative effort.

# 9 BoomWriter

It is an effective tool for educators and learners who wish to enhance their writing abilities. It is a useful tool for literacy development because of its interactive prompts, publishing capabilities, and collaborative writing exercises, which offer an organized and interesting approach to writing teaching.

In order to aid students in honing their writing abilities, BoomWriter also provides a wealth of interactive suggestions. These writing exercises can help students come up with ideas for essays or tales while concentrating on particular abilities like developing characters, dialogue, or descriptions.

# 10 VisuWords

It is an online visual dictionary and thesaurus that teaches students about word meanings and connections through dynamic, interactive graphical presentations. The site also offers a plethora of resources and features to aid in the study and comprehension of English.

The software generates a dynamic, interactive graph that shows word meanings, synonyms, antonyms, and related terms when you search for a word. This graphic representation aids users in comprehending word relationships and context-specific use. Additionally, VisuWords provides customization options so that customers may make searches specific to their requirements.

The emphasis on vocabulary growth in VisuWords is another distinctive feature. The platform provides a number of features and tools to assist students in growing their vocabulary and learning new words. Among these are a feature called “word of the day” and an integrated quiz that assesses users’ understanding of word relationships and definitions.


The way that students study and practice writing has been completely transformed by the use of technology in the classroom. The top ten EdTech tools for students were examined in this post; each has special features and advantages. You may work with classmates and professors to write intriguing papers, get immediate feedback and advice, and enhance your writing abilities by utilizing one or more of them in tandem.


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