5 Best Tools for Writing Attractively

5 Best Tools that can Your Writing Skills

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Writing is not an easy thing to do. It is as difficult as knitting. Just as using the best tools for writing attractively, placing the right threads makes a dress beautiful.

Therefore, only some have a taste for writing, yet a few nurture that passion into a full-fledged profession.

You might be a six-figure income blogger or a just starting out. Nevertheless, you need to know the right kind of tools to improve your writing skills.

Here are the five best tools that can aid you in your writing.

Top serving tools to improve your writing:

Leave everything aside, and come with us to embark upon the journey to improve your writing skills now! Let’s see the best tools for writing attractively.


Among the trusted and widely used tools, paraphraser.io takes a prominent position. A reasonable number of bloggers and students have recommended this writing tool. For those who don’t know. It is a tool that paraphrases your short text, or long articles. It rewords every important word and replaces it with the perfect synonyms to give a new look to your text. Therefore, you can use this tool to remove similar content aka plagiarism from your content. Therefore, you can say that it is essentially a word changer. You can take the advantage of this tool to rewrite essays, as it is considered one of the best essay rewriters. Sometimes, you need to write a sentence differently but you do not have words to write. Here, you can take the advantage of this paraphraser to change the sentence’s structure.

Apart from all other reasons, the thing why most people remain stick to this tool is none other than its idea retention mechanism. No matter how difficult a paragraph you have, once you insert it in this paraphrasing tool, it gives a differently written article with the same meanings. Most bloggers use it when they run out of ideas, as it has AI  algorithms that change the words of any article and represent a humanized version of paraphrasing.


Now cut off unnecessary words from your text and use the words the directly hit the reader’s mind. Because this tool is none other than your best writing assistant. While writing, the thing you ignore is tone and the right kind of terminology. Obviously, you won’t write a social media post like a sick leave application. But you often miss the subtle nuances of each type of writing that sets the tone of your article. To help you out, you can use this tool as it will highlight the tone errors as well as provide you suggestions. Writers also face another genuine problem. They write in haste and often leave behind grammatical errors.

Upon completion, they can’t point out all of them. That’s why their content does not remain 100% free. Nonetheless, they can remove all grammar and spelling errors with this grammar checker. In every niche of content, readability plays an important role in gauging its quality. As bloggers write the content for the general public, mostly, their articles should be easy to understand. To determine whether your content is readable or not, this tool gives your content a readability score to make changes in your article if required. Not only that, you can even get rid of copying, as you can use the download button to save your file wherever you want inside the drive.


Editpad.org is a content editing and writing platform. Having a text editor, plagiarism checker, and a host of other tools, they also provide services in paraphrasing your content. Talking about this paraphrasing tool here in this article was much needed because you will love to use this tested and verified tool. Among freelancers, bloggers, journalists, and students, plagiarism is no less than a nightmare. They always fear giving their max energy to avoid such content. Yet most of them hardly create any meaningful content in this exercise. If you also suffering from writer’s block, then jump to this platform without giving a second chance to your thoughts. It changes your content’s wording into a new form and removes plagiarism from your article completely.

Not only it performs its original work, but it also gives some user-friendly features as well. That’s the reason why most writers feel most comfortable while using this tool. One of them is multiple text extensions uploading. This rephrase tool gives you the option to upload any content format such as .txt, .pdf, .docx, etc.


Your workplace writing assistant is none other than paraphraz. Keeping up to the expectations of writers, it is one of the most adored and trusted tools. Now bloggers do not fear the editing procedure as they know they will check the content grammar with Grammarly. It improves your writing by checking as well as removing your content’s spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Not only that, but you can also get some top-notch editing and writing features but with premium packages. That means you have to pay monthly subscription charges to access those features.

These features are plagiarism checking, extra punctuation errors rendering, And clarity-based sentence rewriting. With that said, you might have a team of writers or a writing agency. So, you may need a grammar checker for your whole team. Grammarly provides you with a business package for you and your team. You can access all the above mentioned features along with some extra ones to make your content writing process more smooth and more efficient. If you suffer from your bland text narration, you need to use Grammarly to create appealing content that engages the readers. Polish your writing skills and learn where you do mistakes to improve your grammar with Grammarly.


If you haven’t heard of an article spinner, let me take the privilege to tell you for the first time. Plagiarisma is an article rewriter. It is a tool that spins or rewriters your article to change its verbatim or syntax. But the good thing is it does not change your meaning even slightly. There are various article spinners available on the internet, but the reason why this tool is the best lies in its usage. You can use it anywhere anytime, even through your mobile. Plagiarisma is much user-friendly, as it takes up any type of file format.

Moreover, you take no worry about rewriting professional articles as it provides you paid services for content creation and rewriting. You can even set the rewrite percentage and the article type. Just say any content type and it gives you the price of rewriting. As it removes original words in an article and adds new words in place of them, it works as a plagiarism remover.

Summing up:

After going through this article, I bet you would find the best writing tool. Every blogger has an Achilles heel. Yours might be different from others but still, you need some tool to brush away your issues. We have sought out these five tools from diverse options to help you find out the solution to your problem. Tell us in the comment box, about what you think about these tools.

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