MIT Free Online Courses with Certificates

MIT Free Online Courses with Certificates

In this post, I share with you a list of 10 MIT Free Online Courses with Certificates that you can choose from. MIT is giving people everywhere the chance to take free online courses and get a certificate when they finish.

The MIT Free online courses are really good choices that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology made to use the internet to educate young people and help them achieve their goals.

The internet is a useful tool in education and has allowed students to study subjects like marketing, digital marketing, and civil engineering. With the internet, students nowadays can get certified in different subjects such as child training, veterinary training, office safety training, and sales training.

The MIT free online courses give students the chance to get certificates and become experts in different subjects. This project from MIT is focused on helping students who don’t have enough money to get the education they need. MIT believes that there is a lot of untapped potential in these students, and by providing them with training, it can contribute to their development and society as a whole.

The MIT free online courses are competing with other high-quality online programs like free Sanskrit courses, online robotic courses, and free Microsoft training courses that can help people become certified to work with Microsoft programs.

The MIT offers excellent programs that are highly respected worldwide. It is considered one of the best universities in the United States. The programs at MIT, like Engineering, meet the highest standards set by the best engineering schools in the world.

About MIT Free Online Courses

MIT is a top-notch institute of technology called Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is highly regarded for its education and was ranked as the second-best school globally in 2021.

Even though MIT is known for being very selective, it has made its educational resources available to students from different financial backgrounds. This is especially true with MIT’s free online courses, which offer over 2000 courses through platforms like edX or MIT OpenCourseWare.

Many people might think that MIT is not easily accessible because of its location, high price for admission and study, and low acceptance rate of 7. 3% But MIT has made efforts to make it easier for students and people who want to be students to access education. This aligns with their slogan “the soul of MIT is research. ” They have been looking for ways to reach a wider group of people.

The university helped create edX with Harvard University in 2012. EdX is a non-profit organization that helps students learn with over 200 courses available for free. In addition, MIT has made a habit of putting all of its educational materials from its undergraduate and graduate courses online for free since 2001.

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These MIT online courses can be easily accessed by anyone in the world who has internet and a device that can connect to the internet through the MIT OpenCourseWare platform.

If you want to use edX to study MIT’s free online courses, you will have a experience similar to being in a real classroom. This includes watching video lectures, participating in discussions with other students, and completing assignments. If you choose the paid version, you will also receive grades on your assignments. Once you finish the course, you will get a completion certificate that you can share on LinkedIn or on your resume.

If you want to study MIT’s free online courses through OpenCourseWare, you should know that they have more class options but are not as organized and easy to understand. You will have to rely on your own abilities to understand things, without being given any extra help like course materials or notes.

Here are some of the very popular free online courses from MIT that offer certificates. If you want to learn more about different subjects, you should check out MIT OpenCourseWare and edX. They offer over 200 courses on a wide range of topics like computer science and social policy.

10 MIT Free Online Courses with Certificates

1.  Machine Learning with Python: from Linear Models to Deep Learning

The top course on MIT’s list of free online courses with certificates is about machine learning with python. It teaches students about machine learning in detail, covering topics from basic linear models to advanced deep learning and reinforcement learning. Students will learn these concepts through practical projects using Python for a duration of 15 weeks.

2.  Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

This is a 9-week course from MIT that teaches the basics of computer science and programming without going into too much detail. In this class, you will learn about python, basic problem-solving steps, testing and fixing mistakes, and organizing information. You will also learn about and become familiar with the basic understanding of algorithm complexity.

3. Global Africa: Creative Cultures

One more of the free online courses offered by MIT is called Global Africa: Creative Cultures. This course allows students to study Africa’s material and visual culture. It explores this topic from different perspectives like anthropology, history, and social theory.

In simpler terms, students get the chance to learn more and study how the literary, musical, and artistic works from the continent connect with global politics. This course is one of the rare free online courses offered by MIT where a teacher actually instructs the students. Amah Edoh explains how the course includes ideas from intellectuals like Princeton Professor Chika Okeke-Agulu and Stanford Professor Paulla A. Ebron, along with the well-respected author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, aims to explain African visual culture in a way that makes sense.


4. Arts, Crafts, Science

Students who are interested in MIT’s free online courses can also learn about crafts. Crafts are artworks that are meant to be used and appreciated. Students can study crafts from historical, theoretical, and anthropological perspectives through MIT OpenCourseWare.

Professor Heather Paxson researches how crafts have been created, bought and sold, and how much they are worth both now and in the past. Overall, students should be able to create and describe their ideas about crafts using the same methods.


5.  Shaping Work of the Future

Study how new technology affects the relationship between work and society in order to create plans for improving the workforce. Students will learn about how organizations that serve the community can use new technologies to make things more fair for everyone. They will look at how this has been done in the past with jobs and employment in the United States and other countries.


6.  COVID-19 in Slums & Informal Settlements

What is happening in poor communities that people have built themselves in cities during the COVID-19 pandemic. In these communities, it is difficult to practice things like staying away from others and washing hands often. What are some rules that can actually work in these informal communities. In this course, experts from different fields will try to answer that question.

7. Tools for Academic Engagement in Public Policy

Public policies are getting more complicated and technical, and scientists and engineers need to work together with policymakers to offer scientifically accurate solutions to public problems. But, only a few academics receive the necessary education to influence public policy.

The aim of this course, led by a professor from MIT who specializes in political science and the executive director of Harvard’s Scientific Citizenship Initiative, is to bring different groups or ideas together. This course lasts for 3 weeks and is one of the free online courses offered by MIT. It has a brief course content and requires effort.

8. The Iterative Innovation Process

This course helps businesses and individuals learn how to continuously improve their ideas and products. Students will learn about the connection between
markets, implementation, and technology, and how to identify opportunities in each of these areas. Students will create a model of how innovation happens using real-life examples and activities throughout the class.

9. Evaluating Social Programs

Students will understand why it’s important to use random assessments and how to oversee and assess their effectiveness. They will learn about common issues in designing evaluations, important parts of a good randomized assessment, ways to analyze and understand data, and other topics through lectures and real-life examples. A basic understanding of statistics is helpful but not necessary.

10. Supply Chain Analytics

The last on the list of MIT free online courses with certificates is supply chain analytics which happens to be more than philosophical foundations, this hands-on business and management course focuses on the application of basic supply chain analytics approaches and modeling — including statistics, and regression, optimization, and probability.

Students will be equipped with the most prevalent supply chain methodologies and technologies they may face during their studies or work.


The MIT free online courses with certificates are some of the most sorted-after courses found on the internet as of today. The reason is that MIT has put considerable effort into making those courses have a real-world impact while being accessible to everyone who’s willing to participate, do not wait any longer.


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