What is the Language of Switzerland Before Studying There

What Languages Do They Speak in Switzerland Before Studying There

It’s not difficult to answer the question “what is the language of Switzerland. ” in most countries. But if you ask someone from Switzerland, well, things become more difficult. This is the part where we count and explain things.

Switzerland is famous for its excellent quality of life, great infrastructure, and commitment to protecting the environment. It is ranked number 5 on the list of the best places to study abroad this year. The reason why Switzerland is successful and peaceful might be because of how diverse the country is. In simpler terms, the country has four languages that are officially recognized.

There are four main languages that are officially recognized: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Each language is spoken in different places. This is exciting for any international student. University programs are available in different languages, and this helps with everyday communication. Four times easier, could be described as.


Swiss German is the main language in Switzerland and is spoken by 63 % of the people in the north, east, and center of the country. The people who speak it call it Dialekt, Mundart, or just Dütsch.

But if you choose to study in a Swiss German-speaking canton, you should be aware that there are many different ways of speaking this language. So, if you usually speak regular German, it can be difficult to understand. However, do not be disheartened by this. Standard German is still commonly used for official letters, in books, and in newspapers, which makes things a little bit simpler.

Swiss German is a group of dialects from the Alemannic language. It is not used in Germany or Austria anymore, but it has many French words mixed in. The people who speak Swiss German are proud of having many different ways of speaking.

In Zurich, Bern, or Basel, the same words are used in different ways. Once again, there is no reason to be concerned. If you are unsure about something, just ask politely for more information. If you are considering studying in one of the German-speaking areas in Switzerland, take a look at these other intriguing details about Swiss German.


French spoken in Switzerland is the second most widely spoken language in the country. It is mostly spoken in the western part of Switzerland, including the cantons of Geneva, Vaud, Neuchâtel, and Jura. Even though they have different names, the French spoken in Switzerland and France is quite similar.

Some people say that Swiss French sounds slower because the vowels are pronounced for a longer time. This is good news for people who speak standard French because they will not have any problems chatting with locals from French-speaking areas. Another benefit for people who speak French is that the popular places to visit, like Lausanne and Geneva, are only spoken in French.


Swiss Italian is the language spoken in the region of Ticino and the southern part of Graubünden. This area in Switzerland has a special mix of Swiss and Italian cultures, making it a great place to visit and study.

Swiss Italian, previously called Lombard, is a language spoken by approximately 350,000 individuals throughout history. It is also influenced by German and French, so some differences might be confusing if you studied or speak standard Italian. It also has influences from German and French, so there might be some confusing differences if you’re familiar with standard Italian. Don’t be concerned, you may still be able to communicate effectively.


The last part of this linguistic treat from Switzerland is called Romansh. It is the language with the least amount of speakers in Switzerland and there are only 37,000 people who speak it. But that doesn’t mean its history is not still very interesting and important.

Romansh is a type of language, similar to Italian and French. In 15 B. C, the Romans took over Rhaetia and the language they spoke was influenced by the language of the local people. This weird mix made Rumantsch.

Romansh is a language spoken in Switzerland that is not well known outside of the country. It is used for governing and education, and is freely spoken by the local community. Romansh has different ways of speaking, but people agreed on a common language that is used today.

What makes this language even more amazing is that it’s still alive in the 21st century. That would be an interesting topic for studying language.

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How does this translate for international students?

As a student from another country, you can take advantage of Switzerland’s ability to speak multiple languages.

Firstly, there are many Swiss banks, companies, and political organizations searching for individuals who can speak one of the official languages well.

If you prefer English, we have good news. Swiss people learn many languages from a young age, and most of them can speak English very well. You can choose from various courses in different languages at well-known Swiss universities. If you ever become lost while hiking in the Alps, don’t worry. It’s likely that someone will be able to assist you in a language you know.

If you want to study in Switzerland because of its beautiful nature and the fact that language won’t be a problem, make sure you look at the admission requirements before you get ready.


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