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Lets talk about best free textbook website to download in pdf. We have come to understand how completely reliant on technology we are for all of our requirements as a result of the ongoing global epidemic. People were compelled to rely entirely on technology as nation after nation issued nationwide lockdowns as a result of an increase of Covid-19 cases.

Everything happened on the digital screen in front of us, from grocery shopping to finding a job to continuing our education. There are undoubtedly negative aspects to being so dependent on technology, yet we can still utilize it to our advantage. I will be writing on free online book to download and in pdf too.

Online learning was the most severely impacted, and as a result, numerous e-learning sources rose to the rescue. The best thing about online learning resources is that everyone and everyone can use them even for.

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Download Free PDF Textbooks

Best Websites to Download Free PDF Textbooks

Since these platforms are available to everyone, including those who are physically limited, the range of learning opportunities for many people has substantially expanded.

There are several websites that provide free textbooks for education. These PDF books are available for quick download or for completely free online reading. They provide material from the intellectual, literary, and even children’s worlds.

Tips for Best Free textbook Website to Download PDF 

Finding the ideal website for your needs or downloading a free PDF book becomes simple with the right steps in mind.

#1) PDF Reader

Given that PDF books are densely textual documents, the PDF reader must have a number of characteristics that will improve the reading experience. The PDF format is a better choice than other ones. Editing, navigation, annotation, adding bookmarks, selecting reading mode, and simple sharing are a few essential functions.

With this in mind, one should use PDF viewers for Android smartphones such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, WPS Office, Google PDF Viewer, Foxit MobilePDF, or Moon+Reader.

The finest apps for iOS smartphones are Google Playbooks, PDF Max, etc. And excellent options for Windows include Adobe Reader, Nitro Reader, etc.

#2) Requirement

While searching for free PDF novels, it’s crucial to keep your needs in mind.

Some websites have amassed such a large amount of content that it is quicker to type the appropriate combination of words. Others can choose from a variety of books geared toward their interests.

For instance, Free Kids Books has a collection of e-books exclusively for children, whereas Open Textbook Library primarily offers free textbooks only for college students. Similar to this, Project Gutenberg has made classic books with expired U.S. copyright accessible.

#3) Antivirus Defense

No matter how reliable or trustworthy a particular website may be, it is crucial to safeguard your computer with reliable antivirus software to be doubly sure.

Even if a virus does not enter through a website, it may occasionally do so through another medium or a compromised network and infect the user device.

4) Interaction

It’s critical to consider how each user will interact with the website’s interface. Simpler user interfaces make searching simple, or occasionally, some people are more comfortable with a particular website design that is simpler for them to use.

When looking for an e-book or browsing the web, we should bear this in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About best free textbook website 

Q #1) Is it safe to download free textbook PDF?

Some e-books might contain dangerous software that might infect the computer with viruses, spyware, and malware. Because of this, one should avoid placing blind faith in sources and instead stick with trustworthy websites like those listed below.

Some illicit websites disseminate content without the author’s or the publisher’s consent.

Q #2) Can you donate e-books to free PDF books websites?

Yes, there are numerous websites that offer free textbooks and who kindly welcome donations in the form of PDF files and actual books that they may then digitize and add to their collection.

For instance, the parent website of Open Library, Internet Archive Books, welcomes actual book donations.

Q #3) How can self-publish authors make their work available for download on these websites?

On some websites, authors who self-publish have the option to upload their works.

Similar to other books already listed on the website, this is also verified and transmitted by the website before being made available for download or online reading.

Q #4) Can you order a hard copy of a free textbook available on a website?

No. These websites offering free PDF textbooks are designed to make educational materials available to everyone without requiring payment.

Q #5) Do these websites accept monetary donations?

It is challenging to run a freely accessible online resource repository. Therefore, even the smallest donations made to these websites that offer free PDF books are required.

These contributions go a long way toward keeping the website up to date, supporting the team, and improving the services provided by the website.

Q #6) Why am I having trouble downloading PDF files to my computer?

There might be a number of causes behind this. Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular data network first by checking your Internet connection.

Second, check the download folder individually if you can’t locate a file you’re positive you downloaded. It’s possible that the file was kept there without permission.

Ensure that the software needed to view the file in the specified format is installed on your device.

For instance, in order to view an epub format file, you need an EPUB reader.

Q #7) Is it illegal to download free PDF books?

Free PDF book downloads are only prohibited if the website is offering pirated content. It is legal to view and share online copies of works as long as the copyrights are upheld and the author and publishing firm have given their consent.

Fact Check: According to, revenue in the e-books segment is expected to reach $15,986 million in 2021. Almost 8 million free textbooks were downloaded from Project Gutenberg alone in the April 2020. This was double the number downloaded last year.

Between the years of 2007 and 2021, there has been a continuous rise in the number of e-books that are available on Amazon Kindle, according to In comparison to the few thousand e-books that were available for reading in 2007, it is predicted that there would be 9,000,000 available in 2022.

List Of The Top free textbook Websites To Download Free PDF Textbooks

Here are list of some best free textbook websites for Free Textbooks Online:

  1. Open Textbook Library
  2. Libre Texts
  5. Project Gutenberg
  6. Free
  7. Internet Archive Books
  9. Open Library
  10. Freeditorial

Comparison Of Best Websites For Free Textbooks Online

Name of the website to download free PDF books Types of PDF books on the website Free Download Year established Audience
Open Textbook Library Higher Education- business, mathematics, law. Free download and Open access for all Unknown College Students Engineering, IT and Business. Free download and open access for all 1998 College Students
Internet Archive Books Books of all kinds and more. Largest platform for free PDF books. Some books cannot be downloaded, only borrowed 1996 No Age Bar
Freeditorial Range of books including literary works. Free download and open access for all 2012 No Age Bar

#1) Open Textbook Library

This is the best free textbook website and in pdf form. By offering open textbooks by authorized authors and publishers, the Open Textbook Library seeks to revolutionize higher education and student learning. These are freely adaptable and used. These PDF books are available for free download, editing, and distribution.

The primary audience for the textbooks on this website is college students. It includes PDF versions of college textbooks organized into 12 different subject categories, including Business, Computer Science, Humanities, Law, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.

Features include free textbooks by subjects, a focus on college learning, and free distribution of college textbooks.

Website: Open Textbook Library

#2) Libre Texts

This is the best free textbook website and in pdf form. A non-profit website dedicated to online educational reform is called Libre Texts. It is geared toward college students and has an intuitive interface to make creating and customizing Open Educational Resources easier (OER).

There are currently 398 open access free textbooks on the platform, and 223 million students are using them. With the help of its active contributors and volunteer staff, Libre Texts expands. Additionally, interactive visualizations are used to enhance learning.

Features: Open access to content, large library space to develop and share new free textbooks.

Website: Libre Texts


This is the best free textbook website and in pdf form. At Rice University, there is a non-profit teaching platform called OpenStax. There are a variety of areas, including humanities, math, physics, social sciences, business, biology, etc., that have free college textbooks available.

Since the scope and sequence criteria are uniform across all free textbooks, using them to supplement current courses is made simpler.

Although some high school texts are also made available to pupils, college education is the main focus.

Features: All textbooks are free and can be openly accessed. A range of free college textbooks, high school level textbooks also available, provide free textbooks online in multiple formats.



Thousands of free textbooks published by professors at prominent universities across the world are available online at Bookboon.

Any book in the fields of accounting, economics and finance, engineering, marketing and law, natural sciences, strategy and management, etc., can be downloaded for free as a PDF by a website user.

The website also offers brief practical books, such as those on study and career advice, personal growth, and productivity. Through the use of top-notch educational materials, Bookboon seeks to democratize knowledge and make it simple for everyone to advance oneself.

Features: User-friendly interface, Primarily textbooks on IT, Engineering and Business.

Website: Bookboon

#5) Project Gutenberg

Free textbooks can be found online through Project Gutenberg. A digital archive of cultural works is being created. Its purpose is to support the production and dissemination of literary works.

E-books were created in 1971 by Project Gutenberg’s creator, Michael Hart, making the organization the first to offer them. The website described the protracted process from a notion to an organization.

Thousands of e-books were being produced every day by Project Gutenberg by the 2000s, and that number has only increased since then.

Features: Older Literature available, one of the oldest PDF textbooks platform.

Website: Project Gutenberg

#6) is an online site that offers free PDF textbooks. It has a vast variety of books in all academic fields, including literature. The website’s books are divided into categories in a drop-down menu at the top of the home page.

The website operates a lively blog and arranges frequent video discussions with specialists in academia and literature. Any book is available for free PDF download.

Features: Books on a range of categories available, easy to use platform, active blog posts and informational videos on the world of literature.


#7) Internet Archive Books

The largest collection of free textbooks available online is most likely found at Internet Archive Books. 6 million videos, 14 million audio recordings, and 588 billion webpages worth of Internet content are also included.

Internet Archive is based on the premise that not everyone has access to a quality public library, hence for global accessibility, books and textbooks must be made digitally accessible.

On the website, certain books are available for free download, while others can only be loaned for a short time.

Features: Widest range of books, videos and audios also available for learning purposes.

Website: Internet Archive Books

#8) was founded in 2004 with the goal of offering free textbooks online by building a sizable library of PDF textbooks.

There are many classics to browse through because many of the free PDF books that are available here are taken from the Project Gutenberg website. The Kindle, Nook, iPad, and other e-readers provide access to more than 29,000 e-books.

It gives everyone unfettered access and is totally free. The user only needs to click the download button next to the catalog of PDF books for the download to be saved on their device.

Features: Books available in a wide range of languages, free and open access to all. The user can browse through attractive graphic images of book covers to choose.


#9) Open Library

A global collection of free PDF books is available through Open Library. It is dubbed Open Library because it makes all of its contents available for free and open access to everyone and intends to construct a webpage for every book ever published.

The books that are accessible through the Open Library website can be accessed on this website, which is a project of the Internet Archive Books.

Anyone with an Open Library account is able to contribute to the library of free textbooks.

Features: Open access and development of the library, wide range of books to choose from.

Website: Open Library

#10) Freeditorial

Free PDF books are available to download from Freeditorial from all around the world. It serves as both a publishing business and an open library, bringing together authors and readers from all over the world.

Its primary goal is to promote literature while removing barriers caused by cost. Along with offering free PDF publications, Freeditorial also aids with the publication of books written by living authors whose rights it has purchased. The website is accessible in both English and Spanish.

Features: Free and open access to all, anyone can upload a book that will then become accessible to all.

Website: Freeditorial

Other Notable Websites To Download PDF Books

#11) PDFBooksWorld

Best for books with separate editions that are designed for various screen sizes on different devices. An online resource for free textbooks is PDFBooks World. It aspires to bring illustrious authors from the past who wrote during the pre-digital era to the contemporary reading room.

To obtain free PDF books, however, a membership subscription is necessary.

Features: Free content of PDF Textbooks, Prior registration required to download free textbooks online.

Website: PDFBooks World


Best for those who want to learn digitally and take open online courses. Online certificate programs are offered for free on the platform.

Features: Free certificate programs; casual learning; movable course deadlines


#13) Open Culture

One of the best and largest online venues for e-learning is Open Culture. The content and resources on the website, which was established in 2006, encompass every conceivable knowledge base.

Features include free online textbooks, free courses with completion certificates, resources for language learning, and audiobooks.

Website: Open Culture

#14) ScholarWorks

Best for a variety of search techniques to quickly locate free college textbooks.

ScholarWorks, which is managed by Grand Valley State University (GVSU), contains a collection of works by GVSU academics. College textbook PDFs can be searched by title, author, citation, keywords, etc.

#15) PDF Search Engine

Best for free textbooks in many forms online.

You can use the PDF Search Engine to look for and download free textbooks online. Simply entering their request or a keyword connected to it in the search field is all that is needed from the user.

Its user experience resembles that of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Edge, and other websites. The website is incredibly resourceful and has PDF books for all age ranges.

Features include a wide selection of free textbook PDF resources, an easy-to-use design, and open access for everyone.

Website: PDF Search Engine

#16) Free Kids Books

Best for free PDF textbooks for students in grades K–12.

For kids in grades K–12, pre-primary, primary, and secondary education, there is a collection of online learning materials called Free Kids Books.

Features: Free textbooks that can be downloaded in an easy-to-use PDF format; Resources for teachers, parents, and students.


With the right guidance and knowledge on where to look for free PDF books, online learning platforms could blossom with the reader’s intelligence.

These online learning platforms offer a huge variety of reading and learning resources, even if the majority of users are unaware of them. In order to avoid clickbait, they primarily only Google the titles of PDF books.

These sites offer free textbooks that have been deliberately organized to enhance the user’s search experience, are dependable, and have the most user-friendly interfaces.

With Internet Archive Books offering the largest collection of cultural works and offering free certificate programs, there are books for casual learners, literati, and ardent readers.


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