5 Cheapest Universities in Switzerland for International Students

5 Cheapest Universities in Switzerland

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This article is on cheapest universities in Switzerland for international students. When compared to other European nations, Switzerland offers a lot of options for learning in addition to being a stunning location.

Let’s examine Switzerland’s least expensive universities. In addition to being the world’s largest bank, it has developed the most recent academic opportunities for local and international students.

With cheap tuition costs, the government has made it possible for students to enroll in the program. Even the most affordable institutions in Switzerland provide a variety of courses.

Therefore, there are several possibilities available to overseas students who want to enroll in one of Switzerland’s more affordable colleges.

Current top Destination among students

One of the best locations for students looking to enroll in this degree program at a low tuition price is Switzerland. There are numerous universities spread out over the city. The universities provide undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Admission for the Swiss universities

International students may have difficulty getting accepted to Swiss universities. We’ve put up a guide on language requirements, application requirements, the application process, and student visa application to assist you achieve your objective. If you’re curious, look it up!

Cheapest Universities in Switzerland for International Students

1.The American Graduate School of Business

  • Language in which lecture is given –English
  • Tuition fees for the students – ($300 to $61000) per semester

This is the first on our list of cheapest universities in Switzerland for international students. A brand-new school for business has started in Switzerland. It’s called the American Graduate School of Business. This low-cost university in Switzerland offers students many affordable academic options.

The university has programs for students who want to get a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. People from different countries can also study there.

The university’s program helps students find good opportunities while they learn. The things students learn in the curriculum will help them find a job they like in their chosen career.

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2. Franklin University Switzerland

  • Language in which lecture is given –English
  • Tuition fees for the students – $700 to $22000 per semester

This is the second on our list of cheapest universities in Switzerland for international students. This is a good option if you want to find a Swiss university that has inexpensive tuition fees. The school has many programs where you can earn a higher level of education. The university makes it easy for foreign students to join for a small amount of money.

It focuses on combining different areas of study and promoting a well-rounded education. Most of the courses taught at the university are in English.

We offer classes on books, customs, and movies too. This university is a good option for studying the program you want because tuition is affordable.

3. University of Bern

  • Language in which lecture is given –English
  • Tuition fees for the students – Switzerland and international students ($700) + Additional fees for international students ($200) per semester

This is the third on our list of cheapest universities in Switzerland for international students. This affordable university in Switzerland is situated in the nation’s capital.

This is often included in a list of the best 200 universities. The college made many people who studied chemistry and medicine famous by giving them a Nobel Prize.

This school in Switzerland is cheap for students who want to study pharmacy and medicine. The business and economy department deserves to be commended.

It is better for international students to move to Switzerland before applying to universities so that it will be easier for them. It can be said that the regular cost to attend college is $29, and this is less money compared to other colleges.

4. University of Geneva

  • Language in which lecture is given –French
  • Tuition fees for the students – In the academic year, students have to pay $500
  • Tuition fees for one school year – The fees are $1000

This is number four on our list of Switzerland’s most affordable universities for students from other countries. This school was created in 1559 and is famous for producing talented experts in many subjects. It has 6000 people working for it altogether, and around 16000 of them are students. It is considered as a top place for researchers all around the world.

The main aim of the university is to provide excellent education in subjects such as law, politics, social sciences, economics, psychology, and humanities. If you live in the city or are from another country and want to study one of these programs, this university is a good choice for you.

This university, which has been around for a long time since the 17th century, is really good and has a lot of courses you can take for an affordable price.

5. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

  • Language in which lecture is given –English
  • Tuition fees for the students – Both Switzerland and international students ($600) per semester + compulsory fees of $100.

Students have more choices for studying because there are 16 departments. This university allows both local and international students to sign up for the programs they want.

This cheap university in Switzerland is located close to Zurich. The thing is ranked number 10 on the Times World Rankings list for 2018. This has led to many great achievements by famous people who got the Nobel Prize in different subjects like science and medicine.

This university started in 1985 and has gotten much better. People now know it as one of the cheaper universities in Switzerland. A whole year of college fees usually costs about $1700.

Swiss universities charge less money for tuition than other colleges in the city.

This will be easy to understand for both students who live in cities and students who come from other countries. If you want to go to a good school that isn’t too expensive, you can look at the list above to see your options for different degrees.

Also, students can go to affordable colleges in Switzerland and study whatever they want because the schools are very good and offer great opportunities for research.


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