7 Free Universities in Europe for International Students

This post is on free universities in Europe for international students. Europe is a popular tourist destination because of its rich cultural history, historical attractions, and stunning cities

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This post is on free universities in Europe for international students. Europe is a popular tourist destination because of its rich cultural history, historical attractions, and stunning cities. Europe is renowned for offering top-notch education, as well. Since the first university was founded in Europe about a thousand years ago, this region of the world has a wealth of knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination experience.

Europe is a prominent destination for academics and students because it is home to numerous top-notch universities. The best aspect is that a lot of them are free, even for students from other countries. Here are several universities in Europe that are free for international students if you are enticed to begin your studies there.

Fees for continuing education programs are required

Free University of Berlin:

The Free University of Berlin, as its name implies, has no tuition costs, and it is the first on this list of free universities in Europe for foreign students. Fun fact: Berlin’s “free” status, not tuition-free status, is where the term “free” truly came from. The Free University of Berlin levies registration fees and requests donations for the student support service, student union, and student tickets in addition to its continuing education programs. However, there are no additional expenses for the real schooling. Dont forget this post is on free universities in Europe for international students 2023.

Ranked as #5 by QS rankings of universities in Germany, the Free University of Berlin is known for its academic excellence. Its outstanding performance is approved by the German government, as it receives funds from the German government’s Excellent Strategy that only 13 universities of this country are qualified for.

Located in the German capital city of Berlin, the opportunities are endless for graduates. With a degree and skills gained from this public research university, its graduates are sure to stand out from the crowd.

2. Ludwigs-Maximilians University (LMU)

There are fees for the semester.
Students can study in top-notch degree programs here without paying tuition with just a nominal semester charge of less than $130, which also covers student services and public transportation. Since classics and ancient history are LMU’s strongest areas of study, it is a fantastic university for those students. In the world, it holds the fifth-best QS topic ranking.

LMU has been providing excellent education since it was founded in 1472. This university has evolved over the period of 500 years from its modest beginnings as a small institution founded by a wealthy duke to an internationally renowned institution that promotes diversity, globalization, and of course academic brilliance.

When it comes to the caliber of its education and research, LMU, which is consistently recognized as the top university in Germany, does not fall short. Munich may have a high cost of living compared to other German cities, but as tuition is free, students don’t have to worry about paying for their studies.

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3. University of Iceland (UI)

Registration costs apply.
Visit the land of ice and fire to learn about its Scandinavian culture, take in its breathtaking natural wonders, and take advantage of its free higher education that is guaranteed to be of the highest caliber. There is no need to be concerned about the language barrier because UI provides English programs in addition to Icelandic programs to draw in international students. International students can study for free at the University of Iceland in Europe.

Students can benefit from its high-quality education with a small annual cost of ISK 75,000 (about USD 550) without facing additional financial obligations. UI is a fantastic choice for anybody who are fascinated in Vikings and all things Norse. UI is one of the few colleges that offers programs in Viking studies. After all, what better place is there to study the Vikings than in one of their homelands?

Although UI may not be as big as universities in significant European megacities, it offers more than 400 majors for students to choose from. Its schooling is excellent, and its academics are top-notch. A degree from the University of Iowa is a credential that guarantees the holder will be able to use their education to improve the world.

4. University of Oslo (UiO)

The University of Oslo is the next institution on our list of free universities in Europe for international students. This university is a fantastic option for individuals who have a strong interest in anthropology. Its anthropology program is ranked #29 globally in QS Subject Rankings, indicating an unquestionably high level of educational quality. As Norway’s oldest institution, UiO has experience developing potential and training brilliant minds.

Leading European university UiO is committed to using knowledge to create a sustainable future. Despite being Norway’s oldest institution, UiO constantly updates and improves its programs and courses. In order to draw international students and boost the competitiveness of its Norwegian students in an increasingly globalized world, UiO provides a wide range of programs at various levels that are entirely taught in English.

Norway is a fantastic country to study since it has a good level of life. Although Nordic countries have higher than average costs of living, their free tuition policies undoubtedly help students concentrate on their studies without having to worry about money.

5. University of Vienna

Student Union dues are necessary
Non-EU/EEA students must pay tuition, and students whose program length exceeds the norm by more than two semesters must pay tuition.
Learn at the University of Vienna in Austria’s capital. For students from the EU and EEA, programs are free, while non-EU and EEA students pay less than 750 EUR in tuition. Students from designated underdeveloped countries are also exempt from fees in order to more fairly divide information and resources.

The University of Vienna, another free university in Europe, is the best option for people who want to study arts and humanities because many of its courses are among the top 50 in the world. The University of Vienna, which offers a variety of degree programs as well as continuing education courses, is committed to changing the world for the better by producing and disseminating knowledge.

Students may experience the bustling city life and become immersed in the regal architecture and cultural legacy of the capital thanks to the campus’s location in the center of it. Making a difference has been the University of Vienna’s mission ever since it was founded in 1365, and it is undoubtedly succeeding in that mission thanks to its superb programs and world-class research.

6. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology is next on this list (NTNU). Norway is a fantastic choice for international students because there are no international tuition fees at public universities there. As its name implies, NTNU is an institution that places a strong emphasis on technology and science, making it a fantastic option for STEM students.

The faculty of NTNU is strong, particularly in the area of engineering research and teaching. Its petroleum engineering subject is ranked #33 in the world according to the QS Subject Rankings, and many other subjects are also in the top 100. Given that NTNU offers the largest selection of art-related degrees in the entire country of Norway, this university is a wonderful choice for individuals interested in pursuing further education in the field of art.

NTNU aims to bridge the gap between the academic and industrial worlds by having partnerships with every significant industrial company in Norway. Its academics can conduct pertinent study by closely collaborating with businesses, and its students and graduates have access to chances for internships and jobs. Considering all its benefits and the fact that it is free, NTNU is undoubtedly a fantastic option for international students.

7. Masaryk University (MUNI)

For English-language classes, fees are necessary.
Masaryk University marks the conclusion of our list of free universities in Europe. Masaryk University (MUNI) is unquestionably a university you should think about if you are fluent in Czech or have a natural aptitude for studying languages. Czechia’s policy on higher education tuition costs is that all programs offered in Czech at public universities are free; only English-taught programs are subject to fees.

Language and environmental studies are this university’s strongest academic specialties. The field’s strengths in the arts and humanities include linguistics studies, English language and literature, and forestry, agricultural, and environmental studies, all of which are regarded as remarkable.

Czechia has a comparatively cheaper cost of living when compared to other European nations. It is one of the best locations for students wishing to study in a topic of their interest because of its free top-notch higher education and other benefits.

This piece about the free universities in Europe for international students was meant to be informative, I think.


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