5 Best Computer Science Universities in Philippines For International Students

How valuable is Computer Science? For many, this dynamic course is as complex as a crossword puzzle. Some may even think that Computer Science is only for the privileged who have access to a computer and love solving Math problems.This article is on 5 best computer science Universities in Philippines

Computer Science has infiltrated almost all industries. It has bravely opened several doors and created bridges with other fields. In this digital age, the demand for Computer Scientists has never been greater.

Is the Philippines a good place to study Computer Science?

Unlike other Asian countries, the Philippines is culturally diverse, greatly influenced by Eastern and Western cultures. The universities are academically competitive as the country places a great deal of significance on the quality of education. English is predominantly used as the official language of instruction and most of the locals can converse fluently.

Cost of Studying Computer Science in the Philippines

Living and studying in the Philippines is considerably affordable compared to its neighbor countries in Asia. The caliber of education is at par with other Western countries.

The yearly tuition fee ranges from ₱60,000 to ₱195,000.

What Degrees are offered for Computer Science in the Philippines

Most of the universities offer Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees. Students can choose to major in data science, business analytics, web and mobile development, digital arts, software engineering, and animation and game development.

Computer Science Universities in Philippines

1. University of the Philippines (UP)

Bachelor’s Program
Master’s Program
Doctor of Philosophy
Language of Instruction: English
Founded in 1908,

the University of the Philippines is the country’s national university. It is the leading educational institution in the country and has consistently secured a spot in most of the reputable university rankings. UP has 8 constituent universities located in 17 campuses spread across the country and is one of the best computer science universities in Philippine for this great course.

Most of the UP campuses offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Computer Science. The university’s distance learning institution, UP Open University (UPOU), also offers a certificate program in Computer Science.

Students of the program will gain a broader knowledge of Computer Science. Some of the courses included in the program are data structures, discrete structures, computer architecture, programming languages, numerical computation, algorithms, automata theory, and programming languages. Specialized courses are also available such as multimedia programming, computer graphics, robotics and neural networks, artificial intelligence, and parallel computation.

2. De La Salle University (DLSU)

Bachelor’s Program
Master’s Program
Doctor of Philosophy
Language of Instruction: English

De La Salle University, next on our list of best computer science universities in Philippines, is a private Catholic educational institution established in 1911. Initially, it started as a boys elementary and high school then later was granted university status in 1975. The university has 8 colleges, 11 research centers, and 36 academic departments. DLSU has strategically established its international relations and is also a member of numerous university associations. The institution has been ranked highly by several university rankings, including the Times Higher Education Asia University and the QS World University Rankings.

Students of the degree program can choose to major in software technology, computer systems engineering, and network and information security. Some of the covered topics are algorithm design, computing theories and principles, software engineering, intelligent systems, application development, technology management, and computer architectures.

3. Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU)

Bachelor’s Program
Master’s Program
Doctor of Philosophy
Language of Instruction: English

The Ateneo de Manila University is a private Catholic university founded in 1859. The country’s national hero, Jose Rizal, graduated from the Ateneo Municipal with a degree of Bachelor of Arts. Aside from the famed hero, the university has produced several noteworthy alumni, including Presidents and National Artists. It is one of the most prestigious universities in the country and has been ranked as the top private university in the country.

The Computer Science program will equip students with the foundation of computing. Some of the electives include computer engineering, multimedia, networks, and wireless systems, and MIS and software engineering. The courses are designed to provide students with extensive knowledge in writing software systems.

4. University of Santo Tomas (UST)

Degree Offered: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Language of Instruction: English
Located in the city of Manila,

the University of Santo Tomas is a Catholic institution founded in 1611. It is one of the oldest and largest Catholic universities in the country. Saint Thomas Aquinas is the university’s patron. UST offers 22 degree-academic units, boasts of 409 years of quality education, and is home to more than 40,000 students. In 2013, the institution was acknowledged to have the most number of accredited programs in the country. It has produced several respected alumni, including presidents, religious figures, saints, scientists, and artists.

As one of the top computer science universities in Philippines, the University of Santo Tomas’s bachelor’s program is a four-year program that includes the study of algorithmic foundations, computing theories and concepts, and the new developments in computing. The program is designed for students to have the necessary skills to produce effective algorithms and software. The practices of software engineering are also integrated into the program.

5. AMA University

Language of Instruction: English
We end our list of the best computer science universities in Philippines with the AMA University. Founded in 1980,

AMA University is the pioneer in Information Technology education in the country. The university has strategically partnered with highly regarded industry giants such as Google and Microsoft. According to Jobstreet.com, AMA graduates are among the highest-paid professionals in the country.

The undergraduate program will tackle the fundamentals of algorithmic foundations, theories and concepts, and the application and implementation of computing solutions.

I hope that this article on the best computer science universities in Philippines was helpful.

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