5 Tuition Free Nursing Program

5 Tuition Free Nursing Program

This article is on tuition free nursing program. As medical science advances, life expectancy also becomes higher. However, as people live longer, problems that come with old age also emerge. With many countries having a growing elderly population, the demand for healthcare and nursing professionals also starts to rise.

Licensed healthcare workers have plenty of opportunities to work, but a degree and professional training are needed to get there. Money can sometimes be a big problem when it comes to higher education, and this article is here to help. Here are the free nursing schools in the world that can give you the education and training you need without breaking the bank.

Tuition Free Nursing Program

1. Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences – University of Adger

The University of Adger’s Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences is the first tuition free nursing program. Norway is well-liked by nursing students due to its high level of living and growing need for nurses and caregivers. A nursing degree opens up a wide range of employment prospects, and the education offered here is of the highest caliber.

The education provided at public universities in Norway is free of charge, under the country’s educational policy. Only semester fees are required, and they pay for the costs of the student organization as well as savings on public transit.

Although certain courses are taught in English at this faculty, the majority of classes are taught in Norwegian. Campus-based coursework teaches students to comprehend ideas and analyze critically, while fieldwork enables them to put theories into practice. This faculty is committed to providing a top education for students interested in a future in nursing and training more healthcare professionals. It offers 19 programs at the bachelor’s and master’s level.

2. Department of Health Studies – University of Stavanger

The Department of Health Studies at the University of Stavanger is the next institution on our list of tuition free nursing program that don’t charge students any tuition. Public institutions offer free degree programs, as was previously noted. It is even more advantageous for overseas students that this department provides bachelor’s and master’s degrees in both Norwegian and English.

Since it was founded in 2005, this public university has produced a significant amount of research. In Norway, it was placed third in 2019 for the number of academic staff members that published research. The department of Health Studies at this university offers distinctive programs, such as its Master in Prehospital Critical Care, that are not offered by other universities in Nordic Countries.

Prehospital care providers receive academic training through the master’s program in prehospital critical care, the only worldwide degree in this field of study, so they can critically assess the body of knowledge in their field. This department is undoubtedly a wonderful option for nursing students because it prioritizes both academic quality and practical experience.

3. Faculty of Social Sciences and Media Studies – Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB)

Free nursing education is available at Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB), which only charges a semester tuition. Its top-notch programs are open to international students without any tuition fees. Students should be proficient in German at level C1 because its programs are primarily in German with some courses in English (CEFR).

This faculty only provides one nursing program, yet it is a program that can more than hold its own against those offered by other nursing schools. The International Degree Program in Nursing is a bachelor’s degree program that gives students the academic understanding and practical nursing skills they need.

This curriculum values a worldwide perspective because “international” is in the name. This curriculum requires a semester abroad. There are more than 300 partner institutions available to students globally. This course aims to extend students’ horizons and advance their personal and professional development.

4. Department of Nursing and Management – Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Next on this list of tuition free nursing program is Hamburg University of Applied Sciences’ Department of Nursing and Management. Students can attend this university’s excellent nursing programs in German for free with a minimal semester payment of less than EUR 350, which supports student services and the student government.

Five programs are offered by this free nursing school, three of which are at the bachelor’s level and the remaining two at the master’s level. Both academic learning and vocational training are included in its curricula. While also receiving training for a job in healthcare and nursing, students obtain an excellent education in the theories and scientific aspects of the subject of their choice.

This department offers a cooperation curriculum that includes modules taught in two other nursing schools to develop stronger healthcare providers for the future (Albertinen-Schule Academy of Nursing and the Academy of Nursing and Pediatric Nursing). Students benefit from a more thorough education and increased resources as a result, which helps their development as healthcare professionals.

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5. Department of Health and Care Sciences – The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

The Department of Health and Care Sciences at Arctic University of Norway marks the conclusion of our list of free nursing schools (UiT). There are no tuition costs for local students or students from other countries, as is specifically stated on its website for student budget and cost of living. The semester price for students is NOK 625, which covers their student cards, counseling services, registration for classes, and tests.

Being the most northern university in the world, this 1968-founded institution is well-known for its setting. UiT now has six campuses in total after merging with numerous other prestigious Norwegian universities throughout the years.

The Department of Health and Care Sciences provides degree programs in this area of study as well as continuing education courses for medical professionals to advance their knowledge and abilities. In addition to learning academic material in the classroom, students can also get practical experience through internships.

I hope this article on tuition free nursing program was informative.


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