Free Bible Schools Online with Certificates 2023

Free Bible Schools Online with Certificates 2023

Are you a person who studies the Bible and wants to find free bible schools online with certificates. Do you need to be able to handle other important things in your life too. Well, I have great news for you. Listen carefully as I explain everything you need to know.

Learning online can be difficult at times, but there are helpful tools available to make it easier.
Nowadays, you can learn everything online.

You can learn different things on different websites. There are degrees, certifications, courses, and programs that you can take online. By learning and completing them, you can become a skilled professional in any field you want.

If you want to become a pastor, you can earn a pastoral certificate by taking classes online. There are many courses you can study and earn a degree from online. Muslims can take free courses about Islam and receive certificates. They can also participate in Quran classes without any cost.

If students want to become lawyers, they can learn about family law and criminal law online for free. You can study these classes on websites such as Alison, edX, Coursera, and more.

As a Christian, there are online resources available for you to learn more about the Bible, such as online courses that come with certificates, mobile apps with audio versions of the Bible, and websites that provide easy Bible questions and answers for you to increase your knowledge. There are also online schools for studying the Bible, specifically Pentecostal bible colleges.

If you’re a bible scholar, it’s important to be aware of the most trustworthy translations of the bible. This will help prevent confusion or doubts about your beliefs. To ensure that, you can look into these translations to avoid.

It is important to know that not all online schools are free, some require payment. While some people can get certificates for free, others have to pay for them. However, the purpose of this article is to discuss online bible schools that offer certificates for free. Now, we will go into detail about these bible schools and find out what they provide.

Free Bible Schools Online with Certificates

There are many bible schools on the internet that offer free bible schools online with certificates, but I will only talk about a small number of them. We will also provide links to their different official websites. These are the things that are listed below;

1.  Dallas Theological Seminary

This is the first on our list of free bible schools online with certificates. Dallas Theological Seminary is a religious school in Dallas, Texas that teaches about the Christian faith. It has other campuses in different places in the United States and worldwide.

They started in 1924 with the goal of honoring God by teaching leaders who follow Him and spreading His message. For over 90 years, they have been dedicated to teaching the truths in the Bible.

They have taught many pastors and teachers for the past ninety years, but our mission has always reached beyond their campus. They have also started offering classes on the internet for their students. They have a few online classes like Galatians, Introduction to the Prophets, Selected Psalms, and more.

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2.  AXX Bible College

This is the next on the list of free online bible schools with certificates. This College was started in 2018 by Dr. Brendan Roach, who is also the person in charge of AXX. AXX was created to offer training and leadership programs based on the Bible that people all around the world can rely on and easily access. These programs are designed for pastors, leaders, and followers of Christ.

These organizations were created to offer pastors who are poor and facing persecution the opportunity to receive Bible College education for free. They have different programs like Pastoral Ministry, Bible and theology, and church planting.

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3. WVBS Online Bible School

This is the next on our list of online free bible schools with certificates. WVBS Online Bible School is made for students to study the Bible thoroughly and in detail using the internet. The lessons are unbiased teachings that focus on accurately understanding what the Bible says, rather than interpreting it based on personal opinions.

The courses teach about all the books in the Bible and also include four more topics that will help you understand the scriptures better. These additional subjects are Christian
Evidence, Hermeneutics, Greek, and How We Got the Bible. The school is made for people who want to learn the Bible in a focused, organized, and detailed way.

All the teachers in the school have studied for many years and prepared themselves to teach these subjects. Every master teacher has either​ taught or is currently teaching at a Bible training school. Those teachers are really good.

WVBS Online Bible School does not require you to pay any money for classes. It doesn’t cost anything for anyone who wants to benefit from the education it provides. WVBS is a non-profit organization approved by the United States IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization.

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4.  Luther Rice College and Seminary (Paid)

This is the next on the list of free online bible schools with certificates. Luther Rice College and Seminary’s goal is to help the church and community by offering education both on-campus and online. They teach Christian men and women how to serve in ministry and the marketplace. At the end of their program, students will earn a degree.

All degree programs have been made for online completion only. The teachers at Luther Rice have been teaching through long distance for more than 60 years, and have been doing it online for over 20 years.
They give individualized help and advice throughout the whole process. You can get your degree that is based on the Bible whenever and wherever you want from Luther Rice. Their fees for attending school are among the lowest 10% compared to other private, non-profit, four-year schools in the United States. The College Affordability and Transparency Center is part of the Department of Education.

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5.  Biblword Courses

This is the next online bible school that we are recommending. It is free and you can earn a certificate. Biblword Courses is a place where you can find answers to your questions about life and learn about the Bible. In this process, they have someone called a personal mentor who helps them and answers their questions. Biblword Courses is provided by a church in the Netherlands called ‘Hervormde Gemeente Kamperveen’ and GlobalRize.

The Hervormde Gemeente Kamperveen works together with Biblword Learnnn to share and spread articles, blogs, and courses about important topics in life and beliefs.
The Biblword Learnnn website offers online courses that cover topics about the Bible, faith, and life questions. In these classes, students have a helpful mentor who answers their questions.

GlobalRize spreads the teachings about Jesus Christ online. Many people around the world use social media, websites, and free online courses each month. GlobalRize currently shares the message of the Gospel in 30 different languages. Every day, over 600 people from around the world, including both paid workers and volunteers, work on GlobalRize’s mission.

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6. The Prophetic Voice Institute

This is the next school that offers Bible courses online for free, and you can receive a certificate after completing them. PVI is a Christian school that trains people in the faith. It was started by Joseph Kostelnik, a minister with a lot of experience, who also leads a church in Cincinnati, Ohio.

There are three courses you can take that have over 700 pages of important information. These courses will help Christians learn more about the Bible and give them the ability to do the work that God has asked them to do.

They made a plan for their lessons that works well, doesn’t cost much, and is easy to use. Over the years, we have taught students from different countries and helped them enroll in one of our three courses. We have trained a total of 22,589 students.

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7. Christian Leadership University

This is the next school on our list of online bible schools that are free and give out certificates. The professors at Christian Leadership University are experienced leaders who have made an impact both nationally and internationally. They slowly combine the internet and distance education.

You can choose from thirteen different subjects to study. These subjects will help you earn a degree at different levels (Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral). Studying these subjects will prepare you to make a positive impact in different countries

Accredited certificate programs are available.

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8. Love God Greatly Women’s Ministry

This is the next school on the list where you can study the bible online for free and get a certificate. This is a group for women. They want to make sure that all women in all countries can read God’s word in their own language. To achieve this aim, Love God Greatly has created a group of translators who are trained to convert their Bible studies into more than 40 languages. Because of this, they have created many Bible study groups all over the world, and their tools for studying the Bible are now used in more than 100 countries.

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9.  Proverbs 31 Ministries

This is the next on our list of online free bible schools with certificates. Proverbs 31 Ministries is an organization that helps women build a close connection with Jesus, regardless of their specific religious beliefs. It is a non-profit group that aims to support women in their spiritual journey. Proverbs 31 Ministries helps women by providing free daily devotionals, podcasts, and resources based on Proverbs 31:10-31. They also organize speaking events, conferences, and online Bible studies. Additionally, they offer training for women who want to learn how to write, speak, and lead others.

They are genuine women who provide practical solutions for people who want to find balance in life, even with today’s busy and distracting world. Proverbs 31 Ministries is here to support and be a friend to women on their spiritual journey. We understand the difficulties they face and walk alongside them, giving them encouragement as they seek to grow closer to God.

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10.    College of the Open Bible

This is the next one in our list of online schools where you can learn about the Bible for free and earn a certificate. The College of The Open Bible provides degree and diploma programs that are recognized. You can focus on studying theology, pastoral ministry, Christian counseling, evangelism, missions, music ministry, or youth ministry. You can also choose to study the Bible without getting a degree, or you can join programs that will train you to become ordained or get ministry licenses.

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11.  Christian Leaders Institute

This is the next school on the list of online bible schools that offer certificates for free. Christian Leaders Institute is in Spring Lake, Michigan. The college staff is in charge of managing and supervising the tasks and activities of the institute and the college. A lot of the paperwork for both the college and the institute is done in Michigan.

Christian Leaders College is a school that wants to educate and train leaders who have a strong understanding of the Bible, a good relationship with God, skills for ministry, and a desire to spread the teachings of Jesus, grow the Christian community, and inspire a spiritual awakening.

This website called Christian Leaders Institute lets you access the programs of Christian Leaders College, a religious educational organization that is a non-profit. Students receive awards, diplomas, and certificates for completing the various courses and programs they offer.

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12.   Moody Bible Institute

This is the next school that we are recommending for people who want to study the Bible online for free and receive a certificate. The Moody Bible Institute started with the belief that regular people could change for the better by learning and applying God’s teachings. Dwight L created something in 1886. Moody brought together a group of Chicago business leaders who agreed with his idea of creating a school to teach people about the Bible in a city environment.

Today, there are more than 47,500 people who have graduated from Moody, and they are helping and serving God’s people all over the world. In 1901, Moody started a new way of learning called distance learning. This means that people could take college courses by mail. Now, Moody Bible Institute and Moody Theological Seminary have started offering online courses. They provide a range of religious courses and programs that lead to obtaining various degrees and certificates.

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13.   Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Bible Mesh Institute)

This is the next school that offers free courses on the Bible online and gives certificates. Southeastern started in 1950 and is one of six schools run by the Southern Baptist Convention. Most of its students are from Southern Baptist churches.

Right now, the seminary has 5,300 students who are studying for their bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. This is a lot more students than the average school that is part of the Association of Theological Schools, which is one of the main organizations that makes sure graduate theological education is good.

Southeastern has over 60 teachers and has been providing classes on the internet since 2004. This school joined forces with Bible Mesh Institute. Bible Mesh Institute offers various courses in theology. Students pay $225 per month to join each course. Typically, it takes students three months to finish a course, but some finish it faster.

14.   TELL Network

This is the next on our list of online free bible schools with certificates. TELL is an online learning program that aims to teach you basic and easily understandable knowledge from God’s Word, which you can then pass on to others. Their teachers know a lot about biblical languages, history, world religion, and more.

Their responsibility is to help you understand what is true in the Bible and to respond to any questions you have about faith and religion. They also allow you to continue your studies and train you to become a certified leader in teaching the Bible.

15.   World Bible School

This is the last on the list of free bible schools online with certificates. WBS’s goal is to tell people about Jesus and his teachings through regular people and interactive group study of the Bible. They provide a set of lesson booklets and online lessons called the Master Series.

The lessons in the Bible teach us about God, his kindness and love, Jesus, the message of the Gospel, the church, and how to live as a Christian. WBS courses are made to help you learn more about God and deepen your faith by exploring what the Bible teaches.

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