2 Year Nursing Programs in NJ (New Jersey) 2023

2 Year Nursing Programs in NJ (New Jersey) 2023

These article is on 2 Year Nursing Programs in NJ. Changing careers can be scary, but the healthcare industry is expanding rapidly and needs registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and other skilled professionals.

If you like the idea and you already have a degree in another subject, accelerated nursing programs in New Jersey will recognize your previous degree and train you for a quick and well-paying job in just one year. If you choose the accelerated BSN option to be an RN or the direct-entry master’s program to work as an NP, you will finish your degree and start working much faster.


Rockhurst University Online

If you want to start a career as a nurse and already have a bachelor’s degree in a different field, Rockhurst University has a program called Hybrid Accelerated BSN. This program helps you become a qualified nurse in only 16 months. This text is from Saint Luke’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences. All coursework is completed online. There is one 10-day period where students come to the campus to get practical experience.

Accelerated BSN 9
Accelerated MSN/Entry Level Masters/Direct Entry MSN 1
Total 10

Typical Accelerated BSN Programs in New Jersey Information

An accelerated BSN program in New Jersey helps you get your nursing degree faster and without spending as much money. You will get credits for your BSN based on your previous
degree, which means your classes will be designed to fit your needs. Once you finish your program, you’ll be ready to take the NCLEX-RN test. This test is necessary to become a registered nurse in New Jersey.

Admission Requirements: The things you need to be accepted into a school are different for each school in the state, but everyone who applies needs to have already finished a four-year degree in any subject. Besides that, checking what Felician University needs can assist you in making improved decisions. In order to understand this, you will need to possess:

• A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited university or college;
• A 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale for your undergraduate studies;
• A copy of your resume that shows any work experience you may have in your previous or current field;
• The proven ability to complete coursework and clinicals at an accelerated pace;
• Copies of all of your transcripts; and
• A B- or higher grade in all of the prerequisite courses.

Tuition Costs: Tuition is a big worry for lots of nursing students, and the amount you have to pay will depend on which accelerated BSN program in New Jersey you pick. Rutgers University costs $28,706 for the program, whereas Thomas Edison State University charges $37,394. Residents of New Jersey pay less money for tuition, which is something important to think about.

College Name Tuition
New Jersey City University $35,050
Rutgers University – Newark $28,706
Thomas Edison State University $37,354

Length: The length of the program can be different, but most students finish it in less than two years. However, some schools speed up the program if students have finished most of their courses. For instance, if you go to Felician University, it will take you a year and a half to complete the program. However, if you attend Farleigh Dickenson University, you will finish the program in just one year.

College Name Program Length
Fairleigh Dickinson University 12 – Months
Felician University 18 – Months
Georgian Court University 14 – Months

Classes: Your nursing classes may be different, but they will all teach important aspects of nursing that are important everywhere in the state. Some example topics in this field are health problems, such as being sick or having a disease, and using drugs. We also study mental health and taking care of adults and children in places like homes or communities in New Jersey. Another topic is managing and leading nursing, and understanding ethics, privacy, and diversity in the workplace.

Coursework Example – New Jersey City University
Contemporary Professional Nursing, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology in Nursing Practice, Nursing Information and Technology, Health Assessment Across the Lifespan, Fundamentals of Nursing Practice, Adult Health and Illness, Maternal and Child Health Nursing, Concepts in Gerontological Nursing Practice, Healthcare Law and Ethics, Adult Health: Complex Care, Psychiatric and Community Health Nursing, Healthcare Organizations and Operations, Senior Capstone, Leadership Issues, Nursing Research, and Cultural Paradigms

Clinical Training: In New Jersey, to finish your program, you have to do clinical training. This means you go to a medical facility and work with patients to learn by doing. You will check important signs of health, have conversations with patients, and try to help prioritize and figure out the illness of patients using knowledge you gain from classes. All of this happens with the teachers and staff from the school or facility watching over.


1. Caldwell University, Caldwell

Caldwell University is in a pretty town called Caldwell and has easy access to fun places to relax and have fun. The school gives its students good training and experience to take care of patients from different backgrounds. The school is really proud of how well its students did on the NCLEX-RN exam. In 2018, 98% of the students passed the exam. Schools’ clinical partners want to hire graduates, and many of them get jobs even before they finish their license requirements.

The college has a nursing program for students who already have a Bachelor’s degree. a diploma in a subject other than nursing. The last day to apply is March 1st, and you must have at least a 3. 0 GPA in your first degree. Before you can start your main nursing classes, you will need to finish 25 credits of certain courses like Human Anatomy & Physiology, Principles of Chemistry, Microbiology, and Psychology. Once you finish the required courses, you can join the nursing classes. In these classes, you will learn about topics like Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, and Transition to Professional Nursing.

2. Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck

The written passage needs to be provided in order for me to simplify it. Please provide the original text so I can assist you. The Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health is a part of the university and has been giving high-quality nursing education in New Jersey for 65 years. The school wants to give its students the best real-world medical experience. They work with well-known hospitals in the area like Atlantic Health Systems, Bergen Regional Medical Center, and Children’s Specialized Hospital. Dedicated teachers who are experts in theory, research, administration, informatics, advanced practice, and nursing specialties
make it easier for us to learn.

The Accelerated B. S in Nursing is a good choice for students who have already completed their bachelors in another subject and want to pursue a successful nursing career. Students often have different educational backgrounds. For example, some students may have studied Accounting while others may have studied Arts. So, in order to make sure that becoming a nurse is easier, the classes are small and the teachers do everything they can to help the students. You have the option to join a one-year program that starts in mid-May or a two-year program that starts in the Fall semester.

3. Felician University, Lodi

The Nursing school is a part of Felician University, which is a private Catholic educational institution. The school creates a place where students can learn about nursing with kindness, understanding, moral principles, and important beliefs. The main focus is on using evidence to guide care and teaching nursing graduates how to solve problems and think critically. The teachers at this school try to make a good learning environment by being understanding and adaptable to their students’ academic needs.

Felician University has a program called Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) that you can join anytime because they have a rolling admission policy. This program is full-time and can be finished in just 18 months. This program is available in New Jersey (NJ). You will go to six sessions that last for 12 weeks. In these sessions, you will learn in a classroom, do training in a laboratory, and gain experience in a clinical setting. The very skilled and caring teachers help and support the students to easily start their nursing career. After you finish school, you can take a test to become a nurse and start working. Or you can choose to go to more school and get a higher degree.
Felician also offers an online ABSN program that will take you 16 months to complete.

4. Georgian Court University, Lakewood

The Nursing School is one of the colleges at Georgian Court, and it gets advantages from being part of the university. The campus is conveniently close to both New York and Philadelphia, only 60 miles away. This school offers education based on the Roman Catholic faith and has a small and close community.

The Fast Track B. SN program is a 14-month program only available at Georgian Court University campus through Seton Hall University. This course helps students get ready to work in different places like hospice care, nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals. The program starts in August and finishes in October the next year. It only allows up to 30 students in each class. You have to go to classes from Monday to Friday for four semesters, including the summer semester. At the end of this program, you will be prepared to take the NCLEX-RN exam and begin your career as a nurse. After obtaining your license, you will have the option to pursue further education with graduate studies.

5. New Jersey City University, Jersey City & Wall Township

New Jersey City University has a pretty and lively campus in Jersey City, which is a busy area. It provides a great place for students to learn. The nursing students at this school have a great classroom experience because they have small classes and excellent teachers. Furthermore, outside of the classroom, the school
provides various chances for nursing students to learn and improve their professional skills through partnerships with different clinics and medical institutions. After finishing their education, graduates can find jobs in various healthcare settings like hospitals, nursing schools, home care centers, and places that offer long-term care or hospice support.

This short nursing program in New Jersey lasts for 12 months and is popular among people who already have a bachelor’s degree in a different field. It helps them become professional nurses. It can be found in two places – one in Jersey City from September and another in Wall Township from May. The Jersey City campus can have up to 60 students in a class and the Wall Township campus can have up to 30 students in a class. If all the seats are taken, you will be placed on a waiting list for admission next year. Coursework will include topics like healthcare for adults, caring for mothers and children, and mental health and community healthcare.

6. Rutgers University – Camden, Camden

Rutgers University-Camden is a school within Rutgers University. The nursing school has a variety of programs that match the changing trends in healthcare industry. As a nursing student, you’ll get the chance to study at a top-notch campus and receive an affordable education. Also, the individualized support that you get in its close and supportive community will assist you in reaching your academic aspirations.

The Accelerated Bachelor of Science (ABS) in Nursing program at Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden is a fast-paced program that takes 15 months to complete.
It gives students the same amount of hands-on training as a regular Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. This program is approved by important organizations and has two different times when students can begin: one in the spring and one in the fall. The last day to apply for the Spring semester is October 1, and for the Fall semester it is March 1. Employers in New Jersey like to hire graduates because they have a good nursing background, have studied different subjects, and are more grown-up.

7. Rutgers University – Newark & New Brunswick

The Nursing program at Rutgers University-Newark is now offered through Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences. It is one of the most prominent schools of nursing in the nation that delivers evidence-based nursing education. Its 200 affiliated clinical sites across New Jersey provide a variety of practice experiences to its students. In its endeavor to give the best training to nursing aspirants, it strives to integrate innovative teaching, encourage research initiatives, partner with health care settings and foster faculty engagement through research and clinical practice.

The 14-month fast-track Second Degree BS in Nursing Program is offered at its campus locations in Newark and New Brunswick. Classes start twice every year, once during the summer semester in May and the other during the spring Semester in January. You need to have a minimum 3.30 GPA in a non-nursing bachelor’s degree to be considered for admission into this program. This is an intensive full-time program so taking up employment while attending classes is not advised.

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8. Seton Hall University, Nutley

In 1937, Seton Hall University College of Nursing started the first nursing program in New Jersey for students to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Today, the college is very important in healthcare education. The school has teachers who are mostly doctors. They give students mentorship to learn skills and knowledge needed for different types of jobs.

Seton Hall offers a fast-track nursing program that lasts for 14 months. This program is specifically designed for students who did not study nursing before. It takes place at the Georgian Court campus in Lakewood, New Jersey. The program begins in the Autumn semester and ends in late October of the next year. You must have at least a GPA of 3. 00 from your last degree to get into this program. In addition to learning in the classroom and labs, you will also get practical experience at places like Chilton Memorial Hospital, Morristown Medical Center, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, and St. Michael’s Medical Center is a hospital named after someone named Michael.

9. Thomas Edison State University, Trenton

The Thomas Edison State University School of Nursing has been teaching nursing for 35 years and is known for its excellent education. The company has worked hard to make its programs better and more flexible. They offer programs that let you work at your own pace. The school wants to help students succeed in their education and continue learning throughout their lives. They do this by having experienced nurses work closely with students to give them advice and support along the way.

The Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN program is split into four terms that last 12 weeks each. This program starts twice a year, in April and October. Before starting the program, you need to finish 60 basic educational credits. After that, you will gain 60 nursing credits by studying intensely in both the classroom and online. This program is demanding and requires your full attention for a year. You will learn everything that is taught in a regular BSN program, including clinical training. It is recommended that you do not work part-time while in this program. The college is working together with Capital Health, a trusted healthcare provider in New Jersey, to give students a chance to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom and lab.


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