Review of 7 Cheapest Universities in Estonia for International Students

This article is on cheapest universities in estonia for international students 2023. There is a little country in the north of Europe with about 1.3 million individuals. If you don’t know about Estonia, you might be pleasantly surprised by it.

This country has lots of trees, a long history, and old-fashioned buildings. Not many people live there. Estonia is a country that is doing really well with its money, and has a lot of good things to give. Estonia’s education system for higher studies is really good. There are over 20 schools that specialize in higher education for students, both public and private. Lots of scholarships and help with money are available to students.

Living here is wonderful for international students because we have good healthcare and education that won’t cost anything, as well as advanced science and IT industries. They also gain advantages from many new small companies that have decided to have their main office in Estonia.

You don’t have to pay for your PhD education in Estonia. It’s all free! If you want to do a bachelor’s or master’s degree course, the amount you need to pay for it will be different based on whether you decide to study in a public or private college. But studying in Estonia is not as expensive as in other European countries. Getting a bachelor’s or master’s degree at any Estonian public university costs from 1,660 to 7,500 euros every year.

5 cheap universities in Estonia

Tallinn University

This is the first on our list of cheapest universities in estonia for international students. Tallinn University started a long time ago in 1919 and is one of the oldest universities in Estonia. It is named after the capital city of Estonia.

There are six schools that focus on different subjects that are related to each other. These things are humanities, education, science and health, government, law and society, technology, movies, media, arts, and talking to others. This university is a big place for learning and studying. It has four places dedicated to doing research. It looks at new ways to teach, using technology, things related to art, staying healthy and how people live.

The university helps students from other countries by teaching classes in English. This means there are more students from other countries at this school than at other big schools nearby. Tallinn University has students from more than 40 countries around the world.

The university is very famous and many important people went there. For example, a musician named Paul E. graduated from there. Bauduin, politician Mikhail Rotman and philosopher Andres Luhr. – Bauduin, a person in politics. – Mikhail Rotman, another person in politics. – Andres Luhr, a person who studies philosophy.

Different courses have different tuition fees, and some courses cost as little as 1,250 euros per year.

University of Tartu

This is the second on our list of cheapest universities in estonia for international students. The University of Tartu is the best and most respected school in Estonia. The university was started in 1632 by King Adolf Gustavus of Sweden. It is in Tartu, which is Estonia’s second biggest city.

This is the university of Estonia for everyone in the country. The classes are usually in Estonian. There are lots of courses that are taught in English, like computer science, IT law, semiotics, and applied metrology.

The University of Tartu is one of the best universities in Europe and is ranked 296 out of all the universities in the world.

In this place, there are four groups of subjects: humanities, social sciences, medicine, and science and technology. They offer different types of courses such as ones for beginners, advanced students, and ones for people who want the highest degree. There are also 27 programs you can take that are taught in English.

Every year, the university is happy to have around 13,000 students. Some of them come from 90 different countries. At the University of Tartu, you need to pay around 50 to 100 euros as a fee to apply. If you get admitted, you will have to pay 1,041 euros or more as tuition fees each year.

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)

This is the third on our list of cheapest universities in estonia for international students. The name TalTech is short for Tallinn University of Technology. It is in a pretty place called Mustamäe. TalTech started in 1918 and is the only school in Estonia that concentrates on engineering, technology, business, computer stuff, economics, science, public management, and sea stuff.

The university has 70,000 graduates. They have helped Estonia grow, like Sirje Potisepp, Erika Kirpu, and Veiko Sepp.

TalTech has many students from other countries, about 1,700 in total. They come from 100 different countries, which is more than any other school in Estonia. You have to pay for school, and it starts at 2,300 per year for classes in English. The cost can be as high as 6,000 euros each year based on the program you choose.

People from the European Union normally don’t have to pay for school, but students in the School of Business and Governance do. Students who live outside the European Union have to pay money to attend school.

Estonian Business School (EBS)

The Estonian Business School started in 1988 and is the oldest business college that is not owned by the government in the Baltics. The goal of the school is to help business students become successful by giving them the knowledge, skills and values they need.

EBS is a famous school for business that is recognized worldwide and has official approval for all its courses. This Estonian university is not expensive and has two types of bachelor’s degrees with different focuses, and many master’s degree options.

There are 1,400 students living here. Some of them are from 12 different countries. 30% of all students at this place are from other countries.

The cost to apply to EBS is 130 euros. The cost of school varies based on which classes you take. The cost to attend a bachelor’s degree program can be as little as 5,797 euros per year.

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Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA)

The Estonian Academy of Arts is a public university based in Tallinn that was founded in 1914. It is known as the only Estonian institution for higher education in regard to design, media, art, architecture and history. EKA is dedicated to raising the bar of education through its efforts to spread awareness and foster creativity.

Their programs for people getting their undergraduate degree include designing accessories, creating animations, studying architecture and how cities are designed, studying the history of art, and exploring visual culture. There are some special programs for people who already finished college called master’s programs. Some of these programs teach about making pottery, taking care of old things, designing clothes, and making objects out of glass.

This university has eight master’s degrees and two PhD programmes taught in English and they are not expensive. EKA also has courses taught in Russian.

If you’re from outside the European Union, you have to pay between 1,000 euros and 3,900 euros per year to study here. You also need to pay 60 euros to apply. EU citizens can either study for free or pay 2,500 euros a year for education.

Practical Information

Audentes School encourages applications from abroad. Here are some useful suggestions to keep in mind before you arrive to help you plan your time spent studying and living in Tallinn.

You will receive the enrollment certificate you need to apply for a study visa or a temporary residence permit after the admissions process is complete. You can find all the information you need to apply for a student visa right here.

Audentes School has a dormitory for International Students, but this should be booked several months before your arrival. To book a place at the dormitory contact The Head of Dormitory Dormitory also offers Mealplans.

Student, who has been accepted to Audentes International School, should make sure to have a valid health insurance policy during their studies in our school.

Note; You can also find out why you should study abroad as an international student.

For those doing Doctoral degree programs, it is completely free for indigene and non-indegene, and many scholarships opportunities are available for international students.

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