7 Cheapest Universities in Estonia for International Students

Review of 7 Cheapest Universities in Estonia for International Students

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This article is on Cheapest Universities in Estonia for International Students. Europe’s Estonia is a sovereign nation. Since the earliest civilizations, it has been inhabited. Estonian is the official language there.

It is a highly developed nation. Its economy is highly robust. Because of its accomplishments in the areas of health, economics, arts, education, technology, and research, it has a very high rate of human growth.

The fact that Estonia was the first country to conduct online elections is evidence of its excellent technological capabilities. Its industry primarily manufactures food, chemicals, building materials, and electrical tools and equipment. The majority of its industry are located in Tallinn, the nation’s capital.

Estonia has an outstanding higher education system that is well-developed. Higher education is the focus of more than 20 governmental and private educational institutions. Scholarships and financial help are available from several of its institutes. In a few of its institutes, doctoral programs are indeed wholly free.

There are almost 100 English-language programs available. More than 5,000 foreign students studied at various Estonian institutions in 2018.

Cheapest Universities in Estonia

1. The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

  • Average tuition fees: 1650 EUR/year

Only the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT), a public university, provides higher education in the two most popular arts of the day, theater and music. Numerous well-known performers, directors, and playwrights have all benefited from its preparation.

It provides a wide range of programs in advanced academic subjects. Given that it has four departments, it is fairly big. In addition, it boasts a doctorate studies center and a sizable music collection that includes more than 35,000 books, 130,000 musical scores, and 16,000 CDs. To provide its pupils the chance to act and study, EAMT hosts a lot of musical performances and activities.

The Estonian government and the European Union are responsible for funding this affordable university in Estonia. It has made it feasible to do research in the realm of musical arts. Additionally, EMAT offers its students a variety of scholarships. There are now 635 students enrolled, 156 of them are from other countries.

The alumni list of EAMT is made up of many famous Estonian actors, directors, and playwriters.

2. Estonian Academy of Arts

  • Average tuition fees: 1,800 EUR/year

In Tallinn, Estonian Academy is a public university that was established in that year. It is considered as the sole institution in Estonia offering post-secondary education in the fields of design, media, art, architecture, and history and is committed to raising educational standards by fostering awareness and creativity.

It offers bachelor’s degrees in animation, architecture & urban design, art history & visual culture, and accessory design. Glass art, fashion design, cultural heritage & conservation, and ceramics all have master’s degree programs.

Additionally, it provides PhD degrees in the most recent fields of art in the fields of graphic design, installation & sculpture, interior architecture, and graphic art. It also provides cycle studies in media graphics, painting, photography, jewelry & blacksmithing, and photography. More than 1,100 pupils are enrolled there right now.

3. Estonian Aviation Academy

  • Average tuition fees: 2,500 EUR/year

The Estonian Aviation Academy is a public university as well. Since its founding in 1993, it has provided services for teaching and training professional aviation workers. Its residence is in Reola City. Its primary goals are aviation field development and research.

Air traffic services, administration of aviation communication and navigation surveillance, aircraft flying (helicopter and airplane), aviation management, and aircraft engineering are just a few of the numerous particular programs it provides.

This cheap university in Estonia has associations with many aviation-related local and as well as foreign enterprises, airports, and educational institutes. Some of these affiliated organizations are Estonian Air, Estonian Air Force, Estonian Air Navigation Services, Estonian Border Guards, Tallinn Airport, the University of Tartu, and many more.

4. Tallinn University

  • Average tuition fees: 3,800 EUR/year

Tallinn University is a comprehensive research university. It is located in Tallinn and is a public university. It is highly known in the area and is pretty big. Of all the institutions in Estonia, it has the third-largest student body. It primarily focuses on the fields of cultural innovation, digital media, health & lifestyle, and educational innovation.

It contains six schools with a variety of multidisciplinary programs. Its student body is made up of individuals from more than 40 different nations. It is one of the most renowned universities in the world.

By providing instruction in English, the university helps its foreign students. This explains why it enrolls more overseas students than many other major institutions in the area. The names Paul E. Beaudoin (musician and theorist), Mihhail Lotman (politician), and Andres Luure (philosopher) stand out in the alumni list.

5. Tallinn Institute of Technology

  • Average tuition fees: 4,400 EUR/year

A public university, TalTech. Because of its engineering, business, and public administration departments, it has made a reputation for itself on international leaderboards. Tallinn is home to this affordable university in Estonia. There are four institutes and five schools in it.

English is the language used for the majority of TalTech’s programs. TalTech offers undergraduate degrees in law, integrated engineering, international business administration, and cybersecurity engineering. Graduate programs offered by TalTech include those in law, mathematics, European architecture, software engineering, law, communicative electronics, cybersecurity, healthcare technology, wood and plastic technology, and many more.

It also offers doctoral programs in economics, health, technology, and engineering-related fields.

6. University of Tartu

  • Average tuition fees: 4,600 EUR/year

The most prestigious and insightful university in Estonia is the University of Tartu. It is 301st in the world. It is located in Tartu and is a public university. The majority of its courses are available in Estonian. Computer sciences, IT law, semiotics, and applied measurement are among the subjects covered in the English-language courses.

There are several active research initiatives and programs. In the past, it has focused mostly on research in the fields of chemistry, environment & ecology, neurosciences, and psychiatry & psychology. With more than 100 nations, UT is now engaged in projects and contracts.

To give its numerous pupils the greatest possible education, it keeps up with the most recent technological advancements.

UT has four faculties: social sciences, medicine, science & technology, and arts & humanities. Its student body totals more than 14,000 (1,500 foreign) individuals. It offers 56 distinct undergraduate degrees, all of which are offered in the English language.

There are 72 graduate degree programs available, 24 of which are provided in English. There are more than 120 postgraduate degree programs available, and roughly 35 of them are provided in English.

I hope that this article on cheap universities in Estonia was helpful.


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