Review of 6 Cyprus Universities For International Students

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This article is on Cyprus universities for international students. One of the most well-liked travel destinations in the world is thought to be Cyprus and the surrounding Mediterranean area. Cyprus, which is situated south of Turkey and near to Italy, is well situated between Europe and Asia. Let’s examine Cyprus universities for international students.

Cyprus is physically in Asia, yet from a political standpoint, it belongs to Europe. Cyprus is a constituent of the EU. The island of Cyprus is a popular choice for overseas students. In comparison to other European countries, the country boasts affordable study costs. In this nation, more than 65,000 foreign students from more than 130 different nations pursue their studies. We’ll discuss a list of Cyprus universities for international students to help you decide whether Cyprus is the right place for you to pursue your studies.

What are the language requirements for international students in Cyprus universities?

The majority of private institutions in this nation teach in English, although the majority of courses offered at state universities are taught in English. Exams like the IELTS may be necessary for entrance purposes since international students will need to demonstrate their proficiency in the English language.

Greek proficiency is also expected of international students at the majority of local institutions. However, depending on the university, overseas students will have the chance to learn Greek or Turkish as a second language.

What are the costs of living in Cyprus?

Cyprus has much lower living expenses when compared to other European nations. The choice of how students choose to spend their money can sometimes affect the cost of living. International students can expect to spend between EUR 300 and EUR 650 at budget universities in Cyprus (USD 300-700 on a monthly basis).

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Is admission competitive for universities in Cyprus?

It is not that much competitive to get admission into most of their universities but most universities do require good academics from all students so make sure your transcripts show some decent grades. International students have turned their attention to Cyprus universities; so it may be competitive in years to come.

Cyprus Universities for International Students

1. Eastern Mediterranean University

This is the first on our Cyprus Universities for International students. Mediterranean University, which has its headquarters in Famagusta on Cyprus’ east coast, was established in 1979. There are 18,000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled there. It is one of Cyprus’s largest higher education institutes.

The institution offers more than 141 academic programs, the majority of which are taught in English and Turkish. It offers a sizable campus with a variety of recreational and social facilities. Their library, which has a collection of more than 120,000 books, is the biggest in the Mediterranean. According to the Times Higher Education ranking, the university is one of the top 800 universities in the world.

Tuition fees: From EUR 3000

2. Frederick University

This is the second on our Cyprus Universities for International students. Another inexpensive university in Cyprus, this one was established in 1965 and has campuses in both Nicosia and Limassol. At the diploma, bachelor’s, and master’s degree levels, the institution provides a wide variety of courses.

At this excellent university, teaching and research are primarily focused in the fields of science, technology, the arts, and letters. There are more than 3000 students enrolled at this modest university. It has a number of schools, including ones for engineering, architecture, economics, education, and other fields. It is one of the top 100 technical and management universities in Europe.

Tuition fees: From EUR 5000

3. Cyprus University of Technology

This is the third on our Cyprus Universities for International students. This institution was established in 2004 and is a public research university. It is one of Cyprus’s newest additions to the country’s higher education system. The university may be found in Limassol, Cyprus’ second-largest city. It is acknowledged as the nation’s academic and research center for science and technology.

There are six main academic faculties at the institution, including management and economics, health sciences, communication, fine arts, engineering, geotechnical science, and environmental management. Within the top 350 universities in the world, it is ranked.

Tuition fees: From EUR 3200

4. University of Nicosia

This university was established in 1980 and is situated in the nation’s capital city. More than 12,000 undergraduate and graduate students attend the university. It is thought to be Cyprus’s biggest university. A campus is located in Nicosia’s Engomia neighborhood.

There are six academic divisions within the institution, comprising the schools of business, science, engineering, education, humanities, and social sciences, law, and medicine.
Universities in this country were the first in the world to offer an MSc in Digital Currency and to accept Bitcoin as a form of tuition payment.

The institution collaborates with a number of foreign universities, such as St. George’s University in London, the University of Patras, and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The university is among the top 100 newly established institutions in Europe and Asia.

Tuition fees: From EUR 8000

5. University of Cyprus

The University is a renowned public research university in Cyprus. It is located in Nicosia, the nation’s capital. It was established in the year 1989. Over 7000 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled at the university. Since it primarily offers instruction in Greek and Turkish, it attracts students from abroad, but prospective foreign students can also take advantage of intense training programs.

There are eight colleges of study at the university, including those for the humanities, pure/applied sciences, social sciences & education, engineering, economics & management, school of medicine, and the faculty of letters. This esteemed university consistently receives top 200–400 university rankings (based on the QS and Times Higher Education rankings).

The institution places a high emphasis on research and currently provides access to cutting-edge facilities for more than 200 active research courses and programs.

Tuition fees: From EUR 3500

6. Cyprus International University

This University is an English-medium private university that is situated in North Nicosia. It was established first in the year 1997. It is made up of multiple faculties that span across several fields of study, including pharmacy, communication, economics/administrative science, education, engineering, arts, law, health sciences, agriculture and natural sciences.
The university has a student population of over 15,000 students. The university is among the largest universities by student enrolment. It partners with overseas universities and annually takes part in student exchange programs.

Tuition fees: From EUR 6000.


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