10 Medical Schools with Higher Acceptance Rates

10 Medical Schools with Higher Acceptance Rates

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This interesting article is on medical schools with higher acceptance rates. Applying for admission to the medical schools of your choosing is one of the notoriously challenging milestones in any ambitious student’s path when pursuing a profession in medicine. Medical school admissions are quite tough, regardless of whether you get your undergraduate degree in the US or are applying as an international student. Which medical schools are the simplest to get into, then?

How simple it may be to get into a medical school can be determined by looking at acceptance rates. For instance, only 2% of candidates are accepted by Stanford University!

Based solely on their published admission rates, the top medical schools with high acceptance rates are listed below.

Medical Schools with Higher Acceptance Rates

1. Medical University of the Americas

This is the first on our list of medical schools with higher acceptance rates. In Saint Kitts and Nevis, a Caribbean island, there is a medical school called the Medical University of the Americas. It offers a higher-quality education at a lower price than American medical institutions. MUA also has one of the highest acceptance rates among medical schools because it accepts practically anyone who meets the standards for admission!

2. Saba Medical School

This is the second on our list of medical schools with higher acceptance rates. If you meet all of their standards, Saba Medical School is not difficult to get into. Additionally, it boasts a stellar 99% first-time USMLE Step 1 pass record over the past four years, which is excellent.

3. University of Mississippi School of Medicine

This is the third on our list of medical schools with higher acceptance rates. The University of Mississippi, which is based in Jackson, MS, has an MD program into which approximately 37% of applicants are accepted each year. Their MD program lasts four years, as is customary in the United States, and there is also the opportunity to enroll in a seven-year combination MD/PhD program.

Data on admissions:

GPA on average: 3.6
MCAT average score: 504
37% acceptance rate

4. Central Michigan University College of Medicine

This is the forth on our list of medical schools with higher acceptance rates. The Central Michigan University, which is situated in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, gives you the chance to learn in a fantastic setting where you can also take part in outdoor activities and experiences. As you may anticipate from a medical school, the MD program is 4 years long and has a prerequisite for knowledge of fundamental sciences. The College of Medicine at Central Michigan University is another medical school with a high acceptance rate.

Central Michigan University can be a significantly simpler medical school to get into than many others of the same caliber because of its excellent facilities and lenient admittance statistics. But beware: in order to be considered for entrance, you must be a citizen of the US or Canada or a permanent resident of either country.

Data on admissions:

GPA on average: 3.74
MCAT average score: 506

22% acceptance rate

5. Mercer University School of Medicine

This is the fifth on our list of medical schools with higher acceptance rates. The School of Medicine at Mercer University in Georgia has a clear goal of enhancing access to healthcare for the state’s rural and medically underserved communities. So, if you’re passionate about helping these areas, Mercer would be a great fit for you. The MD program’s first two years are taught on the Macon and Savannah campuses, and beginning with year three, you can also attend classes at the Columbus campus.

The MD program at Mercer University has a small intake, which encourages students to assume leadership roles and study the basic science disciplines using a problem-based approach.

Data on admissions:

GPA on average: 3.68
MCAT average score: 503
11% acceptance rate

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6. University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center is the next medical school on our list with a good admission rate. The Doctor of Medicine program lasts four years and is offered at a large university in Memphis, Tennessee, which offers numerous degree options within its various colleges. Additionally, the Health Sciences Center offers courses in nursing, pharmacology, and other subjects. The College of Medicine only accepts 170 students per year, ensuring a fantastic student-to-faculty ratio and an ideal learning environment.

You must be a US citizen or lawful permanent resident, and you must be from Tennessee or one of the eight states that border Tennessee in order to be admitted. Alternatively, regardless of where you presently reside, you will also be taken into consideration if one of your parents is a University of Tennessee alumnus or alumna.

Admissions stats:

Average GPA: 3.77
Average MCAT score: 500-510
Acceptance rate: 14%

7. University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences

The sole 4-year MD program in North Dakota is provided by the University of North Dakota, with the first two years of tuition being paid on the Grand Forks campus. Each year, just 78 students are accepted. The University of North Dakota is unique because of its Indians into Medicine Program (INMED), whose objective is to help American Indians become physicians and serve tribal communities.

Priority is given to residents of North Dakota and prospective students must be US citizens or permanent residents.

Admissions stats:

Average GPA: 3.7
Average MCAT score: 506
Acceptance rate: 18%

8. Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Another public university with favorable admissions statistics is Oklahoma State University’s Center for Health Sciences, which is situated in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was established in 1972 and is connected to Tulsa Regional Medical Center, where you can complete your clinical practice throughout your third and fourth years of medical school. Another medical school with a high admission rate is Oklahoma State University Medical School.

Admissions stats:

Average GPA: 3.73
Average MCAT score: 500
Acceptance rate: 15%

9. University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine

Because of its emphasis on family care and rural medicine, the Sanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota is particularly well-known in the US. It aspires to give South Dakotans access to a top-notch medical education and motivate them to become engaged citizens who serve primarily in underprivileged medical communities.

The South Dakota State University School of Medicine was founded in 1907 and is still the only medical school in the state. There were only 2 pupils in this first year’s class, and it is still small. Additionally, it emphasizes research heavily, with funding expanding rapidly‚ÄĒespecially since the 1990s.

Admissions stats:

Average GPA: 3.83
Average MCAT score: 507
Acceptance rate: 13%

10. Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

The Medical College of Georgia marks the conclusion of our ranking of the medical schools with the greatest admission rates. The Medical College of Georgia, the only public medical school in Georgia, is an excellent choice if you live in the state. In contrast to the other institutions on our list, it enrolls more than 600 students annually in its programs, making it one of the top 10 largest medical schools in the US. In recent years, the school has purposefully relaxed its admittance standards to increase the number of applications it receives in response to Georgia’s scarcity of medical professionals.

Having been established in 1828, the Medical College of Georgia has a lengthy and storied history.

You must have passed the relevant undergraduate courses specified on the Admissions website, take the MCAT exam, and the CASPer exam, a computer-based examination designed to sample personal traits, in order to be admitted.

Data on admissions:

GPA on average: 3.7
MCAT average score: 511
Acceptance rate: 12 percent (12 percent in 2019).

I hope you found this information on medical schools with high acceptance rates to be useful.


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