25 Best Entry Level Jobs that Pay $20 An Hour

Jobs that Pay $20 An Hour

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These article is about Jobs that Pay $20 An Hour. You can easily find beginner jobs by looking in the right place. And they can be used by people of any age and level of education. Well, there are many jobs for beginners that pay well, like $20 or even more per hour.

This means that if you want a job that pays $20 per hour, you don’t need to worry too much because there are many choices available.

If you’re wondering what entry level jobs are and how to get them, don’t worry. I’ll answer both of these questions in this article. Keep reading to learn how to find good beginner jobs that pay at least $20 per hour.

Understanding Entry Level Jobs

Firstly, entry level jobs are the ones you can get right after finishing school or college. This is typically the first job you will choose because it aligns with what you like and what you studied in school.

But in 2021 and because of the changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, entry-level jobs have taken on a new significance. It means finding a job that doesn’t require the education or skills you have.

A job that you do to make money for yourself and your family because you are currently unemployed because of the pandemic.
For many people, entry level jobs are like a first step towards a new career or a career change.

If you are in a job that you don’t like and want to make a change, you could think about trying an entry level job. Even homemakers and older people search for entry level jobs to make some extra money for their home or savings. And some people start with basic jobs so they can begin working as freelancers as well.

Regardless of which category of people you fit in, here’s my curated list of entry level jobs for you.

Best 25 Entry Level Jobs that pay $20 an Hour

Although there are many jobs available for beginners that offer good pay, the following jobs listed here are special because they pay at least $20 per hour, or maybe even more. Some jobs I will talk about may need specific skills or education.

However, these opportunities are also open to people who have finished school or college. You can pick the one that fits your interests, requirements, abilities, and past

1. Online Tutor

People who teach others online earn a large amount of money. There are many websites where you can create an account to become an online teacher. These jobs give you $50 or more for every hour you work. To be eligible, you need to have a teaching college degree. It doesn’t matter if you have any experience as a teacher.

Usually, online tutors can choose when they want to work. They teach foreign students subjects, usually English, that are part of the American curriculum. To get entry level jobs, you need to have excellent knowledge of the subjects and be a great teacher. If you have the right skills and knowledge, the best job you can get pays a minimum of $20 per hour.

2. Online Proofreading

If you are really good at grammar and have excellent English skills, you should consider applying for an entry-level job as a proofreader. Today, there are many companies that are hiring people for online proofreading jobs. You will get paid between $30 and $50 for every hour you work in this job. Many companies also hire proofreaders for beginners, as mentioned in the above link.

Proofreading means checking documents like books, news reports, and other writings for mistakes in spelling, grammar, and typing errors. You just have to fix them.

Usually, these jobs are also open to high school graduates who are really good at English and have excellent grammar skills. If you want to find jobs that pay $20 per hour, you can apply for proofreading jobs. However, you should only do so if you are confident in your skills.

3. Online Bookkeeper

Wealthy people, older people, and business owners hire personal accountants to keep track of how much money they received and where they spent it. They want to keep their money matters private. That’s when an online bookkeeper is useful. This is a great job for beginners who are good at math and have excellent accounting skills.

An online bookkeeper earns around $20 for every hour they work with one client.
This means you can have more than one customer and make more money. You need to keep all accounts in good shape because they involve money. If you make any errors, you may lose your job or have to go to court.

4. Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is like a secretary who works online. You can get these jobs from business people and rich individuals. This can include doing things like sending and answering emails, updating social media, setting up appointments, and other jobs that normal secretaries do.

You don’t have to worry about whether these jobs pay $20 or not because you can make even more money by choosing virtual assistant jobs like these.

Some individuals like a virtual assistant (VA) because it allows them to have their own space without interference. Sometimes, you may not be able to meet or see your employer in person because these jobs are done through the internet. On average, they give $30 for each hour of work. However, the amount you get paid may be different based on where you live, your experience, and your qualifications.

5. Social Media Assistant

A social media assistant is someone who helps a social media manager. There might be multiple social media assistants on the team.

This job is for beginners who really enjoy using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. The job will give you a minimum of $20 for each hour of work, and you may earn even more if you have previous knowledge or skills.

Social media assistants usually make posts on social media platforms, either by creating the posts themselves or by posting the content that their bosses give them.
They also reply to comments and posts on Twitter. This is a great job opportunity for people who want to work from home. You don’t need any special skills or education to be a social media assistant.

6. Online Translator

Are you really good at reading, writing, and speaking any language, including English. If so, you might enjoy working as an online translator. Typically, new online translators start with easy jobs like translating ads or small documents from English or another language. This job is for beginners and it pays $20 per hour to anyone who does online translation work.

7. Mystery Shopper

Have you ever wondered what a mystery shopper is. Well, they’re not people who shop for mysteries or mystery books and movies. A mystery shopper is someone who goes to different places like stores, restaurants, hotels, and boutiques to check them
out for a research company. They examine different information that a customer of the market research company requires and give their opinion.

This job for beginners pays around $20 to $30 for every hour you work. After gaining some experience, you can obtain a certification from a mystery shopper academy to become a professional in this field.

Normally, the company that conducts market research will give you money for both the travel expenses and anything you buy. Sometimes, they also let you have and use the things you purchase.

8. Content Writer

A content writer is not a job for beginners, but you can easily find one through online platforms. You don’t need any special education to be a content writer. All you need are really good researching skills about a topic and really good writing skills.

Bloggers, people who own websites and others need people who can write content at a beginner level. They can give you money based on how many words you write, so you can make more than $20 every hour. They can either hire you to write articles for them or pay you for your writing per piece of content. You can decide how much you want to charge for something.

9. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a program from the largest online retailer in the world, Amazon. By joining Amazon Flex, you’ll be delivering packages to their customers. You can easily earn $25 per hour or more, depending upon the type of delivery- Amazon Prime, Amazon Fresh and others. This is an entry level job if you’re looking at a career in logistics .

To join Amazon Flex, you’ll need to download their app and register yourself. Once your application is accepted by Amazon, you’ll receive updates on delivery slots. You can bid for a delivery slot that matches your time. It’s possible to bid for more than one slot per day since each one is of only four hours.

10. Blogger

Maybe you have no experience as a blogger. Yet, it’s easy to become a blogger and make a lot of money from this work. A blogger isn’t someone pursuing a hobby. Instead, they’re people who write blogposts about their passion or something to do with their academic qualifications. The main objective is to help people live better lives.

You can start a free blog on websites such as Blogger and Wix or buy own domain name, website and other necessities to become a blogger. This is a high paying job once you get the experience.

11. Vlogger

A vlogger is someone who makes videos instead of writing blog posts. This is a great job for beginners if you can create something that a lot of people will enjoy.

For instance, PewDiePie, the most well-known video blogger globally or real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, has a total value of $20 million. He makes awesome videos about Minecraft and other games that people enjoy. You can also start your own YouTube channel for free and become a vlogger. It’s a fun job that pays $20 per hour.

Show people something they enjoy watching. If you have a certain amount of followers on your channel, you can earn a lot of money from Google AdSense and other sources. Don’t forget, even PewDiePie started out as a beginner.

12. Website Developer

If you’re creative and have an IT degree, you can easily find entry level jobs as website developer. This means, you’ll develop websites for other persons and companies.

Becoming a website developer is fairly easy and in high demand nowadays with more and more businesses moving online or marking a presence on the Internet.

A website developer earns up to $30 per hour and professionals in the field can make up to $50 per hour. You can become a freelance website developer too by registering yourself on any excellent freelancing platform such as Upwork or FlexJobs.com

13. Website Tester

Website testers are people like you and me who may not have any qualifications in IT and related fields. All companies and individuals that open a website usually want website testers to check user friendliness.

This means, you’ll have to see whether a website opens quickly, is easy to use and delivers the information it is supposed to.There’re several website testing platforms in this world where you can register and earn up to $20 per hour.

All you need to do is check specific details that the organization requires about the website. And write honest reviews about what you find. This allows the customer to improve and enhance the website before it goes live on the Internet for the public.

14. Medical Transcriptionist

There are plenty of jobs for beginners who want to work as medical transcriptionists. However, if you are studying to become a doctor or nurse, this job is necessary for you to have. You will learn a lot about figuring out what is wrong with people and how to treat them with medicine. Also, you will learn about how doctors talk to patients and what they say in operating rooms.

There are many websites where you can find jobs as a medical transcriptionist. You can apply for beginner level jobs on any of these websites. They will give you money. The amount will be between $14 and $20 for one hour of work. This is a pretty good amount of money to have, especially if you don’t have much experience in this area.

15.On Board Courier

An On Board Courier’s job is for people that love traveling. You can become an on board courier for domestic and international packages with any good courier company. They pay excellent wages and you also get to see other places almost free of cost.

As a rule, you’ll require a passport to work as an on board courier. The courier company will hand you packages containing valuable stuff or life-saving medicines, human organs for transplant and other such stuff. You’ve to clear Customs formalities and deliver them to the client.

16. Search Engine Optimizer

If you’ve done a digital marketing course, online or offline, work as a Search Engine Optimizer at entry level. That’s because learning theory is one thing and putting your knowledge into practice is another.

At entry level, you’ll get to learn all ropes of the SEO trade. Large corporations to bloggers require SEOs to promote their websites. And they’ll pay you between $15 and $20 per hour for your work.

As SEO you’ll be responsible for creating what’re known as backlinks and off-page and on-page SEO processes. This is an interesting job if you’re considering a career in the field of digital marketing. In fact, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and other consultancies project that digital marketing will soon be the fastest growing industry in the world.

17. Logistics Assistant

A logistics assistant usually works for a freight and cargo handling company. They prepare documents such as Bills of Lading and others required to ship cargo from one place to another. You might also have to track cargo on part of the consignee or the consignor in some cases. This entry level job opens doors to a superb career in the field of logistics.

The pay from a logistics assistant job will differ according to your location. However, there’s no shortage of such jobs. All you need to do is ask a good logistics company in your locality if they have any openings. It does not require any special academic qualifications. This is an offline job in general.

Being a legal transcriptionist is a job that is only suitable for lawyers who have stopped working, retired, or are currently studying law. Legal transcriptions involve writing complicated legal terms and other small details that an average person would normally overlook. That’s why people who transcribe legal documents can make $40 or more for every hour of work they do.

Talk to some companies that transcribe legal documents to find beginner-level jobs in this area. This is a great opportunity for law students and recent graduates because
it gives them real-life experience with cases that could be seen in a court of law.

19. Freelance Photographer

If you have a really good camera and enjoy taking pictures, you can work as a freelance photographer. Afterwards, you can get a job as a professional and join ad agencies, news media companies, or respected organizations that need photos often. In reality, photographers who work independently are always wanted by a lot of people.

As a freelance photographer, you can make a great collection of your pictures and show them to potential clients to get more and better jobs. A freelance photographer can make up to $50 per hour if they are good at what they do. However, if you want to learn these skills, you will need to start with a basic job.

20. Freelance Journalist

If you want a great job in journalism, start by working as a freelance journalist at the beginning. It’s better to have a good journalism degree if you want to work in this field. But, smaller newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and TV channels are not really concerned about degrees. They are more interested in finding unique news stories that you can provide.

There are many media companies that would hire you as a beginner reporter for their newspaper or electronic media. To become a cub reporter, you need to have really good writing and presenting skills for news. But, the hard work will start you on an amazing career in journalism.

21. Handyperson

You don’t need any special skills or qualifications to work as a handyperson. All you need are abilities as a carpenter, electrician, or plumber. Usually, basic jobs in these fields can be found at companies offering handyman services. You will be assisting professionals and gaining skills that will make you self-sufficient.

Everyone in America will say that handypersons are needed for our everyday lives to do small jobs around the house that we can’t do or don’t know how to do ourselves and don’t have the right tools for. This is a great way to begin a successful career as a plumber, welder, electrician, mover, packer, or in other similar jobs.

22. Rover.com

You can make a superb career with any pet service and veterinarian services company with an entry level job from Rover.com. That’s because Rover is all about caring for pet dogs of other people. Again, there’re no special qualifications you require for this job. It is open to anyone who loves dogs and has a way with pets.

Actually, Rover.com allows you to turn your passion for canines into a full-fledged profession. Nowadays a lot of people look for professionals who can handle their pets while on vacation. Some seniors also want professionals to manage their pets for a few hours daily. With an entry level job from Rover.com, you’ll get access to this vast market.

23. Graphic Designer

Usually, most graphic designers begin their careers with low-level positions only. They can either work as assistant graphic designers for a professional or join a crowdsourcing platform. That’s because it helps them gain enough practice and skill to become experts on their own. You need a degree in graphic design to get this job, and it pays up to $30 per hour.

You can try signing up for any of the crowdsourcing websites to start working in that field. This will let you work with experts in the field on big projects. You can learn a lot from other people on a crowdsourcing website.

24. App Tester

Do you enjoy using apps. If you do, you have the opportunity to work part-time as a beginner app tester. In simple words, almost anyone can do this job. You don’t need to be a computer expert to test apps. This is possible because app creators let regular people like us try out apps before they are released to everyone.

You will receive some money for testing each app. If you test and review more apps, you will
earn more money. You can become a fulltime app tester by joining a good app testing website. You can try out testing apps on websites that conduct online surveys and other tasks.

25. Fitness Instructor

If you really love exercising and staying fit, all you have to do is take a short class to become a fitness instructor. This job can be done both online and offline. But, because of the need for keeping a distance from others because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that doesn’t seem to be getting better, most fitness instructor jobs today are only available online.

The need for online fitness trainers is increasing because gyms in the US are still closed because of Covid-19 restrictions. So, people who care about being healthy hire online fitness trainers to keep their bodies in shape and stay fit during the pandemic.


The list above shows that there are at least 25 well-paid jobs for people who are just starting out in their careers. You can choose someone who shares your interests, abilities, and qualifications. Actually, you have the option to work either full-time or part-time in these jobs that are suitable for beginners. But make sure to look at job listings to see how much money you can earn in beginner-level positions.


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