10 Legit Online Typing Captcha Job 2023

10 Legit Online Typing Captcha Job 2023

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These article is on Online Typing Captcha Job. Typing Captcha job is one of the best online work from home data entry jobs for young under-graduate students, stay-at-homes, retirees and other people who want to earn some extra cash from the comfort of their homes without investment.

However, it can be difficult to find a legitimate website that offers Captcha jobs, especially if you are new to this. Many of these job websites are not legitimate and do not give you any payment. When you sign up, they will request an initial payment from you. But once you pay, they will disappear without a trace. You need to be very careful when looking for Captcha typing job websites online. To help you, I have written a list of 9 websites where you can find free online Typing Captcha job.

What is Captcha?

Before we can talk about these job websites, it’s important for people to understand what Captcha is. Captcha is a test that helps determine if you are a human or a computer. It stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. To put it simply, Captcha tells if someone is a real person or a robot.

Captcha is a tool that stops bots from going on a website or leaving spam comments. This is a technology that is both inexpensive and efficient at stopping scammers from accessing a website.

Types of Online Typing Captcha Job

There are many different kinds of Captchas. The most common type is traditional Captchas that use written text. These Captchas use random combinations of words or phrases.

Forum websites use audio captchas to stop bots from leaving comments. You need to listen to the audio and write your answer in the empty space. Also, there are picture challenges called image Captchas. Google uses them to prevent users from searching too much.

Old-fashioned captchas are simple to figure out, but new captchas require some math and thinking skills.

Now I will tell you about 9 great websites where you can do online captcha typing jobs and make $500 per month without much difficulty. You can sign up for free.

1. 2Captcha

2Captcha is a very popular website for doing Captcha jobs. I really enjoyed how quickly the website loaded. The time it takes to load two Captchas is less than 8 seconds. The website loads pictures very quickly.

You can type and make $1. 2 for every 1000 Captchas you solve. Members have the opportunity to earn additional money by referring other people to the program. You will also receive additional pictures that are difficult to solve, but you have a chance to earn a little more.

You only have 8 seconds to type a letter in the box. Make sure to solve Captchas quickly. The minimum amount of money you need to earn in order to get paid is $3 if you’re using PayPal. If you’re using Payza or bitcoin, the minimum payout amount is $1. In India, you can only receive your payment through PayPal. Website address to access the login page of 2Captch is URL.

2. ProTypers

ProTypers is a collection of businesses that provide different types of data entry work opportunities. This is similar to a large umbrella that includes a lot of other websites where you can do data entry work.

At ProTypers, if you solve 1000 pictures, you will earn 45 cents. But when workers become more skilled at solving Captchas and do a larger number of them, they receive a bigger amount of money. Their price goes up to one dollar. They get paid 5 times for solving 1000 Captchas.

ProTypers offers various payment options, like PayPal, checks, or debit cards, for you to receive your earnings. If you want to use Western Union, you have to pay a minimum of $100. If you choose a different way to pay, you have to pay an extra $3 fee.

3. MegaTypers

MegaTypers and ProTypers have similar designs and User Interfaces. With MegaTypers, you can earn points for every Captcha you solve. If you solve more, you will earn more credits. Later, you can trade these credits for actual money.

New people can earn $1 for every 1000 Captchas they complete, while those with more experience can earn up to $1. 5 If you go to their website, you will find out that some people are making about $100 to $250 each month.

MegaTypers pays $100 through Western Union if you reach a certain amount. For all other payment options, they pay $3. When it comes to giving people the opportunity to do Captcha typing jobs, MegaTypers is famous for being real and genuine.

4. Kolotibablo

Members at Kolotibablo receive different amounts of payment depending on their level of progress. For new members, they will earn 35 cents for every 1000 Captcha solved. However, more experienced members can earn $1 for every 1000 Captcha solved. In exceptional cases, some members may even earn up to $2.

Based on my information from the past 2 years, Kolotibablo has been paying their members on time.
If you look at how they pay, you will see that members are making up to $200 each month.

The rating system helps you get better at things you’re not very good at, like being accurate and quick. If you choose PayPal, you need at least $5 to request payment. For other ways to get your money, you only need $1.

5. Captcha2Cash

If you want to work on Captcha2Cash doing daily Captcha tasks, you need to download their typing software and install it on your computer.

Once members log in, they will get a free tutorial that teaches them how to use the website. The website will be very simple to use after you have finished reading
the tutorial.

Regarding how much they pay, Captcha2Cash gives $1 for every 1000 Captcha images you solve. They give you money through the platforms PerfectMoney and Payza.

6. Captcha Typers

At CaptchaTypers, people can choose the hours they want to work. Usually, a person can make around 80 cents to $1. 50 for every 1000 Captcha images they complete.

But what does flexible working hours mean.

This means the specific time of day that you decide to work.
If you work from 9 AM to 9 PM, you earn $0. 8 for every 1000 Captchas completed. If you work from 9 PM to 9 AM, you earn $1. 5 The minimum payment you can receive through PayPal is $2.

To prevent scams, you need to email admin@captchatypers. com Once you receive a confirmation email, you will appear in their admin panel. Be careful and don’t fall for scams on this website.

7. Qlinkgroup

You need to first download the typing software, then install it, and finally sign up with the website.

Qlinkgroup is a trustworthy website for Captcha jobs because it doesn’t ask its members for any money. They allow free access to the Admin panel. Don’t be tricked by fake websites pretending to be Qlinkgroup. One important thing about Qlinkgroup is that they have a Captcha Service that is sensitive to whether letters are capitalized or not. You receive money using PayPal and Payza. Qlinkgroup also gives you the opportunity to get paid every week.

8. FastTypers

FastTypers pays their workers a lot of money, especially the ones who are willing to work very hard.

FastTypers pays more money to the people who work late at night. Workers on this platform have the opportunity to make more money than workers on the other platforms mentioned in the list.

If you solve 1000 Captcha images, you can earn up to $2. You need to be correct more than 85% of the time. FastTypers will send your earnings to you using payment services such as PayPal and PerfectMoney. If you want to join the site, you need to give them your ID photo and also provide them copies of your utility bills.

9. Virtual Bee

VirtualBee is a website where you can do a job that involves typing Captcha. It has been around for 20 years since it was launched in 2001. In addition to Captcha jobs, they also offer other types of data entry work such as translation, typing, and internet searching.

VirtualBee gives less than $1 for solving every 1000 Captcha images. I think the website’s
payment plan is not as good as the ones on the other job sites mentioned in the list.

Furthermore, in order to receive Captcha solving work from VirtualBee, you must successfully complete their evaluation test, which is graded from 0 to 100. You can only pay with PayPal.

10. PixProfit

The final one listed is PixProfit. Even though they don’t have any jobs right now, you should still keep track of them.

They give you about $2 for solving 1000 Captchas, but I suggest you not join this website. However, you can still find more information about them.


These were the top 10 Typing Captcha job where people from the USA and other places could type Captcha. Captcha jobs are more common in third world countries, but people in North America can also give it a try.

It may not make you wealthy, but it can definitely assist you in covering your phone and internet expenses by working part-time. You don’t need a lot to begin.


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