Virginia Tech Engineering Acceptance Rate 2023 | Average GPA, Admission Requirements,

Virginia Tech Engineering Acceptance Rate 2023 | Average GPA, Admission Requirements,

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These article is on Virginia Tech Engineering Acceptance Rate. Do you want to know how many students get accepted to Virginia Tech Engineering. This article has all the information about Virginia Tech Engineering Acceptance Rate.

Every student needs a place where they feel inspired, can think carefully, and work towards their goals for the future.

Virginia Tech Engineering is the most popular choice for smart students, with almost 65% of applicants being accepted.

This university is proud to have one of the best programs for helping you find your life’s purpose, direction, and connection.

This article has all the info you need to sign up for the program.

You must meet specific criteria for admission.

History of Virginia Tech Engineering.

Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering is in charge of engineering education and research.

The Virginia Tech Engineering College was officially started in 1903, but its history goes back to 1872.

The College of Engineering is the biggest part of Virginia Tech with 14 different sections.

In 2018, the United States The graduate program of this university was ranked as the 30th best, and their undergraduate program was ranked fourth among universities that give doctorate degrees, according to News & World Report.

In the year 2014-2015, the College of Engineering had 10,059 students. Dr Rewrite this text using simpler words: Doctor Julia Ross is the person in charge right now.

Since Virginia Tech was started in 1872, students have been able to take engineering classes. These classes covered things like drawing, mechanical engineering, machinery, and steam engines as part of the “Mechanical” class.

In 1903-1904, the first administrative instructional divisions were set up and Engineering became one of the four academic departments to have a dean appointed.

The School of Engineering changed its name in 1920-1921 to the School of Engineering. Later, in 1964, it became the College of Engineering.

Why Choose Virginia Tech Engineering? 

Students in Virginia Tech Engineering’s Independent Honor Program have the option to change their classes in order to temporarily step away from the technical education provided by the state of Virginia.

They also have students who learn from different subjects to shape their futures.
Students can gain practical experience through work studies, cooperative programs, internships, and international study opportunities.

Several opportunities exist at Virginia Tech.

  • The campus has the most cutting-edge technologies.
  • You also have the honor of being proud to give back to your society and community. Observing one of the nation’s most stunning college campuses.
  • Enjoy food that has won awards. Take advantage of the more than 600 student groups and the many activities available to students.
  • Lastly, you can support one of the 21 collegiate Division I athletic teams that compete in the ACC.

What are Virginia Tech Engineering Admission Requirements?

Virginia Tech Engineering is a school that offers admission to pupils using a comprehensive approach. In order to improve their chances of being accepted into Virginia Tech’s graduate programs, applicants need to follow the guidelines below.

  • Applicants must submit their GPA. They should mention that VT wants you to take challenging classes in high school at this point.
  • SAT and ACT scores are examples of standardized test results. Candidates that get the average or above-average score by VT stand an excellent chance of obtaining admission to the college.
  • VT considers candidates who participate in extracurricular activities while still in high school. As a result, candidates must present credible evidence of their extracurricular activities.
  • Writing an essay is an important admissions requirement. You must offer your all in this portion to increase your chances of getting into Virginia Tech’s graduate program.
  • Although Virginia Tech does not use letters of recommendation as criteria,  applicants who experienced an incident that impacted them emotionally or intellectually are welcome to discuss it with the admissions committee.

What is Virginia Tech Engineering Acceptance Rate?

Before deciding which college to go to, it’s important to find out how hard it is to get accepted. The acceptance rate gives you an idea of how many students apply versus how many get admitted. In 2020 and 2021, Virginia Tech accepted a certain percentage of students. In 2022, the acceptance rate for Virginia Tech is 64. 8% Put simply, 65 out of 100 people who apply are accepted.

The college has a fair amount of competition. Virginia Tech is a university that tries really hard to help students, but they still require students to have good grades and test scores. If you meet all the requirements for admission to Virginia Tech, you will probably be offered a place.

What is Virginia Tech Engineering Transfer Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance rate for transfers at Virginia Tech is competitive at 51.14 percent.

You need a current GPA of at least 4.04, ideally around 4.2, for admission to Virginia Tech. Additionally, you need to provide your test results.

What is Virginia Tech Engineering Tuition? 

Virginia Tech’s in-state tuition costs $14,174 and out-of-state tuition costs $33,253.

Virginia Tech costs a bit more than the average of $11,331 that other in-state schools charge for tuition. Additionally, out-of-state students typically pay an average of $27,028 for tuition, which is the cost to attend a college or university.

This is much less than the cost of tuition at VT.

It’s important to know that the total cost, also called the sticker price, includes the money you need to pay for tuition and fees. The price varies based on the organization.

Many schools and organizations provide student centers, gyms, technology centers, health centers on the campus, and library services.

What is Virginia Tech Engineering Acceptance Rate by Major?

If you are interested, Virginia Tech Engineering’s admission rates for each of the several majors are listed below.

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According to major, here is the admittance rate for Virginia Tech Engineering:

  • Aerospace and Ocean Engineering13%
  • Biological Systems Engineering- 12%
  • Chemical Engineering- 14%
  • Computer Engineering- 8%
  • Civil Engineering- 14%%
  • Computer Science- 8%
  • Construction Engineering and Management- 10%
  • Electrical Engineering- 13%
  • Industrial and System Engineering- 12%
  • Materials Science Engineering- 10%
  • Mechanical Engineering- 13%
  • Mining Engineering- 12%

What are the Necessary Requirements for Virginia Tech Engineering?

You may wonder what things Virginia Tech needs to consider before accepting your application to this well-known school.

Here are some requirements you need to know.

Virginia Tech Engineering GPA Requirement.

The Virginia Tech Engineering program doesn’t have a set minimum GPA requirement for admission.

If you want a good chance of getting into Virginia Tech for engineering, try to have a high school GPA of at least 4. 14 out of 5. 00.

Virginia Tech Engineering SAT Requirement 

You might want to know the exact SAT score required for this school and your chances of being accepted.

Consequently, the required SAT score is briefly examined below:

Analysis of Virginia Tech’s SAT results (New 1600 SAT)

The SAT score that 75% of people got is 1390, and the SAT score that 25% of people got is 1180.

Basically, if you get a score of 1180, you are not doing as well as most people. On the other hand, if you get a score of 1390, you are doing better than most people.

Virginia Tech does not have a strict rule about SAT scores, but it is preferred if you have at least 1180 to be considered.

Virginia Tech Engineering ACT Requirement 

You might be thinking about what ACT score you need to get into Virginia Tech.

When you’re applying to college, you need to keep track of many different scores. If your ACT score is 25 or less, it means you are in the lowest 25% among your classmates.

You reach the 75th percentile either with 30 extra points or just a few more points. Scores above 30 are seen as really good and will get the attention of admissions officers.

The typical ACT score at Virginia Tech is 27.

Virginia Tech’s admissions committee likes it when students achieve scores of 25 or higher.

If you score 30 or more on the ACT, you are very likely to be accepted into Virginia Tech Engineering.

What are the Transfer Requirements for Virginia Tech Engineering?

These are the lowest requirements needed from high school students to get into the university. Most students who are very competitive will have a GPA of 3. 0 The admissions committee will also consider applicants with a GPA of 2. 5, but this is a lower grade.

In subjects such as architecture, business, communication, computer science, industrial design, and engineering, the required GPA may be higher when there are more applicants than available spots. Students who have taken freshman English, math (if required for their degree), and science courses will be given priority (if it is necessary for their major).

What is Virginia Tech Engineering Deadline?

The last date to apply for Virginia Tech Engineering may vary for each department each semester.

We recommend that applicants send in all parts of their application and any additional materials ahead of time to give them ample time for processing. To ensure there is enough time for visa processing and travel, international students must be accepted by the college before May 15 for the fall semester and October 15 for the spring semester.

What are Virginia Tech Engineering Decision Dates?

  • 01 NOV

Application Deadline

  • 21 NOV

Material Deadline (SRAR/Transcript)

  • 01 DEC

Application Deadline

  • 17 DEC

Materials Due (SRAR/Transcript)

Students whose applications are complete and received after 21 November will, if space is available, be notified of their status on a rolling basis starting after 17 December.


In summary, going to Virginia Tech Engineering to study engineering is a smart decision because it offers students a great education that they can actually use in real life. If you have good grades and can clearly say what you want to study and achieve in your essay, you have a good chance of getting accepted.

We think this page provides you with the information you need about how many students are accepted to the school and what you need to do to get in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Virginia Tech Engineering acceptance rate?

Virginia Tech has a general acceptance rate of 65%.

How likely is it that I’ll be admitted to Virginia Tech?

Your GPA, ACT, and SAT scores will determine how likely you are to get admitted. Moreover, your essay,

What is the grade point average needed to transfer to Virginia Tech?

The rate at which Virginia Tech accepts transfer students is 51. 14 percent, and it can be difficult to get accepted. It’s important to have a GPA of 4. 04 or higher, ideally around 4. 2, to have a good chance of getting into Virginia Tech. Also, you will need to give your test scores.


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