Top 20+ Book Publishing Companies In Florida

You live in the city of Florida and you’re finding it hard to select a book publishing companies to publish your book or you fear falling into the wrong hands, then you are in the right page as I will be providing you with answers to a lot of questions regarding running a book publishing companies in Florida.

While the greatest pain for a writer is having a book unknown to the readers talk more of being appreciated and as you know winning half a war doesn’t mean you have won, winning the war is when you finally get your book published and prepared for the world.

In our laptops, journals, and notebooks, there are many words and pages that have not been read or altered.

Nothing makes a writer feel worse than finishing a fantastic work but not getting it into the hands of the readers who will like it.

The real struggle, however, lies in getting the work published and prepared to leave its impact on the literary landscape.

Florida has a broad population of readers and writers, and every genre has a waiting readership.

Why Use a Book Publishing Companies?

Florida is city richly blessed with writers and readers of every genre you can possibly think of anxiously waiting for the newest book to purchase. What more do a writer need when there’s a ready audience waiting patiently for you.

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What Percentage Does a Publishing Company Take in Florida?

When you sell your book to a traditional publisher you don’t get to pay anything for Editing, design, printing, marketing and distribution, instead you get an advance payment and royalties afterwards. The good thing about it is that you don’t have to return the advance if by chance there are any losses or setback on sales.
On the other hand using a self-publishing company is more like a custom publisher that will be doing all the work for you but in this case you will be paying for those services unlike that of traditional publishers.

How Much Does a Publishing Company Charge in Florida?

Publishing companies are more like investors they don’t charge to earn instead they invest to earn by helping authors to publish, market and distribute their books.

Before hand the author is being paid an advance which might be in half, two-third or quarter of the total payment and the rest will be paid inform of royalties based on their agreement but before then the publisher gets to make the cost of producing and the advance payment made before the author gets their royalties.

Royalties are same everywhere but might differ slightly depending on the company and author i.e big authors have more advantage in requesting for higher royalty percentage. The royalty percentage ranges from; 5-15% for paperbacks, 15-20% for hardcovers, 25-50% for ebooks and so on.

What are the Five Big Publishing Houses in Florida?

When we talk about the top five book publishers in Florida, there’s no way we can go without mentioning the likes of

  • Indigo River publishing
  • Legacy Book publishers
  • TriMark Press
  • Atlantic Publishing Group
  • Rainbow Books

Book Publishing Companies in Florida

As you know, Florida is a beautiful city with big and small publishing companies/houses scattered around. Making a choice can seem like a challenge but trust me when I say it isn’t. Here is a list of book publishing companies to consider and a short review on each

Atlantic Publishing Group

Atlantic publishing group is a hybrid, nonfiction book publisher giving authors the chance to tell their stories. They publish different genres ranging from biographies, self-help books, travel books, health and fitness to business books. The company helps you market and promote your book giving you the publicity you deserve. It’s one of the best book publishing companies in Florida.

For more details visit their page:

Indigo River Publishing

Indigo river publishing company is a publisher of a variety of genre including children fiction, entertainment, crime, thriller, self-help books, history, psychology and lifestyle. Indigo River Company also pays attention to first-time authors so aspiring authors can send their manuscripts to publishing. Still the best book publishing companies in Florida.

A forward-thinking publishing company called Indigo River Publishing is attempting to seamlessly combine print and digital media. Indigo River, which publishes a wide range of books in the fields of psychology, crime, thriller, self-help, entertainment, history, lifestyle, children’s literature, and fiction, supports debut authors because it thinks they deserve the same support and confidence as authors who have already had books published. The Pensacola area welcomes submissions from aspiring writers.

You can visit their website for more information:

Pineapple Press

Pineapple press is a Florida based publishing company that publishes books about Florida to promote history as well as travel and children books. Pineapple press do not publish fictions but if your script has salient connection to Florida then you stand a high chance of being considered.It is a Florida-based publishing company that is genuinely unique in that it only publishes books about Florida. In order to tell the nation’s stories about Florida, June and David Cussen founded Pineapple Press in 1982, a company with a very unique genre and understanding. Their initial objectives were to support local writers and promote history, but they have since broadened their focus to include lighthouses, children’s books, and travel. Local academics, authors, and scientists have all collaborated on works with Pineapple Press. Although they do not publish fiction, authors should keep in mind that if their work has a strong or pertinent connection to Florida, they may nevertheless take a look at it. Trade book applications are now accepted by Pineapple Press. Guidelines for submissions and contact information are available.

The Peppertree Press

Peppertree press was launched in 2006. It is a self publishing company that covers all genres in fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, educational, inspirational, photography and poetry. Peppertree press also have a magazine known as the Peppertree Magazine that focuses on poetry, and short stories.

Oceanview Publishing

Oceanview publishing is one of the fastest growing independent publishing company that publishes books of 100% original adult fiction and books of genres ranging from mysteries, suspense, thrillers. They love books that captivates the reader’s attention.

Oceanview publishing company considers authors that are represented by a literary agent, an author who has worked with a traditional publisher before, or was invited by an oceanview representative.

Ricther Publishing

Ricther Publishing company is a popular award-winning self-publishing company that helps you publish, write and even market your book.

For more details on their submission procedures, visit their website

Rourke Publishing

Rourke Educational Media has been a publisher of non-fiction children’s books that complys with the national curriculum standard. Rourke also partners with leading educational and retail publishers to license and create worldwide educational programs.

Breezeway Books

The Florida based publishing company, Breezeway Books, is a self-publishing company that believes in allowing authors be in control of their project giving them room for creativity. They also offer services like editing, proofreading, designing, and printing. Breezeway company publishes different types of book even children books.The publishing industry is changing, so new authors no longer have to wait months for a publisher to respond. Authors have the option to self-publish so that they are in total creative control of their work. Florida-based Breezeway Books is a self-publishing business. They provide a variety of services, including printing, designing, ghostwriting, editing, and proofreading. Writers of both fiction and nonfiction can submit their work to get an editing evaluation so they can see where their project stands.

Fiction or non-fiction authors can visit their website for submission procedures:

Trimark Press

In order to give professionals independent and participatory publishing, Barry Chesler launched TriMark Press in 2003. The main goal is to support authors in developing subject-matter expertise so they may produce books on such subjects. TriMark Press publishes books by professionals who have chosen to write on subjects that are dear to their hearts, including doctors, educators, lawyers, and consultants. Some of their well-known authors include Nicole S. Ofstein, Judy Siegel, and Robert Brown. In addition to publishing books on law, finance, relationships, parenting, and literature, they also want to support authors who want to self-publish graphic novels. If you want to learn more about submitting a graphic novel.

For additional information on the general submissions, you can also get in touch with them via phone, email, or mail. You can contact TriMark Press in florida. Because the press uses a self-publishing approach, be aware that there may be a modest price associated with having your work published by them.

Tiny Fox Press

Tiny Fox Press is a small publishing company that publishes books on genres ranging from fantasy, science fiction to young adult. Tiny Fox is currently open for submissions and interested authors.A small, North Port-based publishing company called Tiny Fox is always on the lookout for intriguing authors and compelling stories that will appeal to readers. Non-fiction writers are not encouraged to submit because they do not publish non-fiction at this time and have very strict standards. However, they might take your work into consideration if you write fantasy, science fiction, young adult, military, comedic, middle grade, or commercial fiction. Sadly, Tiny Fox Press is not accepting new submissions at this time.

Jitney Books

Jitney Books is a Florida based book publishing company. They are publishers of local fiction, novels, short stories, autobiographies, and screenplays.

Rainbow Books

Rainbow Books was established in 1979 with “Child-Snatched by Margaret Strickland” which was based her true story was the first ever book they published. Rainbow books publishes non-fiction, self-help books, fictions and murder mysteries.

World Castle Publishing

World Castle Publishing founded in 2011. They specialize in different genres ranging from fictional books, young adult, mystery, thriller, fantasy, action, horror. The company also accepts novellas, short stories and novels.

Xulon Press

Established in 2001, the Florida based company is a self-publishing company that publishes Christian books. Printing, proofreading, editing, marketing are services Xulon offers.

Canterbury House Publishing

Canterbury House Publishing established in 2009 are publishers of non-fiction, mystery, romance, young adult, suspense and fiction. Aspiring authors can visit their page for more information

Legacy Book Publishing

Gabriel Vaughn founded Legacy Book Publishing in Winter Park with the goal of producing books that serve as examples and sources of inspiration for others. If new and previously published authors wish to collaborate with Legacy, they must adhere to tight requirements and standards set by the award-winning firm. In addition to fiction, history, children’s books, entertainment, nature, science, self-help, young adult, and photography, they have released works in nearly every genre. A lengthy form must be filled out in full and submitted here by aspiring writers looking for a publisher. To take use of the publishing packages offered by Legacy Book Publisher, you might have to pay a modest price.

Southern Yellow Pine Publishing

In 1998, Terri Gerrell made the decision to start a publishing business to assist her husband in self-publishing his novel. After nearly two decades, it is a well-known name in the neighborhood publishing sector, printing hardback, paperback, and electronic books. SYP makes an effort to collaborate with new authors and works that are situated in a particular locale and have a local perspective or distinctive perspective. The Tallahassee-based publisher welcomes submissions in nearly all adult genres as well as fiction, genealogical research, historical non-fiction, and more. Children’s picture books, chapter books, easy reader books, and young adult fiction are all accepted by SYP Kids, their children’s imprint. Requirements for manuscript submission and contact information are available to writers.

 Burrow Press

There are self-publishers, vanity publishers, traditional publishers, hybrid publishers, and so on. Then there is Burrow Press. Burrow Press is a distinctive independent publisher that is non-profit and supported by a small number of subscribers; it only releases 4 books a year. This boutique agency, which was founded in Orlando in 2010, seeks to develop talent in print and digital media. They also host readings in which they link renowned authors from all over the world with Central Florida authors. Burrow Press has published works in a variety of genres, including poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. While being nominated for several other categories, it has already received the Independent Publisher’s Award. Burrow Press is currently not taking book submissions, but they are accepting materials for their 2021 Poetry Anthology.

 The Parliament House

The Parliament House was established by Shayne Leighton with the sole objective of promoting and disseminating fantasy literature in all of its forms. In the genres of paranormal, urban, and contemporary fantasy fiction, they are seeking for fresh content or a unique take on traditional fairy tales, as well as distinctive characters and voices. In addition to offering some of the highest royalties, whether in print or digital, the Parliament House incorporates writers in all of its creative decisions. Up until May 2020, the Parliament House will not accept unsolicited submissions.

 Little Curlew Press

Little Curlew is an independent publishing business that produces books in print and digitally. It was founded by Roger Drouin with the goal of promoting the environment and ecology. They give a portion of their earnings to a group that promotes tree planting. Little Curlew Press is open to receiving query letters from aspiring writers along with the first 10 pages of their novel. Novels, anthologies of short stories, and works of non-fiction are all acceptable submissions to the publisher. More information regarding the submission procedure.

 Triplicity Publishing

Small, family-run Triplicity Publishing is based in Jacksonville, Florida. They primarily publish fiction, including works in almost every subgenre, including thrillers, science fiction, horror, and romance. Triplicity has collaborated with notable writers over the years, including Austen Thorne, Breanna Hughes, Graysen Morgen, and Simon Reyes. Currently, the publisher is accepting submissions of romance, science fiction, thrillers, historical fiction, medical fiction, horror, and more.

 Barringer Publishing

Barringer Publishing is a self-publishing business with a strong commitment to working closely with authors right away. It is based in Naples, Florida. They offer services like editing, reviewing, proofreading, designing, and marketing. They have so far released about 100 novels, and they pay their authors well. The genres that authors can submit their work in are fiction, non-fiction, legacy books (which essentially mean the history of a brand or a firm), memoirs, and biographies. All kinds of submissions are now being accepted by Barringer Publishing.

 Bella Books

The Tallahassee-based publishing house produces lesbian-themed novels. Bella Books, which has now released close to 550 titles, is drawn to romance, fantasy, fiction, science fiction, and thrillers with compelling lesbian plots. Bella Books has garnered honors for its literary works. Additionally, the company is open to submissions that honor and reflect diversity. On this page, authors can read submission guidelines.

There you have it, a comprehensive list of Florida’s top 22 book publishing companies. There is a publisher out there for every type of author and writer, whether they want a large publisher, a small one, self-publishing, or an independent one.


So there you go, a complete list of book publishing company in Florida. The key is knowing what you want and knowing how and where to find it. You can use this list to find the right publishing company that works best for you and your book.


Do you need a permit to become a book publisher?

There’s no need for permit to become a publisher.

Who are the four top children book publishers in Florida?


How long does it take to publish a book?

Publishing a book can take 3 months to 1 year depending on the Editing process

What is self publishing?

This is when an author independently publishes their book without the help of a publishing house

Is self-publishing easy?

It is not an easy route because the author is responsible for every process.

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