Top 20+ Best Book Publishing Companies In Florida

Top 20+ Book Publishing Companies In Florida

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You live in the city of Florida and you’re finding it hard to select a publishing companies for books or publishing companies in Florida or you fear falling into the wrong hands, then you are in the right page as I will be providing you with answers to a lot of questions regarding running a book publishing companies in Florida.

We understand how sad it is to have words and pages that we haven’t finished reading or correcting in our laptops, diaries, and notebooks. It’s tough for a writer when they create a wonderful book, but no one reads it and understands how great it is.

Writing a book is only part of the work, the other part is getting it published and known in the book world. In Florida, there are many different types of people who like to read and write books. No matter what type of book you write, there will always be people who want to read it.

Why Use a Book Publishing Companies?

Florida is a place where many writers and readers live. They are passionate about all types of books and can’t wait to get their hands on the latest ones. What else does a writer want when there are people who are ready and excited to read their work.

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What Percentage Does a Publishing Company Take in Florida?

If you sell your book to a regular publisher, you don’t have to pay for editing, printing, or marketing. They will give you some money upfront, and later you’ll get more money based on how many copies sell. The best part is, you don’t have to give back the money you were given in advance if there are any problems with selling things.
When you use a self-publishing company, they will do everything for you like a personalized publisher. But unlike traditional publishers, you have to pay for their services.

How Much Does a Publishing Company Charge in Florida?

Publishing companies are like people who give money to help authors publish and sell their books. They don’t make money by charging, they make money by investing in the author.

The author usually gets some money before their book is published, but it’s only part of what they’ll eventually get paid. The rest of the money they’ll receive (called “royalties”) will be based on what they’ve agreed with the publisher. But before the author gets any royalties, the publisher has to pay for making the book and for the advance they’ve given the author.

Everyone gets royalties when their book is sold, but some authors can ask for a higher percentage because they are more famous. The amount of money you get from selling a book depends on how it is sold. For paperback books, you may earn 5-15% of the money. For hardcover books, you may earn 15-20%. If your book is sold as an ebook, you may earn 25-50%.

What are the 22 Big Publishing Companies in Florida?

When we talk about the top publishing companies for books in Florida, there’s no way we can go without mentioning the likes of

1. Indigo River Publishing

This is the first on publishing companies in florida. Indigo River Publishing is a company that wants to mix printed and digital books together smoothly. Indigo River has many different types of books, like books about people’s minds, stories about crime or suspense, ways to improve yourself, things that are fun or entertaining, stories about things that happened in the past, tips for your everyday life, books for children, and made-up stories. Indigo River likes to give new writers a chance to share their stories and believes that they should get the same support as writers who have already had books published before. This is also publishing companies for books in florida. Aspiring Pensacola based authors can send their manuscripts here.

2. TriMark Press

This is the second on our list of publishing companies in florida. Barry Chesler started TriMark Press in 2003 to help professionals publish their work independently and with more involvement. The main goal is to assist writers in becoming knowledgeable about subjects and creating books on those subjects. The people who wrote books for TriMark Press are professionals like doctors, teachers, lawyers, and advisors who wrote about topics that are important to them. Some popular authors from their group are Robert Brown, Judy Siegel and Nicole S. Ofstein is a company that prints different kinds of books such as law, finance, relationships, children, and stories. They also want to support people who want to create and publish their own graphic novels. If you want to learn more about how to send in graphic novels, visit this link for details. You can reach them by phone, email, or mail to get more information about submitting things. If you want to publish your work with this press, you may need to pay a little bit of money because they use a self-publishing system. This is also publishing companies for books in florida.

3. Legacy Book Publishing

This is the third on our list of publishing companies in florida. Gabriel Vaughn started Legacy Book Publishing in Winter Park. The goal is to publish books that inspire people and serve as a good example. The company called Legacy gives awards to authors who meet its rules. Legacy has rules for new and old writers who want to work with them. They have made many kinds of books, including stories, history books, books for kids, fun books, science books, advice books, books for young adults, and picture books. If you want to publish a book, you need to fill out a long form and send your writing to Legacy Book Publisher. They offer different publishing packages that you might have to pay for. This is also publishing companies for books in florida.

4. Pineapple Press

This is a unique company in Florida that only publishes books about Florida. June and David Cussen began Pineapple Press in 1982 to tell the stories of Florida to everyone. They focus on one type of story and have a good understanding of it. Their original aim was to support writers from the area and highlight the past, but now they also focus on promoting lighthouses, books for kids, and travel. People who study science, teach in universities, or write books have written books with Pineapple Press. If you want to submit a book, make sure it has a connection to Florida. Pineapple Press is accepting book submissions now. You can find rules and how to reach out to us on this page. This is also publishing companies for books in florida.

5. Southern Yellow Pine Publishing

Terri Gerrell started a company in 1998 to help her husband publish his own book. For almost 20 years, SYP has become well-known in the area for printing different types of books, including hardcover, paperback, and e-books. They like to help new writers and print books that focus on local topics or offer a unique perspective. The company in Tallahassee wants people to send them stories they make up, family history studies, history books, and most types of books for grown-ups. SYP Kids is taking in books for kids of all ages, which includes picture books, chapter books, beginner books, and stories for teenagers. Writers can find manuscript submission requirements and contact details over here. This is also publishing companies for books in florida

6. Burrow Press

Burrow Press is different than other types of publishers like traditional, hybrid, vanity, and self-publishers. Burrow Press is a special type of publisher that doesn’t aim to make money. Instead, it relies on people signing up to support it. And, it only releases four books each year. A small company started in 2010 in Orlando is helping people become better at writing for both print and digital media. They also invite famous writers from different countries to read their work together with local writers from Central Florida. Burrow Press has published different types of books like stories that are made up, stories that are true or real, and poems. Details and submission guidelines can be found here.

7. The Peppertree Press

Peppertree Press is a small business located in Sarasota that started in 2006. They have published more than 400 books, including stories for kids and adults, information books, poems and books for learning. They have a magazine called Pepper Tree Magazine which is all about poetry, haiku, and short stories. If you want to be a writer, read this guide to learn how to submit your work. Peppertree Press makes books for people who want to publish their own work, but you have to pay them to use their services.

8. Atlantic Publishing Group

This company in Ocala has been around for 25 years and they want authors to help spread the word about their books too. The company publishes their own books and thinks that your book should help make you famous. To learn how they make and produce their books, check this page for more details.

9. Breezeway Books

The publishing world is changing, and new writers don’t have to wait very long to hear back from publishers. Writers can decide to print their writing themselves and have full control over how it looks and what is in it. Breezeway Books is a company in Florida that helps people publish their own books. They do a variety of things for writing, like fixing mistakes, making it look nice, writing stuff for people, and printing it out. If you are a writer of stories or of real life events, you can give your written work and receive a review on how to improve it and know how good it is. You can also directly submit your book to this publisher.

10. Tiny Fox Press

Tiny Fox is a little company in North Port that is searching for good writers and stories that people will like. They have a small team that is very committed. They have strict rules and only print made-up stories for now, so people who write true stories shouldn’t try to get published. If you write stories about make-believe worlds, futuristic settings, for young people, about soldiers, funny tales, books for kids, or popular books, they might want to look at your work. Unfortunately, Tiny Fox Press is not accepting any new book submissions at the moment. You can visit this page to find out when they will start accepting submissions.

11. The Parliament House

Shayne Leighton created The Parliament House to support and release fantasy stories of all types. They want stories that haven’t been told before or stories with a new idea added to old fairy tales. They also want interesting and unusual characters and styles of storytelling in genres like ghosts and supernatural creatures, urban environments, and modern-day fantasy. The Parliament House asks writers for their ideas and lets them be a part of all the creative choices. They also give the writers a lot of money for their work, whether it’s in a physical book or online. The Parliament House is not accepting any new papers until May 2020. However, you can always check this page for the submission guidelines and details about their open submission period.

12. Little Curlew Press

Little Curlew is a publishing company started by Roger Drouin. They make books and ebooks and care a lot about helping the environment. They give some of their money to a group that puts trees in the ground. People who want to become writers can send a letter asking if the company, Little Curlew Press, will look at the first ten pages of their book. The company might say yes if the book is a novel, a collection of short stories, or a non-fiction book. More details about the submission process can be found here.

13. Triplicity Publishing

Triplicity Publishing is a small, family-run company located in Jacksonville, Florida that prints books. This company mostly prints made up stories in different types like love, excitement, scariness, and science. Triplicity has worked with famous writers like Austen Thorne, Breanna Hughes, Graysen Morgen, and Simon Reyes. The company wants to get stories about love, space, excitement, old times, medicine, fear, war and such things. Detailed guidelines about the submission process and the accepted sub-genres can be found on this page.

 14. Xulon Press

Xulon Press was created in 2001 and has helped almost 15,000 writers get their books published. This company in Florida helps people publish their own Christian books. Xulon offers services like printing, editing, checking for mistakes, advertising, and promoting on social media. If you’re a new writer or want to become one, check out the submission guide to learn more about what you need to do. You can also visit this link to see what editorial packages they have available.

15. Jitney Books

Jitney Books is a small publishing company located in Miami, Florida. Jitney Books is a new publishing company that’s known for publishing exciting and innovative stories from Miami in the form of novels, short stories, memoirs, and screenplays. They have always shown the true and authentic spirit of the city in the books they publish. Last year, the company made 9 books available to the public. However, right now they aren’t accepting new material. Check this page for more details.

16. Rainbow Books

Bill and Betty Wright started a book company in 1979. The first book they published was about a true story called “Child-Snatched” by Margaret Strickland. It became very popular all over the country. The company is accepting books that are not made-up stories and books that give advice on any subject. They like cozy murder mystery stories in fiction.

17. World Castle Publishing

World Castle Publishing is a company that makes great stories and shares them with people all over the world. It’s been around since 2011. World Castle offers many great fiction books and is interested in hearing from new writers in genres like young adult, mystery, thriller, fantasy, teen, action, horror, and middle grade. The company will take books of all sizes – big, small, and in between. You can’t send anything right now, but come back later to learn how to do it.

18. Barringer Publishing

Barringer Publishing is a company in Naples, Florida that works closely with writers to help them self-publish their work. They offer services like checking for mistakes, reading and suggesting changes, making things look good, and promoting products. They have printed almost 100 books until now and give writers a good payment. Writers can send their stories in different categories such as made-up stories, true stories, history of a brand or company, personal memories, and life stories of others. Barringer Publishing is now taking in written work of all types. You can write to this email address to find out more about packages and manuscript requirements.

19. Richter Publishing

Richter Publishing is a company that helps people publish books about true things. They have won prizes for their work. The person who started the company, Tara Richter, wanted to help people become experts in their field by publishing a book about it. Many writers in Florida know about Richter Publishing. They only publish non-fiction books. You can ask Richter to help you publish, edit and sell your book. If you want to know about our packages and services, you can fill out a form to give us your contact information.

20. Canterbury House Publishing

Canterbury House Publishing makes and sells books about stories, true life experiences, puzzles, exciting stories, and things that make people nervous. They really like books that focus on places in the southern part of the United States. This company in Sarasota wants to work with writers who love writing and also love promoting and selling their books. The company that makes books is looking for stories about romance mixed with suspense, mysteries set in the present day or the past, stories with supernatural elements that relate to a specific place, and true stories that inspire people in a local way. They don’t want to publish books about spies or books that have a lot of violent or sexual scenes or bad language.

21. Oceanview Publishing

Oceanview Publishing is a company in Sarasota that makes books about mysterious and suspenseful stories. They are growing very quickly and are not owned by a bigger company. The company likes to make books with interesting places, strong main characters, exciting smaller characters, and a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. They really enjoy books that are not only interesting to read, but can also be turned into movies or TV shows. Oceanview Publishing is looking for new mystery and suspense stories that haven’t been published yet. Only work represented by a literary agent will be accepted for submission. If you already worked with a regular publisher or an Oceanview representative or author recommended you, the company may look at your work too. To get more information about how to send something, look at this page.

22. Bella Books

The publishing company in Tallahassee prints stories about lesbians. Bella Books has written 550 books and won awards for their writing. They focus on romance, fantasy, fiction, science fiction, and thrillers that have a lesbian storyline. The company is also taking in works that show and honor different kinds of people. Writers can find instructions for submitting their work on this webpage.

So, here is a list of 22 best book publishers in Florida. There are different types of publishers that are suitable for different authors and writers, such as big publishers, local publishers, self-publishers, and independent publishers.

To get what you want, you should figure out what you need and find something that suits you well. This is about your book, so don’t let others make you do things you don’t want to do. Make sure you study and look at this list, and get ready with questions.


So there you go, a complete list of book publishing company in Florida. The key is knowing what you want and knowing how and where to find it. You can use this list to find the right publishing company that works best for you and your book.


Do you need a permit to become a book publisher?

There’s no need for permit to become a publisher.

Who are the four top children book publishers in Florida?


How long does it take to publish a book?

Publishing a book can take 3 months to 1 year depending on the Editing process

What is self publishing?

This is when an author independently publishes their book without the help of a publishing house

Is self-publishing easy?

It is not an easy route because the author is responsible for every process.


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